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  1. Revenant

    Drawing Doom maps, start to finish

    This is a bit of a bump, but this thing's been on my mind recently so I wanted to update the thread with a couple of things. The first one is that I decided to revisit the code and apply some painfully obvious optimizations that more or less mean that dmvis is no longer horrendously slow. (To wit, I tried rendering MAP01 of Vela Pax without --draw-shapes and it took about a minute and 20 seconds.) Source/downloads in the same place as before. A while back I also added GIFs of all the maps from the Doom 0.3 alpha, in case you're interested in looking at those for some reason. Also, Ryan Baumann made a Tumblr/Twitter bot that uses dmvis on random maps from idgames. (The Twitter version is missing some of the GIFs due to Twitter not liking the number of frames they contain, or something.) Check it out! (Bonus quick edit: I also slapped together a Build engine counterpart at some point, but the output usually looks pretty incoherent, so it's arguably not really worth trying)
  2. Revenant

    Wallpaint! Megatexturing tool!

    UDMF isn't supported yet because the underlying WAD editing library doesn't support it yet either, unfortunately. Both ZDoom and (limit-removing) Doom/Boom formats are supported, though. Seconding the idea for a Doom Builder plugin, also.
  3. Revenant

    March 1994 PC Gamer UK article about id Software

    More impressively, he was apparently also the designer of Wolf3D before even joining the company.
  4. Revenant

    The amazing "identify that Doom song" thread.

    04 is "Flesh" by A Split Second. That's the music from E1L4 of the Duke3D "The Gate" TC, by Simon Castles.
  5. The 'dist' directory in that repo has a standalone Windows build that doesn't require you to have Python installed. Give it a try and it should work.
  6. Revenant

    PrBoom on the Nintendo 3DS

    Are you talking about elhobbs' older port, or the slightly newer one by WinterMute? IIRC, the latter is the one that is (or was?) included with the homebrew starter kit. (Actually, it doesn't look like either of them have updated in nearly a year, after looking at GitHub...) I haven't kept up with the 3DS scene at all except for the very short period of time I was working on this port, so I have no idea what the state of either of those ports is. It would be nice to see an updated/properly released version of mine at some point, but I don't think I'd be personally doing anything new with it unless the 3DS bug strikes me again at some point. That said, I'm very glad that people (not just on Doomworld) have shown enjoyment for my port, despite the fact that I've never had any association with the actual 3DS community, and that I don't think I ever really advertised it outside of this thread. If it weren't for the fact that my interest in the 3DS as a whole was pretty short-lived, I probably would have ended up seeing this through to becoming a more fleshed-out project. I guess it's not out of the question for the future, though.
  7. Revenant


    As a irl spooky skeleton I am obviously thrilled
  8. Revenant

    Seinfeld.wad - Jerry's Apartment: A DOOM II .wad!

    Part of me wants to modify this to have deathmatch starts and very, very small players. (Seinfeld hero shooter: GOTY 2016)
  9. Revenant

    So about the music Bobby Prince ripped off ...

    Yeah, it's a good thing there was no such thing as bad pop music in 1993
  10. Revenant

    Bots in 1999?

    Most likely they're talking about CajunBot, which was originally for Legacy and later adapted to ZDoom (both versions were available as of 1999).
  11. Revenant

    A bad impression from poor performance?

    I dropped down to 720p and it's been running noticeably better (40-60+ FPS, less/no slowdown that I've noticed). I just got to the first Hell level so I'll see how things continue to run from here, but so far so good.
  12. Revenant

    A bad impression from poor performance?

    I've been getting 30+ FPS on my i7-3630 / GTX 670MX after installing the game-ready GeForce drivers and dropping down to medium settings and 1600x900. Probably could tweak it a bit more for better results, but it's already a bit better than what I was expecting from this laptop. I might drop down to 720p next time and see how that looks. However, like Bucket, I do tend to notice slowdown during heavy combat, which kind of sucks.
  13. Revenant

    Frame rate drop in ZDoom

    Am I misreading this part or are you suggesting 64 isn't a power of two?
  14. Revenant

    PrBoom on the Nintendo 3DS

    Could it be an issue with the amount of free space on your SD card? Kind of hard to diagnose otherwise, sorry. Anyway, sorry to say this, but my interest in 3DS development is pretty much nil right now, so I don't expect to be actively working on this in the near future. It was mainly created for my own personal amusement after I became able to run homebrew. In all honesty I didn't even use my 3DS for playing games much even back when I started working on this. There's another(!) 3DS version of prboom which is now included with the homebrew starter kit, and from what I understand it should be less of a mess than the one I originally mentioned in the OP. I haven't personally tried it, though, but at least it's developed by someone with an actual presence on the 3DS homebrew scene, so I suspect it'll probably be more actively maintained. I know my port is still the only one with a built-in frontend, but at some point I might just make that a standalone frontend for other ports, depending on how their development goes.