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  1. What a project, can't believe this was my first time mapping for a community project but I guess I had to start somewhere. This was so much fun though!
  2. TheDuckXD


    I did enjoy playing this but have a few problems, minor, but problems nonetheless. There are some misaligned textures, the DOORTRAK textures on the sides of the doors aren't lower unpegged and the muzzle flash of the shotgun appears over the barrel. Besides all that, the map itself is really faithful to the alpha's, never seen someone use the exploding pinky sprites before.
  3. TheDuckXD

    FLUORIDE - new single map using FOXTEX texture pack

    Map is absolutely beautiful visually and was fun playing through but I had two problems, the Pinky ambush on the train tracks was really unexpected when first reaching it, so I had no idea what to do and died but I saved so that wasn't a huge problem. The second one was that the door leading to the exit closed stopping me from killing the rest of the maps enemies, not letting me get 100% kills.
  4. TheDuckXD

    Cruel Hatred

    Map was fine, but it seems the map is only really easy if you find the secrets. Even then, there was nothing giving away the fact that after the first door if you go right there is a shotgun which would of helped give me more ammo to work with, but well, I went left first and only went to the right later on. Detail is a bit low, but besides that, I'll give it a 7/10.
  5. It was, interesting. Not too bad visually for a first map. But the BFG being counted as a secret and a Romero Head being a secret is... Odd.
  6. TheDuckXD


    Great map! Didn't really have any problems.
  7. TheDuckXD

    Decomissioned Foundry [complevel 2]

    Map was visually pleasing, but playing it was not very fun honestly. Maybe it's on me, but I was low on health and ammo often until I got the Rocket Launcher and Plasma Rifle, but even with a decent amount of ammo I still was at low health often.
  8. Very good version of E4M1. Cyberdemon was a bit of a scare but is easy to run past.
  9. TheDuckXD

    TOXIC TROUBLE - Single level for Doom 2

    That was super good! The ROTT music and double pistols were an awesome mix!
  10. This one is an absolute blast! I have not played through it in it's entirety yet but I definitely will.
  11. In V1 I really didn't give a good opportunity to use rockets at all. Thanks for the feedback!
  12. The Imp room is the first room I'm redesigning. Thinking of changing the exit room as well. Thanks for the video!
  13. I will take screenshots now. Almost forgot.
  14. Well, after a year. It's done. I'm finally satisfied enough with the wad to release it. I scrapped the entire map 2 times and started from scratch simply because I didn't like the how the map looked before, but I'm proud to say I like the wad in it's current state. Format: Boom. Tested In: DSDA-Doom and GZDoom. Difficulty Settings: Now implemented in V2. Credits: @Kuro_mahoh for the sky texture, and the Midi is Eternal Damnation by Knightrider of Doom. I hope you have as much fun playing this wad as I did creating it. Had an issue where something was elevated slightly when it wasn't supposed to be. Texture was scrolling that wasn't supposed to. Since I finished and released this map very late at night, I made mistakes. The biggest mistakes being the Imp room, it's ugly and has horrible gameplay, and the exit room is just low detail. An update will be coming. The map has been updated. That annoying Imp room was completely replaced, the exit is more pleasing to the eye, and a bit more. The bottom of two doors had the wrong texture. (The download is now updated.) TTFBAF V2.1.zip