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  1. It got dropped, I don't know if @Linguica or @Bloodshedder are planning on bringing it back or not.
  2. We had that:
  3. I think we could do with a news blog.
  4. For the sake of what I was saying, just substitute "appreciation" with "liking".
  5. I feel sorry for you folks who have to continually revise your appreciation of things. I seem to have a rare disease where I can still enjoy Doom for what it is (and Goldeneye for that matter). And I haven't played a modern FPS I've liked except the new Wolfs for a very long time.
  6. E1M8 was the perfect code for E1 IMHO precisely because it broke the established mold. As nice as Romero's 21st century maps are, I don't think Doom would have been improved if that was the episode.
  7. I'll have a go. Edit: I had to build without OpenGL support (haven't figured out how to fix prboom+ to find the libraries in the right place). When I tried replacing the binaries in the App, once I opened it and pressed "Launch", the console output window says " PrBoom-Plus.wad not found. Can't continue.". I had updated the prboom-plus.wad within the App's Contents/Resources to no avail. I wonder if there's a special build flag to add search paths to the executable.
  8. Bump for final v2.2 release.
  9. Akira.
  10. Those look great, but they rely on textured floors and ceilings, which are features wolf lacks
  11. If I'm interpreting you correctly and you were inspired by the Oblique Strategies cards, that is really interesting to know, but I think they serve different purposes, and are complementary. Your excellent theme generator I would use to help me come up with a theme at the start of mapping: for example, it might tell me to make a big fleshy spaceship in the shape of a cock and balls. The cards would help me mid-mapping when I've hit some kind of creative wall. E.g. I can't figure out how to transition between the left and right balls. I draw a card (I'm literally drawing a card now), "Is it finished?" This could be interpreted to mean consider whether a transition between left and right ball was truly necessary. Cock&BallsDM coming some time in 2018!
  12. Really limited collection of textures. That said I'm amazed at what has been achieved despite that, both in the IWAD and PWADs.
  13. Yes jailbreaking is on my todo list (as is porting chocolate doom) but it's quite tricky with the new 3DS
  14. WadC currently only includes a PNAMES lump if you define new patches (I think). So I guess the proper behaviour should probably be * generate TEXTURE1, not TEXTURE2, and import the IWAD's definitions * always include PNAMES if including TEXTURE1