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  1. In 3.8.1, I've added an option in the special effects menu to toggle if lightning flashes sky sectors or just the skybox. Due to tic rate differences between the engines, frame tics are rounded to their pc doom equivalents. The chaingun is a particular case where tics are rounded up and down on each frame to achieve the same damage rate as the original, that's why the sound doesn't feel consistent. This, as well as other bugs have been fixed in 3.8.1 (actually a couple of versions ago). Texture filtering is controlled by gzdoom. It's actually disabled by default. You can disable it in gzdoom's texture menu. The only filter I added is if you load 3PointFilter.pk3, but you need to load that file manually and is intended for doom 64. Once you choose a defaults preset it should save all settings in the ini, you don't need to set it each time you launch the game. Resetting to a defaults preset doesn't touch any filtering cvar, so I'm not sure what's going on here.
  2. lol what. Do you have voxel doom or other mods on your gzdoom autoload? Remember that after 4.9, it's reading the ini from your user folder unless you've explicitly created a portable one.
  3. Only the latest wad from Nightdive works. It got updated several months ago. The valid hashes are: - MD5: 0AABA212339C72250F8A53A0A2B6189E - SHA1: D041456BEA851C173F65AC6AB3F2EE61BB0B8B53 - SHA256: 05EC0118CC130036D04BF6E6F7FE4792DFAFC2D4BD98DE349DD63E2022925365
  4. Turn off gzdoom's built-in texture filtering, and load 3PointFilter.pk3 that is included with this mod :) Yes there are, but only after it gets out of beta. I got in touch with one of the Master Edition mappers and we agreed that it's better to wait until all the bugs are fixed before I attempt a conversion.
  5. Actually, my preferred settings for this mod are the ones that keep it as faithful as possible, with a couple of exceptions. I also don't load any addon except for brightmaps, so I understand. The videos in the previous posts are how I play it (except for the crt filter and vanilla essence of course). As for Vanilla Essence, I've only ever used it to record that video. I don't see the need to integrate it with this mod because it already works perfectly on its own. These are the settings I have saved, but don't remember if I changed something after I finished recording:
  6. If you download the latest version (3.6.3, which I've just uploaded), there is an option called "Use PC skies" that you can disable to change it back to a fire sky. You will need to re-enter the level though. The option has been there for a long time, but it wasn't working properly until now.
  7. Leaked footage of a lost doom 64 build before some monsters were cut: That last video inspired me to make this haha. Could've made it more convincing with more effort!
  8. A new version (3.6.0) is up on ModDB. Highlights: @DrPyspy shared with me the complete frames for the Archvile early, and gave me permission to include them in this release. No more mini mother demon! I recommend disabling the upscales and smooth/interpolated animations because they butcher the great art! If you're disabling stuff, why not use the opportunity to also disable the PBR addon and extra particles and gore as well. The game looks and feels better than you think without them. Doom 64 sector light effects have been replaced with Thinkers that essentially function like the originals instead of hacking the Doom ones (please report new bugs that may appear because of this). Because the originals have very strong strobing effects, a slider to control their intensity has also been added. In PSX Doom, you can now switch super shotgun sprites between Final Doom style and the classic one. All non-gameplay maps have been reimplemented as GZDoom cutscenes, except for the title sequences. No more fake maps between levels. Improved mod compatibility and various bug fixes. NOTE: Saved games from previous versions won't work! This version has breaking changes, so any map packs from ModDB's addons tab need to be downloaded again. The Doom 64 Lost Levels wad also needs to be generated again using the patcher. A clip of Dark Citadel featuring the new Revenant and Archvile: The complete Doom 64 monster roster if the extra monsters are enabled: In addition, I released an experimental addon back in December that lets you play PSX Doom CE (or Final Doom or any CE map pack) with Doom 64 graphics and gameplay: https://www.moddb.com/mods/doom-ce/addons/psx-doom-64. Hangar: Plutonia's Congo (features Craneo's Chaingunner and DrPySpy's Revenant and Archvile): EDIT: One more video, this time in low fidelity using a heavily configured Vanilla Essence:
  9. you’re not supposed to run doom 64 with it, use it with any of the psx dooms instead.
  10. I don't think there's any, but you can see Revenant blasting me in the face right at the end of the video :D I just posted version 3.5.1 fixing this and an issue in PSX CE where enhanced particles would never spawn. It's a pretty minor bugfix that is only relevant for people who use the particle effects that are part of the experimental preset.
  11. I've released version 3.5.0 at ModDB. Some highlights: Updated for GZDoom 4.9. The "Use PC Speed" option in PSX Doom now also changes the frame speed of monsters. The Reckoning, Temple Ruins and Temple Grounds now have secrets tagged. Changed the Doom 64 Archvile sprite for a work-in-progress one by DrPySpy. Lowered the Doom 64 Revenant's missile damage by half, and its speed by 3. The BGM.Arranged addons are no longer included in the Full download, and are now in ModDB's addons page. In addition to that, I've also uploaded an addon that lets you play the PSX campaigns using Doom 64's gameplay and visual style. It is not perfect, but you can think of it as a sort of more faithful D64ifier for the PSX campaigns. Original textures are from Super Doom 64 by StrikerMan780. The Icon of Sin texture is from the D64ifier by Cryonaut.
  12. Looks like they're not using the latest version (of both CE and the UnMaking addon), I fixed the barrel not spawning in map10 a couple of months ago. It was related to a change in gzdoom where things would get spawn-blocked where they wouldn't in previous versions and viceversa. I suggest upgrading to the latest, because I'm sure it caused side effects in other maps as well. As for the map13 platform, it's been like that since the start, I thought it was a troll move from you lol. It raises for some seconds right at the end and then lowers again. Seems like the highlighted lines in the macro didn't translate well to gzdoom. I'll look into it.
  13. These artifacts are a product of how the interpolation was made. Unfortunately the generated pngs are blurry and distorted like that so there's nothing that you can do except disabling smooth monsters. The real solution would be for someone to create better and more competent sprites, or to clean them up manually. Sure! I estimate I'll be publishing an new version in 2 weeks, so if you have it ready by then I'll include it. If not, I can always include it in the next one.
  14. Thanks, there must be a different way of tagging them in Doomsday that wasn’t accounted for. That explains why none of the bonus maps contain any secrets too. I based these conversions from the conversions xthegiddoomerx made for EX which had no secrets, and when I went to the editor to look at the original maps, I couldn’t find any either. I’ll correct this for the next update.
  15. Version 3.4.0 is up. https://www.moddb.com/mods/doom-ce The highlights are: Even more bugfixes. Doomslayer/Ultra-Nightmare difficulties have been reworked based on play tester feedback (thanks Steppskie and Zoya). The levels are still in no way balanced for it, but it should be less tedious than having to fight dozens of additional hell knights and barons. The difficulty is now composed of the following modifiers: Monster health is reduced by 20% Player damage taken is increased by 20% Ammo pickups are downgraded to their lowest tier (e.g box of shells to a single shell). Ammo is worth 300%. Monsters have a chance to change the frame rate of their next animation, making them faster and more unpredictable. Monsters have a high chance to stop being stunned by pain and may counter attack if they get into a pain state. Monsters have a chance to stop infighting. Monsters that shoot projectiles have 33% chance to fire one that has higher speed. Monsters are more aggressive. Added an option to style messages like the originals. Added new cast of characters cutscenes that are more faithful to the originals. You can rotate the sprites by pressing the movement keys and the extra monster types will appear if the options to add them are enabled. Added an option to show a small icon on the fullscreen hud when berserk is active. A couple of Doom 64's Lost Levels received very minor bug fixes, so if you are interested in that, you will need to delete your generated doom64.iwad and doom64.ce.lostlevels.pk3 and run the installer again. The level packs converted by me in ModDB's Addons tab have also received updates, so you will need to re-download those as well. That's how the maps they were converted from were. I suppose I could get creative and mark some secrets, but they would be "unofficial".