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  1. JadingTsunami

    Sandy Petersen Interview (w/ Mahmut Saral)

    Those are both good guesses. In another interview, responding to user linguic4 (hmm...wonder who that could be...), Sandy mentions E3M6 as the first "outdoors level" in Doom. It is possible that the event he's remembering would be tied to that if it was a first.
  2. JadingTsunami

    Deathless - an Ultimate Doom megawad (Final!)

    I really enjoyed this map set. It is my favorite that I have played this year. The maps had excellent length and difficulty. Secrets were fun to search for and find using the logical, consistent hints. The whole set was good, classic Doom.
  3. JadingTsunami

    Sandy Petersen Interview (w/ Mahmut Saral)

    From another interview, on memories of id software: On Doom 3: source It does not seem his style to hold back.
  4. JadingTsunami


    The first official BOOM beta was released to beta testers on March 3rd, 1998. So that lines up very closely and would make sense for a public beta around the end of that month.
  5. It sounds it might be a paradox of choice, where you have too many things to choose from and consider and (absurd as it may seem) end up with nothing. Setting firm constraints on your creative work can sometimes be freeing. You could consider identifying the most difficult parts up front and pre-deciding to constrain them. For instance: - Choose a single style for each map and don't deviate. - Choose a set of basic shapes you will use to construct each map. Don't make exceptions. - Decide how many rooms (sectors?) there will be, or make a rule that each room must connect to at least 3 others, or every other room must have at least 1 window into another area, etc. Just some thoughts. This can also help get out of creative ruts too.
  6. JadingTsunami

    Safe heights for Mikoportals

    Most falls onto a Mikoportal will eventually paralyze the player. This is because the player starts falling so fast they fall more than the ceiling to floor distance every tic, making the player get stuck to the ceiling. Even noclip can't recover from this condition. As a map-making reference tool, I thought it might be handy to have a set of safe falling floor heights for Mikoportals. The python script below will generate them for you as well. In the spoiler tag below, I inserted the first 100. Falling from any of these floor heights will result in a safe landing onto a Mikoportal. You can also use this to create a Mikoportal that isn't permanent (i.e., doesn't eventually paralyze the player or warp forever). For example, this example wad has a "safe" mikoportal. At first, it will seem to go on forever as usual but then suddenly stop and land the player safely, because the player reaches a safe falling height. After that, the floor is solid until the player steps back on the mikoportal again. Try it yourself and see. x = -32768 grav = 2 # replace the range below with whatever range you want for i in range(0,100): print str(x + grav) x += grav grav += 1
  7. If anyone is curious what is going on with the portals, it's because -32768 is exactly the lowest value a floor can take in Doom. If you try to go lower than that, the value will wrap around to a big positive number. So when Doom applies gravity to the player, -32768-"gravity" drops below -32768, which wraps around to a big positive number. Doom uses this big positive number as the player's height. After "lowering" the player, Doom checks to see if you've hit the ceiling. Of course, now the player appears to be way above the ceiling, so the code snaps the player's height to match the ceiling. The cycle continues, creating the "portal" effect. Curiously, you can have a safe, solid floor at -32768, if the adjacent floor that you descend from is exactly -32766. This is because Doom's initial gravity is -2, and the calculation -32766-2 = -32768 will not wrap around. Similarly, any drop that, when combined with Doom's gravity calculation results in exactly -32768 would be safe as well. I suspect the latter could make a neat way for map-makers to use this effect. It won't work in engines like ZDoom, though.
  8. Interesting also is if you escape a portal using the movement keys, you will hit the floor and recover. But, if you allow your x/y momentum to carry you out of the portal, you'll become glued to the ceiling and unable to move, even with noclip. EDIT: I made a mistake here, this is not due to momentum but is instead a consequence of Doom lacking a "terminal velocity" and eventually overflowing your Z momentum.
  9. JadingTsunami

    Doomworld Mega Project 2018 (beat your own map)

    Here's my submission. I found the constraints fun to work within. I tried to make something brief but (hopefully) fun and that tells a short story. timelord Advanced engine needed: Boom Music: Muse - Knights of Cydonia Single Player: Designed for Cooperative: No Deathmatch: No Demo: included Difficulty Settings: Yes Build Time: 1 week Editor(s) used: SLADE 3 Tested With: PrBoom+, GZDoom Bugs: You can run and bump-get the first sphere before fully lowering the platform, but I liked how it looked so I didn't fix it. Description: A brief journey through time.
  10. JadingTsunami

    Pushing yourself as a mapper - how necessary is it?

    If you're motivated by creativity then I find motivation can dry up with repetition as you said. I prefer to think of it as exploring rather than pushing. I like to find new things to explore. Sometimes a familiar place is nice too. So I wouldn't get caught up in always exploring or always revisiting. There is a time when you will be most creative in both.
  11. JadingTsunami

    Map is so good you want to play it right away again!

    One of my go-tos is JPCP. Map08: 54-pit is a good anytime map. I also have to second the vote for Ultimate Doom - Perfect Hatred.
  12. JadingTsunami

    Gameception source code

    Thanks. I tried contacting the author but haven't heard back. I suspect he abandoned the project and may not even have the source any more. If he does get back to me I will update the thread.
  13. JadingTsunami

    "Caco" in "Cacodemon" is pronounced:

    Definitive proof it's "cacko-demon":
  14. The Kingdom of Wad In Wad We Trust The Wad Couple An Act of Wad The Wad Complex For the Love of Wad Oh My Wad The Hammer of Wad Inanimate Carbon Wad The Wad Couple Ok, I'm done.
  15. JadingTsunami

    Console Doom ITT

    Ok fine, maybe some Doom 2 MAP10 then?