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  1. There are quite a few people on this website who see a thread they deem as trash, pointless, useless, whatever, and their instant reaction to this low quality thread is to post in said thread about how bad it is, or they drop a one-liner joke, or they say "mods will close this soon". These people also don't bother to report the thread themselves, and their post actually pushes the thread towards more eyes since more posts in a shorter time frame means it will show up on the Popular Now sidebar (this thread is at the top, right now!). I would really keep this in mind next time you see a low effort or shitpost-tier thread, because engaging with it to point out to its OP that it is a shit thread (beyond reasonable circumstances) or piling onto it with others just pushes the thread into even more people's view, for a longer period of time.
  2. This passed me by until I checked the idgames latest files section today and I'm glad I did, because it's a wonderful duo of "pull the rug out from under you" maps, with a more compact and violent closer to tie them together. Loved the way that Map02 plays out after you begin progress towards the first key, it turns it into a proper scramble to not fall behind and get squeezed between a rock and a hard place. deadmeat-maribo.zip - casual v0.27.5 playthroughs.
  3. Maribo

    Help. I’ve been Parma banned on Reddit.

    Start making some good threads or you're getting permabanned on this website too.
  4. Maribo

    Miscellaneous demos (part 5)

    Happy Birthday Jimmy! (bday91.wad) UV-Max in 1:46 - bday91m146.zip Another Bad Dream Tyson in 2:43 - abdt243.zip
  5. Maribo

    [BOOM] - Carnage On Command (v.1.12)

    I liked playing Another Bad Dream enough to follow it up on the same evening with this, which seemed to be the right play order since this one is quite a bit longer. Cute tech romp, highlights are the setups that put some relatively tight spatial restrictions on the player (rocket + baron pair + sniping imps // viles + spectres). Good job. :) coc-maribo.zip - casual UV -dsademo playthrough demo, plays back on DSDA-Doomv0.27.5
  6. Played this a few evenings ago and just now got around to replying here. Cute coffee break map, I liked the 2nd half handing you a berserk because it makes for some pretty satisfying Tyson gameplay. Hope to see more from you. abd-maribo.zip - a casual UV demo playthrough in -dsdademo format, you can play this back in DSDA-Doom v0.27.5
  7. Maribo

    games which are mostly text

    I often find myself speaking about these two in the same breath as Pentiment. You always think that you're doing the right thing, in the moment. There is also I Was a Teenage Exocolonist, which will drop you into an experience mirroring childhood -> adolescent -> adult scale of the (alien) world and (gorgeous) environments, among a lot of other things. I've not played the entire thing, but A Hand With Many Fingers is entirely about reading dusty old articles, trudging around a poorly-lit archive, and trying to piece things together.
  8. loveless Skepticist Qaatar Ryback SKYWARDS Starduster Rizera Nine Inch Heels Xyzzy
  9. Maribo

    favorite call of duty game?

    Played pretty much every entry from the original all the way up through Advanced Warfare (and a small amount of Black Ops 3) and there are nuggets of value in almost every entry, despite what the evolution of the series has become. The early games championed the camaraderie of GIs in the face of certain, which was gradually whittled away and replaced with thinly-veiled propaganda and money-printing via micro-transactions. The funniest example of the latter probably goes to the monetization of gun weapon skins in multiplayer - previously camouflage in a variety of flavors (urban, woodland, desert, etc) with gold/diamond as a silly capstone for mastery - does the average teen still find this interesting enough, or would they rather spend 99 cents to plaster a a bunch of weed leaves onto it instead? There's an awkward sense of nostalgia that I feel in regards to Modern Warfare, and particularly its sequel. MW2 was a very broken and funny game from a multiplayer perspective -- it's hard to forget things like akimbo shotguns, Intervention quickscoping, One Man Army grenade launcher abuse, shoving way too many players into Rust and making it completely unplayable, wondering how we ever dealt with the godawful FOV. Perhaps we're just all eternally coping with ridiculous teen memories. I feel the least qualms about the series from a Zombies perspective. The evolution of the game mode from a secret project that wasn't even advertised as being a part of its origin game at all, to being a sole factor for many people purchasing the series, was fascinating to be a part of in real time. Treyarch's Zombies team did nothing but release hit after hit for two straight games (though Shangri-La has always been a bit contentious due to its return to tighter spatial design and convoluted Easter Egg composition), culminating in Moon, which is the crown jewel of the whole series in my eyes. Unfortunately the ambition behind Moon and its payoff would lead to a simultaneously overly ambitious and painfully lackluster follow-up in Black Ops 2 with TranZit and its narrative sequels (Die Rise, Buried). The hardest pill that I've had to swallow recently is that Titanfall 2 is actually the best Call of Duty game, both from a singleplayer and multiplayer perspective. It has been more or less impossible for me to take the nostalgia trip through the previous games that I wanted to, because they just.... play so slow, and feel so much worse after Respawn proved that fluid movement is the king of the genre. That is a cop-out answer though, so I guess a more painful answer would be that Black Ops is my favorite from a Zombies perspective, and naming any of the others for singleplayer or multiplayer is too much work to sift out nostalgia-goggled memories from what I think now.
  10. Squonker Goes The Floor Is Lava (literally). Congrats to Skronkidonk for making my new favorite Squonker map. cannibal-maribo.zip UV, v0.27.5
  11. Maribo

    [MBF21] SPEED WEED 2 - 4/20 Edition

    It only took 7 tries for The Descent to make it to the big leagues, really shows the necessity of perseverance. Click here to smoke yourself to death instantly.
  12. Maribo

    Embraced.wad {MBF21} 3 Maps

    Isolated respite, found within monolithic void structures, draped in greenery. A beautiful aesthetic mix for a lovely trio of maps. Wonderful job. embraced-maribo.zip - V2, v0.27.5
  13. A long faded dream of void and concrete. eraser-maribo.zip - v0.27.5 A minor suggestion:
  14. If you haven't stumbled upon it yet, Muumi's Map32 from PUSS IX: Mapping at Warpspeed is a demake of part of the blood swamps. It would indeed be neat to see other portions done similarly, I'm quite fond of the nature-reclaimed Earth areas from one of the DLCs.