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  1. Can't stack anything with presets in pvp though :p.
  2. Thousands of requests? 100% the fault of someone in your friend list.
  3. Like dota 2 where rng heroes\items are only used if they are batshit overpowered on average (cough ogre magi and old CK)? Stupid heroes like PA with heavy rng disappear off the surface of the earth the moment they aren't op. Mechanics like rune spawns and height advantage aren't high roll bs because they are there to encourage warding rune spots\positioning and defending high ground. Not to mention a lot of mechanics follow prng instead of pure rng. I have no idea about cs:go but am sure the stuff people call rng in it tend to be spray patterns and the opposite of rng. Don't think starcraft 2 has much if any of it. Hearthstone is a dumb outlier full of rng but don't think many people take it as the face of competition. Heroes of the storm replaced rng with stuff like consecutive attacks cause a bonus. Don't think OW has it. TF2 disables random damage, spread and crits in competitive mode (and players themselves ban rng weapons in serious matches). I don't know much about lol but am sure it'll be similar to dota or heroes of the storm. And no I am not against things like random crits in casual tf2, they are even rigged to let people stomp worse players, it is still annoying as shit the moment it starts getting in the way like Ruining a battle between 2 equal teams in a pub thanks to one nuke pill\rocket.
  4. High RNG is annoying as hell in multiplayer games though. Especially when it is shit like random crits in TF2 or procs in WOW. They are fine in a single player game (hell they make games more fun to replay in the end) but that shit has no place in pvp.
  5. Oh the balancing can't be bad when it never existed. Sums up most stuff in Blood 2 (Don't play it, god the bosses and some monsters.. I wish I can remove them from my memory)
  6. It is pretty shitty but I can't how cheesy it is :p.
  7. Specter ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
  8. So much hate for poor PE and its babies. Lost souls are awesome area deniers just by being a threat instead of bullshit damage alone (cough they can teach barons and pinkies a lesson or two about being useful). Least favorite for me would be chainfuckers (I'd rather get ambushed by an army of shotgunners over 2 chaingunners) and boss spawners, Especially if spawn spots aren't telegraphed and the map is small + 3 spawners.
  9. I'd rather play barrels o fun, chasm and pit all day over replaying e1 or maps 01-06.
  10. Just use any source port with a software renderer and save yourself the headache. Play chocolate doom on 320x240 resolution.
  11. No pwads. Most of us forget a complete newbie won't know any of the things we take for granted. None of the secrets, None of what monsters hide where, no monster abilities unless they noticed them, No idea that revenants projectiles won't always home in, Nothing about specters existence, Hell they won't even know you can strafe or run unless it is mentioned to them or they press F1, Not to mention auto-running. Throwing them into harder mapsets will just get them slaughtered even at lower difficulty settings. Even a cyber in an open area might kill them (Seen it a million time in zandronum's online, hell most of those aren't even newbies). Brutal Doom isn't the vanilla gameplay. Slaughter maps at least keep the defaults and changes none of them most of the time at least. If they like brutal doom's gameplay it doesn't mean they'll like the different balancing of vanilla or the different monster\weapon behaviors. If you want to get someone into a game just tell them you know a cool game that they can try. Getting people with the intent of converting them will probably backfire especially if you try to help them as they play. It'll be even more annoying than backseating alone. Especially if they don't like the game -no, it isn't a crime to hate doom- and you start telling them why it is way better than all modern games.
  12. Half the map would be dead unless the players are rushing or a ton of monster teleportation everywhere, no thanks!
  13. Any 4 buttons that are next to each other + the numbers row + mouse work the same for me.
  14. Oh I confused it with the start. So it is even easier than I remembered! And start is easy to cheese so no need to ever strafe between barrels. Then again I never got the complain about this map's gameplay. Unless they hate zerk punching an army of pinkies. The map is even doable with pistol only. (No fist/other weps allowed).
  15. Nah, more clicks and replies with clickbaity what do you hate the least title.