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  1. Nikoxenos

    Wadazine Survival Sessions #4: Stardate 20X6

    Good session- small turnout but we were dedicated to beating Ribbiks and his damn archviles. I gained a lot of experience, thanks to Gaia, Taufan and Lil’Ruff for carrying my ass.
  2. Nikoxenos

    Wadazine Survival Sessions #2: NOVA: The Birth

    The sessions are going great! I hope some new faces can drop in today- it’s super chill. See you on the sectors, scag!
  3. Hey, that solved everything in a whole 30 seconds. Thanks!
  4. Just out of curiosity I checked out the Doom Construction Kit on archive.org and it is a torrent with no seeds. I’ve been waiting a few days with no change. If it is possible to rip that disc with others it would help preserve it.
  5. If you are willing to destroy the books, take them to a copy shop and get them to cut the bindings with a cutting press and scan them with an auto feeder on a pro copier. Should take a few minutes and give you the best result. If you can't destroy them, then just take the clearest, best lit pictures you can of the relevant sections, doing the whole thing would be a huge grind. People can help you clean it up or OCR/transcribe it later.
  6. Nikoxenos

    Spawn: Path to Damnation

    I have to bump this post because I thought this mod was terrific! I can't believe it doesn't have any comments here. I wrote a recommendation for it in the Wadazine #7, but the long and short is this mod is great-and if you know Spawn then try it immediately.
  7. Super cool- so many things are coming to the Switch these days. I'll definitely grab this to show some support.