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  1. If you really need to visit some website, yet can't stand the ads, using a browser extension that lets you write custom javascript or CSS can at least help hide the ads.
  2. The solution posted by Gez seems most appropiate for this scenario. There's another trick that can be done with custom bridge things, but you should really just use the correct 3D midtexture line flag here and disable the default impassable flag.
  3. 435 points, made it to level 3, then spent too much time in the blue, oops.
  4. Just make every jump deal 1% damage and play a windows error sound; that should work for everyone.
  5. You could make the script a lot simpler by using the Suspend function. Then you don't even need the global variable. #include "zcommon.acs" Script 1 (void) { Door_Open(1, 32, 0); TagWait(1); Suspend; Door_Close(1, 32, 0); TagWait(1); } ..or if you want a script that can be re-used by multiple different doors, it could be done like so:
  6. For making monsters die, you could use the sector action "Actor Hits Floor", and give it the AMBUSH flag ("Monsters activate" in GZDB, "Deaf" in DB2), so that monsters will also trigger it. You can give the sector action one of the action specials that deals damage: DamageThing or Thing_Damage. Or you can use ACS_ExecuteAlways, and call a script that uses the built-in acs function Thing_Damage2. For making barrels die, there are many ways to go about it, but not sure what the best method would be. One method would be to make a barrel replacement with the ISMONSTER flag, to make them also trigger the sector action. This method might have some side effects under some circumstances. actor ExplosiveBarrelM : ExplosiveBarrel replaces ExplosiveBarrel { +ISMONSTER }
  7. Don't forget that you still have the option to manually save and load the game, if you don't want to pistol start.
  8. Worst

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    You might want to try waifu2x-caffe, seems more recently updated, and works for me at least. (If you want to make use of a CUDA-enabled GPU, you'll need the CUDA toolkit and the cuDNN library.)
  9. Experimenting with movebob and FOV values in GZDoom/ZDoom might help with motion sickness. In the console type "movebob 0" to disable movebob. Experiment with different FOV values, such as "fov 100". The default movebob is 0.25 and default FOV is 90. In GZDoom, you can also find view bob settings in the display options: Also in GZDoom might be worthwhile to try out different render modes found in the SET VIDEO MODE menu.
  10. Worst

    Neural network generates text from any prompt

    This seems accurate somehow..
  11. Worst

    Heretic on Steam

    The first link in chungy's post contains pretty much what you are describing here, XDelta patches that can be used to upgrade/downgrade IWADs to different versions.
  12. Worst

    WadC 3.0 released

    Yeah, I figured eventually that I needed to draw it in reverse, so I came up with a function like this: neg(x) { sub(0,x) } flipstep(x,y) --draw a linedef flipped { movestep(x, y) step(neg(x), neg(y)) movestep(x, y) } Another thing I wish I could do in WadC would be setting different textures & offsets on the backside of a linedef. For example, the following code currently does not set a different texture and offset on the side of the linedef that faces the 2nd sector. #"standard.h" main { wall("MARBFAC4") right(128) right(128) yoff(-48) right(128) yoff(0) right(128) rightsector(0, 128, 144) movestep(-128,0) wall("GSTONE1") yoff(11) right(128) yoff(0) right(128) right(128) right(128) rightsector(-64, 64, 144) } Also I've noticed that the one-sided linedefs that WadC generates, do not have the impassable flag set by default. In GZDoom Builder this makes them visually indistinguishable from doublesided linedefs. They do look different in SLADE though, so I guess this may vary from editor to editor.
  13. Worst

    32in24-17 - 3-Way CTF

    MAP05 - (Cuisine Conflict) update Changelog: - Included more team color markers here and there - Made a lift for the RL - Added team colored borders around each area - Served some cupcakes in the middle - Added a few arrows that guide towards the other bases Same midi as previously (it's not included in the update).
  14. Worst

    3D floor with inverted rules

    Combine the non-solid 3D floor with a DECORATE custom bridge thing that also lets projectiles through: ACTOR LooseBridge32 : InvisibleBridge32 5161 { +NONSHOOTABLE }
  15. If you are making your level for GZDoom, check out the example script on this wiki page: https://zdoom.org/wiki/SetMusicVolume