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  1. Foofoo

    Authenticity of Ahmed's Clock

    christ, if the kid *did* build a bomb thats more of actual technical mastery than simply moving clock pieces around.
  2. Foofoo

    The /newstuff Chronicles #464

    hey, the piece of crap pirate wad doesnt goddamn work. a whole bunch of gzdooom errors im getting. edit: downloaded a newer version of gzdoom and its all good to go. its quite beautiful imo. congrats to the creator/s. (although the game did crash on level 11, i think. the level after 'the lost city').
  3. Foofoo

    Unpopular Opinions

    I dont think we should have any political systems at all, not any systems at all. then you'll remind me how fundamentally awful people apparently are and we'll turn into wild animals and murder one another then.
  4. Foofoo

    Advocating Bullying? [WTF]

    dont worry, its probly just 'contrarinism', since theres quite a bit of talk about tackling bullying these days.
  5. Foofoo


    the link for Episode 59: Underworld Ultimate! is like this: https://app.box.com/s/81zuv00djxaasbuj07qe and Belial you can get the most recent version of Ruin of Roib here: http://www.shikadi.net/wiki/files/Mods/Keen4/m.bernie.the_ruin_of_roib.k4.2013-07-01.zip
  6. Foofoo


    oh hey, heres the thread! thanks a lot Hellbent (hes my marketing director. i pay him in little exotic cheeses) so be sure to play this and the Ruin of Roib mod, guys. you help fight climate change each time you play it and tell others about it.
  7. Foofoo

    John Carmack's politics....

    yes sir i am. (and i bet if i were to seriously debate this with michelle buchmann or someone i'd still win).
  8. Foofoo

    John Carmack's politics....

    would you fellas agree with me that the best form of government, in my reckonening, is the game Doom. Not socialism, not democracy, but the game Doom. So, e.g, how would the economy run? The answer is to just play Doom and not think about it. Or, how about the divide of government control and private property? Just shut up about it and play Doom. lets discuss this.
  9. Foofoo

    Justin “Jew Wario” Carmical Dead at 42

    when people commit suicide i keep reading things like "I couldn't believe he'd kill himself. he looked great/happy etc." - well thats pretty much what makes someone commit suicide in the end, imo. they can't express themselves. they put on a mask and play their roles to the letter. So, if you have to, whine and bitch about your problems in life. no joke. i know people complain about it and etc. but dont hold shit in. (ofcourse if you *keep* whining and bitching about the same shit over and over it just means whining about it isn't working).
  10. Foofoo

    Thoughts on the new Doctor? [Doctor Who]

    i didnt say the doctor/donna thing was stupid, i was talking about that instance how she says some sciencey sounding mumbo jumbo and made the dalek ships all suddenly explode. i dont know how good of a writer i'd be, but you know, they had that 'reality bomb' thing right there they could've used. like she explodes it around the dalek ships perhaps. but maybe the point was that she knew a way to stop them that the doctor didn't know. maybe thats all they were trying to convey. i quite liked her actually. i really liked her relationship with tennant's doctor. imagine if it was another romantic thing like with Rose and Martha (*pukes*).
  11. Foofoo

    Thoughts on the new Doctor? [Doctor Who]

    My one major complaint with the new serieses of the show is some real obviously lazy ways of getting out of situations or fixing plot holes. both Davies and Moffat are guilty of it. probly the most stupidest one (from memory) was that episode where Donna becomes part time lord (during Tennant's era). that part near the end, where she says some of that psudoscientific crap then presses a few buttons and all the Dalek ships just suddenly blow up. just fucking fucking stupid. i hate that stuff. seriously, they couldn't take another 5 minutes to think of a better way out of that? jesus christ, man. and i hated they even pulled some of that stuff in the 50th special. with all that crap about how they're going to forget it all at the end of the ep. i dont understand people. so yes, that was a rant. apart from that i like the show. i think all the doctors so far have been great and ill love to see Capaldi having a go.
  12. Foofoo

    So I made a Commander Keen mod

    btw i think you guys might've appreciated this:
  13. jeezes christ, who the hell watches the new simpsons??? would anyone even admit to that??
  14. yeah its okay, you can take my title idea. but i get a cut of the profits now!
  15. I thought it'd be really funny if you called it The Room Below. since you know, you can't have rooms below you in vanilla Doom. or was that the joke anyways and im slow?