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  1. JadingTsunami

    Map is so good you want to play it right away again!

    One of my go-tos is JPCP. Map08: 54-pit is a good anytime map. I also have to second the vote for Ultimate Doom - Perfect Hatred.
  2. JadingTsunami

    Gameception source code

    Thanks. I tried contacting the author but haven't heard back. I suspect he abandoned the project and may not even have the source any more. If he does get back to me I will update the thread.
  3. JadingTsunami

    "Caco" in "Cacodemon" is pronounced:

    Definitive proof it's "cacko-demon":
  4. The Kingdom of Wad In Wad We Trust The Wad Couple An Act of Wad The Wad Complex For the Love of Wad Oh My Wad The Hammer of Wad Inanimate Carbon Wad The Wad Couple Ok, I'm done.
  5. JadingTsunami

    Console Doom ITT

    Ok fine, maybe some Doom 2 MAP10 then?
  6. JadingTsunami

    Console Doom ITT

    I am here to console Doom, here is some E1M2.
  7. Unclear progression. Mystery repeat-use switches. Bonus points if it's practically a single-use switch that controls something halfway across the map but is repeat-use because the author didn't know better. Required keys hidden in secrets. Secrets that require uncanny precision and/or luck.
  8. JadingTsunami

    My Question 4.

    I think you're asking how to make a custom monster that instantly kills the player on contact. If so you should look at Actor Properties and modify them for the custom monster you're trying to create.
  9. JadingTsunami

    Gameception source code

    Does anyone still have a copy of the Gameception source code? It was an iOS version of FreeDoom that supported IWAD/PWAD loading. The author seems to have abandoned the project and let the site license lapse. I'm hoping someone still has a copy around. I've searched and there are no mirrors. http://pinkeh.com/iphone/apps/gameception/gameception.zip Thanks.
  10. JadingTsunami

    Editing the iOS version of Doom?

    Have a look here: https://github.com/tomgreen66/DOOM-IOS2/blob/64bit_ios/build_instructions.txt This will show you how to extract the files from your legal copy of iOS Doom and set it up for building.
  11. JadingTsunami

    A good (and legal) way to get Doom 1 and Doom 2?

    If you would like to test your setup before you buy, the IWAD from the shareware version of Doom is still available (legally) to download: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/DOOM1.WAD Direct link: http://distro.ibiblio.org/pub/linux/distributions/slitaz/sources/packages/d/doom1.wad
  12. Agree. A hot dog is not a sandwich.
  13. JadingTsunami

    Always wondered about this texture

    Here is an article with some background information. In short, that texture is most likely a digitized image of a bloody scab on Kevin Cloud's knee.
  14. JadingTsunami

    Using custom variables in SBARINFO (HUD)

    Since you have "whennotzero" did you confirm the value is actually not zero? It might be worth removing that flag temporarily because then you can at least see if anything's painting and rule out offset issues, etc.
  15. JadingTsunami

    Doom Eternal won't have Snapmap

    Snapmap was a different kind of map-making than traditional Doom. It focused on storytelling and scripting/programming instead of architecture and level design. Initially this was somewhat of a shock and not easy to adapt to. In later revisions the custom geo capabilities improved which allowed a mixture of both the old and new styles, but custom geo was still very difficult (and the idiosyncrasies of the Snapmap editor didn't help much there, either). The vision of a map editor that blended simplicity and style never really materialized. Ultimately and maybe unfortunately, it makes sense to get rid of it for Doom Eternal. There's no ongoing upside in retaining a limited editor whose user base is already small and will only dwindle further. I don't have much faith that "mod support" will ever materialize. Probably the death of Snapmap was the end of nu-Doom modding, the realization of this leading to sad reactions to this news.