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  1. MTrop

    MTrop's Doom Tools Redux

    New Release! Links updated. WTEXport no longer butchers texture ordering. A sort was removed that didn't need to happen. This means it'll still preserve all the wacky stuff that mods like BTSX do where animation frames for textures and flats are added by fudging with texture/flat order. Yay! WTEXport Changed for 1.1.0 Changed - Removed an unnecessary sort step that butchered that Animation handling in flats and textures. Changed - Added some needed help.
  2. MTrop

    MTrop's Doom Tools Redux

    New Release! New links at the top post! WadMerge Changed for 1.1.0 Added - The CREATEFILE command for creating a File instead of a Buffer. Changed - If a problem occurs in any command execution, a better error message is output. Changed - The MERGEDIR command sorts files alphabetically, files first, then directories. WadScript Changed for 1.0.1 Fixed - Markdown documentation output.
  3. In before this topic is closed to further replies.
  4. The callout post was due to Shadowman being a creeper who shoves his creeper nonsense into every dumb WAD he touches, and it looks like that's what happened there, as well. Hell, I can recall one time where this very forum straight-up rejected contributions to Freedoom because a member couldn't keep their contributions from being a bunch of references to school shooters. So no, I'm not worried.
  5. MTrop

    Welp, doghouse time.

  6. MTrop

    MTrop's Doom Tools Redux

    IMPORTANT: You'll need Java 8 or higher installed to run these! Latest Release (Windows CMD Version) 999 KB Latest Release (MacOS/Linux/Cygwin/WSL Bash Version) 994 KB GitHub Repository GitHub Latest Releases Installation Unzip/untar the release to its own directory, and then add that directory to the list of directories in your PATH environment variable. Oi, what's all this, then? Howdy, y'all. It's ya boy, MTrop. I've been slaving away at a hot computer making a bunch of utilities that are pretty dang helpful for my Doom Editing nonsense, and if you want that sort of thing as well (and have a Java Runtime Environment, version 8 or higher, like the paragon of integrity that I know you are), you too can use these! Yes, indeed! From the guy who got you an amazing game that you have been putting off playing and a Java Library that exists only to give OMGIFOL competition, comes this fantastic set of command-line utilities that are guaranteed 99.9% of the time to be the perfect tool for doing a bunch of different things for whatever the heck you need. WadTex A utility that imports or exports a DEUTEX-style texture file into/from a WAD file with a set of TEXTUREx/PNAMES lumps. SLADE does an excellent job of doing texture management, but if you're the kind of weirdo that likes managing stuff via text files, this is for you! wadtex doom2.wad --export texture1.txt wadtex d2tex.wad --import texture1.txt WSWANTBL A utility that, like SWANTBLS, imports or exports SWITCHES/ANIMATED data into/from a WAD file, creating/reading a file that is formatted like DEFSWANI.DAT from way back when. Again, for big nerds that like big text files. wswantbl boomstuf.wad --export DEFSWANI.txt wswantbl boomstuf.wad --import DEFSWANI.txt WTexScan A utility that scans one or more WAD files for maps and dumps the list of flats and textures that it finds. Works for DOOM, ZDOOM/HEXEN, and UDMF maps. wtexscan maps.wad The output may look strange, because it is best used with.... WTEXport The second version of TEXtract, WTEXport is a utility that extracts a set of flats and textures from a source WAD and adds the extracted textures to a new WAD or an existing WAD, using the output piped in from WTexScan. Also uses ANIMATED/SWITCHES in order to figure out extra textures to copy over to complete full sets. wtexscan maps.wad | wtexport texturepack.wad --base-wad doom2.wad --output maps.wad --add wtexscan maps.wad | wtexport texturepack.wad --base-wad doom2.wad --output mapstex.wad --create It has some limitations though - doesn't read ANIMDEFS yet. In that case you may be better off doing things more manually via WadTex. WadMerge A utility for making simple build scripts for compiling together projects made of several files into a single WADs, or merging WADs of different kinds together. Very flexible. wadmerge build.txt You can make snazzy build scripts that look like this! create outwad datemarker outwad __VER__ # Merge in maps. mergewad outwad maps/map01.wad mergewad outwad maps/map02.wad mergewad outwad maps/map03.wad # Merge in textures. marker outwad pp_start mergedir outwad textures/patches marker outwad pp_end marker outwad ff_start mergedir outwad textures/flats marker outwad ff_end mergedeutexfile outwad textures/texture1.txt # Export to file. finish outwad build/mymod.wad end Go crazy! Hey Matt, these utilities are great and all, but I think I could probably do better. Oh yeah, hot-shot? You think you can do a better job than me? Well, guess what? ...YOU CAN! WadScript This final utility is a doozy - it employs a sophisticated scripting language called RookScript (made by yours truly) with some function extensions for manipulating WAD data! It's SO FLEXIBLE! There are even functions for doing byte-by-byte reading and streaming in case you want to do something not covered in the built-in functions! WHOA! Check this! Open a WAD and print its entry list: entry main(args) { if (args[0] === null) { return error("NoWAD", "No WAD specified."); } check (err) { wad = wadfile(args[0]); each (i, e : wad->waditerate()) { println(i + ": " + e.name + ", " + e.size + " bytes, at offset " + e.offset); } } close(wad); if (err != null) { return err; } } Then you just run the script with: wadscript filenameOfScript.wscript file.wad NOTE: The arguments after the script file are passed in via that args variable, so "file.wad" is readable from args[0]. Or if you're in MacOS/Linux/Cygwin/WSL, you can just slap #!/usr/bin/env wadscript into the first line and flag the script as executable! Wow! (You can even do a similar thing with WadMerge scripts) Built-in function documentation for WadScript is included in the release archives, or you can type: wadscript --function-help ...and send the output to a file or what-have-you. To get it in Markdown format, use --function-help-markdown. A quick guide to RookScript is here (and included in the utilities): https://blackrooksoftware.github.io/RookScript/ You also get the regular RookScript utility without the Doom extensions for FREE! rookscript [scriptfile] But Maaaaaatt, I have a hate vendetta against Oracle and don't like their Java binaries! That's cool - I don't like them either! You can either install an OpenJDK on MacOS or Linux or use an OpenJDK-compatible build like Azul Zulu. It's what I use. Anything Java 8 and higher will work. In Conclusion If you run into bugs with these tools, please add issues to the issues section on the project GitHub page. THAT'S ALL! HAVE FUN!
  7. Ultra-Violence for the main IWADs, Hurt Me Plenty for mods, because, and I'm sure it's already been said, community skill has increased, so HMP is kinda "New UV" for community-made things. When making stuff, though, I use HMP for the baseline, HNTR for narrowing player attention, and UV for being a little unfair, and if I can get through my UV setup (since I'm not playing blind), it's probably good for everybody new to it.
  8. MTrop

    Torm's apology for the Doom community

    For what it's worth, I accept @Tormentor667's apology and his acknowledgement of the origins of the Blade of Agony website, but the best apology, to me, and perhaps to others (though I don't claim to speak for them, as their accusations are more severe) is to practice self-vigilance and ensure that it doesn't happen again. It may be easier to ask forgiveness than to get permission, but the better man asks permission when reasonably unsure. I forgive, but I can assure you - we (and I) will still be watching.
  9. Who disturbs my slumber? Oh. This shit. Torm's always been a copy-paster. I just didn't know that it escaped the confines of his maps! But I at least feel pretty flattered that he decided to lift a lot of the page titles, content, and basic layouts for the Blade of Agony website from The Adventures of Square's website - up to and including my strange version-size-operating system blurbs on the Downloads page, the team page titling and passage ordering, and having similar page titles and a page called "locales" ("locales"?! Who the hell calls it that?! Other than me, it seems.). At least he had the sense to not copy my awkward Bootstrap/jQuery use. Can't wait to see the outpouring of Torm sycophants swarming this thread. You know what they say, "Immature artists copy, great artists steal." Three cheers to a great artist! HIP-HIP, GO FUCK YOURSELF
  10. MTrop


    You're welcome. :)
  11. MTrop

    A map made by a 12 year old

    Seems sparse. Lots of space, not much action. Map can be run through without enemy engagement. One star.
  12. I'll put up $10 for a Pavera map, and he can take 100% of the credit!
  13. MTrop

    Why do so many of you guys have Anime PFP's?

    I have my avatar because I don't like fun.
  14. MTrop

    Doom Struct Java Library 2.0.0

    Load a level? Yes! Render a level? Unfortunately, no. This library does not contain anything out-of-the-box for rendering, but you can still read the data.