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  1. You can also spam it by mashing the fire button, which is also effective.
  2. They're both really good in different ways...Quake 1 has the gameplay and music, Quake 2 has the looks and sounds. As a techbase fan I adored the locations, and the stealthier gameplay was a fresh change from high-speed Doom...but it is all a bit too easy with too much ammo and not many big battles. Those human tanks were quite neat though, as were some of the set-pieces in the mission packs. Last time I played it (which was a loooong time ago), I think I did a pistol start for each of the sections...and it still wasn't overly-hard (apart from the last section of the original, which had no weapons iirc...a bit of console magic needed there). I'm trying to remember if I treated all the non-suit powerups as auto-use too...if not, I'll be doing that too next time. This is where the ambient sounds come in...while admittedly not as good as the games that followed (Unreal, Half-Life, Sin) it still created an atmosphere. Pity the creators of Ground Zero left ambience out altogether, while The Reckoning went the opposite way and did it better.
  3. I guess it could be traced back to the end of traditional newstuff, where one or more fixed reviewers posted them every Sunday. Opening it up to everyone and then hardly anyone actually doing it kinda highlighted the amount of time/effort we put in to make Sundays a better place. (esp. when something like this happened) Also the fact there's a lot more wads being made than there was back then, together with the extreme narrowing of scope and quality in DW's mapping/playing preferences over this decade...meaning that newstuff is now full of wads that are undesirable to most. (so let's all sit back and wait for the next big thing to hit Wads & Mods instead of wading through this mountain of beginner/multiplayer/utility/ZDoom/gameplay-altering wads that clutters up newstuff) Sadly I don't think there's a way back to those times - it requires a wide taste in maps, a tolerance for anything/everything and large amounts of time/effort to be a regular reviewer...and I don't think that exists in this community nowadays :(
  4. Some electronic genres (particularly D&B) would also like a word.
  5. The weapons mod has it too. (it has all 7 classes with just the weapons, and the RPG stuff taken out)
  6. Dunno really...I like the Assassin for the speed and weapons, the Heretic is surprisingly fun and the Shaman has some cool touches (and the 5th weapon goes right through centaur shields). :P
  7. Maybe the Nazis decided to build them when they invaded. (it is make-believe after all :p)
  8. Awesomeness. Just needs some neon-lit city maps with horror/satanic elements thrown in with the dark future/cyberpunk stuff. (esp. if you have Perturbator's backing)
  9. And that was before last night...soon the calls for a Great Firewall of Britain will be ringing out through the halls of Westminster and beyond. Along with a massive swing back to the Tories after their unpopular manifesto launch...and you wonder why people question the reason that these attacks happen. I miss fodders.
  10. I always play with a green key instead of yellow. (makes more sense, because RGB is the scheme for pixels and because Doom's yellow palette is more the point where the skull door is actually orange) Same goes for Heretic, with a red key. (although the yellow palette is quite good there) That's what (G)(Q)ZDoom's automap options are for ;)
  11. You might want to try Ed Rush & Optical's first album "Wormhole", that has a similar vibe to it.
  12. UAC Vinur Prime Research Base - kinda like what would happen if Michael Krause made GZDoom maps. (in other words it's a big map with big architecture and big battles)
  13. Any

    Mandrill Ass Project has some cool Tron-ish maps inside it. There's a few megawads with those sort of grid-themed maps in, but can't remember which ones really.
  14. Overrated: Too many to mention, but the ones with "official" or "major celebrity" tags spring to mind more than any. (Multiplayer: dwango5, ZDCTF) Underrated: Too many to mention, but the ones that are buried in a sea of gun mods in ZDoom's projects sub-forum spring to mind. Underrated vanilla mods don't really exist now, the best ones I can think of from the past are Garrulismo and Vile Flesh. (Multiplayer: not dwango5, not ZDCTF) Disappointing: Anything that obviously rips off is inspired by <insert big-name project here>. (Multiplayer: anything that obviously rips off is inspired by ZDCTF) Surprising: Still Mock 2 for me, because of the gameplay being quite reasonable as well as the humour. Inquisitor 3 also, as it blows the first 2 far far away. (Multiplayer: quite tricky but I'd probably go with Nutty, ASDFJKL, ABCDM and ZD 3-way CTF) You might like to know about the 2016 remake that I did of the same map ;)
  15. +1 for Inquisitor III Finally another mod to match my own in the epic RPG department, complete with all the little side-stories and characters etc. that enhance the world. Not only that but for looking great and also fixing the huge gameplay flaws that existed in I/II.