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  1. drfrag

    csZDoom - A new Zandronum based multiplayer port

    The idea is to add more gameplay features when i have time. I see not many people play doom online now (sometimes i join empty Odamex servers) and i'm playing other games too such as no more room in hell. The double spawn feature has nothing to do with joining ongoing survival for a limited amount of time. There's more stuff from Zandro2. As i said it needs more testing too.
  2. drfrag

    Folder skins in LZdoom works?

    It should work, may be you have disabled autoload.
  3. drfrag

    get crispy doom ported to windows xp

    Looks like a problem with the graphics driver.
  4. drfrag

    LZDoom 3.88a released

    I've released 3.88a, mainly to fix the broken spotlights in 3.88. https://github.com/drfrag666/gzdoom/releases/tag/3.88a
  5. drfrag

    What is the difference between LZ and GZ?

    3.87c was very old, i've just released 3.88. LZDoom has its own thread. LZDoom also has compat_oldrandom (use the original random number generator) to play Doom. And i've restored the extreme skill levels for Doom and Heretic (UM and 1KD) this time with doubled monsters. Heretic monsters have less health but deal more damage in 1KD for a more dynamic gameplay, not that i usually play Heretic.
  6. drfrag

    LZDoom 3.88a released

    I've released 3.88, see details on first page. It won't run on XP. Recent mods using the latest and greatest features from Raze won't run. I've uploaded a XP fix for 3.87c. https://github.com/drfrag666/gzdoom/releases/download/3.87c/LZDoom_3.87c_XP_fix.zip
  7. drfrag

    what resolution do you play doom on

    That's why i removed it but at some point it worked. xD
  8. drfrag

    Brutal DOOM is unstable with GZDoom 4.6.0

    That version is very old, even 3.87c is old now. I'll release a new version very soon. The old renderer used to work better on Intel GPUs, may be it still does. Their drivers are still as bad as always.
  9. But it's not some arcane version of Doom95 worth to be preserved just the original version with three dlls. You could just copy the ddraw dll from DXGL the same way as the one from DgVoodoo. BTW what about the DgVoodoo license? Who guarantees that just becouse it works on your computer it will on someone else's graphics card?
  10. Like i said it includes a ddraw.dll from dgVoodoo which is a DDRAW emulator. I think it's better to use the dll from DXGL, it's the one i use to test old ZDoom versions.
  11. Nothing of value there, it just includes this patch (dll) and a dgVoodoo ddraw dll, i think it's better to use DXGL instead.
  12. drfrag

    GZDoom 4.6 bug in Doom 1

    It was a bug in WidePix. https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=72400
  13. drfrag

    is lzdoom better than gzdoom?

    Short answer obviously not. GZDoom came before and LZDoom is based on an older GZDoom. That said besides fake splitscreen LZDoom has compat_oldrandom to play vanilla too.
  14. drfrag

    which source port is good for a toaster

    Yeah i've found my own page in the doomwiki, somehow you discovered my real name. There are some inaccuracies but thanks anyway, i should clarify them one of these days. BTW i'm preparing another release of the supposedly defunct ZDoom32 with some vanilla accuracy related features and some cleanup. And i uploaded the other day a test build of ZDoom CL (for compat_oldrandom and the -noscript parameter so boom compatible wads don't abort), one thing i've noticed tough is that now ddraw runs "well" on windows 10, there is only some mouse delay and it crashes changing between fullscreen and windowed. It's better of course to use native d3d. Those requirements were too optimistic, i'd say CL requires a pentium and LE a pentium II too.
  15. drfrag

    Preferable CO-OP Source Port?

    What about Zandronum?