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  1. Hey just checking in after a bit of a hiatus, glad to see this project picking up more steam! That is all.
  2. Eric Claus

    Do you ever get tired of Doom?

    Sometimes I have, I usually have plenty of other games to play to fill the spot. Honestly even just playing Heretic a bit helped as it was similar but different enough to make things a bit fresh.
  3. Eric Claus

    Doom Source Port Market Share

    Screw market share! Instead I want equity shares! How can I buy PrBoom+ (DSDA Doom), Crispy Doom, and Woof stock?
  4. Player: Eric Claus Sourceport: Crispy Doom 5.10.1 IWAD: DOOM2 PWAD: N/A Map: Map 4: "The Focus" by American McGee Category: UV Max (100% kills + secrets) Time: 2:12.80 (2:12) d2m4m-212.zip Description: Another run of a McGee map moving on to The Focus. The start of this map is...pain with so many hitscanners everywhere but I managed to fight them with the pistol even if not very optimal, when I rerun this I will view other better demos to see how that intro section was dealt with. The rest of the run is very straightforward and you are not outgunned at all passed that point, and the usual McGee flow takes hold pretty well. Something about his maps are just fun for me to run.
  5. Eric Claus

    What's your greatest Doom accomplishment?

    Doing my first ever demo and getting the courage to submit it. My first about almost a year a go or so was a UV Max of Underhalls. I got a bit hooked on it since I like seeing my times on the board even if they arn't records.
  6. Eric Claus

    Misc heretic & hexen demos

    Player: Eric Claus Sourceport: DSDA-Doom 0.18.0 IWAD: Heretic PWAD: UnBeliever Author: Ryath/scwiba Map: E2M2: "Watery Grave" Category: SM Max Time: 2:02.71 (2:02) une2m2m-202.zip Description: Off to E2M2 on the small maps episode. This one was a bit less fun then the previous since it has that moving water mechanic in some...fun places. That said I managed to overcome it and find the movement is getting easier to pick up on. Like the previous map this definitely has a "resource puzzle" feel to it, and when I figured out a good pattern of weapons to use it was easier. The tricky part of getting the time I did was hoping that the disciples didn't fly up into some annoying spot, and that the tome you get was timed to make the most of it to shred as many enemies as possible, that also came with figuring out which enemies to kill when. The map aesthetic if basic is quite nice to my eyes, but I like water textures which Heretic has some nice ones. The secrets of these maps always seem to be easy to find in the normal flow of the map, so if you know where they are they are easy to grab without having to run far or work out some weird route. Straightforward, easy to max, good practice for Heretic running is how I would rate these maps.
  7. Eric Claus

    Misc heretic & hexen demos

    Fair enough I don't have any issues with opinion on anything. I usually try to include commentary on the maps themselves, and I went with UnBeliever because it seemed like a sort of "Scythe" for Heretic for lack of any better comparison. I am open to any recommendations as I am not as familiar with heretic wads really, especially more vanilla ones which I am more interested in.
  8. Eric Claus

    why is plutonia's difficulty so overstated?

    I think he more stated that it was the birth of the slaughtermap, but I am not going to get into it as it really isn't that important at the end of the day as I don't really consider Civvie to be an authority for much related to Doom specifically. Though he was part of the reason I even started playing classic Doom again.
  9. Eric Claus

    why is plutonia's difficulty so overstated?

    I think alot of that is showmanship, you know, the thing people do to be entertaining which is really the point of what Civvie does.
  10. Eric Claus

    Misc heretic & hexen demos

    Yeah meant to throw in the link but spaced out. And the lack of P in player is just my bad copy paste job lol. Edited my post for a link and stuff. I could see where these would be less interesting for some, but I tend to like more compact maps with quick action at least when doing runs sometimes. I plan on branching out a bit too as I get more used to Heretic's differences of course and it's definitely refreshing to play something a bit different.
  11. Eric Claus

    Do you consider videogames an artform?

    Well a fool and their money are soon parted. And honestly these are people with more money than sense looking to chase any hint of "status" or appearing "avant garde" and that has been a fact through history sadly. Honestly it's like people who buy a Lamborghini just to have it sit in a garage forever, or maybe drive 70mph down the highway, whats the point? (he says after buying a sports car himself albeit nowhere near no Lambo)
  12. Eric Claus

    Do you consider videogames an artform?

    Honestly I think most of that shit is part of the usual human tendency to want attention, and be "different". Naturally you get impressionable/bored people who are eager to fulfill it.