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  1. Let's see.. I won't sugar coat mine as I fucking hate some mechanics: 1) AOE stunlocks \ Hold spells where the counters are single target or casting some stupid spell that takes a year to come off. Super fucking boring to have a full group of heroes stunned by some stupid mind flayer or low level mage and then poked to death by their stupid attacks that now never miss and ignore armor. I mention hold spells because they usually last a damn eternity. 2) Blur \ Evasion working on AoE spells. 3) Life steal \ fast regeneration : If you can heal faster than things can damage you then the game balancing is garbage. Bonus point if they are high enough that you will never die to anything but instakill crits. Exception if they are a limited use item\spell with counters. Extra bonus points if the regeneration is instant max hp every few seconds on an enemy. 4) Death spells. No I don't care if there is a million dice roll to decide if it works it is still stupid bs. 5) You meet the stupid ass unique skeleton that is immune to lightning, fire, ice, status effects, poison and physical damage. redirects magical attacks, has full hp regen every 5 seconds. Only attack it has is a sword slash that stunlocks you and deals no damage because you have regen. No loading allowed mid fight.
  2. Pegg

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    Doomguy can lift a cyberdemon with one arm.
  3. Oh hahaha. It is even similar to my own :P. whoops.
  4. No one mentioned Blood's Gill beasts? WE ARE UNDER WATER WHY ARE YOUR SCREAMS SO LOUD HOLY SHIT WHY ARE YOU FASTER THAN A CAR!! (good thing they have a shitty pinky attack lol)
  5. You should never be afraid of asking anything. People who tell you otherwise aren't worth staying with in general.
  6. You realize they are garbage propaganda. You have no reason to watch them anymore. Time to find another thing to watch.
  7. Most secret maps aren't fun to replay so yes.
  8. Pegg

    DOOM Eternal -- *still* no ray tracing?!?

    It is a feature that takes a ton of dev time while very few players are able to use it. If it was important they would've bothered with it with the dlc but it clearly was not.
  9. Pegg

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    Romero only released Nightmare after he was able to complete it deathless. He chuckles every time someone thinks it is a joke difficulty.
  10. Pegg

    I just started "Dragon Ball Super"

    If you were watching episodes as they were released those 5 mins were what? 7 or 8 months of waiting the damn fight to end? Lol.
  11. Not where I live it seems :P
  12. I don't tell employees my name, I don't think they'll remember it for more than 5 seconds anyway.
  13. Pegg

    I just started "Dragon Ball Super"

    Death never mattered in DBZ. Doesn't Goku spend a large portion dead or injured lmao. Same for all those cons.
  14. Pegg

    Should I bother playing Doom TNT?

    Habitat killed my pets, you should never play it.
  15. Pegg

    Favorite Pickup Sounds in Video Games?

    The sound for picking health items in Dead Cells is super satisfying just because you know this might be the last time you heal before you die haha.