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  1. Pegg

    Dung beetles

    Damn I've just watched a vid about beetles and this place is suddenly filled with them lol.
  2. Pegg

    Things about Doom you just found out

    doesn't zdoom terminate the script after a few loops? While(True) alone is enough of a hazard anyway, write anything with no delays and the machine is dead.
  3. Pegg

    Thoughts on Blood

    I don't think Blood's 1st episode outshines the other episodes. It starts strong but after dark carnival it loses a lot of the wackiness. Other episodes have way nicer themes that stick around the whole time, although Episode 4 might not be everyone's cup of tea with how weird some of the maps are. Most monsters don't even make an appearance in it, nor most of the homages to the horror genre.
  4. Nightmare has the monsters from UV. You'll need your own monster filter to get more than it.
  5. Pegg

    Classic Mode

    This is the kind of modes that -if- they make they should do after the game is released. No need to waste development time testing a mode that locks most features to ensure it is good enough. Especially since a bad classic mode will easily ruin the experience for old fans if it is badly designed and they immediately use it.
  6. I never said it should be replaced with an equally ambiguous term :p. Yes but my reply was just giving more reasoning to replace the name.
  7. The term doesn't even describe the systems well and is too vague. Am all for the stupid term disappearing from computer science since all it does is confuse too many people -especially new students- as to what the system model actually is. Is it centralized?! Decentralized?! Hybrid?! something else? who the hell knows with that dumb name.
  8. Warcraft 2 is the first I've seen. Advance War is probably the first I've bothered tinkering with. Age Of Wonders 2 editor is what I used the most.
  9. They have a million name for this model already.
  10. Extra-Crispy is designed to make coop more challenging. They probably just thought it'd be hilarious to use it to destroy players instead of having Nightmare.
  11. Pegg

    A shorter and better Doom II

    Way way too short and removed most of the gimmicky maps even Tricks N Traps. Don't think it would've been a direct upgrade :P.
  12. Even that is harder than Ultra-Violence in some areas. Blood is just absolutely brutal above the 2nd difficulty, yet it is still perfectly doable even on extra-crispy.
  13. Pegg

    Doomguy versus Mega Man

    Megaman -past his peaceful appearance- has everything in spades over Doomguy.. Doomguy doesn't a chance against that abomination with a million feat.
  14. Both Shadow Warrior and Blood are way harder than Doom. Going in blind on higher difficulties is just asking the games to dish out pain.