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  1. Uh, what? Map 15 had a secret exit already. There is a jump to it in the final room.
  2. Nikoxenos

    Should Doom 64 Have its own category?

    I consider it as separate as Doom 3.
  3. Hoping to sneak this through- a little update to Map 15.
  4. Computer Server Cooling Station Depot v2 Changelog: Added rad suit behind Archvile before Cyberdemon fight Secret passages stay open behind you for DM routing Added pillar near first Archvile for easier hiding Added 'exit sign' clue to secret exit Thanks to ScrappyMcDoogerton for playtesting.
  5. I welcome advice or playtesting, especially regarding balancing and monsters. Name: Computer Server Cooling Station Depot Map Slot: 15 Difficulty: Yes Coop/deathmatch: Yes but untested Tested with: Chocolate DooM 3.0.1 + GZDoom 4.7.1 Music: "Lordly Might" by Mark Klem Description: An aggressively traditional techbase. DOWNLOAD
  6. Map 15 please, I have something in mind...
  7. Holy crap- thanks @xvertigox! Doing God's work...
  8. Another banger, great to have an article by Jake from E1M1. I highly recommend checking out their magazine for more classic FPS content.
  9. I am getting a lot of enjoyment out of it. I'm not good enough for the higher difficulties but still having a blast.
  10. Nikoxenos

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #016

    Defiled Waters (BRICK.WAD) by Carlos Lastra (2019) This is a great map, I struggled to figure out the secrets and it is pretty difficult for my skill level but I really enjoyed it. I think a super shotgun would go a really far way with making the hordes of cacodemons and pinkies less mundane. There are some good teleporting monster surprises, especially the Pain Elemental blocking your path after the red key switch. This map was good enough that I felt the need to 100% it and thankfully since it is pretty short that was just a fun exercise and not a huge chore. Video here.
  11. Nikoxenos

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #016

    TOONPORN.WAD by Justin White (1998) I can't believe my luck with this roll. This is an example of the just terrible juvenile wads lurking behind every corner back in the day. Graphically the mod adds some cheesy 90's pron and what seems to be hentai ripped straight from PC-98 games. However the way this is done makes it questionable what this mod could possibly EVER be used for. It's not like there is hentai that can be worked into the level design somehow, it is just a jarring visual disaster. For sound we have the complete sampler of typical 90's sound bytes. You've got Star Trek, King of the Hill, Knight Rider, all kinds of random sounds going on at all times. It is like an ADHD simulator from 1998. Ridiculous, edgy for 1998, and pointless.
  12. Nikoxenos

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #016

    SERIOUS.WAD by James Relunia (1995) A pretty solid 5-10 minute map with three keys and multi-skill monsters. Very enjoyable classic style map. It feels very Doom 1-esque however a Mancubus, Revenant and Archvile spice things up a little on UV. Modern players would definitely consider this an easy map, but it was just enough for me. Secrets were very obvious and there is one confusing stair section with Chaingunners that is just weird. Video here.
  13. This is a big landmark moment for the Wadazine! Thanks to everyone who contributes and reads every month, it’s a true product of the Doom fan community.
  14. Nikoxenos

    Let's talk about Enjay Doom for a goddamn minute

    Truly a man of culture.