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  1. I'd be more interested in slaughter maps designed with gameplay mods in mind. Having to master some other weapon, or use the environments for large-scale clean up. But watching hundreds of BFG shots wears thin.
  2. Play Honey
  3. Most appropriate username for a reply ever. We know exactly why MAP11 is named as it is, check the wiki.
  4. I thought lump name in the Midtex, for walkover lines at least. Not sure where to stuff a volume argument.
  5. No need to be snarky, this seems like a perfectly fine feature request. Can we refine it a little? does any other doom engine already have this fully implemented (heretic, hexen, strife?) or a console port? play any sound at all? at what locality: "global" or point-source? if global, who hears it: triggering player, or all players? should this wake monsters up?
  6. I imagined just calling wake on all things in the sector at trigger-time, not making it a permanent sector property. Similar to Strife's alarms.
  7. Indeed, Arcane Dimensions does throw a lot more monsters at the player. At least hundreds in eg ad_swampy
  8. Yes but people never will. Mods could I suppose.
  9. Fundamentally this seems like a (hard) ZDoom bug and should be fixed in ZDoom.
  10. Here's another: a new thing type (or family) point source light to go with a sector special, set light level based on proximity of point source lights, using an additive scheme.
  11. Maybe a trigger linedef that woke up any monsters in tagged sectors, useful for monster closets and the like.
  12. I asked this in the older forum, so here it is again. It would be nice to quickly browse this forum and look for threads that were e.g. ZDOOM specific, or BOOM specific, etc. Is it possible to have threads tagged or marked up in some way to enable this?
  13. These look incredible.
  14. 16 years old