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  1. There just aren't that many people who chat in there. It's a function of how popular that channel/medium is now. Although I'm sat in that channel and I can see your entire conversation and you actually did get an answer so I dunno, perhaps your expectations are too high.
  2. Jon

    New Doom port cheevo lists

    How about never presses move forward
  3. Jon

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    The fact the switch port is delayed 4 months just so it doesn't pre-empt eternity's preorder incentives is the real scandal here
  4. Jon

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    Sorry perhaps? Although to be honest I think you both are exhibiting https://www.xkcd.com/386/
  5. Jon

    Doom Eternal Pre-Order & Deluxe Edition Trailer

    I was going to buy doom 64 on its own but the prospect of green blood might swing me to pick up eternity (could I gift that separately maybe?)
  6. I really feel this owes a lot to Action Doom 2 of all games
  7. I saw these and thought "uh oh" but your message was actually interesting. The 0-byte limitation @xttl mentioned is pretty significant, if we can't figure out a way around that then it's a show-stopper. You can definitely crash hexen with bad ACS, it's easy to do evne if you aren't trying to. Whether that can be turned into something useful is perhaps worthy of investigation, yep. That's almost certainly enough. One just needs to bootstrap enough code so you can load in another lump and read more code from there. 1KB is a lot of machine code for that. But we have the source code for the ports. We can do *anything* in the ports, by changing the source code. We don't need to artificially restrict ourselves to hacks and exploits. The only circumstance where that's interesting, IMHO, is where it's necessary, and that's pushing the boundaries of the original binaries. Why do you think they forget it? I think you're mistaking people's enthusiasm for classic engine hacks as over-projecting how popular it is. Sure it's niche. Who cares? Through a thick enough lens, *all* classic doom stuff is niche, including gzdoom. There's nothing to be gained by looking down at a sub-niche.
  8. Jon

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    Is the Steam SDK under an NDA? The issue with GPL-and-Nintendo-SDK isn't from the GPL side, it's from the NDA side. Exposing the API by publishing the source is the breach.
  9. Jon

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    Can we take the quake versus quake 2 discussion to another thread or something jeez
  10. Jon

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    I think the Nintendo SDK is incompatible with the GPL which rules out most ports. I think it's a unity wrapper around the doom 64 bfg edition classic engine (which had been adapted to split screen etc). I suspect plugging unity into the Nintendo SDK was an easy path.
  11. I think it's distasteful to call that rape.
  12. Jon

    miniwad.wad, a Minimalist IWAD

    Marie kondo approves
  13. Jon

    Doom 2 but it has Half-Life sound effects

    Cool mash-up. This reinforces, imho, the strength of Half Life's sound design. I accidentally left pitch-shifted sfx enabled when trying this out and it adds an erm, interesting dimension to this.