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  1. There is the DSPUNCH sound for when the punch hits an enemy. But if you mean a sound that would play even if you hit nothing, then that would require modifying the fist 'weapon'. How to best do that, depends on what doom port(s) your mod is targeting, though.
  2. When you convert graphics in SLADE to Doom Gfx (Paletted) the colors in your graphics will be translated to fit the palette of the Base Resource archive, which in case of Doom, means the colors of the Doom palette (PLAYPAL). So with Doom Gfx (Paletted) format you cannot keep any colors that are not part of the Doom palette. I think your only options are: a) Modify colors in your graphic so that it converts better to doom palette, or b) Modify colors in the doom palette lump(PLAYPAL), so your graphics convert better, or c) Keep your graphic in PNG format (Will only work in some source ports, such as GZDoom), or d) Just accept that your graphic doesn't look great in the doom palette.
  3. There's an old tool called Spricer, that supposedly slices sprites out of an sprite sheet. ZDoom forum topic - [Tool] Spricer ZDoom forum topic - [Preview+Download] Spricer BETA Also you can apparently use tools in GIMP to Slice an image. (source) I haven't tried any of these methods/tools myself, so I can't vouch for how well they work though.
  4. Worst

    Helper dog #888

    This probably works: Patch File for DeHackEd v3.0 Doom version = 21 Patch format = 6 Thing 140 (Dog) Hit points = 70
  5. Worst

    MBF21 dehacked from DECOhack isn't working

    Those appear to be the editor numbers for Commander Keen and Boss Brain, but yeah it's not correct to use them here. Instead those identifiers you suggested or the dehacked thing numbers should be used.
  6. Normally this is because I didn't put a SNDINFO.txt in the WAD file. Nah, this error is not because of SNDINFO. It's happening because you are trying to use a string argument without quotes, so the compiler gets confused, and thinks that you are trying to do a math division of 'pa' by 'lobo'. Also you are using the wrong ACS function for playing a custom sound. Try this instead: PlaySound (8, "pa/lobo", CHAN_VOICE, 1.0, FALSE, ATTN_NONE); For full volume, you also need to use 1.0 instead of 1. Because the argument is a fixed point number. Btw. in your SNDINFO lump, you should not include to the filetype extension ".wav".
  7. Worst

    Scripted enemies showing on the enemy count

    Read @Bauul's reply in this thread, it has probably your best options on what can be done about it. This is an issue that the mapper has to solve, it cannot be "fixed" by the source port, because there is no way for the game to predict on its own what scripts might end up spawning over the course of the level.
  8. How is this supposed to work for giving them TIDs though? Even if you hack around with the THINGS lump, in vanilla Doom format, there is no field in there for the Thing id (tid), and you can't add new fields to the binary format, and expect source ports to still know how to parse it, unless you straight up convert the map to Hexen format.
  9. For ZDaemon, this can be done with the PATCHINF lump. But I don't think any other source port supports it. If you need the same in GZDoom, you can of course duplicate it with ZScript, using what Boris linked. Not sure about other ports like Zandronum though. Example: // Example PATCHINF lump for ZDaemon [MAP03] // Give thing number 12 the TID 666. ThingH_ById_Change (12, *, *, *, 666)
  10. Worst

    Dynamic string building using ACS+ZScript

    Outside of Print/HudMessage functions, in order to concatenate strings in ACS, you have to use the StrParam function. EDIT: Using '+' to combine strings does not work in ACS, because ACS strings are really just index numbers to the string table. So you would have to do it like this: str key = StrParam(s:"MY_STRING_", d:counter); Print(l:key);
  11. You could try this mod I just posted; It may not be exactly what you wanted, but it's probably still better than nothing:
  12. Crudely Built Turning Mod This GZDoom mod allows making binds for adjusting the turning speed of the player. It is meant to be used for Controller or Keyboard turning. There are many options that can be adjusted in the new "Crudely Built Turning Mod Options" menu added by the mod. Note: Don't try to use this with mouse turning, you will have a bad time! Download: cbtm_v1.zip This mod has been tested with GZDoom 4.11.3. Screenshots:
  13. Check out this ZDoom forums topic for playing video files in GZDoom: How to make .IVF cutscenes in GZDoom There is also another method that involves a bit more work and scripting, but lets you play it during the level, see my post here for an example:
  14. So first off, it seems like GZDoom/ZDoom doesn't actually support patching sounds in this manner in Dehacked. I checked latest GZDoom code, and it has this comment, and the code just silently ignores all the Sound definitions: // The only remotely useful thing Dehacked sound patches could do // was change where the sound's name was stored. Since there is no // real benefit to doing this, and it would be very difficult for // me to emulate it, I have disabled them entirely. static int PatchSound (int soundNum) { I also checked out the old ZDoom 1.21 source code from 1999, and it ignores them just the same. So it's probably not been supported in any version ever since either. Also from what little documentation I could quickly find about patching sounds in this manner, it appears that the "Value" property is for the relative priority of the sound, not the sound volume. But perhaps your code was just an example. According to Eternity dehacked docs, the property for sound volume would be "Zero 3". Either way, if it's sound volume that you want to change, this seems to be possible with a SNDINFO lump, using the $volume command. And the "Zero/One" dehacked property can probably be recreated with SNDINFO $singular or $limit commands. Though there doesn't seem to be a command for making an alreardy singular sound not singular anymore.
  15. I think you could do this without using Decorate at all, by using a script like this/this script: Script "MaxAmmoEnter" ENTER { ACS_NamedExecuteAlways("MaxAmmoSpawn", 0); } Script "MaxAmmoRespawn" RESPAWN { ACS_NamedExecuteAlways("MaxAmmoSpawn", 0); } Script "MaxAmmoSpawn" (void) { // Using -1 here to force updating the Ammo capacity on spawn. int prev_backpack = -1; // Run this script as long as the player is alive while (GetActorProperty(0, APROP_Health) > 0) { // Note: Backpack count is always either 0 or 1. int backpack = CheckInventory("Backpack"); // Only do this when backpack status changes. if (prev_backpack != backpack) { prev_backpack = backpack; if (backpack) { SetAmmoCapacity("Clip" , 500); // 400 in vanilla SetAmmoCapacity("Shell" , 100); // 100 in vanilla SetAmmoCapacity("RocketAmmo", 100); // 100 in vanilla SetAmmoCapacity("Cell" , 600); // 600 in vanilla } else // if no backpack { SetAmmoCapacity("Clip" , 200); // 200 in vanilla SetAmmoCapacity("Shell" , 50); // 50 in vanilla SetAmmoCapacity("RocketAmmo", 50); // 50 in vanilla SetAmmoCapacity("Cell" , 300); // 300 in vanilla } } Delay(1); } } This also works without messing with boolean arrays(and thus not limiting the script to a specific amount of players), since it just checks directly whether the player has the backpack.