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  1. Update to my map: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kv1yh-fd-i8lFlLjj3wPDezW4nX8x2HM/view?usp=drive_link Changelog: - Tried to make the stair raise switches more reliable - Changed the secret switches a bit to make them more easy to spot - Put something silly on TV c:
  2. That was not a bug, those monsters that you missed were part of the outdoor secret area. The actual bug that you encounter was the green switch not raising the stairs when you pressed it the first time. I will see if I can make it more reliable as it is a multi-line switch and probably the lines are too close to the player. Thanks for your playtrough.
  3. Me gustaría aportar un mapa para el NIVEL 8.
  4. It's sunday so I worked an update to mitigate the issues: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TD9B3oOomH0BMLzyIZBJ3RopPejM0xjW/view?usp=drive_link Changelog: Changes geometry in red key waterfalls to mitigate some platform issues. I don't know if the "side waterfalls" when the lift is down will look weird but it is the compromise I can make so it doesn't feel mechanically broken when the player hugs the wall. I also managed to fix the lift sounds I think. Please note that it can still purposelly broken because of the multiline nature of the switches down there, but I cant do anything about that tho Fixes some one-sided lines marked as double-sided. Other very small irrelevant changes. Okey, I was asking just in case. I don't want to mess with sky transfers anyways :P
  5. Update to my map: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TD9B3oOomH0BMLzyIZBJ3RopPejM0xjW/view?usp=drive_link Kind of a rushed update because my desktop PC SSD died a bit ago and I'm using a backup laptop to finish this thing. I haven't been able to fully test the map on all skill levels. Changelog: Implemented Hard skill. It adds a cyberdemon and some water sections become nukage in this version. Added some liquid areas on east sectors. I planned to convert all water sectors but I wasn't able to figure out how to do it for one of the main puzzles without some texture weirdness. Improved detailing in some areas, especially towards the east section. Fixed reported issues. Added sky using UMAPINFO. Texture by Kuro_mahoh. Are we gonna support prboom+? To check if I implement the custom sky using sky transfers.
  6. Worm318

    A Question about Plutonia 3

    Everyone aiming for sequels or spin-offs, and here I'm waiting for Plutonia 0.
  7. Yes, normal and hard are the same. As I said in my previous post I want to do something different than just putting more monsters. Right now I was thinking to turn the water into lava/acid to make the map a bit more challenging, but it will take some time and i'm not sure if it's feasible. Thanks for playing and the notes, I will surely fix those details.
  8. 🔸 Map Name: Fluid Refactoring 🔸 Author: Worm 🔸 Music: Aquifier by AD_79 🔸 Ports Tested: DSDA-Doom -complevel 9, GZDoom 3.4.0 🔸 Difficulty Settings: Partially, Normal and Hard are the same 🔹 Description: A factory attached to some water ruins. 🔹 Notes: I tried to do puzzles more than traditional secrets, but I didn't know what to do for the sixth one so I just slapped a switch hunt and called it a day, I hope it's okay. Secrets were built before combat, so the last one ended up being a bit standard/boring imo. Fully playable, but Normal and Hard are the same. I want to implement for UV something different than just putting more monsters. As I used the brown PLBRICK most of the time the map is quite brown, I will switch up the sky to alleviate this. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TD9B3oOomH0BMLzyIZBJ3RopPejM0xjW/view?usp=sharing
  9. Map Name: The future I forgot was due for wednesday Author: Worm Format: Boom (complevel 9) i guess Skill Levels: Slightly implemented Modes: Single player Ports Tested: dsda-doom 0.24.3, prboom+ Music: Undefined by AD_79 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kv1yh-fd-i8lFlLjj3wPDezW4nX8x2HM/view?usp=drive_link
  10. edit: this post was for another thread :D i will deliver a map for this tho
  11. My job has been a bit intense this past two weeks, so I have been a bit tired for mapping on my free time. So there haven't been progress on my end. Also, initially I drafted a big layout that has me on a creative slump, so I think I will go for something small to at least deliver something.
  12. Worm318

    Is the Doom franchise "cursed"?

    I wonder how that list would look like for any project from Activision-Blizzard, EA, Riot Games or Ubisoft...
  13. Pilonidal Cyst is now on /idgames! Thanks to everyone who played this set.
  14. Single map collab done by @Weird Sandwich and @Worm318. Map is intended to be part of the "Line in the Sand" CP. As that project has been dormant in beta for longer than a year, we decided to make an standalone release of the map. The map started with a line in map-space that split it in half. Each half was done by each mapper with minimal input from the other. In this case, we only agreed on intended player route, expected minimal inventory and map theme. The result is a big map with lots of areas for exploration and full of varied skirmishes. We hope you like this map and have fun! WAD Info: IWAD: Doom2 Compatibility: Limit Removing Tested with: crispy-doom-5.10.1, dsda-doom-0.24.3, gzdoom 4.5.0 Download: (Beta) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ioLD8zZe-FqscF0-K54g5WRKUTTExJIm/view?usp=share_link Screenshots: