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  1. One of the first things I made on Ableton that I totally forgot about til today. Most was done prior but needless to say it's not my best, might upload more stuff I've made soon.
  2. Doom Board Game?!

    I thought I was the only one who remembered that game, the quality of the map-pieces and miniatures themselves was absolutely phenomenal. Many hours were spent creating castle pieces and ice/lava maps.
  3. I think ANYBODY who goes into a DoomWorld Internet forum to quarrel over a movie is a bit nerdy to begin with.
  4. Post-Millennials: Why do you play with Doom?

    This, I was born in '96 as well and first played Doom around the age of 9 or 10. I played the Doom 95 shareware version with a shitty gateway laptop that was on its last leg. Funny enough, the game actually made the laptop crash *permanently* and that was the end of Doom for me for awhile. I eventually got a hold of the Game-boy ports of 1 and 2 along with the Doom 3 collectors edition and enjoyed those for a few years until I transferred over to Zdoom.
  5. Interesting viewpoints on the oh-so-controversial "Mouse and Keyboard vs Gamepad," debate.
  6. Why all the hate for The Chasm?

    I always liked the first room with the waterfalls in that level, it's very open and resembles an underground cave. The part of the level I didn't like is whenever the pack of lost souls show up in the platforming segment, they should have put a teleporter there in case you fell in (which is very likely for new players.)
  7. Does anyone else Vape here?

    Hahaha I can attest to this. My reflexes get all twitchy when I'm on that Green Crack.
  8. Height thread

    This forum needs some new ideas hahaha. I'm 6' to 6'1, but I'm told I look taller due to my ectomorph frame.
  9. Idk, I got a weird taste in music I guess
  10. Realm of the Creepypasta

  11. Favourite Fast Food Place?

    Other, I love me some Bo-Bo-Bojangles
  12. Goatlord, do you go on Shroomery often? All jokes aside, I wonder if the human eye evolved to have blind spots on the sides (whenever you focus in) for a reason? Such as helping us center in on prey from a distance in the paleolithic era.
  13. Pantera's Daikatana incident? So I got this cd at my local vintage record shop in town. I was walking by the isles and saw this in the 80's metal section, picked it up thinking it was a Queensryche cd. I was proven wrong by the Neon eye-blindin' PanterA logo with the cat on front, "Power Metal" was the CD title and oh is it different from the other, later albums. But it still has some relevance. So I got home and played this on my computer, speakers pretty high on up. I'll admit, I'm a connoisseur for great metal bands, so I knew this must be pretty good considering the band it came from. Pantera is well known for awesome hits such as "Cowboys from Hell," "walk," "Cemetery Gates," and so many others to list. I myself am more into Napalm Death, In Flames, Morbid Angel, etc... but like some classics here and there. Right off the bat I was blown away with a real Judas Priest song with a cool solo, "Rock the World" is it's name. The lyrics are already pure cheese...which will get worse as this album goes on. Once that passes, we're to the title track of "Power Metal" which actually *believe it or not* stars Kerry King from Slayer. In fact, Kerry wrote the main riff to the song. It's a technical song but has way too much Falsetto. What was Phil trying to do? Conjure a part of King Cheese err.. Diamond* himself? "We'll meet again" is a song completely un-Pantera... Probably from an emotional-side of Phil. It already starts off completely white cheddar, would have a been a good song for a Phil side-project that had "Diamond Darrell Lance" by his side. The solo is good but not much else to say. "Over and Out" is the next, and it has a forgettable riff. A good song to have hot sex to is "Down Below." Oh fuck... there is so much wonderful liquid sex cheese in that song... My pores were pressing out Parmesan and mozzarella like string playdoh. But in all seriousness, the solos are pretty sick in this one. It's actually a cover of an even EARLIER album *gasp* even has grated pepper-jack on top. But all these ultimately pail in comparison to the next track. "Death Trap" is a real Banon Wedge, with zesty undertones and one extreme guitar solo. The solo melts my cheddar face into a queso dip. A couple of forgettable tunes are there of course, until the finale of P.S.T 88'. Wow... what a song. To think this is the song that directly comes before Cowboys from hell is hilarious. It has Dime on vocals and it's everything perfect about Cheesy butt-rock. The quality of this cd could be better, it sounds alot like a soundtrack you put in the background of a TV show (some tracks actually are.) Nothing compared to their well-polished later albums. Final Verdict: This album is all-out full fledged Cheese metal in the spirit of Judas Priest. It's definitely not hair-metal, but it's definitely not Thrash/groove for you Nu Metal youngins out there. It's something inbetween is all I can really say. It's good for a couple of laughs and to explain the history of Pantera to a group of people. 7.666/10
  14. OP just likes the original, unedited Swastika floor pattern from the Registered version more.
  15. The Metal / Rock Music Discussion Thread

    Sincerity is how I've always tried to describe older metal vocals, yet couldn't find the word for it. Good Vocals nowadays is getting nearer and nearer to non-existant for bands lately...Pissing contest, sad state of affairs there.