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  1. isnt zandronum kinda just updated version of skultag?
  2. thank you @StormCatcher.77 for feedback. its really helpfull.
  3. Don't worry @coraline, Added to the list. Thank you
  4. Can't wait. Hell of luck to rest of the work.
  5. Oh woow, glorious and awesome. Great idea for horror themede maps, tough
  6. Author: Marlamir Map Name: Welcome to U. A. C. Compatibility: Zdoom Play Testing: Zdoom, GZdoom, Zandronum Jumping/crouching: not allowed skill Settings: Ultra Violence build time: 3 weeks Tool Used: GZdoom builder, slade3 Resources: Doom 2 only Music Track: Powerwolf- army of the night(midi instrumental) Bugs: none (didn't find any) Comment: here is my entry. Map is not 100% finished because i don't have much time and right now im without laptop and i propably wouldnt be able to finish map in time so i give whats i have. Is from 90-95% finished is just need few small improvements. Is fully playable. Map is set in one of the many u.a.c bases. Are you able to get trough and kick monster asses one more time, show them that this base was the wrong one to invade. Have fun,i hope you will enjoy. Srry for english
  7. Very very interesting and nice
  8. It took me a while when i realize what going on :-)
  9. SLaVE megagame dash dimension (hope this is right link) :-) Thank you @Manuel-K i didn't notice that
  10. Any Queen fan out there?

    I'm not much active here because i working on my own Live wembley 86 version. No overdubing or or something and bitt more in my version.Looking forward to finish the project today and release tommorow.

    1. MrD!zone


      Yeah. I like Queen.

    2. Marlamir


      If you interest: Here is link for the project with download links


  11. Just ressurection these thread because I want to ask if i can remove "so far" line or i still missing or forget some iwads
  12. The binary in doom apk are in diferent version so it wouldnt be easy to replace, except if you know how to convert them. :-/
  13. Hope still exist
  14. Yes thats the wad i mean. Thank you very much for finding the wad man.
  15. I don't believe you :p