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  1. Pegg

    New Ways to Play Old Levels

    I wonder how many people loved doing this and replacing monsters with stronger ones. I think this is the reason people love using wads that randomize monsters to get more challenge for maps they already beat.
  2. Never open attachments from anyone who isn't a friend you trust. And even then chance is they can send it to you in much better ways than an email.. so never open attachments.
  3. Can't be worse than street fighters. At best we'd end up with memes and new features people loved from them.
  4. Well they don't have respawning monsters and just make monsters\projectiles faster. They are too balanced and straight forward that playing them instead of UV is just slightly more challenging, Perfectly playable. Op's original question is interesting and indeed was worth discussing, A lot of games did try to use the max difficulty much better than how the original Doom handled it, Heretic would be the best example of giving a harder experience without ruining a lot of gameplay elements compared to playing to the "default" hard mode.
  5. They are both bad joke difficulties for different reasons. Nightmare because it is completely unbalanced -Doesn't matter that it is doable, It changes too much with the only goal of annoying players-. Damn I'm Good because the respawn mechanic is just there to annoy people who don't want to speedrun and love the shotgun\chaingun. It has absolutely no effect if you are using explosives and energy weapons -which you should anyway, especially the devastator where saving its ammo is just a waste- especially during speedruns like The respawn mechanic is bad in both games; That's the only reason people don't want to play those difficulties.
  6. Neither is the default difficulty and both are joke difficulties which shouldn't be taken seriously. Duke3D's Come get some makes Doom's Ultra Violence look like Hey not too rough already. Respawning enemies barely matter in Nightmare anyway (Unless you play slowly, which I assume because you take time to clear up areas in Duke while Doom denies that).
  7. Pegg

    Share a random fact about yourself

    People who smoke in vehicles make me extremely irritated. Even if the windows are all open. Very inconsiderate and disgusting. And always comes with the empty promises about how they'll try to quit but never make any effort anyway.
  8. CS:GO and DOTA2 say it is alive. They just aren't developing what you want. And yes am glad artifact did horribly, greedy game that's only designed around catering to the most elitism they could, be it from players, traders or deck crafters. I'd say it is time people start looking at smaller companies\indies for games. The big companies made it very clear they don't give a shit about their old fanbases. And when they try to cater to them they do it horribly and it surprisingly, backfires! The only one I can think of that managed to pull it off was Doom16 about the graphics issues. They respected the players and silently fixed it, not made dumb news about how their fans have no idea what they want. Or even worse, trying to paint most gamers as misogynist incels who have nothing to do but harass the devs. You think you want a good but you don't after all.
  9. Pegg

    Blood vs Shadow Warrior

    Zilla approves the voters choice. And sends his regards doomworld.
  10. Am going to go with a tie between the Phoenix Rod from Heretic (I know the firemace is supposed to be the ultimate weapon, but this one trumps it anyway) and Hexen'S BloodScourge. The Phoenix Rod is just very satisfying to see monsters go flying all over the place because of how powerful it is. It'd be like having the Rocket launcher in doom flinging Barons of hell with its damage. Doesn't help that it can super powered into a super nice ammo saving mode. Actually forget the tie, I'll just go with the bloodscourge. The projectiles can lift monsters around before exploding and splattering them all over. It can home around edges and you don't even need to see enemies to kill them. It also finally gives the mage his AOE attack to speed up his game. It might not be the most overpowered but it is the one that strikes the nicest balance between awesome and balanced (Hence choosing it over the 2 other ultimate weapons, both are way too overpowered and do everything). -*cough* it also shits on the other weapons in multiplayer because wraithverge is weak to players and quietus needs aiming! go go bloodscourge *cough*- The BFG9k is a worthy contender just because it has a deceiving skill ceiling aside from just being a strong weapon.
  11. Pegg

    Blood vs Shadow Warrior

    I don't know I just found them really annoying. But was mostly my fault for playing on max difficulty the last time. (And I had no intention of ever replaying it afterward) Ye blood's 5th difficulty isn't really well balanced for SP, the devs designed it for coop gameplay.
  12. Pegg

    Blood vs Shadow Warrior

    They make you waste ammo because their slap is very fast and hurts a lot so you can't just ignore them like pinkies. Doesn't help that most maps are super stingy with ammo which makes them really annoying. The grenade ninja are also really annoying because their grenades are super high damaging and usually bounce all over the place. They are immune to fire and tank a lot of explosives. Your best bets (from worst to strongest) are physical damage (Especially the sawed off), the tesla rifle (amazing vs monsters in general) and the voodoo doll (The altfire can oneshot them, so always keep one for them.. especially on higher difficulties during episode 4). They will also resort to melee only if you are close enough -like the revenants in doom- except they won't use range attack if you shoot them close up, unlike revs.
  13. Pegg

    Blood vs Shadow Warrior

    Blood. Shadow Warrior's gameplay is worse balanced especially on the UV skill of that game. Some maps are a breeze while others are either full of bs enemies (Like the shadow ninjas mentioned in this thread, they can OHKO you not just finish you from low hp) or stupid tanky gorillas that force you to sit back and waste all your ammo, it also has some really annoying areas which hinder the experience. The balance of the weapons is a clusterfuck as well, while Blood's arsenal is all decent ;Be warned though, The monsters in blood might resist some weapons, generally fire damage weapons. Shadow Warrior is perfectly fine on HMP and below though. Don't recommend either on 5th difficulty, especially for your first run.
  14. Pegg

    Completing Doom without losing any health

    Short of a TAS run I don't know why you'd try to ironman the whole game like this. Many "easy" maps will suddenly become extremely difficult\frame perfect territory. Not to mention any place where you have to cross nukage or even worse, hell slime.
  15. The original. Just because it has a higher skill ceiling than the rest while still being awesome even if you have no idea what you are doing.