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  1. Congratulations! Any plans for a Linux port? Or, open sourcing it, so someone else can do a Linux port?
  2. Lovely to see people do cool things with WadC. I'm hoping we will end up merging both of @P1gl3t's changes into the main codebase. I'd love to include the Conway example in examples/, too, if he's willing.
  3. Thank you, this was a lovely thing for you to write, I appreciate it.
  4. I've finally released WadC 3.1. Edited the top post to this thread accordingly. This is my sole bump. I think I'm done now. Thank you.
  5. Thanks. I'm surprised I hadn't put TLC in there already. Thanks for catching that What the TLC author did was write some C++ to encapsulate their logic that generated as output some relatively "dumb" wadc, since C++ is what they were familiar with. There's nothing wrong with that, for what they did it for: I'm all in favour of "get the job done by any means possible" and that works very well for WADs which are generally speaking "release once and done". But the C++ generator itself is not easy to integrate into WadC (which is written in Java). The logic could be reworked into native WadC (mostly implementing the equivalent of iterative loops), it's something I had considered doing once but never got around to it.
  6. IMHO, Legacy2 was an experiment which failed. To the extent that Legacy will live on at all, it'll be Legacy1, which is also conveniently its history.
  7. WadC 3.1 is finally done: https://github.com/jmtd/wadc/releases/tag/v3.1 this was hard to write. https://jmtd.net/log/wadc_3.1/ ---- I'm hoping to release WadC 3.1 very soon. I've prepared a first release candidate: https://redmars.org/wadc/wadc-3.1-rc1-bin.zip A brief note of what's new (fuller list here): vanilla_conveyor library to support vanilla scripting with mikaveyors, and brexit.wl demo map using it Knobs: any variable in a WadC map can be marked as a tuneable "knob", and the WadC UI now exposes those on a Knob panel, so you can tweak values and see what happens without editing any code It's still distributed as a Java JAR, requiring you to install a Java runtime environment (as they used to be called) or simply "Java" as it is now. If you haven't got it and want to try out WadC, I recommend Adoptium for simplicity: https://adoptium.net/?variant=openjdk11. WadC should work fine with JDK versions 8 or newer. Attached is a screenshot showing off the Knob panel for the example program "birds.wl" (basis of a map in the Heretic Upstart Mapper's Project) Feedback welcome!
  8. Jon

    what about FreeQuake?

    Romero did release the sources and did claim they were under the GPL. That much is true. But because he didn’t own them, he had no legal right to release them (and I believe Bethesda were pissed off about it) and had no authority to apply the GPL to them.
  9. Jon

    what about FreeQuake?

    they aren’t really. Romero released them as such, but he doesn’t own them and didn’t have permission to release them at all.
  10. Jon

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Kind of a SUPERHOT aesthetic here
  11. A round up of recent updates, newest to oldest: a random dungeon generator, “blockmap”, ported from the wadc version but using a different approach for marking free/used blocks: things, since we can remove existing things, and query for them (and you can’t in WadC): https://github.com/jmtd/liquorice/commit/907af53036c57f55909bc32c634c2a876b48c899 A basic but functional pseudo RNG, inspired by the approach taken in Doom itself. 100% pure functions, reproducibility via setting the seed etc https://github.com/jmtd/liquorice/commit/3ac19897ddfb55fbfd6d782b726d0d89c5047c9b A whole bunch of useful functions, thing type definitions etc pulled out of one example map and made generally available https://github.com/jmtd/liquorice/commit/f3b2b837628ccc8ad4edf1cbb518c317c447c765 Shawn.hs, dictionary words spliced from the SHAWN texture. Implemented after Fraggle released his python version, in honour of it. https://github.com/jmtd/liquorice/commit/8be9a212938d58bd3fd03e5f167c2c069719360f The stacked demon cubes in the “birds” demo map have fixed texture alignment. I thought this was a bug in liquorice but it turned out to be a bug in the demo. https://github.com/jmtd/liquorice/commit/bb2e117dd84c7b13c9abdfb33d6f0364361dd4af I shall endeavour to upload newly generated PWADs for the demo maps at some point.
  12. Jon

    uh.... is this a false positive?

    There’s hundreds if not thousands if not millions more windows users than Linux desktop so there’s bound to be more cases even if Windows was more secure.
  13. Jon

    Quake OST on Vinyl

    If you space out the grooves you can get a higher quality reproduction. More surface area per second of music, higher quality.
  14. Jon

    Quake OST on Vinyl

    So far, reports are there are no download codes, no.