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  1. DelphiDoom also renders the ENDOOM screen in the game window, with raster font, with a few dozen lines of code. (repo) Perhaps someone can convert it to C, and use it. Done:
  2. jval


    I've heard something about a viewer ..... https://sourceforge.net/projects/endedit/files/ENDVIEW_1.0/ENDVIEW_1.0.zip/download
  3. You can start doom32.exe (software renderer executable) with: "-fullscreen" command line option. This will open in fullscreen, but in shared fullscreen mode (i.e. it will not mess your desktop). Shared full screen is available only in software rendering mode and may cause performance drop (depending on you VGA card). "-nofullscreen" or "-windowed" command line options to start in windowed mode. DelphiDoom uses ACTORDEF scripting, which is quite similar to DECORATE. It will try to parse DECORATE lumps. There is a common base with ZDoom DECORATE, i.e. you can write DECORATE scripts compatible with both ports, but DelphiDoom is not 100% compatible with ZDoom features and vise versa. A lot of examples can be found at https://sourceforge.net/projects/delphidoom/files/Tools%2C maps and examples/ A good resource is the DD_MONSTERS pack, an old conversion of some of the monsters found in 667realm site. Other/newer examples use more complex ACTORDEF (also PascalScript & ACS) scripting.
  4. Greed with search for FLIs in the following paths (in that specific order): The directory of xGreed.exe (executable - source port) The directory of GREED.BLO file (main data file) The .\Movies directory inside the #1 The .\Movies directory inside the #2 The CD drive path \GREED\MOVIES\ The CD drive path \GREED2\MOVIES\ The CD drive path \GREED3\MOVIES\ The CD drive path \MOVIES\
  5. Ohh, sorry, I thought you couldn't enter the secret level. I'll try to see if all the map triggers work ok....
  6. Exporting the maps from RAD2WAD tool has been done, but.... unfortunately without the slopes part. For slopes RAD uses additional structures than can not be exported in Doom format, they work a bit different than DelphiDoom's slopes.
  7. You can try the "E" & "Q" keys (in WASD keyboard mode), or, any other keys you've assigned for up/down. Still this behavior is noticeable but at least you don't stuck "glued" in the slope surface. I've managed to enter secret level without problems, please make sure to kill all enemies. The walls don't count as enemies (but the mines do). There are 2 enemies behind the doors, kill them too (notice the 89/89 kill count in hud): Then return to the middle of the map and enter the secret exit: And for cheats.....
  8. jval

    Do You Own a Device Capable of Playing Audio CDs?

    My home stereo has a cd/dvd/b-ray player. A 19 old pioneer DVR 620H-S dvd-recorder. A portable AIWA CD player. An external USB DVD recorder drive. My car has a cd player also. An old Sony CD/Cassete/Radio portable player. Finally, I've got more than 800 original CD music albums.
  9. Can't test it, but theoretically there is multiplayer support. You must run it from cmd line like this: rad -net PLAYER_NO [-deathmatch] Where: PLAYER_NO -> 1, 2, 3 or 4 Player #1 is the host Also some other options: -dup 2 -dup 3 ... -dup 9 Tick update every 2, 3, ... 9 ticks -port XXXXX Specify an extra port XXXXX
  10. jval

    Is it possible to remake Tek War in Doom?

    Ohh, no way! I don't touch Build.
  11. jval

    favorite track in doom? (classic games)

    Sign Of Evil!
  12. Thanks, fixed in the repository! No, this is totally wrong, and I get the same problem after deleting the flat cache. I work around it, thanks for reporting! EDIT: Work around: Every new track in GLSpeed uses a huge virtual flat (4096x4096 px) named E2MxFLAT (created at runtime). The flat is cached to disk the first time you run GLSpeed, so it doesn't have to be created each time you run the game. There is a problem with the E2M8 map, this track was originally designed to be the E1M9 (as a single bonus track to the original game), but later I decided to make a whole new championship (i.e. episode) and the track renamed to E2M8. Unfortunately I forgot to change the track flat, so that's why the problem appears. I couldn't notice the error since the flat was already cached in my PC as E1M9FLAT. I'll fix it ASAP.
  13. That's not normal, what's your PC specs?
  14. Yes, it's coded in Delphi. Should compile with FPC/Lazarus with minor changes.