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  1. Eureka 1.21 Released

    While that is a possibility, I prefer to not add OpenGL as a dependency. Yeah that would be useful when mapping for those ports. I've been kinda reluctant to support the advanced source ports (anything more advanced than BOOM), since it opens up so many more things that people expect or would like the editor to handle. All those things require a lot of work, but I have very little energy / motivation to work on Eureka these days, sadly.
  2. Eureka 1.21 Released

    I'd like to thank printz for again making the MacOSX package. There are definitely some people out there who are using it. Yeah that is an issue, the flat rendering can probably be optimized but I haven't looked into it yet.
  3. Eureka 1.21 Released

    Sourceforge is still an OK place to host a project I think.
  4. Eureka 1.21 Released

    Eureka is a map editor for classic DOOM and related games. I have just released version 1.21. With over 950 commits since the last release, this is a fairly major update. One aspect which got a lot of work was the BSP node builder, which has been tightly integrated into the Eureka codebase now, and will build nodes for a map on each save (though that can be disabled). Building nodes no longer clears the undo/redo history, that was something I found quite annoying recently and hence was the main motivation for this BSP work. There are also more options on the type of nodes to build, and ZDoom uncompressed node format (XNOD) is now supported. Another major change was making the mouse buttons (including the wheel) use the key binding system, where previously their behavior was hard-coded. Also updating the key system to support smooth navigation functions. Those changes lead to a rethink about line drawing, in version 1.11 the left mouse button had three distinct functions in vertex mode: selecting stuff, dragging stuff, and line drawing, and it became clear that it was too much for a single button. Hence line drawing was moved to another button, the right one (inspired by DB), and that meant map panning had to move too (to MMB and the "a" key, which is quite nice now I've gotten used to it). Anyway, I hope this release will be useful to some people :) Full list of changes in 1.21 is here: http://eureka-editor.sourceforge.net/?n=Main.Changes121 Eureka web site is here: http://eureka-editor.sourceforge.net/
  5. Savegame buffer overruns

    That would surely go against Chocolate-doom's primary goal : compatibility with vanilla. It would be the thin edge of the wedge. If Chocolate-doom changed this for Freedoom's sake, then maybe next year it will stop crashing on VPO errors, which is the gold standard of vanilla compatibility. Pretty soon it will turn into just another source port with arbitrary modifications added at the whim of the developers.
  6. Wikipedia calls Freedoom a game, is that correct?

    The fact that Freedoom has completely new levels is what makes it a game in its own right and not just a "reskin".
  7. Any editors where you can rotate the view?

    Just rotate the map? Using 90 or 180 degrees should mean that when you rotate it back, vertices are still where they should be (no quantization effects).
  8. Darkness

    No, I never find it fun fighting things you cannot see. P.S. I see darkness as more of a aesthetic thing, e.g. it makes sense that caves or secret tunnels would be dark. But when it is used as a gameplay trap or gimmick, that just annoys me.
  9. Yeah I don't like that either. I thought the new screens might be in prboom-plus.wad, but I cannot see them there, so I think you can only change this by editing the source code.
  10. That DoomWiki article could be a lot clearer if it talked about "pixel aspect ratio".
  11. Is that a package in Linux Mint? If so, sounds like the package maintainer mucked up and forgot to add the plugins to the package. Or maybe there is a separate package for the plugins?
  12. Command Control item/shells bug?

    the little health potions and armor helmets are easy to miss.
  13. You inspired me, today I added a sound propagation mode to Eureka :)
  14. Ages ago I experimented with an auto-alignment feature in Eureka. But at the time I couldn't get it to work very well, as it would often align stuff with the "wrong" linedef. I plan to revisit it, as even just doing X offsets on a chain of linedefs can be useful. I have been working on Eureka recently, and hope to have another release in a month or two. Smooth navigation in the 3D view, as well as selecting walls or floors in the 3D view and setting textures on them (or Copy/Paste textures between them) has been implemented and will make texturing maps a lot easier.
  15. Can't find some servers in Doomseeker

    Got filtering turned on?