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  1. Nice. Reminds me of this ancient texture tutorial I followed back in y2k
  3. Pulsar's recent E4 tribute is amazing. the whole episode in one map
  4. I guess the reason other ports don't have their own sub forums is they haven't asked for them. Doom legacy is an interesting case since the new doom forums were quite busy; but that community probably no longer exists. The EE subforum should be reparented under this one imho, I regularly forget that it exists.
  5. That Wayfarer PWAD for heretic looks pretty awesome in QZDoom...
  6. Yeah, he would.
  7. So I wish there was a "facepalm" button on the forum. I'd have broken it on this page alone.
  8. Your questions can be answered by actually reading the thread.
  9. Who handles the daily builds these days? It should be possible for them to add wadspy to their batch job.
  10. That was a level of detail I felt irrelevant for OP.
  11. I'm a bit behind on this topic (which started promising and gradually became depressing as I read on). Skip forward 3 years. Since you're all debating which hashing algorithm is faster, does that mean this is otherwise a done deal?
  12. He wasn't (but now is); but he ran Doomworld back then and so people learned about new Doom developments thanks to him.
    I love the fact it's a hybrid doom/doom PWAD: I was toying with this idea for my last release, but ended up abandoning it. Both are fun, E1M1 pips it.
  13. Thanks for the analysis. I'm happy to just switch syntaxes. It's kinda weird how the MBF examples use this older format, since MBF introduced the newer syntax. If I understand correctly. But perhaps the examples were developed first. No matter! Thanks all.
  14. Argh. I might document the complevel stuff in an update then (I've made an /idgames upload already). It's a shame the failure mode is to strip the old code pointer, rather than ignore the lump... Thanks for the diagnosis!