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  1. There's a bunch of things in the pipeline that might be useful like whatever is killing web assembly. They managed to get Quake 3 in browser after all
  2. Wish I did! doesn't look like I did though.
  3. I completely ignore the reputation number. I've no idea how it's calculated but I don't care about it.
  4. One of my favourite message boards to interact with is Echoing The Sound - a Nine Inch Nails fan forum. It's based on a newer version of vBulletin than the old DWF; but it has a lot of nice features: likes, but also facepalms; a bunch of other stuff. It feels much lighter to browse IMHO than this software.
  5. I don't ; but I do know last I checked GZDoom did do some kind of emulation/interpretation of COLORMAP (boom 242 applied COLORMAP effect worked) and QZDoom didn't. On the one hand, writing a heuristic to figure out a fade from a custom COLORMAP or similar sounds like a fun piece of work. On the other, and not relevant to crispy particularly but for boom or boom+ ports, we really need a declarative way of managing colours (afaik zdoom has it)
  6. It's not clear-cut but broadly speaking I do miss the old one, yes. The new forum brings some nice features (like this) but a few irritating things too. Once I switched to the light theme things got much better. I also miss there being a non-forum front page, but I appreciate nobody was updating the old one. I definitely visit less often, and I kind of feel there's an opportunity for a new doom news site out there.
  7. I did something like that in Cursed Hangar a few months ago. A pain in the ass indeed.
  8. not sure if B1A was the last release but that's the one I have
  9. I'd just like to echo this as a personal recommendation to @fraggle, I really enjoyed Not Jabba's Wayfarer, give it a look if you haven't!
  10. Those are all good points. The main issues I have with the first hub are the grey-stone boxed-out building areas, mostly inside the castle walls, perhaps necessary for partitioning what is drawn at any one time, but it really detracted from the realist design for me. But I wasn't a huge fan of the Greco-Roman hub either. The Egypt one was my favourite: asides from the high quality visuals, I loved the zombie mummies, and the time travel puzzle.
  11. The whole 242 effect is quite unintuitive, come to think of it. IMHO it would have made much more sense to have the real sectors floor and ceiling heights/flats to reflect the rendered real floor/ceiling heights/flats, and have the control sector define the "new" stuff, rather than conflating the two. I wonder if there was some kind of "graceful degredation" attempt (possibly abandoned) since a consequence of the way it works is that things like deep water are substituted with solid water at the same height and texture if you try playing it in vanilla. This would also massively reduce the number of control sectors you need for some effects. Consider a complex area that is partially flooded: you need a control sector for every unique floor/ceil height floor/ceil texture and light level. With what I suggest above, you'd have one control sector that defined the water properties, and tag it into all the normal sectors. A reworked 242 effect, possibly a suite of them (floor only, ceil only, light only, combinations of them, or perhaps combos should be achieved with multiple line/tags) would be well worth figuring out.
  12. However, someone could write a more flexible doom-binary-patcher with a well defined input language that could do more than Dehacked. Not a great deal more though, there's only so much you can achieve with this approach. And if someone did write such a thing that worked with the vanilla exes...
  13. Hexen 2's first hub is so drab compared to the later ones, it's a shame they led with it.
  14. Loads and loads of old Dehacked patches do exactly this.