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  1. I'm a sucker for universal mods that spice things up, great stuff.
  2. I like your ambition with taking on functionality changes, I did a several map runthrough to get a feel for it. I really love the faster weapon response time, it's such a nice quality of life change, I like the chaingun although lacking the tap accuracy hurts for taking out chaingunners long range so you don't get mulched, but I suppose in this mod you could use the shotgun for that. I didn't really try it. Shotgun in general seems a lot more useful than vanilla, where you'd mostly crush everything with SSG. I found myself using the SSG on only the meatier targets I could take down in two or three shots with it and using shotgun most everywhere else, and chaingun for crowd control. The faster plasma projectile is nice and would probably make me use it more rather than just hoard cells for BFG 9 times out of 10. I've grown a liking recently to monsters hitting a lot harder (mostly due to playing coop on that hard doom mod) so that's probably affecting this judgement but I feel like monsters are way less of a threat currently. Pinkies attacking faster is a big plus, but moving slower removes that threat from reaching panic levels. Overall I like what you're doing so far. A couple hiccups but the weapon rebalancing makes me think and as it stood during my brief run I was using a much more varied assortment of weapons than what I normally would, after I got a handle on the changes. It's kind of a fun not so serious mod. It feels like it makes it a bit easier overall, so might be nice for someone playtesting this to pair it with Scythe 2 or something that on UV tends to ramp up the difficulty fast. e: Was gonna omit because you said you were putting in a toggle for the player's weapons, but the horizontal autoaim on the bullet weapons as it stands kinda sucks for picking targets out of a crowd you wanna eliminate first with the shotguns. If you're keeping the tracer player weapons I'd definitely look at fixing that.
  3. Xenaero

    It's Coming

    Oh boy.
  4. Xenaero

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    Demon nutritional guides and dental care have come a long way since the early 90s. Please do not shame our sulfurous brethren for their healthier lifestyle.
  5. Xenaero

    What's your taste for the graphics/art style?

    I like the usage of color. Quake's Episode 1 was horrible to look at. Doom 2016's Hell was rarely colorful and I felt it suffered from modern gaming's lack of saturation in your given environment so to me it felt like it could have been improved just on that alone. Motifs? I dunno, I like a lot, but it totally depends on the mood of the title. Is it kinda spooky? Foggy stuff~ Otherwise gimme a creative mix, but make it colorful for gods sake. Or if not that, have it be visually interesting. Like a ruined city doesn't have to be full of color, but man don't cheap out on all the cool things you can do with that idea. Gotta have stuff that fits the mood. If I had to pick a single motif though, I probably enjoy hellish, surrealism type environments the most.
  6. Xenaero

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    Would be interesting to see Smooth incorporated maybe on a modular level rather than it being packaged with the core mod. If the author has this set up on a 'batch mode' for processing I could see it being done relatively effectively. But everyone else has already voiced their desire for this so just add me to the pile. It's almost jarring to see the sudden jump in resolution, but I kinda dig it for GZDoom's modern lighting and other fun things that I've yet to really set up. Excellent dedication to the project, though. Had to login to say it. What cool stuff people are doing with Doom's original resources so many years later using modern tech.
  7. Xenaero

    [WIP] Eviternity - A Boom Format Megawad

    Oh. My goodness. I absolutely adore episodic themed level sets. Probably partly why I dig Doom's ep1-3 so much. I will be keeping a close eye!
  8. Xenaero

    Was FWATER1-4 used in Doom 1?

    I see it defined in the WAD but I don't remember where in any of the episodes it was actually used. Even E4. Spawned from a discussion a friend and I were talking about. I mentioned FWATER1-4 not being in Doom1 and hes like, 'no it's there'. So I was like, 'where is it used'. I simply cannot remember any level it's in. I've always assumed it began in Doom2 with map01 (after seeing it 16 billion times in multiplayer matches) but clearly this is not the case if it's in the WAD, which I looked in and verified. It can't be unused?! edit: it's in e3m2 underneath the skull thing near one of the first wall lowering switches you come across, I'm a fucking idiot, I've seen that shit 8 thousand times and it clearly never registered.
  9. Xenaero

    Calico 1.0 (Beta)

    This is cool stuff. Nice!
  10. Xenaero

    Counterattack - Now on /idgames!

    I played through the first couple maps in beta2 kinda guns blazing, without hunting for treasures, and now that I'm replaying map01 I've been combing through trying to locate all the little treats. I still only got 66% of secrets, ones like the automap and yellow skull were resounding victories. Dunno where the others are, but I wanted to share a little bit of a laugh. Before I figured out one of the souls, I spent a long time trying to get up to this thing, I was sure it triggered the pillar. Whoops! The soul in the background laughs at me. I eventually figured it out and nabbed the joker. I'm not the best at giving feedback due to my overall time constraints, as I'm sure other players could give way more concise critique, from what I've played so far things seem to be shaping up really nicely. I love being caught off guard with some of the monster closets that still give you a fair shake and keep you off your toes, without going into absolute mayhem like slaughterfests do. But yeah half the fun of your maps are hunting for the secrets, since there's usually a clue or two for the majority of them. Love it. I suppose the only complaint I'd have is that I sometimes get a little lost or surprised by enemies in the really dark areas, as I don't play with a lot of gamma jacked up, but I liken that to be intentional, and it's a nice change from the always visible monster encounters in lit areas.
    yo run this with a 100x damage multiplier and hold draw showdowns 5 stars
  11. Xenaero

    MP Launch Review + Thoughts

    I've been playing at 90, but you can jack it up to 130 if you so desire!
  12. Xenaero

    MP Launch Review + Thoughts

    Coming all the way from MAP13, competitive Doom II superstar Xen decided to get his feet wet immediately on launch and jump right into Multiplayer. First things first, let's talk about the elephant in the room. Doom 4's MP side was crafted by the same group of dudes that made the excessively popular Halo franchise, so it stands to reason this is why the Multiplayer, to some people, feels quite like Halo. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily! A lot of the maps feature a variety of situations, be it from open arenas vulnerable to snipers, or tight corridors where you should be wielding a chaingun or shotgun. This tends to even out a lot of weapon balance and mitigates a lot of the 'slow' feeling movement speed. You end up having a lot to worry about at the current pace it operates, and it lends itself to how quickly players can end up dying. One thing that hasn't changed from the old Dooms, if you're smart about the map layout and picking the right weapons for the job, you can put up some good numbers! You too, can be this great! We did have that open beta that was more of a shock to everyone's system, especially those coming from a Quake background. One of the changes I saw between the beta and release were a much improved unlock system. You can get everything in under an hour of play now. Weapons were also tweaked and in some cases buffed in either fire rate or damage output, turning it into a crazy slugfest. I've had plenty of times where I end up in the middle of 4 enemy players out of absolutely nowhere and proceed to slaughter them all. Or, I get picked off by some guy I lost track of in the hectic firefight and my marine's neck gets brutally snapped. All that usually occurs within 5 seconds. Doom 4's MP is not fast paced? I don't find that warranted. Mix and match to your heart's content. So, what engines of destruction do we have to work with? The weapons are as follows:Chaingun Alt fire will spin it up ahead of time so you can be ready to engage at a moments notice, with no noticeable downside that I could see, so remember that! Heavy Assault Rifle Your typical machine gun, scoping in and training on some heads with alt fire will help a lot with damage progression, this is more of a longer range weapon, think of using it outside the Chaingun's close range capability. Plasma Rifle Pretty good for focusing down enemies, but where it really shines is in modes with control points like Warpath and Domination. Altfire will unleash a blast that renders a single point a damage zone for a couple seconds, hurting anyone treading over it. It also does a pretty decent chunk of damage, allowing you to hurl one of those and follow up with a shotgun to control a point. Rocket Launcher The RL is pretty alright, but not as strong as I'd prefer. Two direct hits will kill a player, and it's a solid weapon to help bring down a Demon Rune. Rockets do not inhibit other players' movement, so it's even better against tightly packed groups of enemies. I've taken out three enemies running next to each other in only a couple shots with it! Altfire will detonate your rocket mid-air, which is okay, but I've rarely found situations where I needed to use it. Super Shotgun Other than the Combat Shotgun, this is the bread and butter of your close range conflicts. Its damage dropoff is pretty severe, but up close you can do 80+ damage in a single hit, then probably follow up with a melee for a quick kill. Great supplemental weapon for a longer range rifle. Vortex Rifle The Vortex Rifle is supposed to be your sniper rifle of the game. Every weapon does headshot damage (Yellow numbers will appear), but this weapon is one that capitalizes on it. Fantastic for locking down a long route on modes like Warpath and to pick away at enemy Demon Runes from afar. It's only truly overshadowed by the Power Weapons like the Gauss Rifle, and is extremely aim dependant. Burst Rifle Fires a quick three round burst on hipfire that's deadly accurate, or you can scope in with altfire for a semi-auto shot that does a chunk of damage. I've grown to like it over the Vortex Rifle for long range loadouts. Hellshot It's an energy weapon, but it seems underwhelming from it's semiauto capability. Altfire will unleash a damage over time projectile that will burn enemies, but the damage output on both firing modes seems to be underwhelming compared to other choices. Combat Shotgun Loving this one. It's got a little less damage output than the super shotgun, but it fires faster, and it has a tighter spread, giving it a longer effective range. Altfire lets you prep a grenade for launch, exploding on impact. I'm having a lot of success by nading an enemy or group of enemies, and then filling them full of lead immediately afterword. Not many other weapons available pack a 1-2 punch like this. Lightning Gun This one is pretty interesting. Regular fire sends out a stream of fairly high damaging electricity with surprising range, while altfire is a short range seek-and-destroy that covers a pretty good potion of your crosshair. It's great for flanking and surprise attacks. Static Rifle This one is a little tricky to use. You move a lot, and you charge up the gun's shot. A full power shot does some damage, but it doesn't seem worth it since you can get caught out of place and not have enough charge to slam them, making you rely on your secondary more than the power of the Static Rifle.The variety of weapons really makes it easy to mix and match several potentially good loadouts, especially as the maps shift. I do enjoy the loadouts for one reason only: In objective modes you wanna get right back into that action, and that's what it's good for. You will continue to fight over a variety of powerups in each round, such as the Demon Rune, where you can transform into a Revenant, Mancubus, Baron of Hell, or a Prowler. The last one there functions more like a flanking ninja-like Demon, where you can latch yourself onto walls and take out entire squads before then know what's going on. What about those little colored powerup orbs scattered across maps? So far I've seen Haste, Quad Damage, Invisibility and Regeneration.Haste increases speed by it seems 50%, which I find to be a little bit of a disadvantage in smaller maps. Blasting around top speed can land you in hot water really fast. Quad Damage boosts your damage output considerably. Great with a rapid power gun like the Chaingun or Burst Rifle. Regeneration will boost your health and it seems your armor as well, making you really hard to kill. That one is fun for bullying a server around. The really powerful one though is the Invisibility powerup. You are almost impossible to see. It's a prime opportunity to chip away at a demon and steal that Rune away. I also love how it has the same color scheme as the Partial Invisibility orb from the originals.Power Weapons include the Chainsaw, Gauss Cannon and BFG. All of them will kill in one hit, while the BFG staying true to form will send tracers as the projectily flies through the air, tagging anyone visible. A cool thing about the Gauss and BFG pickups is that their altfire acts like a sonar pulse, letting you plan your next ambush or to hunt down an enemy demon. They do stay in your inventory if you pick up a Rune and the timer runs out. Don't forget about the mega-health powerup that a lot of levels tend to have in a fixed location. When you pick it up you will be boosted to max health and armor. Safety not guaranteed. Equipment you can pick in your loadouts are the Frag Grenade, Personal Teleporter, Tesla Rocket, Siphon Grenade, Shield Wall, Threat Sensor and Hologram.Frag Grenade is pretty self explanatory. Fun to use, it makes a big boom. Personal Teleporter lets you mark a location and zip back to it with another press of a button. Good if you like to get yourself in bad situations a lot. Tesla Rocket flies through the air and zaps a buncha dudes for minor damage as it goes. Great for a leading distraction. Siphon Grenade saps enemies health and gives it to you so long as they get hit in the area of effect. Shield Wall is a super useful gadget for point defense, enemies and weapons fire cannot pass through it, but allies can come and go. Threat Sensor will highlight enemies through walls on your HUD, and make a very loud sound if they come within the threshold of the sensor. Hologram will summon a visual image of your marine to act as a distraction. You can even tell it to move with a key press!The disappointing thing about some weapons and gadgets is that you'll be needing to level up by playing games in order to use them. As much as I dislike that, the unlocks happen very quickly (Far more quickly than the beta) and after a single game you get to build your own loadouts, which is acceptable enough. The other thing to touch on is this new system called hack modules, that are given to you by diceroll at the end of every round. They provide an advantage when you spawn in some way, shape or form. I've been collecting them, but so far I haven't used one yet. They're almost more fun to collect than to spend. They come in three tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each tier has either additional bonuses tied to it or it has a longer duration of its effect. Some of them will let you see Respawn timers for the powerups, others may let you spawn with 10 or so armor, or track the enemy that killed you last. They are fun little upgrades and add a bit of spice in your games. The amount of customization you can do to your marine is incredible. You have a few options from the get go but by and large you'll be raking in new options every single game. From armor pieces to intermission taunts to new colors, you can play dressup for days. I still have a lot more Barbie parts to collect. All in all, I've been pretty impressed with how much fun there is to be had in the new multiplayer modes. I haven't been able to find a game in Clan Arena or Freeze Tag, but Domination, Team Deathmatch and Warpath seem to always have players when I try to join them. I love the little categories. So what else is there to touch on? The netcode seems to be pretty solid, handling latency almost seamlessly, or about as seamlessly as it can get for a modern game. I've seen worse, much worse. The engine seems to handle any hiccups well! I have seen plenty of performance related questions. My computer is roughly on par with the recommended specs for the game, and I get anywhere from 90-144 fps on the default settings. I've never felt a need to change them, so I might not be a great source of technical details in helping the game run smoother! In the end, I didn't expect to have as much fun in a multiplayer side of a new Doom release as I have. Being able to switch it up with a zillion weapons, customization options, and game changing powerups, you can bring back a team from the edge of defeat. Even if you bought the game for the single player and custom map capabilities, give a few rounds of Multiplayer a shot. I will close this out by saying I wish it had CTF built in, and I wish there was a way to keep the hectic nature of the rounds intact while allowing you access to every weapon, but those may be questions that remain unanswered for a long time to come. Regardless, this should not drive anyone away from giving it a spin and enjoying the chaos that fills these maps. I give it a thumbs up. Get to fraggin!
  13. Xenaero

    Can you play it?

    For what it's worth, I meet the recommended spec for GPU, a GTX 970, and it runs really smooth, like 90+ frames smooth. A 960 will likely be great as well. Keep in mind that when the Vulkan architecture rolls out for this game, it'll boost performance for newer GPUs. Supposedly.
  14. Xenaero

    New DOOM Clan (PC)

    The premier, everlasting, punkass-beating, all-round rockin' clan Unidoom challenges you!