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  1. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but in the latest resource wad, which is linked in the first post, the item drops for the Chaingunner and the Plasma Alien seem to be the wrong way around. The Chaingunner drops an Energy Cell, and the Plasma Alien drops a clip.
  2. Here's my 1st and probably only submission. Name: Corrupted Elemental Vault Music: "Weird Waltz" by @MFG38 10line_worst_v1.zip
  3. I'm interested, but one question: Is it okay if the map is technically beatable but really boring with this setting on? For example timed arenas could result in just boring waiting in place.
  4. It does not seem to be actually working correctly for any maps past MAP32, they all end up showing the same map name as MAP01. I also tested adding a little print message to your script, and confirmed that it's not returning the correct level numbers for maps after MAP32. This is because there is no legacy "MAPINFO" lump in your wad, as @AF-Domains.net pointed out. You can check here for the old MAPINFO syntax: https://zdoom.org/wiki/MAPINFO_(old_format)
  5. This is working for me in ZDaemon. Example (MAP35): setfloortrigger_test.zip My guess as to why it isn't working for you, would be that perhaps GetLevelInfo() is not returning the correct level number on MAP35. This could happen if you are either missing the MAPINFO lump or there is something in the MAPINFO that is causing ZDaemon to not parse it properly.
  6. Amazing work on the project! This project has to be by far my most favourite showcase of ZDoom features that I've seen so far! (Despite not actually using any heh...) Not to say that this is merely a showcase wad though, the levels look and play so great, that I bet it must have taken a dreadful amount of hours to get everything polished to this degree. Btw. Some things I noted on the levels:
  7. If you double a monsters speed, but also double its frame duration, while its movement may look similar, it will end up trying to take steps twice as long, which could potentially result in it getting stuck depending on how tight of a place it is in. Here's a test map where Dehacked has been used to make the Hell knight move in this way: monster_speed_test.zip (Compare it to the Baron which has the same movement and speed as what a hell knight would normally have.)
  8. I think Bauul brings some valid points as to why classic monster closets still beat Thing_Spawn. Though if monster closets were to be improved in the engine in a way that requires mappers to do something, why not go a bit further, and make it even more convenient for both the mappers and the engine. For example here's a rough idea: - The monster closets could just be simple tagged sectors where the mapper dumps a bunch of monsters, without all the work involving teleport lines, monster movement and sound propagation, etc... - Have for example 3 line specials (for doom/boom format): Create Monster Closet (tag) : On map load marks the sector to which the line belongs to as a monster closet, making all monsters dormant inside it. Linedef length could for example determine the frequency at which the monsters attempt to teleport out or something like that. Tag is the tag of the sector(s) to which the monsters will teleport to. Activate Monster Closet (tag) : Tag of the monster closet to activate. Deactivate Monster Closet (tag) : Tag of the monster closet to deactivate. - For a hexen format/udmf special you could probably get away with less line specials, and more options to customize too. Edit: I suppose for doom/boom format you would need a bunch of variants of the activate/deactive specials to account for different line activation methods...
  9. Worst

    All Caps - Case Convention for WADs?

    You don't need to worry about case sensitivity, if you write your filenames with Emoji:
  10. Huge congrats to @dac and everyone else involved on getting this project to the finish line! If you get this error message, your GZDoom version is way too old to even properly run the wad in the first place, as the ZScript feature that is missing from your copy of GZDoom was introduced before proper MBF21 support was added to GZDoom. GZDoom 4.3.1 (January 05, 2020) introduced the ZScript LevelPostProcessor. GZDoom 4.7.0 (September 22, 2021) introduced MBF21 support. Without proper MBF21 support, you may run into a number of issues in the maps; such as broken exits, blocking lines not blocking, instant death sectors not working, etc. Edit: If you still wish to run this on an outdated GZDoom version, I made a little patch that bypasses these errors (must be loaded before 30mc.wad, tested on GZDoom 4.2.3), but I still really recommend upgrading your GZDoom version, because you will run into other issues anyways, due to the lack of MBF21 support.
  11. The LibEye zscript library by KeksDose might be useful for this.
  12. If you want to create a map by writing text, I think you'd be much better off using WadC or Liquorice.
  13. @dac I have an update to my map: 30mc_worst_v5.zip Based on feedback, I have made a few changes: Thanks for the feedback! Based on your experience, and a couple others I've seen, I decided to add floor "buttons" or "pressure plates" on the platforms that hopefully make it more clear now that something is happening each time you step on the platforms. Also made the "Alternate route out" section a bit less difficult to get through.
  14. It's very simple, just slap a sticky note on the door that says that it's locked.
  15. Thanks for playing my map! That was done with just good ol' boom features and archviles. The only MBF21 feature in that level is the death exit.