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  1. I don't think I count as continually active.
  2. AndrewB

    What should I do?

    Please consider magic mushrooms before considering suicide.
  3. In the old days, yes, a person should be banned. In the modern era, this doesn't need to be the case. Even if a person has been caught cheating several times, there's a simple way for them to regain credibility. Simply livestream all of their speedrun attempts. If they happen to nab a world record, they can link to their Twitch channel showing their hundreds of attempts and a normal distribution of luck, with a steady increase in skill. If they're pulling any shenanigans, or if their livestreams don't hold up to scrutiny, the community will easily be able to spot the inconsistencies.
  4. AndrewB

    Do you guys even lift?

    I disagree. The point where I broke through a ceiling and demolished my previous limitations when I said "screw it" to conventional wisdom and went to near 100% of my max weight limits on all exercises for about 14 days straight. I've also found that this increased strength seems to prevent, rather than cause, injury.
  5. AndrewB

    Borat 2 releases new trailer

    It's just not the same when everyone is in on the joke and is going along with it.
  6. AndrewB

    Amazon announces cloud gaming service

    I don't see why anyone should want to introduce a small amount lag and significant amount of video compression artifacts into to their game experience. All I see are downsides and as far as I can tell, no upside. This video shows what I consider to be an unacceptable amount of input lag. As much as the guy on the video is talking about how great it is, he can't even keep his vehicle on the road.
  7. AndrewB

    Do you guys even lift?

    The happiest week of the year was when the gyms re-opened in June and I was able to lift some real weights again. After a 3 month experiment, I learned that body weight exercises and cardio just aren't anywhere near good enough. This is my current exercise regiment: - Backsquats (up to 305 lb) - 45 degree dumbbell press (up to 75 lb each hand) - Deadlifts (up to 315 lb) That's it. No fancy overcomplicated gimmicks. Cardio is in the past.
  8. AndrewB

    Macbook Pro repair rabbit hole

    I didn't mistake anything about you. Even if you have more than one brain cell, that doesn't mean you're obligated to rub them together.
  9. AndrewB

    Macbook Pro repair rabbit hole

    A plurality of brain cells to rub together and a lack of brand homerism to be able to see what is blatantly obvious.
  10. AndrewB

    Macbook Pro repair rabbit hole

    Your entire response was exactly why I chose the words "innocent-looking". They can't just blatantly gimp your device. They have to come up with some plausible-sounding story to get away with it. Also, lol
  11. AndrewB

    Macbook Pro repair rabbit hole

    This kind of stuff is intentional. Automatic updates are almost entirely about planting innocent-looking time bombs into your hardware in order to boost future hardware sales. Therefore, I doubt the battery has anything to do with it.
  12. AndrewB

    Wolf 3d would using a map be cheating

    Yes, because the challenge of navigating the levels without a map is integral to the gameplay, and arguably factored in to the design of the levels. You're literally lowering the difficulty level of the game by using a map, which is no different than using IDBEHOLDA or IDBEHOLDL or something to make it easier to navigate a Doom level. A hint book is different and arguably not cheating because the book does not physically interface with the game in any way, Even still, many people try to beat games with as few hints as possible to minimize any feeling of cheating. I mean, play however you like, but let's not pretend that you're getting the full gameplay experience from 1992 because you're not.
  13. If it were 50 feet tall, it would have to weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 to 400 tons, not 14 tons, unless planet HECK is tiny and they're weighing it using its gravity.
  14. I'm laughing at the people saying she shouldn't going to jail when they would obviously be calling for jail time if it was a 20 year old dude.
  15. AndrewB

    Quitting smoking cigs cold turkey tips?

    Never smoked, but high dose magic mushrooms are reported to be 80% effective for quitting smoking after a single dose. The best (legal) alternatives are no better than 30% effective, and definitely not with one dose. Similar efficacy reported for alcoholism and possibly other addictions as well.