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  1. Eric Claus

    Deathless demos [-complevel 3]

    Player: Eric Claus Sourceport: Crispy Doom 5.11.1 IWAD: Ultimate Doom PWAD: Deathless Author: James "Jimmy" Paddock Map: E1M1: "Contagion" Category: UV Fast Time: 1:27.37 (1:27) Description: Revisiting another run on mine to bring down the time. Managed to bring it down a bit but I have to definitely practice more and run it consistently to optimize my movement and get the RNG to line up, the barrels are nice for quick destruction of some of the enemies early on but I am having trouble pulling off using them consistently. dle1m1f-127.zip
  2. Eric Claus

    Deathless demos [-complevel 3]

    Nice, I remember that one being tricky to get done when I did it initially.
  3. Eric Claus

    Deathless demos [-complevel 3]

    Thank you! I saw your record and it was nice to see more interest in Deathless runs which inspired me to do some more runs again and see if I could improve the time on this one. Hope you do some more!
  4. Eric Claus

    Deathless demos [-complevel 3]

    Deathless E1M3 UV Fast 4:14 Decided to come back to some Dooming and saw more interest on this map, so decided to see if I could go even lower and destroyed even my own expectations. Maybe playing other games has sharpened things up a bit, but it was a nice feeling to smash my previous time by quite a bit. The trick really does seem to be ammo here and the Pinkies are a big wall to 100% kills, plus there is some necessary backtracking so the routing could probably be improved. I always seemed to have better luck walling the pinkies on the elevator coming down as opposed to going the other way as some imp fireballs will helped soften them in the sluice gate section itself. dle1m3f-414.zip
  5. Eric Claus

    What If Humans Had 4 Arms?

    I would be upset that I only have 4 arms/hands to carry things instead of upset I only have 2 arms/hands to carry things.
  6. Eric Claus

    Least Used Weapon?

    You are correct, apparently I should not be allowed to post on a weekend lol
  7. Eric Claus

    Least Used Weapon?

    I would agree with your fist option, but you forgot the Chainsaw on your list ;)
  8. Eric Claus

    [v1.0.0] Vesper - MBF21 Showcase Mod

    gonna give this a spin! MBF21 has me excited!
  9. War Glaive Map 2 UV Max - 3:47 warm2max-347.zip Not super amazing run but wanted to fill the slot.
  10. Scimitar Map 2 UV Max - 1:50 scim2max-150.zip
  11. Eric Claus

    get anything cool for christmas?

    Small lockpick set and a changeable practice cylinder, figured I would try something new to fidget with.
  12. WarGlaive Map 1 UV Max 1:36 warm1max-136.zip Checking out EANB's newer scythe-like warglaive, and putting up a UV Max of map 1 to fill the chart. Fun level that tests your punching with interesting encounters.