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  1. AndrewB

    Twitter is rebranding to X

    I never liked/used it in the first place, so therefore I have no conceivable reason to criticize this.
  2. AndrewB

    Would it be legal to sell a DOOM mappack?

    Interesting that pretty much every response in the thread answered a different question than the one that was asked.
  3. AndrewB

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    Just upgraded my GPU for the first time since 2017. Got a 3080 Ti XC3.
  4. AndrewB

    how old is your computer?

    Laptop: 2011 Windows 7 Dell Latitude 6320 13" screen (1366x768) Intel Core i7-2640M (4 core, 2.8GHz) Integrated graphics 16GB RAM 2TB SSD Desktop: 2015 Windows 7 28" screen (3840x2160) Intel Xeon E5-1650 v4 (6 core, 3.6GHz) 64GB DDR4 RAM 2x 1TB Samsung 870 EVO SSDs Gigabyte Aorus Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti (11GB) Laptop: 2018 Windows 7 Dell Precision 7720 17" screen (3840x2160) Intel Xeon E3-1575M v5 (4 core, 3.0GHz) 64GB DDR4 RAM 2x 1TB NVME SSDs Nvidia Quadro P5000 (16GB)
  5. AndrewB

    John Carmack resigns from Meta

    I guess the answer to the question of "why would anyone use Metaverse" is "they wouldn't", and they're just hoping their investors are too lazy or delusional to realize this.
  6. AndrewB

    John Carmack resigns from Meta

    Can someone explain to me what their grandiose vision was for VR? I've yet to hear anyone explain how VR was going to be anything more than a small niche in the video game market. Why did a dying social media company think this technology would save it?
  7. AndrewB

    What control schemes do you use for Wolfenstein 3D?

    Trackpoint (joystick between B,G,H keys on laptop) for movement and left-right touchpad buttons for fire and strafe. Left hand basically only needed for weapon switching.
  8. Wolf 3D has no maps. The maps that you find online are generally screenshots taken from the level editor. Like I said, the designer of this level put blood on the walls to help you find the exit.
  9. Also, you don't have to memorize the map above. Just follow the path that has the blood smeared on the walls, and it will take you in that direction.
  10. Apparently this is the intended path through the level to avoid being overwhelmed.
  11. I'm doing everything I can to avoid products-as-a-service. I just bought and activated a copy of Office 2007. Now is a good time to start hoarding software-that-you-own while you can.
  12. AndrewB

    what is happening in your dreams?

    Last night I dreamed I was in a room full of elfish creatures shaped like letters, except they weren't letters from the alphabet. They would transform into entirely different letters and colors about 10-15 times per second, and they would make language sounds unlike any language I have ever heard. Then I woke up and saw various shapes continue to flash rapidly inside my eyelids.
  13. AndrewB

    Windows update disabled my keyboard

    Lenovo has some good hardware but some terrible software.
  14. AndrewB

    Elon Musk buys Twitter

    I might actually sign up for the website as a result of this.
  15. AndrewB

    ISSUE : Downgrading Windows 8.1 to Windows 7

    Any time a common action requires more inputs or more time/effort than before, that is a downgrade in the UI. Once you have 10 or 20 of these little downgrades, the OS itself becomes a significant downgrade. UI matters.