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  1. Considering deadline for me is tomorrow I unfortunately will have to drop my slot. Too many other time asks came up to make good progress. Perhaps a slot may still be open at a later, more free date but i'll try to still help with testing feedback.
  2. Setting a more definite deadline at least for map submission at worst might free up some forgotten map claims and open it up a little. If need be i could always take one more over since i love the concept and find i can crank one of these out in a couple days (since a lot of the work is already done design wise).
  3. I'll throw an offer to take up a mapslot aswell if one needs filling. Been a big fan of the scythe series from early on and it would be a fun style to emulate.
  4. I replayed my map (map14) and saw that the imp pump wasn't deploying all the imps consistently. I did some light balance work and re-did the vodoo conveyors now that i understand how teleport to line works better (they shouldn't occasionally teleport into the walls and kill the player anymore). Link here
  5. DFF

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full!]

    Im a bit biased since i'm rather fond of "I sawed the demons" but i think i have some suggestions. Trying to find something that is still kinda "doom1"-esque I think I found a couple of decent options: E1M9 of the Ultimate doom midi pack "state of Mind" from STRAIN (map05) "Slipper" from Mememnto Mori (Map09) These all i think would be decent, and have a bit of that older doom rock vibe in them. Also, possible bug, but the two sectors with eyeballs on them by the exit (sectors 398 and 399) don't raise or do anything. The holes are visible and the player can see untextured sidedefs but not the eyes. seeing as the lines have textures on one side i assume these were meant to raise up at some point but are missing tags.
  6. DFF

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full!]

    @Dusty_Rhodes Played through your map. Rather liked the visuals on display, some cool area ideas for a doom 1 limited setting. Combat felt decent and couldn't find any obvious issues. Only major complaint is that the MIDI choice is probably too short. got annoying by the halfway-2/3 mark as it had looped for the third or fourth time.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I've ran and balanced the map on UV so that there is enough ammo to complete each arena but not too much carryover but i'm open to tweaking the amounts. do you recall at which two points you ran out of ammo specifically? If i had to guess one was likely the SSG arena
  8. DFF

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full!]

    Very lovely map, definitely captured the vibe of an underground catacomb. Combat felt well balanced for the close quarters and flow was good, not too confusing. MIDI was well fitting and detailing was tasteful for the limits. Not many huge complaints, the beginning was a bit rough without a shotgun and somewhat wish there was an easier way to get one than to run into the crypt and mug a sergeant for one. Ammo balance was good, ended the map with a surplus of 40 shells however. Most were from sergeants, not sure if you would want to tone down the available shells but figured i'd mention. I was also able to accidentally shoot the wall of the SIGIL eye alcove (linedef 1051) but not the bridge trigger (1062) which locked me out of the nice backtracking bridge. Might make sense to put another line on the inside of sector 180 with the first trigger rather than the outside ledge so the player is less likely to accidentally softlock that feature.
  9. DFF

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full!]

    Alright here's V1 of E3M1 Tested with ChocDoom I'll keep the original title (hell keep). I took inspiration from both the base map, the original title and the intermission design. Primarily i often though the intermission screen design for hell keep looked a lot cooler than the map actually was, and the map didn't really look like it at all and wanted to aim for that. Secondly i took some design cues from the base map like the lowering bridge, the hunt for the shotgun, and possibly having to deal or avoid bigger threats until better armament was located. This map plays slightly like a resource limited map. For this the monsters and paths are designed to quickly funnel the player into finding the shotgun and then the RL. Hopefully the scope and the design works well. I wanted to make something a lot more interesting than the original map since frankly E3M1 is awfully basic and bad (mainly the pinky tunnel being crap) compared to the other E3 maps. I appreciate any and all feedback.
  10. @Matthias (LiquidDoom) I'll take 29, don't usually take penultimate maps but i think i can come up with something interesting and punchy
  11. I've been out of the loop for this project for a while focusing on other projects. I originally withdrew my mapslot since i didn't think i'd be able to complete it. If this project needs some slots filled i can revive my old map concept and see about finishing it up. Depending on the scope its about 25-40% complete. Figured i'd offer it but understandable if not needed.
  12. DFF

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full!]

    I can take over E3M1 then if that's the case. I already got some ideas to spice it up.
  13. DFF

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full!]

    I could take another map if someone opens a slot. I find I can work decently quickly with more constraints than not.