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  1. I loved the little detail touches I did see, and the skyline
  2. I'm slipping the release of WadC a little. There's some changes that I'm making to the shared libraries as a result of working on HUMP. Some of the UI changes I made already appear to look terrible on Linux and I need to resolve that. This might eventually be the last release of WadC by me.
  3. I like to think ad revenue for the toaster video paid for the Porsche
  4. It was perfectly possible to set up WASD and stuff in vanilla in the DOS days. But I don't think many people bothered. Certainly semi-pro people played around with alternative bindings though.
  5. I think this is really shaping up to be a cool release. I'm looking forward to the final consolidated megawad :D congrats all!
  6. Prower is still around, I saw him comment within the last couple of years but otherwise he's been uninvolved I think
  7. One reason I don't like slaughter maps is that I'm bored of the BFG. I used the beta BFG for the end of ancient aliens and balance issues aside, it was much more interesting to me that way. Having said that, I've just built a heretic map that has evolved into slaughter map kind of by accident. I've enjoyed it because I'm not as fatigued with the heretic arsenal and bestiary, but who knows what others will think.
  8. Interesting industrial choices. I would have gone with or
  9. If anyone wants a mac build of crispy heretic let me know (that's what I'm testing against)
  10. Thanks. That will help with scanning over the listings. Can I assume then that you don't have a copy and it's not on /idgames?
  11. I specifically remember lava city, and I was looking for it a year or so ago. I was reminded again when the HUMP project started up. It was a cool little level :) I was mis-rememering the author as being Jonathan Rimmer. Sorry about that! Edit: just had a quick look over the ISOs I have available (not all of mine are imported to my NAS yet) and I couldn't find it again, but I'll keep looking (and importing). Can you remember which year roughly it was done in?
  12. OMG so *you* made them! I've been looking for them in my old backup CDs/DVDs and I have't found them yet... but I couldn't remember who made them either which made searching harder. What nick did you use back in the day? I'll keep looking! I'm 90% sure they will be on one of my backups.
  13. I've only ever really released two "proper" maps, which should become 3 by the end of the week!
  14. I don't think I ever played the DM packs you worked on from back on this halcyon days of the java IRC applet on doomworld's front page... but notable by omission is your 10 sectors submission in 10sector2, which I quite enjoyed, and your (now cut) maps for Freedoom which I was sad to see go, especially the E1M2 or E1M3, whichever it was, which had a lot of promise I thought.