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  1. Xenaero

    Kernel-mode anticheat is a huge nope

    As an MP enthusiast for a super long time, unfortunate to hear, I was enjoying Battlemode without cheaters. Judging from their post, they seemed concerned about the future prospects of their MP goals, namely Invasion and their unnamed "competitive initiatives". While I agree with all of their bullet points on a fundamental level, pulling back in the face of an overwhelming reaction on social media and review bomb fronts was probably the best move at the end of the day. Great example of needing to educate the playerbase for your title with a 15 paragraph post about an entirely different realm of gaming (in this instance, anticheats) before implementing them, and also providing a fallback option for players who have zero interest in MP functionality. While recognizing that Battlemode and by proxy any future MP is back on life support, I realize the concerns of SP and MP sides are in direct conflict with each other, and hope they can provide an amicable solution in the future. Good transparency in their post. It's a shame the overreaction of the community blasted the reviews of the game instantaneously rather than waited for any official response. Always do your own research, and not trust the top rated reddit post or whatever equivalent other garbage you read on the internet. Look for the smart people's blogs and stuff about ACs and implementation. You know, the people who have degrees in the stuff. Google is a tab away. Shame on people here who haven't done their due diligence.
  2. Xenaero

    OTEX Styled Status Bar

    Dang if you named it OTEXSBAR to fit that 8 character limit too that would be the ultimate brain-please Anyways this is excellent. My idea of high definition. I'm gonna drop this in my autoload goodies.
  3. I like this post! I particularly like how you tried to reign in the more abstract facets of map design and player perceptions~
  4. I'm a sucker for universal mods that spice things up, great stuff.
  5. I like your ambition with taking on functionality changes, I did a several map runthrough to get a feel for it. I really love the faster weapon response time, it's such a nice quality of life change, I like the chaingun although lacking the tap accuracy hurts for taking out chaingunners long range so you don't get mulched, but I suppose in this mod you could use the shotgun for that. I didn't really try it. Shotgun in general seems a lot more useful than vanilla, where you'd mostly crush everything with SSG. I found myself using the SSG on only the meatier targets I could take down in two or three shots with it and using shotgun most everywhere else, and chaingun for crowd control. The faster plasma projectile is nice and would probably make me use it more rather than just hoard cells for BFG 9 times out of 10. I've grown a liking recently to monsters hitting a lot harder (mostly due to playing coop on that hard doom mod) so that's probably affecting this judgement but I feel like monsters are way less of a threat currently. Pinkies attacking faster is a big plus, but moving slower removes that threat from reaching panic levels. Overall I like what you're doing so far. A couple hiccups but the weapon rebalancing makes me think and as it stood during my brief run I was using a much more varied assortment of weapons than what I normally would, after I got a handle on the changes. It's kind of a fun not so serious mod. It feels like it makes it a bit easier overall, so might be nice for someone playtesting this to pair it with Scythe 2 or something that on UV tends to ramp up the difficulty fast. e: Was gonna omit because you said you were putting in a toggle for the player's weapons, but the horizontal autoaim on the bullet weapons as it stands kinda sucks for picking targets out of a crowd you wanna eliminate first with the shotguns. If you're keeping the tracer player weapons I'd definitely look at fixing that.
  6. Xenaero

    It's Coming

    Oh boy.
  7. Xenaero

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    Demon nutritional guides and dental care have come a long way since the early 90s. Please do not shame our sulfurous brethren for their healthier lifestyle.
  8. Xenaero

    What's your taste for the graphics/art style?

    I like the usage of color. Quake's Episode 1 was horrible to look at. Doom 2016's Hell was rarely colorful and I felt it suffered from modern gaming's lack of saturation in your given environment so to me it felt like it could have been improved just on that alone. Motifs? I dunno, I like a lot, but it totally depends on the mood of the title. Is it kinda spooky? Foggy stuff~ Otherwise gimme a creative mix, but make it colorful for gods sake. Or if not that, have it be visually interesting. Like a ruined city doesn't have to be full of color, but man don't cheap out on all the cool things you can do with that idea. Gotta have stuff that fits the mood. If I had to pick a single motif though, I probably enjoy hellish, surrealism type environments the most.
  9. Xenaero

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    Would be interesting to see Smooth incorporated maybe on a modular level rather than it being packaged with the core mod. If the author has this set up on a 'batch mode' for processing I could see it being done relatively effectively. But everyone else has already voiced their desire for this so just add me to the pile. It's almost jarring to see the sudden jump in resolution, but I kinda dig it for GZDoom's modern lighting and other fun things that I've yet to really set up. Excellent dedication to the project, though. Had to login to say it. What cool stuff people are doing with Doom's original resources so many years later using modern tech.
  10. Xenaero

    [WIP] Eviternity - A Boom Format Megawad

    Oh. My goodness. I absolutely adore episodic themed level sets. Probably partly why I dig Doom's ep1-3 so much. I will be keeping a close eye!
  11. Xenaero

    Was FWATER1-4 used in Doom 1?

    I see it defined in the WAD but I don't remember where in any of the episodes it was actually used. Even E4. Spawned from a discussion a friend and I were talking about. I mentioned FWATER1-4 not being in Doom1 and hes like, 'no it's there'. So I was like, 'where is it used'. I simply cannot remember any level it's in. I've always assumed it began in Doom2 with map01 (after seeing it 16 billion times in multiplayer matches) but clearly this is not the case if it's in the WAD, which I looked in and verified. It can't be unused?! edit: it's in e3m2 underneath the skull thing near one of the first wall lowering switches you come across, I'm a fucking idiot, I've seen that shit 8 thousand times and it clearly never registered.
  12. Xenaero

    Calico 1.0 (Beta)

    This is cool stuff. Nice!
  13. Xenaero

    Counterattack - Now on /idgames!

    I played through the first couple maps in beta2 kinda guns blazing, without hunting for treasures, and now that I'm replaying map01 I've been combing through trying to locate all the little treats. I still only got 66% of secrets, ones like the automap and yellow skull were resounding victories. Dunno where the others are, but I wanted to share a little bit of a laugh. Before I figured out one of the souls, I spent a long time trying to get up to this thing, I was sure it triggered the pillar. Whoops! The soul in the background laughs at me. I eventually figured it out and nabbed the joker. I'm not the best at giving feedback due to my overall time constraints, as I'm sure other players could give way more concise critique, from what I've played so far things seem to be shaping up really nicely. I love being caught off guard with some of the monster closets that still give you a fair shake and keep you off your toes, without going into absolute mayhem like slaughterfests do. But yeah half the fun of your maps are hunting for the secrets, since there's usually a clue or two for the majority of them. Love it. I suppose the only complaint I'd have is that I sometimes get a little lost or surprised by enemies in the really dark areas, as I don't play with a lot of gamma jacked up, but I liken that to be intentional, and it's a nice change from the always visible monster encounters in lit areas.
    yo run this with a 100x damage multiplier and hold draw showdowns 5 stars
  14. Xenaero

    MP Launch Review + Thoughts

    I've been playing at 90, but you can jack it up to 130 if you so desire!