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  1. Maribo

    20 Archvile Challenge

    Cute map, although in comparison to 15cc, it ends up being less of a technique practice and more of an exercise in being mindful of positioning (both yourself and the vile) to avoid 70% of your SSG blast voiding to the blockmap. Ideal strategy on this map is probably something like: Shoot once at the start of vile attack -> (if pain state, shoot again -> repeat) -> shoot once more at the end of the attack, after the flame pops -> (if pain state, shoot again -> repeat). Unfortunately for speed purposes, you're at the mercy of pain state RNG. 20ac-350.zip
  2. Maribo

    dsda-doom v0.26.0 UDMF [2023-05-29]

    v0.26.0 package for Debian-based distros. edit: there's some funky behavior going on with this update, I'm going to have to take a look at it when I have more time. see also: dsda-doom @ debian tracker, courtesy of Fabian.
  3. Maribo

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    speed1 Map01 UV-Max in 1:13 - speed101m113.zip Map02 UV-Max in 1:46 - speed102m146.zip Map03 UV-Max in 2:49 - speed103m249.zip Map04 UV-Max in 1:10 - speed104m110.zip Map05 UV-Max in 1:42 - speed105m142.zip Map06 UV-Max in 1:24 - speed106m124.zip Map07 UV-Max in 1:51 - speed107m151.zip Map08 UV-Max in 1:07 - speed108m107.zip Map09 UV-Max in 2:04 - speed109m204.zip
  4. I've merged this post with the PB thread, there is no need to make a brand new thread to post your PB. You should read the Welcome Thread, it has a lot of the basic information regarding posting demos in this forum, especially if you're intending to submit to DSDA.
  5. Falling back in love with the color blue. Beautiful and well-paced. Thanks for sharing, and like you said, I hope this the first in a wave of more AD maps. adnstlg_maribo.zip - FDA for the FDA enjoyers. -dsdademo format, plays back in v0.25.6
  6. Hmm.  I hope you're doin' okay over there.  Quite the vibe.

    1. Maribo


      Living and being happy is the hardest thing in the world.

  7. Maribo

    Autophagy demos [-complevel 2}

    Map01 Respawn Pacifist in 1:30 - ap01rp130.zip I wish I could blame this demo's existence on mind-altering substances, but I was entirely sober when I decided to record.
  8. Pretty phenomenal standalone map, particularly in the aesthetic design department. The red-tinged color palette is something that I found myself adoring more and more as I played. It's initially most visible on pinkies and ends up giving them a much thicker and meatier feeling, similar to the way that the Sunlust's palette ended up making barons less pink and more like an actual wall of flesh, but it slowly becomes apparent that many of the monsters have bits of fleshy-red embedded into their sprites, ends up feeling like it's trying to recreate the real life effect of light reflecting off surfaces and affecting the color of other things. Very cool. I was already a huge fan of the aesthetic this is going for from the screenshots, the whole computer/tech/flesh/blood/organic blender mix is something that speaks to me in a lot of ways and this delivers on so many fronts. Textures that should clash pretty hard with each other feel right at home because everything is an organized mess, I'd like to point to the computers that are found bleeding profusely in specific and say that they were an excellent idea. cogen_maribo.zip - FDA playthrough, -dsdademo format and will only play back in DSDA-Doom v0.25.6 Thanks for sharing, very much hope to see more from you in the future.
  9. Maribo

    DIY demos [-complevel 21]

    Map10 UV-Max in 3:27 - diy10m327.zip
  10. Maribo

    Eternal Halloween: The Wormwood Series

    This is pretty well put imo. I was thinking about the long hallway fight again and about how passive it feels, like you're deliberately making your way into a death trap and choosing to activate it. It will not spring on you early. Also the fact that it's wholly better to handle it by waiting a little bit and letting everything kill each other, blocking all the rev missiles especially with the mancubi that initially block you. I've found myself recently thinking about Domedagen, the last map in Wormwood IV, apart from the stopper outro map. It's a map that very much wants to sandwich the player, with the first half of it being between varying hordes - your gaggle of skeletons, wall of bruisers, avalanche of ankle-biters, you get the picture. It's chaotic and very easy to make a single misstep and end up gored to death in a variety of ways: plastered across the floor by one of the well-placed cyberdemons (the one playing the role of overwatch so you never get too comfortable in one spot, the one dedicated to keeping you off the lower area, or one of the pair meant to deter you from parking on top of the lift switch), slipping off the edge and meeting a slow, acidic death, or cornered by one or more of the aforementioned hordes. Defusing the situation is a strenuous task, although it can be made easier by successfully goading as many of the cybers as possible into doing some of the work for you, but I think ultimately it comes down to figuring out how to juggle the plasma and rocket launcher to carve enough space out of the abnormally-shaped platform while also chipping away both the turret revenants and the large blocks of revenants at either end of said platform. Should you survive, you'll find that you have a tower to climb: a very hostile one, intent on sandwiching you between cyberdemons and a hard place (the wall behind you, if you opt to keep running away instead of facing your fears) and later between varying combinations of monsters. It's a bit of a BFG test in essence, you'll need to quickly become comfortable and confident in the small space that you are given. Of course, you could always just opt to not play the map and go locate the silver shamrock instead. Images, for fun:
  11. Maribo

    Super Mario World PC port

    Cool. Compiled in ~10 seconds and the gamepad I had on hand (Xbox Series X controller or whatever you're supposed to call this thing) worked out of the box, with no manual binding/finnagling necessary. Hopefully Nintendo keep their fingers away from decomps, the SM64 one is pretty cool but as a massive fan of SMW, I have a lot more interest in following anything that comes out of this one. The romhacking scene for it is incredible and expanding it would be something truly magical. Here's a short clip of it booting and some light walking around, for anyone curious: link - sorry for the black bars, I couldn't wrangle a decent OBS resolution because I'm a bit of a monkey.
  12. Maribo

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    Reconstruction/Decomposition Map01 UV-Max in 7:34 - rcdc01m734.zip
  13. Maribo

    Ashen Garden

    A burned out monument to what could have been.
  14. Maribo

    Official Demo Request Thread

    For fun, a collective list of requests made in this thread that remain unfulfilled, including (G)ZDoom wad requests. Techbas6 Tyson or UV-Max // link is also dead. Zero tolerance (dd1024) general demos // 7 maps, only demos for Map01. The Plutonia Experiment Map32 UV-Fast with solo-net The Ultimate Doom E4M6 Pacifist TAS The Hell Cave UV-Max Dark Tartarus a bunch of UV-Maxes Relive Episode run Ashen Garden UV-Max oneweek Map11 "hyper aggressive" UV-Max tolywn03.wad general demo request Torment and Torture series general runs Equinox Map13 UV-Max // requested many times, likely impossible. Hellcore 2.0 UV-Maxes warcade1 UV-Max The Darkening E1 UV-Fast demos // table currently empty on Map07 and 10 Mayan Mishap general demos // I filled a handful of these maps a while ago, but not a full table Reconstruction/Decompostion general demos Monster Hunter Ltd (both parts) general demos MIA Search and Rescue 1 demo Requiem Map27 Tyson The Ultimate Doom E2M2 UV-Speed in 0:12 The Devilz Work general demos Hellbound Map29 Tyson Sunder Map02 UV-Speed and NM-Speed The Ultimate Doom E1 Pacifist Hell Revealed Map32 Tyson TAS Kama Sutra Map27 and Map28 Tyson TASes Entirely possible I missed some, apologies if so. Also sorry for not putting this list into a clean format, I'm not as smart as vdgg.
  15. Played this wad in about ~40 minutes this morning, give or take a few. Pretty jungle aesthetic with some rather interesting room/fight compositions, although it is a bit variable on whether interesting means "a bit strange", "surprisingly fun", or "maybe a bit undercooked" for each specific one. I liked the thematic repetition of the finale room in each map, riffing on the same basic structure with different fights is cool experimentation. Here's my FDAs, -dsdademo format and will play back in v0.25.6. Cheers. relic_fdas_maribo.zip