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  1. Marlamir

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Can't wait to play with this texture pack. Neat job.
  2. Definitely Andrew Hulshult. Their are just perfect
  3. Marlamir

    Share a random fact about yourself

    For first i read paper instead of peppers, lol :D No matter where i go and how many days i spend there i always ended up forgetting phone charger here. Am i cursed or am i just idiot?
  4. Marlamir

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    What editor is this? Depends from these "thing marker" Early screenies from map i'm trying to cook. Having strong mapping block so it's going to take a while to move on.
  5. Marlamir

    What are you listening to?

    I feel so old listening to this and i have only 22 :D jesus.
  6. Marlamir

    How to properly improve layout skills?

    Didn't expect such awesome feedback from you guys, thank you so much. This going to help me a lot. | Thank you for pic examples Aquila, this will help me how i should look at layout while mapping. Connect everything together as much as i can and i will get better result insstead of conecting with corridors or doors. (really good screenies btw, i like them) I really like this idea, is interesting and neat. I think sometimes about rooms way too much so start to try think more about shapes can be better in many ways. Thanks for this Nice post indeed, interesting visual language thinking. I can see the usages in maps. Corridors and doors can be great style change in map. if some map is very very interconnected some good old corridor or door can be nice change of contrast,but of course using them so much is not good indeed. Oh thank you for this great post man, you definitely help me of how i should look on layouts and maps. Really useful help. thank you man so much for this. again thanks guys very much for your awesome feedback, i think my head going to explode any moment from all those new thing :D
  7. I really think that the most important part of level design is going to be my weakness. Yes, i make only few wads and im not that skilled but no matter how much i tried to make good layout i allways end up unsatisfied with result. Looks like i can only make standard rooms connected with door, elevator or hallway and that's far i can go. I just can't came up with good layout. How does some of you are able to manage and make great interconected level with perfect and fun layout? For example in my last map inside the feared madness i'm really unsatisfied with the layout. most part was just big rooms connected together and i struggle for very long time what to do with them or some room end up completely useless. here is pictures of my two layouts I know about things like you need time and the more map you made the better you going to be or play other games are common help but can someone give me some advice or something that can help me get my layout skills improve? Other things that can help is play other games and try to get something from them but i trying not to copy someone other style or technics and i want to came up with my own.
  8. Marlamir

    Favourite endgame screen in any id game?

    Hard to choose which one is better if wolfenstein or D1E3 ending.
  9. i love your work and how greatly you caught the n64 spirit. mastermind reminds me of the one from doom: eternal trailer.
  10. My 2 weeks family trip ended up that i got sunstroke. I starting to lose my love with summer because of this extreme weather. What a beautiful ending :D

  11. Marlamir

    Best Megawad ever (In Your Opinion)

    100 people = 100 tastes
  12. Marlamir

    Best Megawad ever (In Your Opinion)

    I didnt know you have 4 counts. No you dont offend me, i understand you didnt know about them. I think is better resurrect old threads than make new one with the same theme. and btw welcome to doomworld