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  1. It took me a while when i realize what going on :-)
  2. SLaVE megagame dash dimension (hope this is right link) :-) Thank you @Manuel-K i didn't notice that
  3. Any Queen fan out there?

    I'm not much active here because i working on my own Live wembley 86 version. No overdubing or or something and bitt more in my version.Looking forward to finish the project today and release tommorow.

    1. MrD!zone


      Yeah. I like Queen.

  4. Just ressurection these thread because I want to ask if i can remove "so far" line or i still missing or forget some iwads
  5. The binary in doom apk are in diferent version so it wouldnt be easy to replace, except if you know how to convert them. :-/
  6. Yes thats the wad i mean. Thank you very much for finding the wad man.
  7. I don't believe you :p
  8. Very nice, keep up
  9. Yeah i know about the colombine things but i'm not from fbi country ( no offense) so thanks for explanation @insertwackynamehere. Oh God I'm getting so many ideas from this pic that i will forget them immediately... XD
  10. Thank you very much for your feedback @A7MAD. The only problems i have right now is learning virtual instruments. I quite well understand how this sequencer program work at what to do but i didn't make good progress vith instruments, learning them vill be pain in ass for me. Thank you very much for your feedback and for great advices. Yeah it was supossed to be rock but i still suck hardly with instruments so it turned out to this veird something :-). Anyway thank you again. Thanks both for feedback again, you helping me a lot now I'm trying to improve my self by analyzing other midis and hope i will sucess in learning these virtual instruments. Have great day and sorry for english
  11. What happened to my rank name please? I supposed to have member rank not green marine. Please help

    1. Myst.Haruko


      420 happened I guess. 

    2. Myst.Haruko


      If you get a joke and code. 

    3. leodoom85


      Not blazing it? :D

    4. Marlamir


      Now i found out what this joke mean. LOL that was a good misunderstand :-D now excuse me i think i have something to do...

  12. Doom 1 & 2? :-) Anyway like many others here, i didn't count them too but it will be more than 100 but less then 200 for sure
  13. What? This is the first time i hear this. Is this true? I'm curious
  14. Awesome sky, love it