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  1. MTrop

    The Official DoomTools Thread

    New Release: https://github.com/MTrop/DoomTools/releases/tag/2024.06.13-RELEASE DECOHack -------- ### Changed for 0.32.0 * `Fixed` [GUI] Some autocomplete docs fixes/changes. * `Added` Added more valid string mnemonics to Boom patches (notably, Woof/ZDoom obituaries). DoomMake -------- ### Changed for 0.26.0 * `Added` DoomMake will check to see if it is already embedded in a project if `--embed` is used. * `Added` Code in base projects for specifying a "library" IWAD file for CI builds. * `Changed` New projects that convert assets and textures will build them into the project build directory, and merged from there. * `Changed` Fixed documentation/comments in the created build scripts. WadMerge -------- ### Changed for 1.11.0 * `Changed` MERGETEXTUREDIR now works on a "P" namespace if it exists in the target buffer.
  2. MTrop

    Runaway script 3 terminated

    Remove the semicolon at the end of your "while" line - you are creating a loop without a delay that will make it execute forever if not for the "runaway script" detection.
  3. MTrop

    The Official DoomTools Thread

    New Release: https://github.com/MTrop/DoomTools/releases/tag/2024.05.20-RELEASE The update to DoomStruct fixes some incongruities with Doom Sector reading/writing. Changes ------- - **2024-05-19** Updated DoomStruct to `2.15.8`. [Changes here.](https://github.com/MTrop/DoomStruct/releases/tag/2.15.8-RELEASE) DECOHack -------- ### Changed for 0.31.2 * `Added` `TRANSLATION1` as a valid bit flag for Things. DoomMake -------- ### Changed for 0.25.1 * `Fixed` [GUI-Studio] Fixed a potential NPE on the file watch service. * `Fixed` [GUI-Studio] Fix WAD detection on opened files. * `Fixed` [GUI-Studio] Studio will no longer try to open binary files as text.
  4. MTrop

    The Official DoomTools Thread

    New Release: https://github.com/MTrop/DoomTools/releases/tag/2024.03.13-RELEASE EDIT: I should clarify that this fixes some issues with certain entry names in existing WADs. Changes ------- - **2024-03-12** Updated DoomStruct to `2.15.6`. [Changes here.](https://github.com/MTrop/DoomStruct/releases/tag/2.15.6-RELEASE)
  5. MTrop

    The Official DoomTools Thread

    New Release: https://github.com/MTrop/DoomTools/releases/tag/2024.02.27-RELEASE DECOHack -------- ### Changed for 0.31.1 * `Fixed` The Soulsphere, Megasphere, Blur Sphere, and Invulnerability didn't have their `TRANSLUCENT` flag set. (Issue #112)
  6. MTrop

    The Official DoomTools Thread

    New Release: https://github.com/MTrop/DoomTools/releases/tag/2024.02.20-RELEASE Changes ------- - **2024-02-19** Updated DoomStruct to `2.15.5`. [Changes here.](https://github.com/MTrop/DoomStruct/releases/tag/2.15.5-RELEASE) DImgConv -------- ### Changed for 1.3.2 * `Changed` Patches are not split at the first 128 pixels anymore. I decided that patches that are not rendered fullscreen don't get clipped at 128 in vanilla, so leaving out the clipping code will suffice since those that make vanilla texture patches know to clip them at 128, anyway. The graphics not clipped at 128 still get displayed properly in all ports in fullscreen modes. The code before the tallpatch fix never clipped patches for vanilla, so I think we're still fine.
  7. MTrop

    The Official DoomTools Thread

    All releases 2023.11.14 and earlier need to update manually, as that fixes the updater (Github made a stricter change to their API). Not sure what it does to Heretic skies. I'll have to take a closer look.
  8. MTrop

    The Official DoomTools Thread

    New Release: https://github.com/MTrop/DoomTools/releases/tag/2024.02.14-RELEASE Changes ------- - **2024-02-13** Updated DoomStruct to `2.15.4`. [Changes here.](https://github.com/MTrop/DoomStruct/releases/tag/2.15.4-RELEASE) DImgConv -------- ### Changed for 1.3.1 * `Fixed` Tall patches not being exported/converted correctly.
  9. MTrop

    The Official DoomTools Thread

    The JAR contains no manifest because there's several mains in the package: net.mtrop.doom.tools.DecoHackMain net.mtrop.doom.tools.DMXConvertMain net.mtrop.doom.tools.DoomFetchMain net.mtrop.doom.tools.DoomImageConvertMain net.mtrop.doom.tools.DoomMakeMain net.mtrop.doom.tools.DoomToolsMain net.mtrop.doom.tools.WadMergeMain net.mtrop.doom.tools.WadScriptMain net.mtrop.doom.tools.WADTexMain net.mtrop.doom.tools.WSwAnTablesMain net.mtrop.doom.tools.WTExportMain net.mtrop.doom.tools.WTexScanMain net.mtrop.doom.tools.gui.DoomToolsGUIMain Each of those correspond to an application, and the shell scripts each point to one of those for execution. They're intended to be command-line apps, but maybe DoomToolsGUIMain should be the default? Hmm...
  10. MTrop

    The Official DoomTools Thread

    The only thing I can think of is that DoomTools GUI opens a local port, 54666, (bound to localhost, so it sits behind the firewall) in order to detect if it is still open so that it can only have one instance of itself running. What happens when you try to doomtools --gui at the shell again? If you get: DoomTools is already running. ...then that port might be held open by some other process or something in your OS. Terminating DoomTools (and the JVM) should close that port, but if it doesn't, I'm not sure what could be going on. EDIT: The code in question is this, in DoomToolsGUIMain.java: /** * @return true if already running, false if not. */ public static boolean isAlreadyRunning() { try { instanceSocket = new ServerSocket(INSTANCE_SOCKET_PORT, 50, InetAddress.getByName(null)); return false; } catch (IOException e) { return true; } } So, this means Java will try to open port 54666 (INSTANCE_SOCKET_PORT) with some arbitrary connection backlog bound to localhost (InetAddress.getByName(null)), so that it doesn't try to open the port through the firewall. If it succeeds, DoomTools GUI is not running. If an exception happens (because the port is already open), it thinks DoomTools is already running. I picked an arbitrary port to test for. If anything else on your system opens this port, it will create a false positive. As far as I know, this is the most robust way to detect a single instance of a Java program running across all platforms, but I could be wrong about that. Maybe exclusive file locks could be better? Are those guaranteed to be relinquished on termination?
  11. MTrop

    The Official DoomTools Thread

    New Release: https://github.com/MTrop/DoomTools/releases/tag/2024.01.08-RELEASE You will need to update your shell scripts by typing doomtools --update-shell to take advantage of the new memory usage parameters. Changes ------- - **2024-01-05** Added an uncaught exception modal. - **2023-12-31** Increased maximum memory allocation for shell scripts to 4 GB. WTEXport -------- ### Changed for 1.5.3 * `Fixed` [GUI] Added message for requiring an output WAD file.
  12. MTrop

    The Official DoomTools Thread

    New Release: https://github.com/MTrop/DoomTools/releases/tag/2023.12.26-RELEASE DoomMake -------- ### Changed for 0.25.0 * `Changed` Added Doom Builder autosave ignores to Git and Mercurial ignore files.
  13. MTrop

    <G> - what does it mean?

    "Grin." The person is grinning when they say it. Not sure about its history, though.
  14. MTrop

    What frontend loader do you prefer?

    The one I made: https://github.com/MTrop/Doomy
  15. MTrop

    2023 Cacowards

    Congrats to all the winners! 30 more years!