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  1. JadingTsunami

    A look to the past

    It's amazing to see the progress that has been made. I remember things like lines splitting sectors used to be a manual procedure. Even things like flagging linedefs as 2-sided used to be explicit; now it's automatic. Most editors don't even expose the bit for sidedness to the user. It's hard to explain just how much computing power and memory space have increased since the early days. Inside the SLADE map editor, for instance, many duplicate copies of the map contents are kept in memory to provide a rich "undo" function that can restore the map as it was before any previous edits. Such a thing would have been unthinkable in the early Doom editing days.
  2. JadingTsunami

    DOS Doom Code Execution

    I saw the same thing on my machine with a stock, unmodified Doom 2 v1.9. MD5sums all match the values in the wiki. DOSBOX also shows errors related to illegal memory access, which I imagine is part of it. I found out it only happens if you have a screen size with a border (that is, smaller than fullscreen-1).
  3. JadingTsunami

    Why does the shotgun look like this?

    Easy, just move your head to the side a little bit. Just kidding. The mod is here.
  4. JadingTsunami

    R_GenerateLookup Failed

    It would help if you explained what you were trying to do. R_GenerateLookup constructs lookup tables for textures, so most likely a custom texture is causing issues here. But again, more explanation would be helpful. A simplified explanation of Segmentation faults (your second error window) are they happen when a program accesses memory that doesn't belong to it. There are many possible causes of this. Malformed input data, exposing programming errors, and bad dehacked patches are all among the possible causes (there are more too). But, there is not enough information to say much more.
  5. JadingTsunami

    What's your favourite DOOM source port?

    In demo recording as well as some compatibility modes, Boom reverts to the original Doom RNG. In the past I've found RNG complaints often come from those that play predominantly while recording demos and are accustomed to the vanilla RNG. Just a thought.
  6. JadingTsunami

    DOS Doom Code Execution

    Cross-compatibility will depend, I think, on the API definition. If the interface is defined to abstract the Doom EXE function calls through indirection I think other ports would at least be capable of implementing the API if they chose to do so. This is a non-trivial amount of work, and it does add a lot of necessary boilerplate to every modded savegame data blob. But I think it is doable.
  7. JadingTsunami

    How to load Final Doom Dehacked Patches??

    Using DeHackEd 3.1 and DOSBOX, I wasn't able to reproduce this issue. One thing to check first off is the MD5 hash of your original, unmodified Final Doom executable. You will find the expected values on the always-helpful Doom Wiki. If they are not the same, loading DeHackEd patches might be problematic.
  8. JadingTsunami

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    Thanks. It looks like this is a known issue, even to the original EXE. After examining the demo lumps I can reproduce this even using an unmodified version of the original Doom. I think the advice would be not to access menus while recording demos. Doom's Pause button is functional during demo recording and is encoded into the demo lump. It can be used to pause the game if desired.
  9. JadingTsunami

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    I'm not able to reproduce this. Can you post the demo with/without the desync?
  10. JadingTsunami

    Interception II (31 New Levels for Doom II - Live on idgames)

    Strictly speaking, those lines are only required to override an existing endgame level (for example, if you want MAP30 to proceed seamlessly into MAP31), so it's safe to remove them. Future versions of the PrBoom-Plus port with UMAPINFO support will have the fix for the issue. But, removing those lines will ensure compatibility with existing binaries so I would recommend it.
  11. JadingTsunami

    Interception II (31 New Levels for Doom II - Live on idgames)

    I believe this is an actual bug in the port. Putting "endgame = false" but no endpic will cause this crash, whereas I believe the correct behavior would be to proceed to the next level. I believe this is caused by the fact that the finale handler will check for the presence of any nonzero character in the first position of the endpic string as evidence that the endgame should be triggered, but "endgame = false" will copy a "-" into endpic, triggering those conditions to evaluate true. The fix is either to nullify the first character of endpic when "endgame = false" token is detected or modify the zeroth character endpic checks to look for a character that isn't '-'. I'll see which fix the authors prefer.
  12. You are encountering a stack overflow bug that was present in Doom, but Boom can avoid (if configured to do so). When finding the next highest adjacent floor, there is a "height list" of adjacent sectors and their heights, but it can only hold 20 entries. More than that will overflow the array and, if you go too far, likely crash the game. If you run PrBoom with verbose/debug output enabled, you will see warnings about this appear and it should tell you which line(s) are encountering this situation.
  13. JadingTsunami

    Preferred way to work on multi-map projects?

    Each map separate, then integrate at the end. Advantages: 1. Smaller working files and backups (faster load and save times) 2. Revision control and backups are easier to track and trace 3. Less chance of corrupting other parts of the file unintentionally 4. Can mix and match components at runtime instead of load time
  14. JadingTsunami

    Tech Idea: Cross-Port Intermediate Demo Format

    Is the benefit in this a format all ports can replay vs. a format that allows recreation of gameplay in an unambiguous way? I think the latter is perhaps more attainable. In other words, a format that exports all changes to map geometry and objects (and player state of course) but otherwise leaves map rendering to the engine may suffice for the benefits of this format over a static video. A "universal replayer" program could be created that may interpret the demo format within the context of various engines, but without requiring every engine to be able to render every demo (which I don't see adding much value).
  15. JadingTsunami

    Scroll Floor is slower in PRBoom+?

    Can you post the WAD or portion that is showing this behavior?