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  1. Revenant

    Port Compact: Doom Format Instadeath Floors

    Making it a Boom generalized sector flag would seem like the obvious choice, to be able to combine it with lighting effects and other stuff. You could perhaps then also repurpose the two existing damage flags to be able to further specify the insteadeath behavior (e.g. something like the things fraggle suggested w/r/t killing monsters, actors that are in midair, etc). Naturally Heretic would need something different, but not having a generalized special system for that game means there are plenty of unused special numbers to poach instead.
  2. Revenant

    SNES Doom source released under GPLv3

    I'm not aware of any non-ancient emulators that do this.
  3. Revenant

    Fireblu2 is the better fireblu texture.

    And????? AND???????????????????
  4. Revenant

    How rare are these CD-ROM releases?

    This is the CD that I have. Compare with the 1.9 CD from the Depths of Doom Trilogy collection (different id and GT logos, different fine print, no ESRB rating). The other ones that I'm aware of (id Anthology, etc.) use totally different artwork so it's easy to tell them apart. I wasn't aware of a 1.7 CD release even existing. Do you own one?
  5. Revenant

    How rare are these CD-ROM releases?

    1.666 is the original CD release (source: I own it). Not uncommon at all.
  6. Lately, I've been taking a look at old CD-ROM releases from Interactive Entertainment, a disc magazine that was released from February 1994 to April 1996. Unlike other magazine CDs that just supplemented actual print magazines, IE was a "pure CD-ROM" publication that contained all of the previews, reviews, and other editorial content entirely on the disc, accompanied by audio and video commentary from the magazine staff. One interesting result is that the previews featured in IE actually contain "full quality" PCX screenshots of games, rather than the small and sometimes hard-to-see images often featured in print magazines. I've even found a number of preview screenshots of games that are completely unique to these CDs and did not seem to have been published in other sources (at least not ones that I can currently find online). Anyway, I collected the screenshots from the Doom-engine games featured in previews from IE. Doom II preview (Sep. 1994) Heretic preview (Sep. 1994) Hexen preview (Nov. 1995) A few things of note: The Doom II shots feature early sprites for the Revenant and Arachnotron. I think these have actually been seen before, but I can't remember if they were actual "raw" screenshots or just magazine scans The Heretic shots feature a completely different status bar design (features "mana", possibly in place of ammo) The Hexen shots feature a very early logo, an unknown item icon, and possibly shots of an early version of Darkmere or something. This is a different batch of images than the ones Romero released in August as hexenscn.zip. No Strife preview, unfortunately; by 1996, IE had begun transitioning to a more traditional "print magazine with CD" format and had stopped including previews on the CD. The entire series is on the Internet Archive, and I'm in the process of collecting all of the preview screenshots from each issue and putting them online for easy viewing. A few choice images:
  7. I updated my earlier post to add an archive.org download link, and I also figured out how to get audio working in the DOS version. Have fun. Later on I'll probably record some DOS gameplay footage for YouTube, and see about uploading a playable-in-browser version to the archive also.
  8. Being on-rails makes it automatically far better than TekWar, in my estimation... It's basically a cheap 2.5D clone of Virtua Cop.
  9. https://archive.org/details/audio-wizard https://revenant1.net/AudioWizard.7z Alright, here's the driver disc with Overseas Mission on it (in the "ADCOPSEA" directory). There are two versions, one for DOS ("PLAY.BAT") and one for Win9x ("ADCOPSEA.EXE"). Both versions require using the "-dir" argument on the command line to point to where the game data is located on disk (e.g. "-dir D:\ADCOPSEA"), even if you're running it directly from the CD. Or, you can just launch the Windows version from the CD's autoplay menu which does this for you. For some reason, you'll have to do some manual tweaking to get sound and music working in the DOS version. After installing the game, open API4GW.INI in a text editor and add these lines: [driver] Digpak = 1 Midpak = 1 After that, run SNDSETUP.EXE and pick your usual hardware. The Windows version has working sound, but seems to lock up in my XP VM when actually trying to start a game, and needs to be run in Win95 compatibility mode in order to even launch. I'll need to test it in one of my actual 9x VMs or something later.
  10. Revenant

    The amazing "identify that Doom song" thread.

    As for de-ep1.wad, D_DM2INT is the player select theme from the SNES version of The Ninja Warriors. I don't recognize the others offhand, though.
  11. Revenant

    The amazing "identify that Doom song" thread.

    The titles on VGMusic seem to be partly based on the SNES port, which inexplicably mixes up several of the song titles in the sound test. Lightning War is the actual stage 2 theme, though.
  12. Revenant

    The amazing "identify that Doom song" thread.

    de-ep1.pk3: D_OPOST2 is Toxic Seahorse's theme from Mega Man X3, D_TEST is "Lightning War" from Raiden.
  13. Sometime over the holidays I'll see if I can still find the CD that I got Overseas Mission off of so I can properly archive it, if anybody's interested.
  14. Revenant

    Anime avatars confuse me

    guys can someone tell me if this anime avatar is a boy or not?? i keep seeing it on doom world and its SO confusing please help
  15. Revenant

    The amazing "identify that Doom song" thread.

    D_DDTBLU is Stevie Nicks - "Edge of Seventeen" D_THEDA2 is an arrangement of the ingame music from the Windows version of Chip's Challenge D_DOOM2 is Duran Duran - "Hungry Like the Wolf" D_MESSG2 is Ram Jam - "Black Betty" and at least a couple of others that I recognize but am too tired to name right now