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  1. Every map is still a microcosm in itself. If you have doors that open remotely in your map, establish early that all of those doors look the same, and you have a differing door that you can immediately open to establish a pattern of what door does what (players will still double-check those doors anyway). Same goes for "what lifts are" and other map features. Texture or decoration adornments work pretty well for matching switches or triggers to closed doors via color or pattern, though I tend to use colors over patterns. I'm a big fan of the player having a line of sight to whatever a switch or trigger opens, or being close enough to be in earshot of an affected object's sounds. It keeps your map feeling like the placement of doors, switches, and points of view are intentional to the world that you are building, instead of something like a switch being on the opposite side of the map to what it affects, unless the player has no choice but to re-traverse where it affects. If a door is opened by a switch and it is easy to miss on the way back, a nice brainhack that I like to do is put a monster behind that opened door, so it'll immediately attract the player's attention once it's opened (see Adventures of Square E2A6, after the big switch that reveals the tanks is flipped and the missable door to the red area is opened - there's a projectile firing guy that will immediately alert the player as they make their way back to the central blue chamber). Players always respond to threats, so anything that pulls their attention will create those notes of where to go next.
  2. MTrop

    The Official DoomTools Thread

    Another release - main changes are adding some commands to WadMerge and a change to a keyword in DECOHack (old patches will still build). https://github.com/MTrop/DoomTools/releases/tag/2022.09.01-RELEASE Changes ------- - **2022-08-23** New Folders get "new folder" names on directory trees. DECOHack -------- ### Changed for 0.29.0 * `Added` `monstersFightOwnSpecies` miscellany field. (Enhancement #82) ### Changed for 0.28.0 * `Added` Documentation for all pointers in is HTML when dumped with `--dump-pointers-html`. WadMerge -------- ### Changed for 1.9.0 * `Added` [GUI] Verbose output flag for running scripts. * `Added` MERGEENTRY and MERGEENTRYFILE commands.
  3. Many, many moons ago, I started playing Doom with cheats on because I liked BFG'ing monsters in the face. Now, I'm a middle-tier map designer! Play Doom the way you want and let the dorks who flex their saving habits eat each other.
  4. MTrop

    The Official DoomTools Thread

    Added/fixed some stuff to/in DoomMake this time around: https://github.com/MTrop/DoomTools/releases/tag/2022.08.11-RELEASE Yup, Project Search is now a thing. It's not super advanced, but it gets the job done. Only searches files believed to be text only. Changes ------- - **2022-08-08** Markdown is rendered out in Help dialogs. DoomMake -------- ### Changed for 0.20.0 * `Added` [GUI-Studio] Project search. * `Fixed` [GUI] Repository managers attempted to call CMD on non-Windows OSes. * `Fixed` [GUI] Opening a Terminal on macOS now works as intended.
  5. MTrop

    The Official DoomTools Thread

    Another one: https://github.com/MTrop/DoomTools/releases/tag/2022.08.04-RELEASE Changes ------- - **2022-08-04** Added `--changelog` switches to all utilities. DoomMake -------- ### Changed for 0.19.0 * `Added` A Texture WAD project type for new projects.
  6. Many welcomes back, mouldy. Good to see that you are still at it!
  7. MTrop

    Rant: Vanilla is too limited

    As a creator, if you pick a format that you want to work in, you don't get to complain about its limits. As a player, if you play a map that is built around a feature set, you'd expect those features to be used, hopefully effectively. However, both should not expect more out of what they choose to work in or play, given the experience of the author. Entitlement goes both ways. Dealing with limitations make you a better artist - not for "flexing" or "street cred," but how to think about effective use of your available resources. Even the "limitless" ports have limits, and people will still find ways to complain about them. We work on bounded machines. It's the nature of the beast. The best we can do is acknowledge the truth, and temper our expectations.
  8. MTrop

    The Official DoomTools Thread

    Another update, mostly to DECOHack: https://github.com/MTrop/DoomTools/releases/tag/2022.07.28-RELEASE Changes ------- - **2022-07-27** Some GUI graphics cleanup and changes. DECOHack -------- ### Changed for 0.27.0 * `Added` The `state protect` and `state unprotect` clauses now accept state index clauses, not just numbers. (Enhancement #12) * `Added` Custom properties. (Enhancement #55, #54) Yes, indeed! DECOHack now allows custom properties on "non-standard" ports and patches! All you have to do is declare them ahead of their use, similar to how custom action pointers work! From the docs: ============================================================================== ===== Custom Properties ============================================================================== There are some ports out there that accept additional DeHackEd properties. In order to use those, you have to declare them ahead of time, like custom action pointers. custom <Object> property <Name> <DEHLabel> <ValueType> ...where <Object> is one of: thing, weapon, misc, state, sound, ammo ...and <Name> is the property name. ...and <DEHLabel> is the DeHackEd entry name when the DEH patch gets written. ...and <ValueType> is one of: bool // 0 or 1 byte // -127 to 127 ubyte // 0 to 255 short // -32767 to 32767 ushort // 0 to 65535 int // -2147483648 to 2147483647 uint // 0 to 2147483647 angleint // -359 to 359 angleuint // 0 to 359 anglefixed // -359.99998 to 359.99998 fixed // -32768.99998 to 32767.99998 state // 0 to 2147483647, verify valid state index, reference, or label. thing // 0 to 2147483647, verify valid thing index. thingmissile // 0 to 2147483647, verify valid thing index, and thing is a MISSILE. weapon // 0 to 2147483647, verify valid weapon index. sound // valid sound name. flags // -2147483648 to 2147483647, flag expression string // any string expression, written as-is. For example, Doom Retro's "gib health" property for Things can be defined as: custom thing property gibhealth "Gib health" int Happy hacking!
  9. MTrop

    Megalyth Brendt Pantley R.I.P

    Megalyth was an inspiration - an omnipresent fixture in the Doom Community who always spoke through his work. His absence will be felt. My condolences to you and your family.
  10. MTrop

    The Official DoomTools Thread

    A small update/fix: https://github.com/MTrop/DoomTools/releases/tag/2022.07.25-RELEASE DoomMake -------- ### Changed for 0.18.1 * `Fixed` [GUI] The Git repo manager did not pick up untracked changes. * `Added` [GUI] The Beta version of the Mercurial repo manager. Wouldn't be good if new files couldn't be committed, am I right?
  11. MTrop

    The Official DoomTools Thread

    Oh frabjous day, callooh, callay! A new version of DoomTools is here, along with DoomMake Studio, so you probably should use the installer to get a useful shortcut added to your start menu. Ain't it purdy? I made it mahself! DoomMake Studio is an all-in-one DoomMake project IDE, with an integrated directory listing (which was also added to WadScript and DECOHack), and well as a Git repository controller! Whoa! (Mercurial coming soon) For non-Windows users (and Windows as well), you can start DoomMake Studio from the command line in the root of your project with: doommake --studio You can also start it from the DoomTools GUI, but it will start as a separate program. EDIT: I should also mention that it is samrt enough to figure out whether something should be opened in a system editor or in SLADE or whatever map editor you use, as long as you set that up in options! Full list of changes is here: Changes ------- - **2022-07-18** Fixed syntax highlighting for strings on RookScript-based languages (WadScript, DoomMake). DECOHack -------- ### Changed for 0.26.0 * `Fixed` Added some bit flags that were missing from the docs: UNUSEDX bits, FRIENDLY. * `Added` A directory tree for the GUI. * `Added` A warning on wrong int/fixed type use (Enhancement #78). * `Added` A warning on wrong Thing type use (MISSILE vs. not) (Enhancement #77). DoomMake -------- ### Changed for 0.18.0 * `Added` A "Studio" mode only runnable as a Desktop App. WadScript --------- ### Changed for 1.6.0 * `Added` A directory tree for the GUI. And that's it! Happy hacking!
  12. MTrop

    The Official DoomTools Thread

    That is, unfortunately, intended behavior. Freeing from a state will keep following and freeing the next state it until it reaches a "protected" (which is, out-of-the-box, state 0 or 1) or an already-freed state. Weirdly enough, it's safer to free a whole weapon and rewriting it than a single label. I'm starting to think that I need to add the ability to protect a state via current label to stop the "freeing traversal," or some kind of "safe free" that follows until it hits a defined label. EDIT: Added enhancement: https://github.com/MTrop/DoomTools/issues/80
  13. MTrop

    The Official DoomTools Thread

    The only time you get any kind of output is via actually executing a tool, so I thought a pop-up modal was still okay for utility-invoking actions that were user-initiated, as opposed to passively logging them in some location. This may change in the future, but in order to get a passive text box going, I'll have to change a bit of plumbing. If it's any consolation, closing the modal does not interrupt the process, but then again, you'd be closing a modal every time. I could maybe include an option to not show logging output. Hmmm.... EDIT: On second thought, this may not be as difficult as I imagined. There's a single place in the code that creates the modals - if I return the same one, several outputs can go to one text area!
  14. MTrop

    The Official DoomTools Thread

    Coming soon to a DoomMake near you. That's right - I'm an insane person who decided to write an IDE. Pray for me.
  15. MTrop

    The Official DoomTools Thread

    Did you re-install the JRE version? That should contain the packages to run the editor. You might be missing some encoding packs that it requires. EDIT: I have updated the release post to remind people to re-install the application due to the above issue.