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  1. MTrop

    How should I contribute to the Doom community?

    The technical details aren't really important. Those just hollowly impress. Like @Linguica said, take what you like to do, and apply it to Doom. Don't worry at all about looking back at your old stuff and being like, "Ugh, what was I thinking," because that just means you've improved since then, and recognize that you have. I wish I had a nickel for every time I caught myself doing that, and I've been doing this for well over 22 years! And if you do release crap, who cares? Everything starts off crappy, from maps to mods. Be comfortable with the fact that you're gonna make crap. But it is through the magic of the Internet and the sheer number of people that will see your works in progress and comment on them that your work will be critiqued into being good eventually. Not everybody's opinions are valid, but as long as you know what you want to do with whatever you make, you'll quickly figure what feedback is valuable, and what is not. But you still have to make things. You can always post a thread requesting feedback on something unfinished. Like Jake the Dog from Adventure Time says, "Sucking at something is the first step to being sorta good at something."
  2. MTrop

    Dusk - Hexen + Quake + Doom

    Hark! Prick up thine ears, lovers of games of electronic birth! Thy tastes in consumable media are not on mine level, for I hath dwelled in both poverty and riches, the likes of which are bequeathèd unto me by mine mother's gracious allowances, once the yardwork ist completed afore the weekend! Men who maketh mine merriment, wherefore dost thou barter with mine meager gold so unfairly? Is a man not entitled to mirth upon his own terms? Is it not thee who smith worlds for mine amusement; fields of diversion for mine endless frolic? I haveth thine means for sustenance, therefore I maketh the orders and the music by which you dance! O brash knaves, with tongues forkèd and at thine ready to skewer me for mine dilemma so weighted, wherefore dost thou taketh the side of these vagabonds, whose employ is a dark spot upon thine marketplace? You invite this pox into thine houses willingly?! Hast thou no shame, unclean swine, bitten by the fleas from lying with these slothful curs? I can see, from mine steed so high, that thou wretches, unclean and unfit for my words, hath resigned to writhing in mud, with which thine ears are caked, and can hear nought. I shall taketh my leave, to rideth back to mine computing engine, to push mine efforts to the void, ne'er to be seen by mortal eyes, and shall receiveth many pats upon mine back, delivered by mine own hand! Huzzah!
  3. 90's: Dimensions of Time 00's: Community Chest 3 10's: Coffee Break Episode 1
  4. MTrop

    Hell Park - My First Level

    Short and fun. It started off pretty challenging, though everything got easier after I picked up the plasma rifle. A little too easy. Ammo balance got far too generous right after the first key, though health pickups were adequate. Not bad for a first map. I find most maps that people enjoy keep a player thinking on their feet. An easy map can get boring, but that's just me. Keep mapping!
  5. Seconding this. At the very least GZDoom should turn off that gradient in software.
  6. MTrop

    Cold Open: Single Map WAD for Boom

    I felt like the indoor parts needed a little bit more light contrast so that everything isn't the same shade of brown, and that the yellow door bars need a little bit better telegraphing, like making the bars yellow themselves or a similar color. Usually brown bars mean that an area is opened remotely, not directly. The lava floor in the indoor area close to the beginning that have the uneven rubble in them may benefit from an invisible floor. Seems like a waste to make the lava damaging there since it would happen rarely. Up to you. I like the atmosphere and the texture use. Decent challenge, overall, though I felt there was too much ammo given to the player near the end. Looking forward to the next set of maps!
  7. Why the hell not. I'm in. Reminder that the US is in Daylight Savings now - did you mean EDT, or did you really mean EST?
  8. MTrop


    If you want something quick, fun, challenging, and a little nostalgic, play this. Good job, Jimmy.
  9. I like its oppressive atmosphere and subtle soundtrack. It was also a map that finally made me think of strategic uses for the chainsaw, so kudos for that. The teal/pinkish red palette is interesting, through I think the colormap should have been adjusted better - it may look better if the colormap keeps a vivid fade on the saturated colors rather than desaturate to gray. This will allow you to keep the atmosphere and use color as a "guiding mechanism" if or when your maps get hard to navigate. I like the use of lighting for contrast. Another small nitpick would just be that use of that outdoor area - something about those trees staying perfectly level looked weird, and not in an "unsettling, out-of-place" way that you seem to be shooting for. All in all, I like the current direction. Keep it up!
  10. MTrop

    Your pet peeves for what people do in doom

    For what it's worth, there's lots of amazing music out there and that's always cool, but I do get annoyed when the music assets become the majority budget of a replacement WAD, data-wise. Though my biggest pet peeve in Doom (and this may sound like a smartass cop-out) is people getting annoyed at how other people consume Doom. Sure, authors have an intent in mind, but once it hits your computer, it's out of the author's hands, which is hard for most authors to come to grips with. Modding is always a two-way street. The problem arises when a consumer thinks they're "owed" something because they don't like a thing they've chosen to consume, even in the manner that they've chosen to consume it. We create because we like to create, you consume because you like to consume, but the latter is always the product of the former. The unfortunate dynamic of a fan culture is believing that the consumers have agency. They don't. They especially don't when there's no exchange of money involved. I find that the best way to participate in a community of creators is to create what you personally enjoy, and if others like it, then you have the opportunity to lead by example in order to correct where you believe it's gone awry. Today, it's far easier to create stuff for Doom than ever. A lot of this is easy for me to say since I've been doing it a lot, but to be honest, anybody can really do this, and there have been plenty of newcomers that do it better than I. So, what do you give back?
  11. MTrop

    The philosophy of level design

    Okay so where do I put the Barons of Hell
  12. MTrop

    a new doom.wad? thoughts on sandbox and community

    We have plenty of Doom.wads. They're here. Hell, I just made 6 Doom II maps last weekend. That's like... one-sixth of a Doom.wad. You want a new Doom.wad? Make a new Doom.wad. The community already sells itself. We're already pretty recognized. This is a weaksauce call to action, bro.
  13. If you frame it technologically, once Source Ports started gaining features seen in Heretic/Hexen and beyond. If framed by map design, that's impossible to determine due to it being completely subjective. There are quite a few maps out there that lean on detailing and let gameplay suffer, while some others explore concepts not covered in the original maps. If anything, the community's efforts helped broaden the art, even when it hasn't "improved" on it, creating more opportunities to explore "what works and what doesn't." I'd say though, at this point, we as a community of creators have at least pushed past the original confines of the engine itself, which is "surpassing id," in a way.
  14. The Cresceptre's projectiles home in on targets (whatever shootable is in the crosshair), but only from a certain distance. It's powerful, but you'll need to aim accurately if you want to really deal lots of damage. It's pretty good in crowds when you're surrounded, too!