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  1. JadingTsunami

    100% Vanilla Doom ROLLCALL excludes SS Guard.

    The ending cast/roll call can't be modded in vanilla. It's hardcoded.
  2. JadingTsunami

    Boom compatible monster triggerable gunfire linedefs?

    AUGER;ZENITH was targeting vanilla limit-removing, not Boom, so the breakable effect there is the best that can be managed under those circumstances. In Boom, you can use generalized types with "monsters activate" set to true, so yes, you can enhance the effect in the way you're mentioning.
  3. JadingTsunami

    How is your control (keys+mouse) setup?

    If it is of any interest to you or others reading, the most common left-handed setup that I see/hear from players is: IKJL - forward/back/strafe left/strafe right O - use P - reload (as applicable) U - ADS or alt fire ; - melee space/"RMB" (or "outer click") - jump "LMB" (or "inner click") - fire Y/U/G/H/B/N - dedicated weapon buttons for switching This exposes most of the letter portion of the keyboard for key bindings, which can be useful.
  4. JadingTsunami

    100% Vanilla: Story text after map 8

    While you can't have the intermission-style text screens without UMAPINFO (or similar), you can have user-controlled 100% vanilla text screens and animations within a map. Zeppelin Armada and Haunting Hollow have this, for instance.
  5. JadingTsunami

    Ever play Doom on a PHONE!?

    All the time, yes. I use the "steering wheel" turn mechanic originally seen in Doom Classic. It works fine for me, I just play on a lower difficulty or with this script from plums. The script does a great job evening out the difficulty.
  6. JadingTsunami

    100% Vanilla Doom mapping - floor instant death?

    This is also possible without a monster replacement by having a player voodoo doll telefrag another voodoo doll. For the initial impulse you can use a barrel. But this method requires a linedef crossing instead of a sector touch (unless you time it just right).
  7. JadingTsunami

    Source Ports personal deal breakers (Feb 26, 2024)

    To put it in non-programming terms, imagine you have two books with two different stories in them. They take place in the same genre but contain different characters, settings, and storylines. Suppose you like one book more than the other, but the other book you don't like as much contains a chapter with a big fight that you like a lot, and you wish the big fight chapter was in the other book you like better. So you ask "how hard could it be to include JUST that chapter I like in the other book?", but this is much harder than it sounds. Sure, you could copy and paste the chapter, but the rest of the story won't make sense. Characters won't be in the correct places when the fight takes place. The fight setting would contain characters not in the book. Characters would talk about events that never happened. And so on. As a one-time effort, maybe you could fix up the story so the fight chapter fits, and edit any references before or after that don't make sense (for example, if characters say "we've never been in a battle before", you need to make sure that line is before the fight chapter or removed, and so on). But to make it worse, neither book in this case is finished. So you would need to continually adapt to the changes in each book to make the transplanted chapter make sense. This is why your intuition that what you're asking is much more effort than you think is correct (you had good insights there): many (perhaps even most) "features" are not isolated modules that you can "click" into place. They're woven into the storyline like in a book, and it's often a significant effort to move them around.
  8. JadingTsunami

    HEAD TRAUMA - (Now on IDgames)

    Really enjoyed this set. Difficulty was just right and I enjoyed hunting down all the secrets. Nice use of staggered sequencing for the various switch events too.
  9. JadingTsunami

    dsda-doom v0.27.5 [2023-12-03]

    Not in dsda-doom.
  10. JadingTsunami

    dsda-doom v0.27.5 [2023-12-03]

    Only when the "Passover" flag is set in MAPINFO, or you're playing a game that natively supports non-infinite-height actors like Heretic or Hexen.
  11. JadingTsunami

    Would I be able to put a video into Doom?

    Ok. I'll let someone else answer then as there's probably a GZDoom-specific way that would be optimal.
  12. JadingTsunami

    Would I be able to put a video into Doom?

    Yes. Is this for vanilla?
  13. JadingTsunami

    what was doomworld like in the early 2000s and early 2010s?

    Mostly they were posted on people's individual web sites. Many personal web pages with Doom sections also had a "Reviews" section. The reviews were more like old-time movie critic reviews: comprehensive, long-form, and often with screenshots. It was more like each person published their own personal newspaper, where content was organized and presented by topic and was mostly text. Forums and chat software existed, but they were more like Discord today: the conversations were mostly contained to those spaces.
  14. JadingTsunami

    Wood5forLife: a map with only a single texture

    In Doom mapping, "texture" refers to wall graphics and "flat" refers to floor and ceiling graphics. They are separate concepts in the original Doom rendering engine which is why you will see them referred to as separate things. You're probably more familiar with modern ports like GZDoom or 3D model mapping techniques which don't distinguish surfaces as being walls or ceilings anymore. This is understandable as unless you're familiar with Doom's late-80's/early-90's texture mapping technology, the concepts would seem similar. But, in the original Doom space, they are different ideas and you will see them referred to that way.
  15. JadingTsunami

    Per Map DeHacked

    If your end goal is a continuous map set with different DeHackEd behaviors per map, that's not possible in any engine today. If you instead want to launch completely different WADs without closing and re-opening the game (a sort of in-game WAD chooser), this is only possible in some mobile ports, but the same approach could be achieved with code changes to existing ports.