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  1. Pagodia Map01 UV-Pacifist in 0:19 - pag01p019.zip Map04 UV-Pacifist in 0:26 - pag04p026.zip Map08 UV-Pacifist in 0:53 - pag08p053.zip
  2. No, crosshairs are all allowed (except for the TAS setting that puts the crosshair on top of what the autoaim is pointing towards).
  3. Maribo

    Nomonster speedrunning

    Hey everyone, it was discussed in the Discord a couple of weeks ago, and the consensus was that having a separate thread specifically for NoMo runs is outdated. NoMo runs are a lot more common nowadays, and sequestering them into their own separate thread creates more work for the upload process, along with partially defeating the purpose of the individual threads that are made for pwads. If you've been reading this subforum, you'll notice that this thread hasn't been exclusively used in a while either, there are plenty of NoMo runs that are being posted directly in the individual threads. :P From now on, post NoMo runs in the relevant individual pwad threads, the current Misc. Demos thread, or the Personal Best thread as necessary. Happy running. :)
  4. Rush Map01's rendition of the TNT Map01 midi. Inseparable from that elevator ride and the ensuing explosion.
  5. You'll see notably higher performance, I highly recommend installing Windows/Whatever OS you use to it, and whatever relevant games you play. Even a low tier SSD will see a notable improvement in how snappy navigating your computer is, along with load times in pretty much everything. I think you'll really notice the difference, it's very hard to go back to using HDDs for anything other than storage.
  6. Maribo

    SlaughterMAX (smax.wad) Demos [-complevel 9]

    Map01 UV-Pacifist in 1:12 - smax01p112.zip Map03 UV-Max in 8:23 - smax03m823.zip Map04 UV-Pacifist in 1:01 - smax04p101.zip Map04 NoMo in 0:07.57 - smax04o757.zip Map06 UV-Max in 7:58 - smax06m758.zip
  7. Maribo

    Demos for miscellaneous Ribbiks maps

    Nefertiti Map01 UV-Max in 4:54 - nef01m454.zip Map02 UV-Max in 2:55 - nef02m255.zip Map06 UV-Pacifist in 0:37 - nef06p037.zip
  8. Awesome tribute + super cool video going through and talking about it. I love the tonal difference between dmn01 and this, done through the "cooled off" textures and intimidating messages. :)
  9. Maribo

    Swift Death demos [-complevel 9]

    Map01 UV-Max in 0:53 - sw01m053.zip
  10. Name: Blueberry Daydream Build Time: Like 30 minutes yesterday and 30-40 minutes today + some midi picking and linedef fixing. Difficulty Settings: None Music: Houki Boshi from Bleach (PS2), sequenced by Younha Description: Ugly pacifist gimmick map inspired by spending too much time playing cybercon. Should almost certainly be put in a secret slot lol. blueberry.zip Screenshot:
  11. Maribo

    Experiencing Abandon [Playthrough Thread]

    MAP02: "The Cauldron" by Scotty Larger than life. I've been playing Shadow of the Colossus (original) recently and it's definitely been in my head when I was playing this map, though I'd chalk that up to a coincidental comparison more than a direct inspiration. SotC's ruins are.... drab, muted, bygone, etc. and those aren't negatives, they fit quite well. The Cauldron hosts tones of the same kind (think brown, grey, sand-y, all that kind of stuff), but putting them against a deeper grey-black water and an orange sky makes it feel significantly less down and dying. It does, however, retain the same kind of monolithic feel as SotC, which will almost certainly become a running theme. :P In particular, I'm reminded of the bird colossi arena, which is notably more minimal than The Cauldron's, but this is my write-up and I get to draw silly lines between things I enjoy and Other Things I Enjoy. Jumping from pillar to pillar is pretty fitting for a place that I'm willfully interpreting as ruins. Pillar hopping is quite the pastime. With short breaks to tackle outside challenges (caco swarm + baron and pinky bully session, cyberdemon 2v1 dance, pillar centerpiece), you return to the room that you begin in twice after leaving it, which ends up displaying another core threat: rooms can (and will) be reused with transformed geometry. A time-honored tradition. Goes hand-in-hand with "nothing is free". For lack of a better term, the flooring on this map is very slide-y, you might be able to tell from some of the images. Lots of minor height differences, gives it that bump-y ruin-y look. This drop down into a ruin-y pool with differing sizes of chunks sticking out of it is my favorite bit of this map, and it's probably one of my favorite uses of slide-y floors (the ruins) and damaging floor (the water). Sliding around on top of these chunks, eating the tic damage in the water while being mindful that these chunks DO have sections that are at the perfect height for you to face rocket on, managing the rev ball you gather up and dipping behind the pillar to break arachnotron line of sight... it blends perfectly. Perfect design. Post-arachno-and-revenant-pool room (the finale, actually) is a foreboding rocket and plasma positioning test with a much thinner margin for error than everything beforehand, at least in my experience. Suppressing one side of a teleporter hallway and using whatever the most convenient timings you can find to turn and keep the other hallway under as best control as possible, while being given a small amount of blind spots from a pair of turret cybers is a pretty nasty recipe. It's the fight that keeps me from doing a personal demo for the map, for sure. I don't think I mentioned it before, but if you fall off the platforming bits, you're dead. That also goes for the small moats around the cybers (and switches that open the exit). Very cool map that enjoys making the player skid around (lightly), and starts to prod at platforming.
  12. Maribo

    Cybercontrol Demos [-complevel 9]

    Map07 UV-Pacifist in 2:21 - ccon07p221.zip Map08 UV-Pacifist in 2:00 - ccon08p200.zip Map09 UV-Pacifist in 0:11 - ccon09p011.zip Map09 NM-Speed in 0:08.66 - ccon09n866.zip Map14 UV-Pacifist in 0:12 - ccon14p012.zip Map14 NM-Speed in 0:12 - ccon14n012.zip
  13. Maribo

    Cybercontrol Demos [-complevel 9]

    Map04 UV-Pacifist in 1:38 - ccon04p138.zip Map05 UV-Pacifist in 0:29 - ccon05p029.zip
  14. Most people either use it as an alternative to save spamming their way through something (nothing wrong with that), or they die and then rewind back to what they'd consider a "safe" point, and make a hard save to work off of. This is a really good QOL usage of it too, I often do this as well. I'll just post my whole setup for playing Doom, since I'm totally justified in playing however I want :^), though I do play within the limits of what's allowed for DSDA submissions: 1080p Software rendering default (use OpenGL with glboom or shaders settings when necessary), capped at 150 FPS, no vsync, in 16:9 aspect ratio. I change to 4:3 when I'm doing north/east glides, because it's a lot easier to line those up in 4:3. View bobbing and weapon bobbing both turned on. -shorttics is set to default, vertical mouse movement is off by default, but I toggle it when needed with Alt. Extended HUD is almost always turned on. No mouselook, of course.
  15. Maribo

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    GoopW Map01 UV-Max in 1:37 - gw01m137.zip