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  1. Xenaero

    [RC5] EVITERNITY II - RC5 Released!

    Ohhh nice work on a snappy update. I will start my ch4 onward run with this, even if I will miss the giga-perforator just a little bit~
  2. Xenaero

    2023 Cacowards

    Super honored that Culling Strike took home a MP Caco, a lot of work was put into it by the mapping crew, the vision couldn't have been achieved without them! Also big congrats to @Xaser and the DC crew for Vesper getting a well deserved caco! It was a lot of fun to play in the VesperDM events and a lot of love and care was put into that mapset! Always good to see oldschool multiplayer shine! Same goes for Shane's Vignettes of Deathmatch, a really fun set that really brings to bear the heart of what got us addicted to Doom Multiplayer in the first place. 30 years of Doom, and the various communities surrounding our game have no sign of slowing down!
  3. That was a lot of fun, we went for a full rotation and the server was pretty packed the whole way through! Thank you to all the mappers and modders that made this set possible! Version 1.1 came out shortly after to address an edge case of client-side prediction weirdness with latency and the railgun, which you can download from TSPG when you connect to the server, but that's a wrap! Congratulations to the team!
  4. The games have begun! Look at all these juicy TARGETS in this server!
  5. It's less than an hour away from the public event going live! Of course, we have made a compilation for this event, packing everything that has been made over the past three months into one pk3! If you don't want to download it when the event goes live, you can get it ahead of time here: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/vdq3rls0q6u0cczav76pm/cullingstrike-v1.pk3?rlkey=8panykvljnzl8k5loe4fnfs6u&dl=0 Because the server is hosted on TSPG, you will need to join a server running Zandronum 3.2 Alpha, so if your server browser will not automatically install testing versions, check this link to get that set up: https://wiki.zandronum.com/Setting_up_testing_versions At the top of the hour, fire up your favorite server browser, be it Doomseeker or Doom Explorer, and look for the Zandronum server [TSPG] Culling Strike Release Party!
  6. It is time! Culling Strike is near completion! We're at our public release this weekend, with a whopping 31 maps, detailed under the following: MAP01: Shaman, by @RonnieJamesDiner MAP02: Avin a Stronk, by @notTyrone MAP03: Technocratic Halls, by @ProverbialGamer MAP04: The Temple of Gloom, by @exl MAP05: Deck 420, by @Remmirath MAP06: Helium, by @Jark MAP07: Cold-Stone Castle, by @RiviTheWarlock MAP08: Hephaestus VII, by @Volasaurus MAP09: Kenough is Kenough, by @Major Arlene MAP10: The Hoezone Lair, by @ProverbialGamer and @Powerful_hoe MAP11: Her Holy Reticulations, by @Insane_Gazebo MAP12: Death and Taxes, by @luca95 and @Major Arlene MAP13: Altar of Arse, by @notTyrone MAP14: Reinforced Concrete Chaos, by @SkeletronMK667 MAP15: Honey, I Shrunk the Corporal!, by @Volasaurus MAP16: Court of Marble & Violence, by @Zergeant MAP17: Guardian of FAP, by @ProverbialGamer MAP18: Brush With Death, by @Remmirath MAP19: Midnight Party, by @Thanatos13official and @Major Arlene MAP20: Sunset Bloodshed, by @CyanoBlugron MAP21: Industrial Migraine, by @exl MAP22: Orbital Platform, by @Guardsoul MAP23: Manor van Slaughter, by @ShakarAtar MAP24: Epic of War, by @StormCatcher.77 MAP25: Infiltrator Training Facility, by @ProverbialGamer MAP26: Technically Speaking (With a Shotgun For a Mouth), by @Major Arlene MAP27: Skylab 9001, by @Kaapeli47 and @ShakarAtar MAP28: The Scornful Wastes, by @SiMpLeToNiUm MAP29: Hell Is Other People, by @Bridgeburner56 MAP30: Oops, All Railguns, by @exl MAP31: Foresta di Alighieri, by @Volasaurus Many of these mappers put a great deal of effort into their creations, including phenomenal work using the model support offered by Zandronum to really give their maps a visual pop! This project was an experiment head-long into using not only a texture set from Makkon that was originally crafted for Quake maps, but also to take the guardrails off deathmatch map design! We wanted to see what could be done with the Zandronum engine while still maintaining that chaotic flow of high-octane deathmatch! Of course, a very special shoutout to @Tango for his phenomenal Supercharge mod. With some special multiplayer-friendly tweaks, it has provided a unique deathmatch experience combined with these maps so passionately crafted by the Hellforge crew! Additionally, some music tracks from @PRIMEVAL were specially crafted for some maps in this project, including one featured in the trailer! Want a sneak peek? Here it is! We hope to see you join us in an action-packed server on Zandronum! On 4pm EST this coming Saturday, look for the server named: [TSPG] Culling Strike Release Party! Download link will be published at that time! Get cozy, because this holiday season, you'll get to frag your friends with a fresh mapset!
  7. Whoops, blank post because I'm an idiot with the editor.
  8. Xenaero

    I feel ostracised from the community

    I care about all of you.
  9. Congrats on the release! Cool to see doom magazine stuff as always :)
  10. Xenaero

    Quakecon 2023

    It was super cool to hang with everyone! Meeting a ton of people I've known online as screen names for 15+ years, especially in the MP circles, was a treat. I spent more time socializing than I did actually playing but it was fun all-round!
  11. This was fun to play through! I'm excited for the rest of the episode. High quality tunes and maps from the crew.
  12. For those who haven't hopped in the Hellforge Discord, where we're coordinating the project, there have been some developments since the announcement! It has been a busy week! If you want to jump in on the action and try your hand at some multiplayer madness, join the Discord and ping me, I'll get you rolling! If you're interested in contributing a map outside of the Discord, hit me up here and I'll see what I can do to accommodate! Some new powerups have been added to the mix for some extra multiplayer flavor! The Hastesphere! Pick up this cool blue orb and get 30 seconds of increased movement speed and firing speed! The Quadsphere! Touch this crimson orb and feel the power! Specifically, four times your damage for 30 seconds! The Randomsphere! You may be reminded of a Skulltag-era powerup, and it works in a similiar way! You have a chance to pick up a Soulsphere, Megasphere, Hastesphere or Quadsphere when you run into it! Be sure to time it carefully... We're kicking off the mapping period officially starting today! Here's some screenshots from works in progress from @Insane_Gazebo, @notTyrone, @StormCatcher.77, and @ProverbialGamer!
  13. Oh shoot we got a BETA?! I need to squeeze this into my free time somewhere
  14. Xenaero

    Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition

    Congrats to the team on the release!