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  1. drfrag

    LZDoom [beta released]

    Nothing. It's exactly the same as in the status bar. For me everything is normal.
  2. drfrag

    LZDoom [beta released]

    That's one of the silly features i mentioned. Another obvious one is the mugshot in the HUD. It's a standard difficulty setting, you take double damage and get half the ammo, it's the opposite as ITYTD. There's a new one for Heretic too and i added respawning to Black Plague. I now all this is Heresy. :lol:
  3. drfrag

    LZDoom [beta released]

    You're welcome. I forgot to add the link to the source code, it's fixed now.
  4. drfrag

    LZDoom [beta released]

    From the creators of GZDoom Vintage, ZDoom LE, ZDoom32, ZDoom CL, RUDE and probably even more i can't remember right now comes LZDoom. This is the old ill-fated legacy build. Yes, D3D and DDRAW are back with a vengeance. Just kidding. This will help some people experiencing crashes with the vintage build on some old intel and ati "cards". Of course it will run on older hardware. I could release a non SSE2 build if there's enough demand but for XP minimum. Same for Linux. It's based on GZDoom 3.3.2 so it's the new old GL renderer with most of the later stuff added. AFAIR a couple of important things are missing: 2D shape and thick line drawers, i added fake drawers so it won't crash. Also you can expect a few extra silly features. Of course this is unofficial and you'd better use the vintage build. Grab it here: Windows 32 bit Windows 64 bit Source code https://github.com/drfrag666/gzdoom/commits/g3.3mgw Copyright © 1993-1996 id Software, 1998-2016 Randi Heit, 2002-2018 Christoph Oelckers, et al. Copyright © 2016-2018 Magnus Norddahl, Rachael Alexanderson and Alexey Lysiuk.
  5. drfrag


    I forgot i released a new version mainly to fix a somewhat important bug which was already in the g1.x branch: dynamic lights did not affect certain walls, there was a missing adjustment after the renderer floatification. It was just something not easily noticeable (i noticed it playing Lizard Men 4 and with beamflashlight.pk3). Also there are a few more fixes, including fragglescript cameras and the buffer overflow in the savegame comment. I've added stack protection for MinGW (N version) too BTW. And changed the executable name to zdoom32 again. https://github.com/drfrag666/gzdoom/releases/download/2.8.5a/ZDoom32_2.8.5a.zip
  6. drfrag

    GZDoom to Zandronum

    Zandronum is based on GZDoom 1.8.6. ZDoom LE is based on ZDoom 2.8.1 with a patched GZDoom 1.8.4 renderer, it's for even older hardware and uses the old VM. ZDoom32 is based on ZDoom 2.9pre. You need to edit the savegames since they are for a different engine, but if you're playing with mods it won't work (i think) becouse DECORATE runs thru ZScript in GZDoom.
  7. drfrag

    GZDoom to Zandronum

    Why don't you try ZDoom32? It's based on a more recent ZDoom version than Zandronum and has many later bugfixes. I've just released 2.8.5a (GL 1.9.3). You should get good performance on old hardware. On the savegames GZDoom uses a new savegame format since long ago (and ZDoom32 too). You could be able to port your savegames to ZDoom32 renaming them to png, editing the header changing the game name to ZDOOM32 and probably something else and then renaming back to zds. I did it in the past maybe with slade but i'm not sure. I cannot guarantee it will work tough. https://github.com/drfrag666/gzdoom/releases/download/2.8.5a/ZDoom32_2.8.5a.zip
  8. drfrag

    Build Eternity 3.40 on DOS

    Eternity 3.31 beta supported DOS and hail-to-the-ryzen compiled several later versions @vogons. That's the thread that originated ZDoom LE. https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=52045&start=60#p578896
  9. It crashes inside the amd OpenGL driver, as expected. Seems it's running out of video memory, if you play with any HQ resize mode try disabling it. Also set gl_renderbuffers to 0.
  10. drfrag

    Build Boom on DOS

    Why Boom? You could try compiling MBF 2.04, it's still maintained. The source package includes a modified allegro library so i guess you'd only need the latest DJGPP. And then after configuring it to use the included makefile i think. I used DJGPP back in the day but that was many years ago. You could also ask gerwin and hail_to_the_ryzen could help too. https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=40857
  11.  I've released new versions of both ZDoom32 and ZDoom LE, these are important updates.

  12. drfrag


    I released ZDoom32 2.8.5 (GL 1.9.2) a couple of days ago. Both versions are in the same package now. https://github.com/drfrag666/gzdoom/releases/download/2.8.5/ZDoom32_2.8.5.zip I've changed the executables and their names in the package (for compatibility). Now there's a full version (VS 2015 build) with the GL renderer requiring SSE2 and without ASM for SAFESEH running on XP and later and a N version without the GL renderer and with ASM for old non SSE2 cpus. That one still runs on win98. Changing the compiler fixes portals and mirrors in GL mode. Also i've fixed linux compilation, i missed a few things, i'm using gcc 5.4 on mint mate 18.2. Cocoa should work but i haven't tried. So now what's new? Like i mentioned there's a major bugfix for an old ZDoom bug and a few minor ones. On the features there's that mugshot in the primary HUD thing and the new skill level and that new savegame list order (now optioned with the oldsaveorder CVAR). Also i've added the trilinear (none) filtering mode and made it the default for the GL renderer. And more stuff i don't remember right now.
  13. drfrag

    ZDoom LE (Legacy Edition)

    I've uploaded a new release to GitHub, it's an important update. Has several bugfixes (one major old ZDoom bug) and a few new features. But i really don't feel like writing a changelog anymore. Also i've fixed linux compilation (and visual studio as well). The old GL renderer was still using the SDL 1.2 backend. About cocoa no idea. https://github.com/drfrag666/gzdoom/releases/download/2.8.3/ZDoom_LE_2.8.3.zip
  14. True, just checked. But still no console output at startup, perhaps it's time to make a choco-console ala Eternity. I don't know what would happen with SDL2 and -mconsole.
  15. It must be the same, when i run them from the command prompt (cmd.exe) i get no console output on every windows version. I guess you're not getting any startup messages (i never did since choco 0.1.x if i remember right), you should open stdout.txt and stderr.txt and check their contents.