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  1. Pegg

    Why haven't there been more indie Doom clones?

    Neither did I. I just answered the question. Not my problem he had a call of duty PTSD. Most shooters now are multiplayer or open ended.
  2. Pegg

    Why haven't there been more indie Doom clones?

    Yea you dismiss everything you don't want to read, carry on.
  3. Pegg

    Why haven't there been more indie Doom clones?

    Because they don't ignore +20 years of changes in fps games.
  4. Pegg

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Well if it is a single rev with nothing else might as well shotgun it to save rockets :P.
  5. Pegg

    Why game makers like EA are nowadays evil?

    The customer has no idea what the hell he\she wants though.
  6. Pegg

    Your favorite video game announcers.

    The announcer -ancestor- for Darkest Dungeon. Very well written and amazingly voice-acted.
  7. Pegg

    Zdoom Friendly mods, Something that is dead?

    Zandronum isn't really going to run most mods zdoom can't already run -aside from zan exclusive wads-, Zdoom has way too many things zan doesn't.
  8. Pegg

    Zdoom Friendly mods, Something that is dead?

    Try QZDoom -Zdoom is discontinued i think-. https://zdoom.org/downloads Your GPU isn't strong enough for gzdoom if you get white walls (game can't load more textures into memory most likely, outdated opengl would be the second guess). Just a matter of time until maps crash the game if they use a ton of different textures.
  9. I don't think it misses point blank. The monsters collision were tight around them, so at some angles shots will pass between their limbs. Shoot their face or get closer and that won't happen. Point blank IS point blank in the case of the doom 3 shotgun, not even 1-2 steps away! I still think the shitty as fuck bioshock infinite shotgun wins. All the cons of the doom 3 shotgun, maps are huge, most enemies are hitscan or too tank and the list goes on. Who the fuck thought that shotgun was even going to compete with all the sniper rifles in the game.. Hell there is even a vigor that does the shotgun's job 100X times faster and on stronger enemies.
  10. Pegg

    Rage 2 leaked?

    Well that trailer was worse than just knowing Rage 2 got leaked\confirmed.
  11. Pegg

    Why game makers like EA are nowadays evil?

    EA had a hell of a ton games made during the 80s and 90s. They are anything but new. They still practice the same shit they've done for decades now. Yearly releases, DLCs and rushed games ruining games aren't anything new to them. They also have an exceptionally high amount of stupid PR, other companies remain silent when shit hits the fan. Not them! EA amazing community managers fuel the fire and give the most pretentious replies one could think of all the time. They get a nice sense of satisfaction from milking the customer after all! They are companies not charities. EA just knows their fanbase will pay anyway so why care.
  12. Pegg

    What difficulty do you play Classic Doom on?

    Doom 1, 2 and heretic on nightmare. Rest on UV or rarely UV-Fast.
  13. Pegg

    What if Classic Doom had permadeath?

    Doom already has something more punishing. If you don't save you are forced to restart the map with shit gear. Not good enough to pistol start the map? Tough luck time to get destroyed or restart!
  14. It helps most players but those speed running the mapsets are the ones who are going to suffer the mappers full wrath. Not all traps have to be deadly areas with locked doors as well, makes the map feel more gamey if everything gets locked over and over.
  15. Pegg

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    If it is a sequel to the first movie then a big no thanks.