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  1. After the Ashley Madison hack I got an email in my sock account saying they were gonna expose my activity to my family there if I didn't pay them so many bitcoins. I only signed up a fake account to show my wife at the time how 99% of the profiles there were either spam accounts or desperate dudes. Plus my reputation is pure shit anyway, so that would be the least of my concerns. I lol'd so hard.
  2. Johnatone

    Merry Christmas!

    Yes, Merry Christmas guys. Be safe and have fun. Been one hell of a year for me. Gonna be one hell of a year coming up. Yet Doomworld is always a consistent place in my life, even if I mostly just lurk these days. If any of y'all have Destiny 2 on PC, that's where you'll find me now when I'm not sleeping or working. Hopefully I can upgrade the potato before Doom Eternal and Rage 2 come out. Edit: my account is old enough to drive now. :D
  3. Johnatone

    The Top 100 Memorable Doom Maps of All Time

    I second this. Cyb also made another of my favorite and most memorable wads: Massmouth 2. Great list though; I'm looking forward to revisiting and discovering a lot of these maps now that I have more free time on my hands.
  4. Johnatone

    Sandy Petersen Interview (w/ Mahmut Saral)

    Has there been a Doom II project that recreates Doom with the added beastiary to balance or flesh out the levels? Granted of course outside of KDITD the levels couldn't be exactly the same - I assume copying the shareware levels is okay. I feel like this project does exist already. Yeah, this baffles me. I would assume he would like the more horror themed elements but obviously I would be wrong. Still, to go further and trash his former company seems unnecessary and bitter.
  5. Johnatone

    Do You have a original World?

    I'm a huge fan of Robert Heinlein and his hard sci-fi style. I wrote a short sci-fi love story in the style of his young adult novels for my anniversary when I was married a few years ago. The main character was a young man about to travel a new frontier on humanity's first deep space colonization mission, but he was on the fence about it. He runs into a girl he was best friends with in school whom he never pursued because he was focused on being qualified to have a chance at being picked for the mission. She tells him that after school she pursued further education so that she too could qualify for the mission. When he tells her about his trepidation she becomes upset and explains that her motive was so that she could be with him, because he was her best friend. That makes up his mind, they marry, and he closes out the story with some sentimental stuff as they're boarding the ship. To write a good story, I had to think of where things were technologically speaking. I came up with three point of tech and built a future history around them. Cryogenic sleep beds were a quick and cliche thing I used because it only had to be mentioned briefly. Colonization in the solar system had been established through an attempt to use a variation of railgun technology to launch the first ship to Mars which accidently caused a variation of hyperspace. The third technology was simply a universe GPS that could be used in conjunction with the railgun hyperspace ships. Not really too complicated or original, but it made for a good story and I wrote it plausibly enough. I actually ended up planning two more short stories in that universe. One involved the colonists of that first mission. It would take place two generations into the colony's existence. The second ship of colonists is due and the children born on this planet are now adults that aren't too keen on people coming in. It goes back to a charter of the first mission that the young folk don't believe they should have to honor (sins of the father or something.) There were more political themes to it, but I never developed it much. The second story was a cliche thing about an attempted mutiny on one of the colony ships, but that was as far as it got. It was fun, and I've wanted to go back and just finish the 7 stories I have in my head (those three, two in a universe that was dark comedy and sci-fi, and two about robots and clones.) Just haven't.
  6. Johnatone

    The Doom Movie is Canon?

    So Massmouth, Captain Mancubus, and Mock 2: The Speed of Stupid are cannon? Good. Good.
  7. So this is a day old but I'm excited for this development. https://www.google.com/amp/s/deadline.com/2018/07/robocop-neill-blomkamp-directing-robocop-returns-justin-rhodes-ed-neumeier-michael-miner-mgm-1202424639/amp/
  8. Johnatone

    So, how old are you ?

    I can relate as I'm turning 31 in twelve days, and even with everything I've done in the last couple of decades when I was really conscious of my actions it still felt like it creeped up out of nowhere. Yes, I do still feel 16, my parents still tower over me in a sense, and I still don't know what I want to do with my life. Oddly enough, life is becoming interesting and amusing and fun again after the weird and shitty bit my late 20's turned into.
  9. Johnatone

    QC: Doom Edition v2.0 OUT NOW!! (Nov 30)

    That was a fun match. Not everyday I get to frag the creator of something on it's release day. :P Been having a lot of fun with this. Great work all the way around. :)
  10. Johnatone

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Got my hair trimmed and I've been paying more attention to it, and since the last picture I posted was several months old when I put it here I figured I'd add a new one. On my way home from work yesterday in this one, but I really love the way it turned out.
  11. RE: Role reprisals, more than half the main and supporting characters were dead by the end of the first movie. While in their late 60's or 70's, most of the main cast save for Robert Duqoi (Sgt. Reed) are still alive. If the film was to be set 30 years in the future, well, we're here. Donald Johnson saw a lot of shit working for OCP; having him move through the ranks to be the new Old Man of OCP wouldn't be far fetched. With celebrities vying for the White House since the 80's and with more politically incorrect elements beginning to creep into politics, Bixby Snyder being president isn't too batshit insane of an idea either. RoboCop's tech and biological parts would be thirty years older by this point, so an aging Peter Weller as a degrading and about to be obsolete version of our hero could work. If Verhoven, Neumeier, and Michael Miner could get together and create a natural feeling future for the dystopian future they created over three decades ago, and they stayed true to some of the 80's sensibilities (ultraviolence that was just slightly over the top in a campy way but done in a somewhat horror style without resorting to goreno, blood squibs, animatronics and puppetry over CGI, the 80's feel of real world locations matched with matte painting, and Basil Poledouris' (RIP) music style), then its just a matter of finding good new main and supporting actors and a sensible plot. It honestly could work. I'm still not getting my hopes up, of course. But as long as there isn't some incredibly screwy shit happen during production I know I'm going to go see it no matter what.
  12. Johnatone

    Commander Keen is Doomguy's dad?

    So where does Nicholas Raine fit in all this? Or should we just consider RAGE a bad dream (dare I say...Nightmare?!) of Doomslayer while he was entombed? I can't even imagine trying to get insurance in the Earth of id's universe. First the Nazi empire, then the Hell invasion and next the Strogg (or vice versa), and maybe sometime a giant asteroid too. Would there even be anyone that isn't the protagonists alive on Earth at some point? EDIT: Even more interesting, that means the winner of Quake III would have been Doomguy since his story (so far) is the only one explored since then via Single Player; he was returned to his realm when he won. Everyone else is dead. Tying unrelated franchises together is weird.
  13. While you are right in that I'm pretty firm in my opinion I still do have interest in hearing the points of what did make it work for you or other people. Sometimes there's angles I don't see or appreciate at the time and there were quite a few things I did enjoy about the movie. I think the one that stands out to me more than anything was... And if the politics of the movie were one of its strong points for you, I wouldn't mind hearing why as well. Too often we get carried away in taking a side and sticking to it, and polite discourse gets lost (even I am guilty of simply dismissing things as "SJW garbage" or "that jerk the alt-right a bad name") so maybe there is something I missed or did not consider as well. At any rate feel free to write up that review and DM it to me if you have time; I had initially refused to see Rogue One due to it's constant public insistence on diversity friendly casting choices and I would have missed out on one of my favorite movies had my friend from work not insisted I go to the theater. There is one more of these flicks before the trilogy is done, so it'll take some gentle persuasion for me to follow through and finish the story this time but I'm not the kind to just completely give up. RoboCop is my favorite movie of all time and I still went to see the remake after all. Never again though.
  14. I'd buy that for a dollar! He's the kind of man we need in these chaotic of times. /offtopic I haven't finished Frank Miller's RoboCop, the comic adaptation of the script he wrote for 2 that was largely butchered for what became 2 though I have it in a box somewhere. I still enjoy the second movie even if certain elements went a little too over-the-top and some of the subtlety was missing. After that though, ugh. But the reboot is one of the few times I walked out of a theater so angry I couldn't even speak. Everything about it pissed me off. So needless to say I'm keeping my expectations low for a new one.
  15. Being as the original RoboCop is hands down my favorite movie of all time, I do share some of fraggle's skepticism. The whole film was lighting in a bottle: Paul Verhoven didn't want to direct it in the first place, a lot of the original sci-fi elements were toned down due to practicality or a-ha moments (like using the Ford Taurus instead of building a RoboCar), all the actors were spot on choices for their respective roles (there was never a more sinister villain than Clarence Boddicker IMO, and Peter Weller is that insane kind of eccentric about his art), the technology of the time created a lot of the atmosphere (everything nowadays is too sleek or clean), et cetera. I did enjoy RoboCop 2 - even as an adult it still holds up for me as a bad-but-not-terrible sequel (whereas everything beyond that was forgettable - I wish I could forget 3, but I do have nostalgic memories of the TV series I won't ruin by going back to watch them.) Having Ed Neumeier write is definitely a big step in the right direction, but there were so many other elements to RoboCop that even if they do get that right, it could fail on other levels. I'll keep my fingers crossed and my expectations reasonable but I'm very much looking forward to hearing about this.