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  1. Pegg

    Default control scheme hand position?

    Place your right hand so your middle finger can hit left and shift. Now your right hand can control firing, running and moving while your left hand only controls staring on. It'll still be way worse than just using a mouse. Alternatively you can do the no strafe strategy of dodging by moving backward + one of the sides. Really easy to perform even if it is much more limited than strafing, in fact it is more than enough for everything even in plutonia so you'll be fine. Now your left hand is free to do whatever :P.
  2. Pegg

    Which games are bad, but you like them?

    I can play sonic R all day.
  3. Lol jokes on them. I focus on the instruments and completely ignore what the singers are doing.
  4. It is all just noise. You need to switch to real music lkkw pop and rap.
  5. Because it is a full time job for no money.
  6. Pegg

    my school blocked DoomWorld

    Honestly I can't type anything without it devolving into you shouldn't be on gaming forums in school especially on their own devices. I can't figure out why would GitHub warrant a ban though? Are they banning it so students don't learn stuff before teachers teach them? What a nightmare!
  7. Is that one of the demons I slapped all day in Dungeon Keeper? Edit : Fuck I was on wrong page.. Oh well it is even better commenting on this avatar.
  8. Pegg

    Game Obsessions You Don't Understand

    I like roguelikes but Issac never clicked with me. All those features exist in Enter the Gungeon which I could play for all eternity. RNG won't stop a good player yet the game has so many features to remind you that not everyone will kill their past :p
  9. Pegg

    why did id software choose the palette?

    DOS and terrible hardware.
  10. Usually feels like a bandage on terrible map design (usually games with realistic environments.. Enemies usually have the better terrain.). I still think stuff like health artifacts ruin games Flow several times over. Then again I love games where hp is the rarest resources so bias TM.
  11. Pegg

    Steam Remote Play Beta Discussion

    I could play it on a shitty old inspiron (like 8 years old) fine. I don't think it'll give you any problem unless you have slow internet. Worked fine in age of wonders 3 so far, aside from some sudden stream stops. But then again it is still in beta.
  12. Pegg

    Steam Remote Play Beta Discussion

    Ye it seems like more gaming-oriented screen sharing tech. It stutters a lot so might want to wait until beta is over.
  13. https://steamcommunity.com/games/593110/announcements/detail/3032537193879549687 So steam's new service for coop is in beta. This includes local co-op, local mp and even split screening. Thoughts on it? What games -mostly older ones- would this benefit? Only the host needs to own the game too! So you can finally stop people from using money as an excuse for cooping :P.
  14. Pegg

    Unpopular Modern Opinions

    They only seem good if you have the apathy of a serial killer. Which is a really bad trait so time to tell eugenics the bad news!
  15. lookin for muh cigars in spaceeeeee!