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  1. TF2 is okay especially when compared to l4d or half-life. I'd say the worst is\was quake live, extremely horrid the game practically had no new comers.
  2. Luckly corvus has 3 other weapons that decimate bosses once tomed so he hardly needs another boss killer. Firemace can shoot multiple times during one bfg shot, costs practically nothing, needs no aiming and allows much more mobility to dish out the damage. The only boss you'd need to worry about (minotaur) isn't remotely close to how dangerous a cyber is, might as well just run around and kill disciples\ophidians who can build up chip damage.
  3. half the maps in e3 would be prime candidates for this, But imo it is a tie between e4m6 and e3m7.
  4. Corvus kills heretic monsters faster than doomguy can kill doom ones. The weapons feel weak but they are op as shit. Same with the dumbass op shield and carrying more inventory items than a mule. Unpowered firemace is RNG city but once it is tomed that thing is like using a cheat code.
  5. Wasn't visceral called EA redwood for like a decade? How many of their games weren't EA?
  6. How is having a patreon forcing you to pay for a mod? Let alone begging? It is akin to crowdfunding since the modder probably showcases their skill then people decide to fund, not appear with tattered clothes and tell you their kids have lung cancer. I feel people insisting modders should never be allowed to ask for monetary help is the unethical one to be honest. It takes a fucking lot of time to make a good mod, practically a full time job if it is a big mod. Especially when it is just an optional payment like patreon and probably rewards a thank you drawing\mini-mod by the person who set it up.
  7. Is that the key hidden behind the dumb switch hidden next to a cauldron in swamp?
  8. Whenever I get lost it is rarely caused by an actual puzzle. Dumb switch hunts are usually the shit causing it (especially when it is like hexen, good use of the hub system right there)
  9. I did and liked it except for the living end. 10\10 would not recommend. (At least the stupid wep is strong enough to solo it and Doom 1)
  10. Icon of sin can just spam cubes over the platform and doomguy can't do shit to it. But it doesn't because it isn't a jerk.
  11. That movie is so shit it might as well not exist. The game movies are always bad excuse doesn't defend such an abomination. (Some like resident evil are still cheesy fun)
  12. I don't think of any medieval movie where undead led by giant iron heads kill an entire world's population then all lose to a single elf.
  13. Heresiarch wishing you a tormentful halloween. Sorry image won't upload to imgur for some reason and is too big for forum size :P.
  14. Duke has way more character than Doom guy. Doomguy has less character than a wall with a picture on it.