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  1. JadingTsunami

    PrBoom+ 2.6.1um (Aug 16, 2021)

    This is a common question. Activating a BossAction requires a call to A_BossDeath. I think it could be added to the specification since it is so frequently asked.
  2. JadingTsunami

    PrBoom+ 2.6.1um (Aug 16, 2021)

    The players want new PrBoom+ features because they trust it and it feels familiar, the developers want to work on their own ports because it gives them personal freedom and control over what features are in or out. PrBoom+'s original developers are not active anymore. This is why there is no MBF21 support. No one wants to invest such a large amount of time and energy in a port they don't control.
  3. JadingTsunami

    Boom Scrolling Floor Issue

    I understand the issue. I tried the solution I proposed in a test map and it does appear to work. You'll have to tune it to the specifics of your map.
  4. JadingTsunami

    Boom Scrolling Floor Issue

    In that case just teleport the trees outside the map into a holding area instead of restarting them immediately. In the holding area you have a slower conveyor which will "drain" the extra acceleration. At the end of the holding area you teleport the trees back into the moving path.
  5. JadingTsunami

    Boom Scrolling Floor Issue

    What effect are you trying to create? Can you use a self-referencing or "invisible" sector to pull the lights around?
  6. JadingTsunami

    Boom Scrolling Floor Issue

    Sounds like you have cases where the bounding box of the thing is in two sectors at once along its travel and the thrust is applied from both. If you use teleporting linedefs (which preserve momentum) and a "dead" sector in the gap between each segment you may be able to avoid this effect. But it may create a juddery look; you'd have to try it.
  7. JadingTsunami

    PrBoom+ 2.6.1um (Aug 16, 2021)

    If you have any WAD/DEH loaded, but have not overridden par times, then the par times won't show. Are you sure you don't have any default loaded WADs or DeHackEd patches?
  8. JadingTsunami

    Worst looking texture

    SW*DIRT. Does not tile vertically. Does not tile nicely horizontally with other textures. Bottom 64 pixels look like a clone tool artifact. Ugh.
  9. JadingTsunami

    PrBoom+ 2.6.1um (Aug 16, 2021)

    If you embed the palette in your shader definition WAD, I think it should be possible. You can try it certainly. Use the "shader" light mode; this will load your custom shader if present.
  10. JadingTsunami

    PrBoom+ 2.6.1um (Aug 16, 2021)

    There's various settings in the OpenGL menu you can try to find the look you prefer. Gamma correction is available as well (try F11/F12 keys) which may help there. If you are knowledgable about shaders you can supply your own in a WAD file which will apply light shading according to whatever algorithm you supply.
  11. JadingTsunami

    PrBoom+ 2.6.1um (Aug 16, 2021)

    Try converting the sounds to Doom format. Open the WAD in SLADE, choose a sound, right click, choose Audio, convert WAV to Doom sound.
  12. JadingTsunami

    Jumping in PrBoom or vanilla?

    Jumping can be enabled in PrBoom from the options menu. In vanilla, the only "jump-like" behavior comes from the arch-vile actions, which can be manipulated using DeHackEd patches, but it may be tricky to achieve what you want in specific. It is not something that can be triggered from a dedicated player input button in true vanilla.
  13. JadingTsunami

    Will TeamTNT ever be reunited with its remaining members?

    Probably not much beyond bug fixes and maintenance honestly; after Boom the majority of the coding effort was focused on OGRE/Ragnarok.
  14. JadingTsunami

    VULD: A Launcher for Vanilla Mods

    Yes, it should work.
  15. JadingTsunami

    VULD: A Launcher for Vanilla Mods

    Correct, I did not build in support for Final Doom (TNT or Plutonia). Since there has been a recent DeHackEd update for Final Doom, this should be possible, but I did not experiment with it. Are you using the special DeHackEd version above? If not, the patches likely would not work.