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    Some cool mystery maps, beautiful lighting, and you know something's up. What wins is the music.
  1. Argenteo


    Tight challenge and great balance between ammo and enemies. Short, detailed, and a lot of fun. Slot 28.
  2. Argenteo

    Water City v1.0

    I think it is one of the oldest heretic maps that I enjoyed. An adventure through a dark city. Medium size map.
  3. Argenteo

    Medieval Castle

    A cool big stony castle. Lots of secrets and traps. A bit boring to replay. Find the blue key first.
  4. Argenteo


    A 94' short map released in 98'. Fun but for the time it was released it's pretty ugly and has some missing textures.
  5. Argenteo

    I pray for you

    The one I like the least of Krause's maps. Lots of empty space, fairly monotonous encounters, and it ends abruptly.
  6. Argenteo

    Gothic DeathMatches

    Visually amazing and not just for walking alone. Magnificent midis by D. Shaw and M. Klem.
  7. Argenteo

    Turning off mouse movement option?

    Heartland is awesome. I am using EE since that. :)
  8. Argenteo

    Turning off mouse movement option?

    And what about no vert ON?
  9. Argenteo

    Turning off mouse movement option?

    Just put Sensibility Vertical = 0. Also Miscellaneous -> Novert emulation On. These two methods work for me. Hope I can help. (I don't use a mouse, I aim with the trackpad.) But using Sensibility Vertical 0 you cannot mouselook so maybe just novert On.
  10. Argenteo

    Hell Revealed

    Not my preferred style of play but I have fun and I am too young to die. Map 27 was my favorite. I love Rise of the Triad midis.
  11. Argenteo

    The Sky May Be

    The Gun Is Good.
  12. Argenteo

    Hell's Eventide

    Interesting idea to build the map between 3 authors. Short but entertaining. It wakes you up fast.
  13. Argenteo


    Nice first map from the author. The sounds are annoying and some puzzles I didn't understand even when I finished the level.