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  1. Danlex

    Favorite Doom YouTuber?

    Most of them were already mentioned so I'm just gonna give a shoutout to Neurometry and Korendian199 since they haven't appeared in this thread yet and I really like their videos/streams.
  2. Danlex

    A salad is just a breadless sandwich.

    I prefer to believe that a salad is a tortillaless wrap, because the relation between those too feels more close and commutative than the one between salad and sandwich, considering the fact that there's just way too many types of sandwiches where this logic wouldn't work (ham and cheese, PB and J, grilled cheese, etc)
  3. That's what I did for the CacoGhost™ and Lost Ghost™. That's why I said I couldn't make the third one immune to it.
  4. I don't think the arch-vile's infighting behavior can be "applied" to other monsters, and I also don't think there's infighting values that can be altered like you say. The main problem in this case is how the CacoGhost™ works: that ghost attacks by using the "Explode" action everytime it moves; this means that this ghost literally behaves like a walking explosion, dealing splash damage to anything that gets close. So the problem is that the CacoGhost™ can kill other ghosts even if they're not actually infighting. There's only 2 monsters in the game that are immune to splash damage, and there's 3 ghosts here, so that's why I couldn't make the third one immune to it.
  5. Yes, there's one more. The third one is a bit slow and very hard to see so just keep looking or use "iddt"x2 to spot him. If he doesn't appear at all it's probably because he got killed by another ghost before you even had the chance to face him, which is something that happens every once in a while. Ghosts infighting each other is a very annoying problem that I wish I could fix but I don't think it's possible.
  6. o_O That's very weird, I don't know what's going on or what I did to switch from one error to another.
  7. Hi! I just uploaded a new Release Candidate for this map. Link is in the OP. Changelog: - Fixed a softlock found by NoisyVelvet. - Added more battery pickups on all skill levels (keep in mind that lower skills give you even more battery and ammo). - Fixed some Drawseg Overflows in the campfire area that I didn't notice before. - Now the automap is not completely hidden anymore. The forest itself is still hidden, but now all the "important areas" (exit and possible key locations) get revealed once they're found. - Updated "README.txt" file with a few additional notes. Unfortunately I haven't figured out how to fix the issues reported by OpenRift and dusk-iv I'll also use this post to answer to a few comments made before. Thanks to everyone for playing and giving feedback!
  8. So the other day I was looking at the doomwiki article of this map and I noticed that something was added more than 3 weeks ago. There was a bug that I didn't know about because it wasn't reported to me anywhere and instead it was just quietly added to the wiki page. I'm writing this post just to let y'all know that I released a 1.2 version to fix this issue and also to make more optimizations to the Low Specs version of the map. Yeah that's it. Those are the only 2 changes in this version. Link is in the OP. Have a nice day! Btw, to whoever edits the doomwiki page this time: the description for how to get the second secret needs to get updated too; I changed the position of the teleporter in v1.1. You don't need to return to the steps at the west anymore; now the corridor opens at your right after shooting the switch.
  9. "Warning: Not for the faint of heart" The All-Ghosts Forest is a vanilla compatible horror map inspired by the Ghoul's Forest serie and other popular spooky wads. Your mission is to find three keys and escape from the forest before the ghosts get you. You will only have a rifle and a flashlight to help you, so make sure to look for ammo and battery while you walk around. Killing the ghosts is not mandatory to beat the map, but everytime you grab a key a new ghost will appear, so keep that in mind. The position of the keys and the order of appearance of the ghosts gets randomized everytime you start a new game. ... and no, this map doesn't actually use the All-Ghosts effect. Screenshots Information IWAD: Doom 2 Maps: MAP01-02 Difficulty settings: yes Coop support: yes (not tested) Deathmatch: no Tested with: check the spoiler below Tested ports Credits Special thanks to myolden and OverflowingMocha (aka LGmaire) for playtesting and also to plums for helping me with some technical difficulties that I had during development. Please read the "README.txt" text file included in the zip before playing DOWNLOAD: The All-Ghosts Forest [RC2] Happy Halloween!
  10. Danlex

    Pina Colada - Now on idgames!

    Very happy to know that you liked the map <3 Apple Acres is my favorite map of sf2011; probably one of the maps I replay the most everytime I get bored and I decide to waste a bit of time playing Doom. It might be a very simple map but there's something about the gameplay and the midi that I just love, so that's why I wanted to make a tribute.
  11. Hi, just letting y'all know that I sent the wad to @plums and they found the problem. For some reason, changing some of the Spider Mastermind sprites (SPIDH1-8 and SPIDI1-8) with other sprites that didn't have rotations (SPIDH0 and SPIDI0) was causing problems with Crispy Doom and that was making it ignore the DeHackEd file. We're assuming that it is a bug in Crispy Doom and it will be reported if that's the case. Thanks to everyone who responded in this thread!
  12. It has been named DEHACKED all this time so that's not the problem. Yeah you're right, I just edited the OP to include a screenshot and the .deh file itself. I apologize for not doing that before.
  13. It was the third lump in the wad from top to bottom (Playpal and Colormap being 1st and 2nd), but I did try to move it all the way to the top and unfortunately that didn't work.
  14. I've been making a vanilla compatible wad for the past few months; I'm testing with multiple sourceports, and everything was working as usual until yesterday when Crispy Doom started to refuse to automatically load the .deh file that is included inside the wad. Now it only works if I use the -deh command to load the file externally. However, when I play any other wad with that same sourceport, it loads the .deh file without commands just fine; so there's something about my wad that's causing the problem but I have no idea about what it is. If I create a brand new wad and just copy-paste the exact same .deh file into it, Crispy loads it just fine. The main wad has 505 lumps in it right now; the .deh file is 12.92kb and has 929 lines. The last thing I did before this started happening was modifying some states for the spider mastermind and the archvile flame, and also adding new sprites for these into the wad. I'm not sure if any of this information is helpful but I don't know what else I can specify here. I will not share the wad publicly right now but I can send it in a dm if I trust you. Any kind of help is appreciated. Thanks in advance! Here's how the wad looks like in Slade and also the DeHackEd file itself: agfdeh.zip
  15. Danlex

    Hispanic Community Project {WIP}

    Buenas, yo quiero participar, muchas gracias Edit: me gustaría reservar el mapa 22, se me olvidó decirlo antes