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  1. MTrop


    If you want something quick, fun, challenging, and a little nostalgic, play this. Good job, Jimmy.
  2. I like its oppressive atmosphere and subtle soundtrack. It was also a map that finally made me think of strategic uses for the chainsaw, so kudos for that. The teal/pinkish red palette is interesting, through I think the colormap should have been adjusted better - it may look better if the colormap keeps a vivid fade on the saturated colors rather than desaturate to gray. This will allow you to keep the atmosphere and use color as a "guiding mechanism" if or when your maps get hard to navigate. I like the use of lighting for contrast. Another small nitpick would just be that use of that outdoor area - something about those trees staying perfectly level looked weird, and not in an "unsettling, out-of-place" way that you seem to be shooting for. All in all, I like the current direction. Keep it up!
  3. MTrop

    Your pet peeves for what people do in doom

    For what it's worth, there's lots of amazing music out there and that's always cool, but I do get annoyed when the music assets become the majority budget of a replacement WAD, data-wise. Though my biggest pet peeve in Doom (and this may sound like a smartass cop-out) is people getting annoyed at how other people consume Doom. Sure, authors have an intent in mind, but once it hits your computer, it's out of the author's hands, which is hard for most authors to come to grips with. Modding is always a two-way street. The problem arises when a consumer thinks they're "owed" something because they don't like a thing they've chosen to consume, even in the manner that they've chosen to consume it. We create because we like to create, you consume because you like to consume, but the latter is always the product of the former. The unfortunate dynamic of a fan culture is believing that the consumers have agency. They don't. They especially don't when there's no exchange of money involved. I find that the best way to participate in a community of creators is to create what you personally enjoy, and if others like it, then you have the opportunity to lead by example in order to correct where you believe it's gone awry. Today, it's far easier to create stuff for Doom than ever. A lot of this is easy for me to say since I've been doing it a lot, but to be honest, anybody can really do this, and there have been plenty of newcomers that do it better than I. So, what do you give back?
  4. MTrop

    The philosophy of level design

    Okay so where do I put the Barons of Hell
  5. MTrop

    a new doom.wad? thoughts on sandbox and community

    We have plenty of Doom.wads. They're here. Hell, I just made 6 Doom II maps last weekend. That's like... one-sixth of a Doom.wad. You want a new Doom.wad? Make a new Doom.wad. The community already sells itself. We're already pretty recognized. This is a weaksauce call to action, bro.
  6. If you frame it technologically, once Source Ports started gaining features seen in Heretic/Hexen and beyond. If framed by map design, that's impossible to determine due to it being completely subjective. There are quite a few maps out there that lean on detailing and let gameplay suffer, while some others explore concepts not covered in the original maps. If anything, the community's efforts helped broaden the art, even when it hasn't "improved" on it, creating more opportunities to explore "what works and what doesn't." I'd say though, at this point, we as a community of creators have at least pushed past the original confines of the engine itself, which is "surpassing id," in a way.
  7. The Cresceptre's projectiles home in on targets (whatever shootable is in the crosshair), but only from a certain distance. It's powerful, but you'll need to aim accurately if you want to really deal lots of damage. It's pretty good in crowds when you're surrounded, too!
  8. You'll need some assistance from angels. Maybe some kind of a sphere.
  9. 1. 33/M 2. United States 3. All of them, except for the ones on consoles/handhelds that are not Doom64. 4. Doom 2. It was the most well-rounded experience, gameplay-wise, but I like Doom 1's level design better. 5. Doom 2 highest, then Doom, Doom2016, Doom64, Doom 3. Doom64 was great and atmospheric, but disappointing content-wise. It may have been due to memory constraints. Doom 3 was decidedly not "Doom" as people wanted it. The expansion pack was better, though. 6. It did a bit of a dip in the middle as nostalgia was used as a driving element for sales, but Doom2016 made up for it a lot in that regard. 7. Nostalgia? No. I have plenty of that with modding/mapping. It is very much its own thing, though, and that's not bad. I still really like it. 8. A worthwhile investment of time and money if you like first-person shooters, both classic and new. Also a really good medium for testing gameplay ideas via enhanced engines and source ports. 9. Doom 3 was a step backwards in terms of carrying on the gameplay values that the series established. I feel that the only reason why people even remember it is because "Doom" is in the name.
  10. He's gonna be a voice for one of the enemies in E3. It'll be a surprise, though!
  11. MTrop

    The DWIronman League dies to: Coffee Break

    I almost feel obligated to have an exhibition run. Good luck, everybody!
  12. In the interest of staying on topic - Hey, @Sergeant_Mark_IV. Congrats on your award. Now that you have hit the apex of stardom, you can finally shed the shackles of working on Brutal Doom. It must be a soul-crushing creative drain by now. What's next on the agenda for ModDB's #1 modder?
  13. MTrop

    Kate Fox has passed away

    This news hits pretty hard for me. I didn't have very much correspondence with her, as my only personal connection to her was "fellow New Jersian," but I was glad to hear that she finally got the help she needed. It is a tremendous shame this happened, and the Doom Community has lost an impressive coder and modder. I hope that she was at least happy before her passing, and that she knew how much she was appreciated.
  14. MTrop

    Why don't people just use UDMF format?

    As the resident old man who has mapped for every conceivable format that a map can be in from Doom's inception up until now, every last person who is still posting in this thread after Xaser's post on page one should be ashamed of themselves for the white noise that they have created (I honestly expected better of some of you). The bickering from the rest of page one up to this post can be summarized as a bunch of novice mappers waving their physical and metaphorical dongs around about how their chosen preference is superior than the others or about how their chosen source port is superior than the others (which is NOT the topic of the thread, by the way). It is akin to children arguing over what video game console is better than the other, fueled only because their mothers had enough money to buy them just one company's console in the current generation. For those that can afford them all, this is an argument perpetuated by insecure dingbats grasping at straws in order to feel superior to somebody else. I could offer more insight into this nonsense and risk getting pulled into this shit-show, but I'd rather just pinch off this nugget of truth into this toilet bowl of a thread: all of your maps are terrible, so I really don't understand what could possibly be gained by arguing on an internet forum and not working on your mapping skills, all the while wondering why your magnum opuses haven't finished themselves yet. Git gud, scrubs. MTrop out.