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  1. Worst

    Obscure / Lowkey CTF wads?

    Found this version in Wad Archive: fwctf_a3.wad I'd very much like to have this actually, I didn't think there was anything left of the ill-fated velocity II I also found this one in Wad Archive: veloiibeta8.wad Sure that's not a problem, but now that I went over the list again... I'm not entirely sure about one particular wad in there, which is "GL-CTFmap01.wad" (a single map), which I'm unsure if it was ever even publicly released, and not being the author of said wad, I'm not sure if it's right for me to share it... EDIT: Oh right, I have edited my previous post with the list to include links to any wad I could still find online.
  2. Worst

    Obscure / Lowkey CTF wads?

    Here's many CTF wads I found scattered in my wad directory. I've excluded 3-way/4-way CTF wads, as well as other unusual CTF modes from the list, to keep it short. It has however been very long since I last played most of them, so I can't really recall which ones were great, and which ones were definitely not, so you may need to find that out for yourself...
  3. Build a small dark spacecraft map. The player has to destroy a few demon gateway and find some keycard which is hidden behind ridiculous numbers of power generator and destroy ridiculous numbers of lost UAC machine and find a plasma gun which is hidden behind two demon gateway and destroy three crates
  4. Worst

    Doom 2 Project Rebuild

    So is this a random collection of maps taken from the Wad Archive with no credits at all given to the original map authors ?
  5. Worst

    Mentioning WadEx extraction/assembly tool

    You may also find LumpMod useful for batch processing of wad lumps. It is another command-line wad tool. I believe the author made it to support a modified doom-engine based fangame they worked on, but to my experience it works without issues for regular doom wad files too. Probably the point is that it can be used for command-line batch processing of wad files, which to my knowledge isn't possible with slade3 as it has no commandline interface for doing wad operations. It may however be possible to get some batch operations done using the console in slade3, but I'm not familiar enough with it to tell how much can be done with it. Either way without a suitable command-line interface, slade3 still can't really be used as part of a bigger batch script.
  6. It should be permanent for your copy of GZDoom, as long as it does not have a problem saving to the config file (gzdoom-<username>.ini). Though if you switch the game from doom to heretic, hexen or strife, etc. You will have to repeat the bind commands, as the different games save their binds separately.
  7. Worst

    UDMF mapping in Slade 3 vs UDB?

    To be precise, Hexen format actually supports up to 65536 sector tags (from 0 to 65535), but the linedef special arguments only go from 0 to 255. So if a tag above 255 needs to be affected by a switch for example, an ACS script or some other indirect method needs to be used to refer to tags above 255. Though if you are mapping for multiplayer ports, it's worth noting that Hexen format is compatible with Odamex and ZDaemon, while UDMF is not.
  8. Try binding the command, or a sequence of commands to a key on your keyboard. To do so you have to first execute something like the following in the console: bind f freeze bind j "give berserk; summon demon" alias grunt "mdk; playsound imp/pain" bind g grunt alias +frocket "summon rocket; freeze" alias -frocket "freeze" bind h +frocket After doing so, you can just hit the bound key without opening up the console.
  9. Alright, here's the updated version of the FluidLib ACS library, where the invisibility effect no longer expires over time. fluidlib-v3.zip
  10. I went ahead and did some investigation on this as well. Turns out that the function being used for the invisibility effect is basically equivalent of giving the invisibility powerup to the player. I had not realized this before. So basically this line of code: SetPlayerProperty(0, ON, PROP_INVISIBILITY); Is the same as doing the following: GiveInventory("PowerInvisibility", 1); And PowerInvisibility has the original built-in duration of 1 minute, so it doesn't last forever because the effect is only applied when first entering/touching the liquid. If you tested with the fluidlib, then yeah it does not apply a timer, since I took a slightly different approach from your original liquids.wad, and assigned the player the invulnerability status using SetActorProperty(0, APROP_Invulnerable, ON) instead, which does not have a timer to it. I think the invisibility effect could be made infinite by making a new powerup type in ZScript or Decorate that has an infinite value set for the Powerup.Duration property. And then adjusting the fluidlib to give this new type of invisibility powerup instead. In my opinion changing the effect to be infinite would be more logical, since the player is not just grabbing a single sphere, but rather will be wading knee-deep in the liquid, so I think it would be logical for the effect to last as long as the player is in there. I don't mind updating the fluid library wad, so that the invisibility effect is infinite (while in fireblu liquid). Or even instead make both the invis and invulnerability time limited like picking up the original powerups (But imo that doesn't entirely make sense in this setting). Of course, @Alfredo this is your decision to make here :)
  11. Oh that sounds interesting. I'd think that regular old ACS would be enough for kill triggers, but since I haven't used Zscript too much, it's likely that I'm just unfamiliar of its advantages in those setups.
  12. I've gotten started with my map, but it's still got a long way to go.
  13. I have made a new version of the FluidLib ACS library, which fixes a little oversight in the fluid state system, which allowed you to keep the fluid effect if you were very quick on your feet. I also realized that it didn't work in all scenarios, for example when using a non-solid 3d floor or with underwater tunnels that don't have any liquid textures in them. This new version makes such setups possible too, though they require using a custom UDMF sector text property "user_fluid" that should match the fluid name. For non-solid 3d floors it needs to be set in the control sector. For underwater, etc. the sector itself needs to use the same "user_fluid" custom UDMF sector text property. fluidlib-v2.zip fluidlib-v3.zip Nah I actually meant the opposite of that. Since the rules don't allow custom monsters, I was basically just wondering if using ZScript was instead allowed for other purposes? If you wanna keep it simple, you can of course just not allow it in any capacity.
  14. Hi, this looks like a pretty cool course! However I can't help but notice that the way you are handling the liquid scripts could be done in a much more efficient and uhh easier on the students kind of way. Instead of each participant slapping scripts and placing sector actions and effects by hand on each of their levels and sectors, a much less error-prone method would be to use a globally loaded ACS library as a resource. This way each mapper only needs to select the correct texture/flat, and the rest is taken care of by the ACS library. I've attached a wad that does just this, feel free to use it for the project, if you like it. (or for any other purpose) This ACS library approach also has the advantage that if something needs to be changed with regards to how the liquids behave, it can just be adjusted in the ACS library script, and every single map does not need to have their map scripts updated for it. Also I noticed that the scripts you provided will for the most part break in multiplayer. The ACS library I made is multiplayer compatible, which I'm sure isn't the focus of this project, but having it compatible also probably doesn't hurt either way. Edit: Also using the "Actor enters sector" and "Actor leaves sector" things, as in your example map, has the potential issue that the liquid effect gets activated even if the player is not touching the surface, for example if they are somewhere up high on a ledge, but have the middle of their hitbox on the liquid sector, thus "entering" it. Edit2: Added a new version below that fixes an oversight in the state system and adds support for non-solid 3d floors & full sector height fluids. Edit3: Yet another version that fixes the fireblu invisibility expiring over time. fluidlib-v3.zip Since you mention ZScript in particular, does that mean that mappers can use it outside of custom monsters?
  15. @dac I'd also like to participate! I've listed my unique strengths below: