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  1. Four speedmaps I made on NaNoWadMo22 under similar rules to Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions ("2" hours of mapping, theme-restriction). Posting as RC1 to catch bugs but any feedback is welcome. I hope you like these maps. WAD Info: IWAD: Doom2 Compatibility: Boom cl9 Tested with: dsda-doom 0.24.3, GZDoom 4.5.0, prboom+ Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1udkxxPiWumZJIs4GjVurZoZ8KbBnkg97/view?usp=share_link Maplist: Screenshots:
  2. I barely started. I have a very early concept and some puzzle prototypes only.
  3. I was asking because the distribution of rules gave me the impression that enviromental damage was forbidden as it was in the rules section and it wasn't included in the custom difficulty settings illustrations. Anyways, I already had in mind a setup using voodoo dolls. Although my first idea didn't work, I was able to get a functioning demo (quickly tested in prboom+, dsda and gzdoom). example.zip
  4. I'm interested in joining in, claiming MAP18. One question, is it possible to add environmental damage in higher difficulties?
  5. Author: Worm Name: Ten edged triangle Midi: Super Smash TV - Arena 1 (Sequenced by Xky Rauh) Difficulties: Implemented Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nnH-DbDMUKM_GplvHO2jv0vjZABrzzNe/view?usp=share_link
  6. Worm318

    ACE Engine - DOS Doom II [vanilla++?]

    UT Shock Rifle combo? That's cool.
  7. Name: New map Format: Boom Tested With: prboom+ Music: Cold Subtleness by Jonathan El-Bizri (tnt.wad MAP14) Difficulty Settings: Not Implemented Textures: SKY4 from Ultimate Doom Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uL_pW68ykINDkfpEJuK6u11TUXcM5vrh/view?usp=share_link A 4-hour speedmap I just made. I intended to upload an old unreleased map with more substantial effort, but it uses resources from unknown origin. Probably it wouldn't have been a problem to upload it but it kind of sucked anyways. Probably next year :v
  8. Worm318

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 - On IdGames!

    Update to my map. After watching Johnsuitepee stream I decided to make some improvements to my map. I hope it's okay. Here it's: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VlAEM0wH8EVLZ4cwg_vNp9nNBfo-kvfA/view?usp=share_link Changelog: - Added CC4-tex SKY2 to the wad as it was intended to use that (even if it looks bad anyways because silly fog bottom) - Increased monster count in HMP and UV as it was too calm - Brown Brick Area puzzle should be harder to skip now - Added a secret and modified the last one a bit (it's still useless tho) - Aligned textures. I hope I covered everything including those that weren't just press Ctrl+A in UDB - Other minor changes I don't remember as usually happens with map updates
  9. Worm318

    RIP Stadia (Gylt LIVES)

    I was skeptical when they initially promoted this with mainstream AAA titles like Doom (2016) and Assassins Creeds because network latency and stability was obviously going to be an issue as soon as the game required real-time reactions even if it was slow-paced. Even with "unexpected pause reliant" games like turn-based games this kind of service is in a weird position. On a moment I thought it could have made beautiful graphics and animations accesible to mobile games and, on the same time, solve the issue of losing players two or three years into these games life-cycle because they increased their system requirements and size considerably as the updated increased the game content... but then a good internet connection is required anyways to play comfortably which is not the case in most wireless networks that these devices can access to and if you have good wifi then you probably can afford a proper device I guess
  10. Worm318

    A Restriction-themed Mapsets List

    ASS includes maps that had to adhere to at least one theme out of two (sometimes three or four). Sometimes it was a visual or gameplay theme (e.g. "train map", "sectors in specific shapes" or "usage of silent teleports"), not sure if those counts as restrictions described in OP, but there are sessions that enforced strict limitations like ASS67 that included "1024x1024 player space", "10 sectors or less" and "100 lines or less" as themes.
  11. I will join. Now I will just aim to have a finished product by the end of the month.
  12. Worm318

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON (On IdGames!)

    Huh I thought that was corrected. Maybe I forgot to upload the true last v3 :P. Anyways, new version to fix the other bug (and some other small details): Version 3a
  13. Worm318

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON (On IdGames!)

    New version of my map. Changelog: - Fixed non-working teleport closet reported by @galileo31dos01 (thank you). - Difficulty settings implemented. Mainly reduced monster counts in lower skills, but I scrambled a few monster setups. Maybe I should delete a cyberdemon in HNTR tho. - Automap cleanup. - Aligned a few textures and other small details. Download Link v3: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RKqrIxWfn6-kArGMxQWpRo7q938vZRgZ/view?usp=sharing
  14. Worm318

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON (On IdGames!)

    Played two more maps of beta 0.3 before the next update. I will try to post an update to my map later today. MAP23 File Under Futile Simple slaughter map, I'm not very good with these but it was fun. Architecture is simplistic but okay for 4 hours of build time and it was compensated by offering some decorations outside of the main play area. Bridge in the second area is broken tho (tested on dsda-doom and gzdoom). Used cheats to move on after reloading a save, I would say UV could use something more for the final switch fight. Demo of me dying running around and then stopping. MAP08 Memento Mourn Really liked the concept of this map. Being a nostalgia themed CP, I wanted to do the void area concept too but decided to focus on more conventional action, although the more puzzle approach presented here fits better. I was able to beat it on first try, so I think difficulty wise it's okay for the new proposed map slots. Demo of me missing both secrets.