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  1. AndrewB

    for how long did you lurk b4 joining?

    About 8 seconds, give or take
  2. If you were to ask the question 20 years ago, the answer would be that BUILD is marginally easier to mod than Doom. These days, it's probably pretty close.
  3. AndrewB

    Bitcoin is over $200 per coin

    This post aged well.
  4. That's brutal. Hopefully neither of your parents passed any of their genes on to you.
  5. I will keep using Windows 7 for many years to come. I haven't applied a single Windows update patch since 2016, don't run antivirus, and the world hasn't fallen apart. No strange credit card charges, no missing bank account funds, no breached logins, and the CPU idles a cool and constant 0-1%. Software compatibility issues remain nonexistent, and I'm never interrupted in the middle of what I'm doing for a mandatory reboot to install some government spyware upgrade. Haven't heard a single decent argument why I should change what I'm doing.
  6. AndrewB

    So, what do you think about BitCoin?

    Quite the opposite. Bitcoin is shoring up its privacy components, with crypto-mixing services offering even more protection to people who wish to deal on the black market, or to simply hide their gains from predatory tax authorities.
  7. AndrewB

    i'm losing my joy of watching movies.

    This implies that a person only ever watches newer movies. Not a legitimate assumption.
  8. AndrewB

    i'm losing my joy of watching movies.

    Movies used to be political to the extent that it furthered the movie. Dr Strangelove is an obvious example but there are many others. Modern movies are political at the cost of the movie itself, as if the movie is a loss leader for some other purpose. Ghostbusters 2016 is one glaring example of many. Star Wars 8 almost certainly would have been more successful without the "current year" politics. The bone is legitimate.
  9. AndrewB

    i'm losing my joy of watching movies.

    The last movie I saw in a theater was in 2015. Hollywood has gone to shit for many of the reasons you mentioned. Realize that it's a lost cause and move on to something worthwhile.
  10. https://youtu.be/YisLBOoS_Dg From Morphcat Games in Germany, this vertical scrolling platformer could have been a AAA first party release title in 1985. At 40 kilobytes in size, it was programmed under the same restrictions as other famous titles such as Super Mario Bros. Now it is available as a digital download (for use in a NES emulator), as a fully boxed NES cartridge, and will soon be available on Steam. And it supports 4 player simultaneous co-op. I haven't played it yet as I want to wait for the cartridge for the maximum genuine experience.
  11. AndrewB

    The steak thread

    I just picked up a cold smoked NY strip steak for tonight. 1.75 inches thick, about 18 ounces.
  12. AndrewB

    The steak thread

    Start with a good cut, 1.25" to 1.5" depending on the width to get a nice 16 to 18 ounces, new york striploin being a good midrange option. Massage both sides with peanut oil, then add seasoning salt, pepper or unsalted steak spice, and some pink rock salt. Massage it a bit more to allow the flavors to enter the meat, and let it sit at room temperature 30-60 minutes. I pre-heat the cast iron grilling pan (the kind with the grooves on the bottom) on an electric burner using heat setting 5.5 (maximum being 9) until it's smoking for 2-3 minutes. Put 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil in the pan, then put in the steak. After about 30 seconds, rotate 135 degrees. After another 30 seconds, flip the steak. At this point I add about 30 grams of butter to the pan, and as it quickly melts, use a spoon to completely douse the steak. About 45 seconds after flipping the steak, I turn it 135 degrees again, and douse some more. 45 seconds after rotating, I use the tongs to sear all the edges of the steak, then I transfer the steak to a warming pan and pour the buttery pan liquid on top of the steak. At this point I put the pan in a pre-heated oven (about 150f), or on the burner that is directly above the oven vent. Ten minutes later, my sauteed zucchini and mushrooms are ready, and I put it all on a plate that was pre-heating in the oven the entire time. The steak should be a perfect rare to medium rare, and completely warm throughout.
  13. AndrewB

    A 20 Year Old DOOM Record Was Finally Broken - Video

    Love Karl Jobst. Great speedrunner and great Youtuber.
  14. AndrewB

    GeForce Now shilling thread

    How could this possibly have a low enough latency? After ping and video buffer length, 50ms round-trip seems impossible, and even that would be pushing the limits on what would be considered an acceptable amount of lag.
  15. AndrewB

    Is Hexen (1995) a so complicated game?

    I think the parts of the game that most commonly messed me up were like 75% of the way through hub 2, and that level in hub 4 with the Korax bookshelves.