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  1. updated version, got linedef count below 1000 to 999, replaced all flesh textures and fixed a bug where I had forgotten to add line actions to a door download: https://www.doomshack.org/uploads/tribute-quilt-2-amiga-angel-map02-updated.wad there is a player 1 start in this version please delete it, I placed one to test the square and forgot to remove it
  2. @ViolentBeetle my square is done ( map02 ) https://www.doomshack.org/uploads/tribute-quilt-2-amiga-angel-map02.wad
  3. current state of my map 02 square update... todo doublecheck textures, add doors, tags and actions, add monsters and items
  4. ok cool and thanks and again I apologize :) @ViolentBeetle is it ok with you if I make map 02 instead?
  5. sorry about that, my bad... no problem though because I can always use what I made some other time.. I will get started on map 03 instead.. again.. sorry for causing confusion
  6. can I use switches instead of locks? working on the area in map02 with the bars that are normally lowered by a red key
  7. ok thanks, Can I use crispydoom to test? complevel 2 looks like its vanilla doom 2 yes?
  8. looked like it was free but sign me up to the lowest numbered available map
  9. Amiga Angel

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I just started this map
  10. Amiga Angel

    Interception III [MBF21 Community Project]

    oh ok sorry about that, didnt notice that
  11. Amiga Angel

    Interception III [MBF21 Community Project]

    a little bit of progress on my map also it has a name now
  12. Amiga Angel

    Interception III [MBF21 Community Project]

    messing about with the textures... the void space with flesh stuff sounded interesting... I made this so far, not sure if this will end up as a complete map or not.. time will tell