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  1. Pegg

    Amid Evil - The Black Labyrinth COMING SOON

    I like it but the last few levels with RTX made me want to tear my eyes out. Not in a rush to play more of it after that final level.
  2. Pegg

    Do people actually hate the DLCs?

    I only hate the stupid cursed prowlers, very lame enemy type. Otherwise both are ok, although the hammer is way too cheesy and overpowerd, hopefully it doesn't even return if they make a second season of updates.
  3. Pegg

    fellow doomers, any mobile games you like?

    Yes. Doom on the switch.
  4. Pegg

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    Cult of the Lamb. Feels way too easy after playing games like enter the gungeon and dead cells. Oh well at least it has a decent art style to make the short game a fun time.
  5. Hitscanner ambushes and sniping towers. At least place a side route to easily take them out to speed up the map. Super annoying if it is chaingunners placed above the player sightline.
  6. Did you watch the trailer Red Fall had a few months ago? It doesn't look like the usual cash in l4d ripoff like back 4 blood. If it is done well and doesn't have stupid mechanics/story it might be one of the better games coming out in the next few years.
  7. Pegg

    The Doom pistol is great, actually

    When I think of cool pistols from FPS games the doom pistol is NEVER ever on my mind.
  8. Pegg

    Redneck Rampage Remaster

    Isn't she basically in Duke Nukem Manhattan project?
  9. +1 armor blocks any amount of damage from a single damage instance
  10. Pegg

    Is it even fun to play Doom without saves?

    I don't die in the Iwads. Does that make me a masochist if I don't save for no reason?!
  11. Pegg

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    You'd love Blasphemous as much as I hated it.
  12. Sonic Adventure is pretty terrible but that will not stop me from playing it from A to Z.
  13. Pegg

    How do people enjoy hard maps?

    Losing and retrying is part of the game. I don't play to kiss the exit switch or farm 100% on maps I can beat half asleep.
  14. Even terminators are fast, much faster than a normal human at least. They are just less flexible than normal marines because of all the armor getting in the way (so can't climb walls or jump long distances to cross chasms).
  15. No they are supposed to be even faster than doomguy and able to climb walls. Also they tried slow marines before (Space hulk: Deathwing) and god that was a terrible game.