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  1. Pulled out from community project due to the hypocrisy of doomworld. Releasing this wad for everyone to play. Iwad: Doom2 Created by: Savarin Finished by: Me Compatibility mode: Boom Resources required: Addiotional comments: "not that good" by Ryvi, after I pulled out. Also, fuck the moderators of this site being so hypocritical pieces of garbage. No screenies, figure it out yourself MAP21 Passageways Beta v 1_4 Beta.zip
  2. IcarusOfDaggers

    MAYhem 2023 - Uploading to Incoming in a week!

    Pulling out of the project. I don't like hypocrites.
  3. IcarusOfDaggers

    AI Midi generator

    Wow... AI really gets people triggered, doesn't it. Everyone is worried about AI replicating their work and forget about AI most likely being the end of humanity as we know it. AI does not need to be sentient to go rogue. Also, it does help to get compensated, but at this point, doomworld would rather have everyone shitting on one guy instead of actually answering that persons question. What are you, 15 years old to be afraid of inevitable? Jesus christ doomworld mods are biased. Old guy says something off topic and insulting: nothing happens. New guy does it, boom, every mod in the universe reacts
  4. IcarusOfDaggers

    Start Actions on map beginning in UDMF

    you need to select the activation boxes below the actions. here's a full UDMF tutorial playlist by lazygamer. this one is about doors but the same goes for teleports, platforms(those are elevators in UDMF) and every other kind of action.
  5. IcarusOfDaggers

    MAYhem 2023 - Uploading to Incoming in a week!

    gonna be a short speedmap but I'm in.
  6. IcarusOfDaggers

    WAD has no texture anymore

    1. Delete the version you have. 2. Download the file again. 3. If it is a zip file, extract it. If it is a .wad or .pk3, ignore this step 4. open .wad or .pk3 with slade. 5. Click save as, save as a new seperate file 6. modify and save it. Test it, if it still does not work, post it here.
  7. Try system restore and select all files option. Sometimes it can restore a corrupted file, but that is rare
  8. IcarusOfDaggers

    Adding non stock textures into your wad

    I found this one to be the most understandable guide. I still check it from time to time. https://slade.mancubus.net/index.php?page=wiki&wikipage=How-to-Import-Textures
  9. IcarusOfDaggers

    MAYhem 2023 - Uploading to Incoming in a week!

    So I assume you make red alert 3 map xd On to main topic, interested, but will know for sure in a week
  10. IcarusOfDaggers


    Welp we know this years caco award recepient lol
  11. IcarusOfDaggers

    [Community Project] Scythe: Resharpened

    Yet your previous posts, including original, indicate a very strong adherence to the original. I am just trying to plan my next video releases, as scythe is on my to play list.
  12. Gonna be even harder with Estonia...literally russophobia, hot chicks are what's left of us. We let the EU destroy most of our natural beauty for, wait for it, WOOD Pellets for EU houses to heat. I'm still thinking, but I don't think I'll have time before july
  13. IcarusOfDaggers

    [Community Project] Scythe: Resharpened

    Been following the thread but have not figured out, what this community project is about. Anyone willing to dumb it down in a recap? Thank you!
  14. Basically, reaction time is to make monsters more or less aggressive, but it only works if you don't mess with the states. And i should have tagged thic as the answer was directed to him, not you. Sorry.
  15. Setting reaction time to 0 causes the engine to use standard reaction. However, when you use any other number, reaction time is more of a multiplier. If you change look and chase state to 1, reaction time has nothing to do, as it (atleast seems to) be hard capped at 1 frame, so it default to default frames