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  1. Pegg

    Which Doom monster do you dread the most?

    chaingunners because nothing is fair about these pieces of shit. Archviles have counter play most of the time and revenant are too fair compared to the other 2. Honorable mention to some irritatingly used lost souls and pain elementals in huge swarms.
  2. Nope. The only cheating am willing to do is wiking the way for a shitty map where I've been lost for hours or things like Gaiden missions in fire emblem where you lose a lot of the game if you don't do stupid shit in some maps and the game almost never conveys it. console commands are only for testing in my case.
  3. The crossbow ain't got nothing on the hell staff and dragon claw. Unless tomed to kill few enemies (but then again the hellstaff can oneshot almost everything when powered up).
  4. Pegg

    Doom lost popularity?

    it isn't as dead as you think, poor heretic and hexen..
  5. Yea they'll fit right at home with all the people doing it already around here!
  6. No, the answer is never no to that question, even though I disagree with it and sigh in relief as I don't have to waste more ammo on the stupid piece of shit most baron placements are. If there are enemies around barons causing them to infight shit is usually the first thing I do.. Or run past them if they are in a stupid area with nothing in it.
  7. I liked fanta but I haven't touched a soft drink for over a decade so I have no idea what they even taste like or feel like anymore.
  8. Crouching makes hitscanners way worse at hitting you, a good middle finger to chaingunner snipers. It also renders you practically invulnerable to elevated monsters be it higher or lower than you. You get to also hide behind short ledges and turn stairs into walls on demand. Bonus cool points for crouching past a closing door with a million projectile hitting the door afterwards. Jumping allows bunny hopping and rocket jumping to skip entire areas or even get into cheese spots used for decoration in otherwise vanilla maps. Not to mention going turbo makes it practically impossible for projectile enemies to hit you, even revenants. Not to mention the all powerful invulnerability sphere giving extreme mobility with the rocket launcher. With both enabled you can just alternate jump and crouch vs monsters and never get hit when timed correctly unless there is an army of them. Most decorations do nothing anymore to block the player and open maps turn into cheesing glory with multiple players and friendly fire off. (The reason many wads disable rocket jumping off ally projectiles)
  9. Pegg

    PC Doom sound effects VS PSX Doom sound effects

    I prefer the earraping plasma sound on the PC, am I insane? (All the other ones sound like something that'd get rejected for tetris)
  10. pitchfork also always stuns them for some reason, stunlock to death lol.
  11. Blood is just way harder than Doom and Duke3D. Shadow Warrior has its merciless moments so they are kinda equal. Especially on highest difficulty, both go crazy and need perfect execution in many areas. You can also trick the hounds to jump into water which kills them. If you are too far when you jump into it they might just lose interest instead and go run around and possibly hide in a corner.
  12. Hell hounds are easy (most of the time), just jump behind them and they'll waste time rotating to try and get you, harder if an army of them comes but you can just run back while unloading any rapid fire weapon into their face (then jump past them when they close in to burn you and repeat). Hands are way more ruthless if you have dosbox, unless you rig dosbox the game will be fast enough for them to stick like glue to you, no matter how hard you mash the keyboard. What difficulty is he playing on would help a bit with tips :P, monsters get a lot tankier in higher difficulties, on lower ones you can altfire most things to kill them with the shotguns. monsters also have crazy fast reaction speed on hardest difficulty, cultists and fanatics jump 50 tiers in how much you should prioritize killing them, while monsters look dangerous in comparison.
  13. The hands in blood 1 are almost impossible to take off on dosbox in higher difficulty levels. Save spray cans and tnt for them whenever you can. (Tommy gun works too but if an army of them comes or they arrive with other monsters it might be too slow. Also you can just stand on practically any high object (step high) like a window or sofa and become completely safe (can even jump from place to place if you want to save ammo).