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  1. Actually that was easy:
  2. key bindings menu is in my near future plans. I think I can use some ideas from prboom+/boom m_menu.c . (Some times I regret that I used the original linux C source as a base and not boom). About mouse I think I can put a sensitivity multiplier for both X & Y axis (eg from 0% to 200%).
  3. Version is available. DOWNLOAD LINKS: Executable (Also includes launcher, the DD_IDE tool and the script command line compiler - ddc) Source Code Latest improvements: Voxels: Added support for slab6 VOX voxels. Now recornizes kvx voxels inside the VX_START/VX_END namespace. For debugging purposes added vox_exportlightmap console command (OpenGL version only). Exports the current lightmap into a ddvox voxel. OpenGL Rendering: Limit OpenGL framerate to monitor refresh rate is now preserved and executed right from defaults. Lower memory utilization for OpenGL renderer (visplane declaration does not include the unneeded for the gl renderer visindex arrays). Game Logic: Added 'CANPASS' alias for 'PASSMOBJ' flag in ACTORDEF definitions. Added pushfactor mobjinfo field. It determines how much a PUSHABLE mobj can be pushed. Default is FRACUNIT div 4 (25% of pusher speed) Added PS_GetMobjInfoPushFactor PascalScript function. Returns the PushFactor of mobjinfo. Parse SNDINFO & SNDINFO.txt entries from PK3 files. Fixes to SNDINFO parsing. A_Jump* mobjinfo functions will check if parameter is a label and jump to it. We can now define interval for THINKERs inside ACTORDEF lumps. Example using the THINKER keyword can be downloaded here. Added A_RandomGoto & A_ResetHealth ACTORDEF functions. User Interface: We can use PG_UP & PG_DOWN keys in the console to view the previous messages. New Tools: PK3ENTRY: This is a command line tool that encapsulates multiple PK3 files inside a WAD file. (Download: Binary Executable, Source Code) Download at sourceforge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/delphidoom/files/DelphiDoom%202.0.4/
  4. Version 1.6.3 is available. What's new slab6 *.VOX files support. Both importing and exporting. Convert voxel to Doom, Heretic, Hexen or Strife palette. Change working palette. Quantize voxel pixels to 256 color palette. Batch convertion of ddvox files to slab6 *.VOX files. Lowest CPU utilization when idle. Fixes to mouse control movement. Fixed export sprite in PK3/ZIP file, it generated WAD file instead. Speed optimizations in export sprite using multiple CPU cores. Downloads Windows Executable and source code: https://sourceforge.net/projects/delphidoom-voxel-editor/files/DD_VOXEL_1.6.3/ Screenshots
  5. jval

    Chocolate Doom

  6. jval

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    I suspect that textured automap need GL-Nodes.
  7. Version is available. Latest improvements include: Fixes to PNG textures, faster loading, fixed problems with latest DHDP ZLib updated to version 1.2.8 Corrected some issues with PK3ENTRY lump (long filename aliases inside WADs) OpenGL model rendering using external DLLs. Example here. This feature may be used as a loader for unsupported model formats, and it's functionality will be enriched in future releases. ACTORDEF functions parameters/declaration appear to the DD_IDE tool for all branches (Heretic, Hexen & Strife), not only Doom. Download link at sourceforge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/delphidoom/files/DelphiDoom%202.0.4/
  8. jval

    Mapping in Doom before Doom Builder

    I was using DEU during 90's.
  9. In 1995 I got Doom2 CD-Rom for 10.000 drachmas (at that point 1 USD was 237 drachmas**) so I paid about $42.19. **Source for exchange rate (Greek language): Καθ. Γ. Αλογοσκούφης, Διεθνής Οικονομική, 2013, page 5
  10. jval

    Wads of new monsters?

    DDMonsters.wad works with DelphiDoom and contains a lot of monsters converted from realm667 site.
  11. jval

    Reliable IWAD detection method

    You can use the checksum for known IWADs. See the wiki
  12. jval

    How many classic Doom players are there today?

    We can count doomworld members :)
  13. jval

    Doom and Quake weapons: Which are better?

    I was always fun of Quake's nailgun, but in Doom every weapon has it's unique character.
  14. jval

    Increasing save file slots in GLBoom/PRBoom+

    Using a dehacked file with altered savegame string should work.
  15. jval

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I 've tried various source ports, but the problem was always there. Maybe the colors?