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  1. First/Second/Third gen Doomer?

    Playing in 1995, mapping in 1999...first gen all the way I guess.
  2. In other words, it will end up feeling like a sequel to the reboot rather than the original. *presses the nuke button...get them before they get you* 30 years would be more than enough time to build Delta City...then it'd have to be all bright and shiny instead of dark and sinister.
  3. Favorite RPG/JRPG?

    Haven't played a huge amount, but probably Legend (PC) for western and Tales of Phantasia (SNES) for Japanese. (the former had some really tough puzzles and an awesome spell creation system, the latter had story/characters/music that all combined together, along with that weird active combat system)
  4. Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    Throw in the Hell on Earth Starter Pack and I would've agreed...on it's own, nope. (also seems daft that it's not only stuff from 2017)
  5. What was your first anime?

    Dragon Ball (I thought I'd start with the lowest common denominator), followed by Ghibli films (based on recommendations) and Black Lagoon. (because I remember a Revy skin being used in Skulltag :P).
  6. Doomworld & The End of Net Neutrality

    Over here we used to have traffic shaping at peak times (ie. DL speeds would be slowed down if you went over a daily usage cap) to prevent heavy users from hogging too much bandwidth...but that was dropped years ago, presumably due to upgrading infrastructure. (and this was well before streaming was a big thing)
  7. what would you like to see more of from the doom community?

    More Heretic stuff: they come out occasionally, but not enough. And somebody, finish HPack. More Hexen stuff: still incredibly rare. A community project would be nice, the hub format can be workable if regulated properly. More Strife stuff: the one thing we still haven't had yet is a full Strife megawad (CIF3's psuedo-TC comes the closest) - community project maybe? (see above point on hubs) More (G)ZDoom stuff: this year has been surprisingly good, and there's still plenty more that can be done - particularly in the no-frills category. (analogues of various projects like 1994-tune-up, CC*, Slaughterfest etc. would be cool for example)
  8. Duke Nukem 3D is depressing

    There's also the Christmas one...which tbh isn't very good. (the other two are)
  9. Why don't people just use UDMF format?

    That statement is a classic example of DW bias...just like the Cacowards of the past few years. (they are not a measure of how good a map is, just how popular a map is according to a heavily-biased community) What you're actually seeing is the much higher difficulty of making good maps in UDMF/GZDoom etc. (because there's so much more to learn and so many more traps to fall into) together with the much smaller number of people who make them, and ofc the fact that it's much harder to please this community with them. (so they can be regarded as "good" in the first place)
  10. Your favorite anime?

    My favourites in no real order: Black Lagoon (modern pirate) Ronja the Robber's Daughter (medieval/slice of life) Heavy Object (sci-fi/military) One Punch Man (action/comedy) Arslan Senki (fantasy/military) RWBY (action/school) * Natsume's Book of Friends (rural/slice of life) Rokka no Yuusha (fantasy/mystery) Shirobako (city/slice of life) Most Studio Ghibli films * technically not anime but still counts for me tbh...let the flames commence Seconded on all counts...also quite like Sakura Quest (finished last season) and Shoukoku no Altair (still going this season). That's one of many big ones I still haven't got round to yet...
  11. Cacowards 2017 Mentionation Thread

    Scattered Evil for the Mordeth award. (according to it's manual, nearly two decades) https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=57621
  12. Hexen 2 difficulty

    You can also spam it by mashing the fire button, which is also effective.
  13. Quake I vs II

    They're both really good in different ways...Quake 1 has the gameplay and music, Quake 2 has the looks and sounds. As a techbase fan I adored the locations, and the stealthier gameplay was a fresh change from high-speed Doom...but it is all a bit too easy with too much ammo and not many big battles. Those human tanks were quite neat though, as were some of the set-pieces in the mission packs. Last time I played it (which was a loooong time ago), I think I did a pistol start for each of the sections...and it still wasn't overly-hard (apart from the last section of the original, which had no weapons iirc...a bit of console magic needed there). I'm trying to remember if I treated all the non-suit powerups as auto-use too...if not, I'll be doing that too next time. This is where the ambient sounds come in...while admittedly not as good as the games that followed (Unreal, Half-Life, Sin) it still created an atmosphere. Pity the creators of Ground Zero left ambience out altogether, while The Reckoning went the opposite way and did it better.
  14. The /newstuff Chronicles #532

    I guess it could be traced back to the end of traditional newstuff, where one or more fixed reviewers posted them every Sunday. Opening it up to everyone and then hardly anyone actually doing it kinda highlighted the amount of time/effort we put in to make Sundays a better place. (esp. when something like this happened) Also the fact there's a lot more wads being made than there was back then, together with the extreme narrowing of scope and quality in DW's mapping/playing preferences over this decade...meaning that newstuff is now full of wads that are undesirable to most. (so let's all sit back and wait for the next big thing to hit Wads & Mods instead of wading through this mountain of beginner/multiplayer/utility/ZDoom/gameplay-altering wads that clutters up newstuff) Sadly I don't think there's a way back to those times - it requires a wide taste in maps, a tolerance for anything/everything and large amounts of time/effort to be a regular reviewer...and I don't think that exists in this community nowadays :(
  15. Depending on your ear, modern metal isn't very "heavy"

    Some electronic genres (particularly D&B) would also like a word.