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  1. Ok you want it, you have it. here are few :-)
  2. This year look really strong, i hope that i will be part of it too
  3. I'm the only one who have problems with doomworld? on some browsers, site didn't work at all

  4. Happy halloween
  5. we allready talk about that, just go few pages back
  6. Doom is few years adult so why only beer? ;-)
  7. This make actually sense if you think about it, i allways smell some small bits from doom in HF story. Anyway great point with freeman too, they look a lot simmiliar in character parameters but i never think about it. srry for english
  8. oh god how exactly this happen? p.s. sleep is for noobs...
  9. oh man, i hate this map. one of the worst in doom for me
  10. I got great idea for map from Japanese Community Project, MAP27 screenshot :-) anyway so many eye candy pictures here
  11. Is too soon to think about it but it would be nice if admins decide to make something special. Anyway let's prepare ourselves...
  12. oh man, i forget about pirate doom. played few years ago and didn't finish it. I definitely need to play this again soon.
  13. that's awesome reading @Doomkid great job, going to read before sleep tonight
  14. oh ok, thank you
  15. i hope too @SOSU