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  1. Lokatzis 007 CJ

    Is there a megawad with only big monsters in it?

    decino has played through nochance.wad and it's nigh impossible on uv. Lots of arch-viles and cyberdemons, especially in tight places
  2. Indeed, It would get extra points from me if it had a sign right in front of it that read Doomguy, though :P
  3. Lokatzis 007 CJ

    Is there a megawad with only big monsters in it?

    LuL. Sunder is too much for my computer (and for me as a player) but the demos of succesfull runs are just insane. Those maps are something else. I would wonder around them with -nomonsters just to admire the scenery if I could... On topic, there is CyberDreams and you can guess what's the only enemy you will find across the wad (well, almost). You are also given no weapons, except a pea shooter occasionaly to shoot switches
  4. Lokatzis 007 CJ

    Supercharge or Soulsphere?

    I just call it supercharge because that's the message you get on pick up. I didn't actually know it had a second name until I first played with zandronum and heard the announcer say "Soulsphere!" when grabbing one. I really wonder how the second name came to be...
  5. I agree with most people here. Doom never gets old and I play it very often. I tend to feel nostalgic towards games I haven't played since my childhood, but doom? Not at all, despite me playing it for many years. Seed said it better, the new content constantly coming out, the old content that I haven't got through yet, it is always moving forward.
  6. Lokatzis 007 CJ

    Which do you think would be more fun?

    Fast Double makes places crammed and tight and that's noo good
  7. Lokatzis 007 CJ

    Cursed Doom Images

  8. Lokatzis 007 CJ

    Photo-realistic Doomguy

    I have seen the second one before and the amount of resemblance that was achieved really amazes me. The end result even keeps the doomguy's slight offset his eyes have when looking straight... (Edit: I did some aspect correction to the hd face because it was based on the raw one) That is for the serious looking face. The smiling one I find completely hilarious. It doesn't look menacing at all and that's so off character for him I can't help but laugh :D Also, is it just me or...
  9. Lokatzis 007 CJ

    What are you listening to?

    Dizziness (Swe) - Midnight Lover I found this awesome piece and I can't stop listening to it. The solo at the 3:58 and the incredible arpeggios shortly afterwards are simply amazing. What an uknown masterpiece. I would really want to ping midi composers here like Jimmy to check it out... But I'll resist the urge. Probably just gonna bother people
  10. Lokatzis 007 CJ

    Revenant vs Vore

    O.O *intense shivering* oh ok -phew-
  11. Lokatzis 007 CJ

    Revenant vs Vore

    I prefer the revenant better to the frickin vore, because you can generally avoid them more easily and actually outrun their projectiles... but damn if it wasn't for those 80 damage missile
  12. Lokatzis 007 CJ

    Why Doesn't id Develop Their Other Games Themselves Anymore?

    It's also that most games are under a strict time constraint, thus requiring more people. It's insane how they can pump out games this often these days. It's so easy to mess up and then have little to no time to make things right.
  13. Lokatzis 007 CJ

    what doom game is real doom 3 doom 64 or doom 3

    Wait, since final doom is set after doom 2, why is that not doom 3. :P You could even say plutonia is doom 3-1 and tnt 3-2...
  14. Lokatzis 007 CJ

    Most obscure Doom fact you know

    It is a kind of weird change, for me at least, cause it seems pretty harmless and sometimes even useful if you are lucky. However, if this applied to all melee attacks, even to those from enemies that can throw projectiles, then I think I see why it was done. The player would probably be able to bait out the melee attack and then back off with no projectile coming out, like how the revenant punch works... Still I wouldn't mind if pinkies had this particular behavior :P
  15. Lokatzis 007 CJ

    Most obscure Doom fact you know

    I think that it was like this even up to v1.5 of ultimate doom and it used to be able to cause infighting for that reason