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  1. I almost feel obligated to have an exhibition run. Good luck, everybody!
  2. In the interest of staying on topic - Hey, @Sergeant_Mark_IV. Congrats on your award. Now that you have hit the apex of stardom, you can finally shed the shackles of working on Brutal Doom. It must be a soul-crushing creative drain by now. What's next on the agenda for ModDB's #1 modder?
  3. This news hits pretty hard for me. I didn't have very much correspondence with her, as my only personal connection to her was "fellow New Jersian," but I was glad to hear that she finally got the help she needed. It is a tremendous shame this happened, and the Doom Community has lost an impressive coder and modder. I hope that she was at least happy before her passing, and that she knew how much she was appreciated.
  4. As the resident old man who has mapped for every conceivable format that a map can be in from Doom's inception up until now, every last person who is still posting in this thread after Xaser's post on page one should be ashamed of themselves for the white noise that they have created (I honestly expected better of some of you). The bickering from the rest of page one up to this post can be summarized as a bunch of novice mappers waving their physical and metaphorical dongs around about how their chosen preference is superior than the others or about how their chosen source port is superior than the others (which is NOT the topic of the thread, by the way). It is akin to children arguing over what video game console is better than the other, fueled only because their mothers had enough money to buy them just one company's console in the current generation. For those that can afford them all, this is an argument perpetuated by insecure dingbats grasping at straws in order to feel superior to somebody else. I could offer more insight into this nonsense and risk getting pulled into this shit-show, but I'd rather just pinch off this nugget of truth into this toilet bowl of a thread: all of your maps are terrible, so I really don't understand what could possibly be gained by arguing on an internet forum and not working on your mapping skills, all the while wondering why your magnum opuses haven't finished themselves yet. Git gud, scrubs. MTrop out.
  5. This is a tough one. I haven't been really paying attention to the multiplayer scene but I'd run into him and talk about it a bunch at Quakecon. One of the nicest people I ever met. Damn good source of old-school DM knowledge. It's gonna be tough not seeing him next year. That's all, I guess. Hope he's found some kind of peace.
  6. Worst and best (but not complete). Go nuts.
  7. I loved Shadow, and I loved this sequel as well. Aside from some typos and some bits of dialog that seemed a tiny bit out-of-place, and an over-abundance of ammo that kept me from going back to other weapon types, everything was a blast from start to finish. Awesome work!
  8. *puts on tiny set Windsor-frame glasses and black beret, fake soul patch under bottom lip* Sounds are piercing. Music is annoying. Graphics unnecessarily large. Blood spray kills engine performance. Resource budget unnecessarily leans towards high resolution graphics and music that don't need to be. No feeling of "I'm glad I played that" at the end. The title, "RootPain" alludes to the pain of childbirth, however this piece has an elusive message. Can't tell whether it celebrates childbirth or is a stark commentary on it. Player pawn is called "Parasite" in code - projection of the author's feelings around concepts that cause him discomfort? Who knows. Further conversation around the work is unnecessary and moot due to how badly the piece does not want to be played. Those who appreciate art will not find it here. Those who don't appreciate art will not start appreciating it via this piece. The Doom engine (or enhanced versions thereof) may not be the suitable medium for such a work. *takes long drag from rolled cigarette placed in a slim, black dinner holder* Author's time may be better spent figuring out how to meld both message and gameplay. Not the case here, for "RootPain". Side note: Unicode character titles are not endearing or clever. They are a subtle warning for, "Don't play this."
  9. (RE: GZDoom 3.0.0) Alright, I'm going to have to be that guy that pisses on the parade. What is the point of the truecolor software renderer when the OpenGL renderer already exists and is infinitely more performant, even on the worst Intel Chipsets and especially at higher resolutions? Is it just for testing new features for the OpenGL pipeline? I get entirely that the 8-bit software renderer was plagued with licensing issues and whatever, but it had behavior that the GL pipeline could never emulate, not to mention that you still had full control over color saturation vis-a-vis COLORMAP tricks, and fog didn't have the problem of always mixing with black-based sector brightness (since it still relied on generated COLORMAPs under the covers). Is an entire rewrite of the 8-bit renderer planned? Is it gone for good?
  10. I miss Post Hell and the lack of "social network" stuff. But mostly Post Hell. But if it gets some new blood in here, it can't be all bad. FRESH FISH! FRESH FISH!
  11. With Alm, a better exploration would not only be his style progress, but also the indelible mark it's left on community mappers - both good and bad.
  12. As a "dude who makes things," I feel I need to chime in. I make stuff because I enjoy making stuff. I don't make things for praise. The fact that what I make is used or enjoyed is encouragement to continue, but not the impetus to create. There are definitely times where I see a need to create something or a niche to fill and have the opportunity to make it, but what you should always do is reject the thought that you are some kind of "hero" for making it. Sometimes it's still hard for me to shake that feeling. Nobody makes panaceas. The moment you admit to yourself that you create solely for recognition or fame or material, you know you lack the foundation to keep creating. I'm just glad that what I make, people seem to enjoy, or people find useful. Whether or not that thing is a "hit" does not change my desire to make things. Criticism always happens whether you ask for it or not, or whether it is delivered pleasantly or not. How it affects you is entirely up to you, and the goal of your work combined with that criticism should shape your progress. Maybe this is just a product of my New Jersey upbringing, but I don't go for that "kum-ba-ya," huggy-feely, "everyone be nice to each other" horseshit when so many people around you can and may be unpleasant dicks. Shitheads happen. You handle you. I can't speak for MaxEd, but I thought at least with the amount of time that he spent on GZDB, he had that self-motivation. Hell, I directly accused him of not doing any regression testing after every release, and he essentially laughed it off ("I thought YOU guys were my regression testing!"). So I don't really see what purpose this thread is other than an invitation for a flamewar. GZDB will still be worked on by somebody. Those who still participate in a community bear the responsibility for keeping it afloat. Shit like this serves nobody other than the ones who want to wave around their morality and values in place of tangible things to be proud of. If you are an active participant, keep being awesome. If you want to air your displeasure at the world, shut the fuck up. Stay out of our fucking way.
  13. Firstly, LOVE IT. Secondly, there might be some stuff to fix: Walking into the wireframe globe in the main tower (the one that makes "NNN" appear when you walk into it) causes an unknown script error. "Uberflicker," I think it was called? I couldn't figure out what triggers finishing the blue area. I killed everything. is there a switch or critical floor to touch? Maybe they should be highlighted? The Grafters at the end are way too difficult, especially with no cover. I'd make their tracer rockets die after a period of time and weaken their seeking accuracy a tad. The sound for firing the Super Nailgun is way too tinny. I'd add a little more bass and ease up off the treble a bit to keep it punchy and less grating. In the ending, the regular status bar (with scaling on) peeks out in the bottom of the screen. That's really it, for now. Great work, Xaser!
  14. It depends. If I'm making something quick, I have an inside-out approach where I construct rooms as I go, not really sure where they'll end up, but try to link back to other beginning rooms to create non-linear layouts. From there, I can define a route with a more definite path using locked doors or other obstacles. If I'm making something that will take me a while, I tend to use an outside-in approach where I design set pieces or landmarks and try to create terrain or other such features to connect them, even if they aren't already made yet. Back then, I drew maps out on graph paper, since I didn't have enough experience imagining scale in the Doom engine. My ideas for maps weren't so much content or setting-based as they were gameplay-gimmick based. I'd think of an idea or layout that would maybe be fun to play, and try to make a map that illustrated that idea. Or I'd play a lot of maps and really like some other person's layout, and I'd try to make something similar (See DOT.ZIP for some really early work examples). I'd expect, however, that most veteran mappers, like me, have their ideas in their head, as they have loads of creative experience to draw from. Oddly enough, if you are just starting out, you're better off asking other mappers in your skill set how they stay focused or creative. Motivation isn't something that's easily taught, unfortunately. Best thing to do is make something, and a LOT of somethings, even if it isn't incredible or some kind of "magnum opus," because what you learn from those things will help you make the big, amazing stuff. You'll never figure out what works or what doesn't until you make it.
  15. Things look okay to me. Is the new "username" field in reviews ruining something? What was wrong?