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  1. After the disaster that was the vanilla version of Hears of Iron 3 I felt a bit uneasy about trusting Paradox studios with my money again. But when they started to talk about their latest game, Victoria 2 and promised not to repeat the mistakes of the past and thus I was sold on the game after a while and even pre-ordered it.

    And now that the game has been out for roughly 2 days I can honestly say that I almost immediately regret my decision. The game suffers from so gamebrakingly bad flaws that until the game gets fixed via patches I am not putting my fingers on it again. This is extremely disappointing as I was eagerly waiting for this game and even stayed up all night simply so that I could download it from my digital retailer the moment it was released, but now I just have a broken game. The only good thing I can say about it is that it at least runs well and that is a lot more then what could be said about Hears of Iron 3 at release.

    Anyways, it was late and I got a little bit bored, so I threw together a Downfall parody. I know many people hate those, but personally I just can't get enough of them :)


    Hopefully the game gets fixed soon, if it doesn't then Paradox won't see any future money from me.

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    2. ReFracture


      I haven't played it so most of the jokes were of course lost on me.

      The text went by a little quickly in my opinion.

    3. Craigs


      I just watched some gameplay footage on Youtube. Looks incredibly boring.

    4. hardcore_gamer


      Craigs said:

      I just watched some gameplay footage on Youtube. Looks incredibly boring.

      Grand strategy games aren't for everyone. And I can understand that the idea of becoming the Nr.1 nation in the world through diplomatic and economic means instead of just blowing everyone the fuck up might not appeal to a lot of people.

      Victoria 2 is for a very narrow group of gamers.