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  1. rfnagel

    Jim Flynn

    Definitely a sad day indeed :( I knew Jim quite well during our Eternal DOOM days, as well as testing and suggesting features for his Eternal DOOM Shell (EShell) back in the day. An ironic thing, I recently hooked up with Sverre on Facebook, and just yesterday was wondering what Jim was up to after all of these decades.
  2. rfnagel

    Questions of Eternal signifigance.

    If you use my WeedsGM3 soundfont, you'll be hearing what I hear :) P.S. I also have a very minor update for it here -> http://jasonwilliams400com.startlogic.com/snor/weeds/SoundFonts/WeedsGM4_Update.zip , but it isn't (as of yet) combined with WeedsGM3 (so you have to "stack" it above WeedsGM3 with whatever MIDI device that you're using). P.P.S. This is what "DOOMin'" sounds like on a Wave Blaster (1) -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpWD9I0Gk4c . I started composing on a PC using a WB1 way back when, and quite a bit of the ED1 music was written on it. Later I got my first AWE32, and began using custom and retail soundfonts for composing with. I LOVE the sound of the WB1, but it's like I've posted around the Internet, whatever suits your taste :) Here's a discussion thread along the same topic (re: overall sound) -> http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=27095 , see my 4 replies in that thread for my opinion on the subject :)
  3. rfnagel

    idgames Maintainer Ty Halderman Passes Away At 69

    Prayers and thoughts to Ty's family and friends. RIP, Ty... you will be sorely missed :(
  4. Hiya Folks, Long time, no type. Just a few heads-ups: MudLord finally created a PERMANENT home for the BASSMIDI Driver at http://www.mudlord.info/bassmididrv . FYI, the driver has went through quite a bit of changes, and the latest release version is 3.1. One of the MOST EXCELLENT features of this new version is the SUPER LOW LATENCY that could be seen in v1.06 of the driver (in other words, perfect for realtime performance and sequencing)! Also, this new version supports packed/compressed SoundFonts, and includes a SoundFont packer utility :) Anyhow, surf here: http://www.mudlord.info/bassmididrv ...and the direct download is here: http://www.mudlord.info/bassmididrv/bassmididrv.exe P.S. Directly from the BASSMIDI Driver readme:
  5. Yer welcome, and thanks... glad you liked 'em! :)
  6. rfnagel

    Les Paul Birthday Google thing

    Hehe, the first part of "Dueling Banjos", played in the Google Doodle Les Paul Guitar :) Note that the Google Doodle doesn't include one of the notes (F), so's one of the notes sounds out of place <grin>. http://goo.gl/6e2ZJ
  7. rfnagel

    Les Paul Birthday Google thing

    Heh, OK, I gave it a shot. Unfortunately there are too many sharps and flats contained in the original D1M1... no amount of transposing or editing would help either, to allow the Google Doodle to play most of the notes (with it's ten note contraints). Now, that being said, the MIDI file _could_ be played back using the SoundFont that I created (mentioned previously in this thread)... but then it sort of loses the "magic" of the Google Doodle <grin>.
  8. rfnagel

    Les Paul Birthday Google thing

    Excellent idea :) Hmmm... not sure how well it will work though (the MUS2MIDI converted tune's quantization is pretty bad).
  9. rfnagel

    Les Paul Birthday Google thing

    Hehe, 1) "Bome’s Midi Translator" ("Classic Edition", which is freeware; translates MIDI input to computer keyboard keystrokes) -> http://www.bome.com/products/miditranslator/overview/classic / http://www.bome.com/bome/downloads/MidiTranslatorClassic1.6.1.exe . 2) MIDI Yoke (or your virtual MIDI cable of choice) -> http://www.midiox.com/myoke.htm . 3) Possibly MIDI OX (can be used to set MIDI keyboard velocity to "127" for touch-sensitive keyboards) -> http://www.midiox.com . 4) Cakewalk Professional v3.01 (or your MIDI sequencer of choice) -> http://www.simpilot.net/~richnagel/#cakewalk . 5) The following Bome’s Midi Translator ".bmtp" preset: [Project] Version=1 [Preset.0] Name=Google Doodle Les Paul Electric Guitar Active=1 Name0=MIDI Keyboard G2 to Google Doodle G2 to PC Keyboard A Incoming0=MID1902B7F Outgoing0=KAM10100KSQ10002041241 Options0=Actv01Stop00OutO00 Name1=MIDI Keyboard A2 to Google Doodle A2 to PC Keyboard S Incoming1=MID1902D7F Outgoing1=KAM10100KSQ10002053253 Options1=Actv01Stop00OutO00 Name2=MIDI Keyboard B2 to Google Doodle B2 to PC Keyboard D Incoming2=MID1902F7F Outgoing2=KAM10100KSQ10002044244 Options2=Actv01Stop00OutO00 Name3=MIDI Keyboard C3 to Google Doodle C3 to PC Keyboard F Incoming3=MID190307F Outgoing3=KAM10100KSQ10002046246 Options3=Actv01Stop00OutO00 Name4=MIDI Keyboard D3 to Google Doodle D3 to PC Keyboard G Incoming4=MID190327F Outgoing4=KAM10100KSQ10002047247 Options4=Actv01Stop00OutO00 Name5=MIDI Keyboard E3 to Google Doodle E3 to PC Keyboard H Incoming5=MID190347F Outgoing5=KAM10100KSQ10002048248 Options5=Actv01Stop00OutO00 Name6=MIDI Keyboard F#3 to Google Doodle F#3 to PC Keyboard J Incoming6=MID190367F Outgoing6=KAM10100KSQ1000204A24A Options6=Actv01Stop00OutO00 Name7=MIDI Keyboard G3 to Google Doodle G3 to PC Keyboard K Incoming7=MID190377F Outgoing7=KAM10100KSQ1000204B24B Options7=Actv01Stop00OutO00 Name8=MIDI Keyboard A3 to Google Doodle A3 to PC Keyboard L Incoming8=MID190397F Outgoing8=KAM10100KSQ1000204C24C Options8=Actv01Stop00OutO00 Name9=MIDI Keyboard B3 to Google Doodle B3 to PC Keyboard ; Incoming9=MID1903B7F Outgoing9=KAM10100KSQ100020BA2BA Options9=Actv01Stop00OutO00 I loaded an old MIDI of "Stairway to Heaven" ("STAIR_H.MID") into CWP301, transposed the guitar backing track to match the Google Doodle a bit better (transposing notes up or down an octave so that they would play using the ten strings within the Google Doodle), and then set all of the note velocities to "127". Then I set the MIDI output port for CWP301 to "Out to MIDI Yoke: 1", and the MIDI input port for Bome’s Midi Translator to "In from MIDI Yoke: 1". Started MIDI playback in CWP301, alt+tabbed to my web browser, and then let 'er rip. Here was the result (I didn't spend much time editing the original MIDI, so it's not all that great, but is simply a "proof of concept" example) -> http://goo.gl/WhnNh :) Using the same method you can play the Google Doodle with your MIDI keyboard as well (although the latency is still high). ...yes, I have WAY to much time on my hands LOL!
  10. rfnagel

    Les Paul Birthday Google thing

    Hmmm... so does anyone have any idea the gobbledygook that makes the Doodle actually play back recorded things <grin>? After recording, you'll be provided with a shortened URL, that if you surf to will be lengthened -> http://goo.gl/doodle/19HrU . ...which looks like (carriage returns added so's that it fits in this message a little better): http://www.google.com/logos/2011/lespaul.html#tune= mIBMRLkCXIFApQFQgOlAdLkCnIBIDqOCmAg4KYCHIEuQCQHKgOF AdJAmIEOQCQHEpgkgKGCEB0oDicgSxAkhDkAXIBOQKQHEpglTBJ IUBkIDicgS5AlyBLkASRIDIUwCpglAdKAogUOQBcgS5AFyBKIwi AsEIcIC4QpwhKAwjEOAMCQgOJAcKA6kBwoDiQHU That's the actual saved Google Doodle recording of my YouTube creation <grin>. But what the heck??? Hmmm... I wonder if a 'MIDI file to Google Guitar Doodle gobbledygook/URL converter' utility might be a possiblility <grin? Any takers LOL?
  11. rfnagel

    Les Paul Birthday Google thing

    Hehe, a bit better than my previous one <grin>: The Google "Doodle" Les Paul Electric Guitar - Original Untitled Cover... an original composition, with added Sound Blaster Live! Environmental Audio Effects (EAX) Reverb and Chorus. Any Les Paul electric guitar is absolutely *BEGGING* for Fender tube-amp spring reverb (as well as chorus) effects! :) YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2kGJUZARNM Original recorded Google "Doodle" Les Paul electric guitar tune: http://goo.gl/doodle/19HrU Note that the latency is really bad/high when using your computer keyboard with Google's "Doodle" applet [ugh].
  12. rfnagel

    Les Paul Birthday Google thing

    Hehe, my own composition <grin> -> http://goo.gl/doodle/o3Hpe ...man, talk about high latency LOL! BTW, Just in case that you need "guitar lessons" for the Google Les Paul Guitar Doodle -> http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/06/09/how-to-play-guitar-on-google_n_873895.html . Anyhow, anyone who knows me knows that I just can't help but slapping together/cobbling together a SoundFont every chance that I get <grin>: http://www.cmoo.com/snor/weeds/SoundFonts/Google_Doodle_Les_Paul_Electric_Guitar.txt http://www.cmoo.com/snor/weeds/SoundFonts/Google_Doodle_Les_Paul_Electric_Guitar.zip P.S. In actuality, even though there are 10 strings on the Google Doodle GUI, there are actually *12* guitar samples contained in the Shockwave Flash SWF file. There is *NO* way to play those extra two strings in the Doodle, as the keyboard controls are any of the following: 1234567890 QWERTYUIOP ASDFGHJKL; ZXCVBNM,./ My SoundFont includes those additional two "secret" samples that the Doodle doesn't even use :)
  13. rfnagel

    -opl3 and- phase don't work?

    Just to ensure that the envrionment variable is actually being set under your OS, you could try simply typing "SET" from the DOS prompt. If the "SET DMXOPTION=-opl3-phase" is being set/recognized by your OS, you'll see something like: BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 H5 T6 PATH=C:\;C:\DOS;C:\FED;GM_RESET;C:\NC;C:\NE;C:\NU;C:\PATH;C:\PKZIP;C:\TEMP TEMP=C:\TEMP DMXOPTION=-opl3-phase Of course, you prolly already knew that, but I'm out of other ideas.
  14. rfnagel

    -opl3 and- phase don't work?

    I now remember something along those lines as well. My memory was hazy as to why all of my batch files used both the environment variables as well as the command line parameters, but I'm thinking that it was the confusion between the various FAQs and docs.
  15. rfnagel

    -opl3 and- phase don't work?

    BTW, FWIW I uploaded a few example MP3s here: http://www.cmoo.com/snor/weeds/DOOM/DOOM_DMXOption_OPL3_Disabled.mp3 http://www.cmoo.com/snor/weeds/DOOM/DOOM_DMXOption_OPL3_Enabled.mp3 http://www.cmoo.com/snor/weeds/DOOM/DOOM_DMXOption_Phase_Disabled.mp3 http://www.cmoo.com/snor/weeds/DOOM/DOOM_DMXOption_Phase_Enabled.mp3 I recorded them from DOOM1 running under DOSBox, but IIRC that is exactly how it used to sound years sback on my old DOS/SB16 and DOS/AWE32 rigs. For the "DOOM_DMXOption_Phase_Enabled.mp3" MP3, the effect is quite subtle... you'll be able to hear the effect better through headphones, but it can also be heard through standard stereo PC speakers.