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  1. andrewj

    A homebrew 2.D FPS engine

    Looks good so far. Any plans for lighting?
  2. andrewj

    What the heck is this source port?

    I did laugh when the guy died but could still walk around the level doing stuff.
  3. andrewj

    I Made A SCP!

    Your link says "this page does not exist yet". But that's probably what they want people to think, plausible deniability and all that, and those "in the know" can click on the super secret link to go to the real page. Or maybe I've said to much alr
  4. andrewj

    Port devs, why do you dev ports?

    I don't really know why I worked on EDGE for so long. At the beginning there were some ideas (features) I wanted to implement, and help make a source port that worked nicely in Linux (at a time when the other major ports only ran in Windows). Then there were some large tasks that I guess were satisfying to achieve: porting the code from C to C++, transitioning from fixed_t to floating point, making an OpenGL renderer, implementing a better savegame system. In the end I guess it became too much of a chore, the constantly fixing bugs, and I started to prefer things to be as close to classic DOOM as possible. Plus after a while I more-or-less stopped enjoying actually playing the game, so the motivation to keep wprking on it fizzled out.
  5. andrewj

    Let's Play Doom (letsplay.wad)

    A version with animated face (I left out the TXT file though).... letsplayface.zip
  6. andrewj

    FPCDoom (Updated Dec 3, 2019)

    You can blame Microsoft for it, in some version of Windows (not sure if it was vista, or 7 or 8) they changed how their internal midi synthesizer worked, it's volume was tied to the process's sound volume and become uncontrollable separately. Most ports are using a software midi synth like timidity or fluidsynth nowadays, partly or mainly because of this.
  7. andrewj

    List of sounds in doom 2 when quitting?

    There are 8 sounds for Doom 1, and a different set of 8 sounds for Doom 2 (though a couple are shared). int quitsounds[8] = { sfx_pldeth, sfx_dmpain, sfx_popain, sfx_slop, sfx_telept, sfx_posit1, sfx_posit3, sfx_sgtatk }; int quitsounds2[8] = { sfx_vilact, sfx_getpow, sfx_boscub, sfx_slop, sfx_skeswg, sfx_kntdth, sfx_bspact, sfx_sgtatk }; For vanilla and Boom, you could probably use DEHACKED to make monsters use different sounds and replace those ones, though I think "sfx_slop" is hard-coded in some places, and possibly "sfx_getpow" too, so you couldn't replace those without hearing the same sound in-game. For ZDoom ports there is probably a way to produce custom sounds when quitting, check the ZDoom wiki for that.
  8. andrewj

    I REALLY hate key and secret hunting

    Secrets are for weak players who cannot beat a level as it is, and need to go wall humping to get the extra health or ammo or some whiz bang powerup. Anybody with any pride ignores such pandering out of principle. Goodies are meant to be earned.
  9. andrewj

    Eureka with OpenGL, please test

    Here is another test version. This one implements key combo menus for certain things, e.g. in 3D mode you can use the "e s" key pair to change edit mode to sectors, and "e w" to change edit mode to linedefs (w for "walls"). The ratio lock also uses key combo menus, e.g. "u 1" for 1:1 ratio, "u s" for user-defined ratio, and "u n" for unlock (none). I'm hoping this version fixes the crashes that some people are getting. Other changes include: the ratio lock is more strict, ratio of current draw line is shown, make void islands by drawing lines anti-clockwise, rendering of floors in 2D view will apply lighting too, ESC key can cancel a current action, fixed window title not showing the correct map name. eureka-125p08.zip
  10. andrewj


  11. andrewj

    Cacodemon art on a TI-84

    It's better than your current avatar :)
  12. andrewj

    Knitting Doom

    A thousand years from now this knitted pattern will be discovered in a bunker somewhere, and people will wonder what it means. Some genius will figure out that it is computer code, and figure out how to run it. Then the demons will start appearing and it will be Hell on Earth once more! Oh what a bitter twist of fate for humanity.....
  13. andrewj

    Paccie 64

    As a little side project, an indulgent dive into a pool of nostalgia, and an exercise in actually finishing something, I made a basic Pacman clone for the Commodore 64. For anyone bored enough to want to try it, or even bored-er enough to want to look at some 6502 assembly code, here is the gitlab repository: https://gitlab.com/andwj/pac64 Obligatory screenshot:
  14. andrewj

    2,000,000+ posts on Doomworld

    I hear ya, but you only win the cool prize for the nice round number. I bet it was a pony, or maybe Hissy.