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  1. andrewj

    Eureka Keeps Corrupting My MAPs

    To be clear, if the map is hexen format then there should always be a BEHAVIOR lump. The default is to have it a small dummy lump which has no code in it but is otherwise valid. Also when you talk about compiling the SCRIPTS lump, what exactly do you mean? Is that a SLADE command or a different program? Well if the BEHAVIOR lump is removed somehow (without any conversion of the other lumps), then the format is considered to be Doom but the actual data is still in hexen mode inside the wad. That should result in Eureka showing the map as complete garbage. The nodes builder (BSP phase) has little do to with it. P.S. I'm not suggesting there is not a bug here somewhere, actually there is at least one known one (regarding not testing for BEHAVIOR well enough when some lumps are absent), but it seems a bit llike you are messing with the raw lumps of a level and then wondering why things break.
  2. andrewj

    Eureka News

    What is the miniwad iwad? I have not heard of it before. You can try using doom2 as the iwad and load the miniwad iwad as a resource wad (e.g. using -merge on the command line).
  3. andrewj

    Eureka Keeps Corrupting My MAPs

    Can you post a wad after the step of saving in SLADE? I will try to reproduce here. P.S. Eureka only supports the map-specific SCRIPTS lump in a hexen format map -- it does not consider SCRIPTS in a doom format map to be valid (and I tend to doubt that it should allow that case). As for your other post, if SLADE misidentifies a hexen map as Doom then that is SLADE's problem -- especially if the map works as hexen in ZDoom.
  4. andrewj

    Eureka News

    It might be a distro specific issue, I looked at their package for FLTK and they have modified the fltk-config script in their package, but I cannot say for sure if they "broke" the fltk-config script or not (there is no comments about why they modified the script). But my feeling is that they did break it, at least for third party software (stuff they don't package themselves).
  5. andrewj

    Eureka News

    When I run fltk-config here with --ldflags, it does have -lX11 at the end. What do you get when you run fltk-config --ldflags ? And what operating system are you on?
  6. andrewj

    how can i make a source port for doom

    Wow, the OP is probably just a kid and Maes has to pile on with more abuse. Do you treat your own nieces and nephews like that?
  7. andrewj

    Issues with sound scripting

    See what happens if you make D_SPOOK a Wav file instead of an Ogg/Vorbis file. P.S. the lump should be SNDINFO not SND_INFO.
  8. andrewj

    3D modeling software that isn't Blender?

    What do you want to create?
  9. Short answer is that I don't think you can have both the keep-height behavior and the teleport-fog effect at the same time. If you don't care about the fog effect, then you could provide a translation lump with uses the Teleport_NoFog action with the fourth parameter (arg3) set to 1, for all the linetypes which normally use the plain Teleport action. Though I don't know how to provide an additional XLAT table, apart from the crude way of modifying the existing xlat/base.txt and rebuilding the standard pk3 file.
  10. It occurs to me that such a demo format should be an extension to the existing demo formats, i.e. include both a raw ticcmd stream and a map-delta stream. The ticcmd stream will be tiny compared to the map-delta stream, so size is no reason to not have both. People who want the "genuine" playback can use the ticcmd stream (on same port with same CL etc), and people who just want to watch the demo can use the map-delta stream on any port supporting it.
  11. andrewj

    why is gdzoom stuck at 30fps?

    The screenshot shows 30 quite clearly.
  12. Bit hard to tell just from an editor screenshot, ideally post a wad. I can say that if you split a tagged sector into multiple pieces (sectors) and use an action on them, they won't behave as a single piece but as separate pieces. So they compute where to go (heightwise) independently of each other.
  13. andrewj

    Scroll Floor is slower in PRBoom+?

    The Boom Reference document is quite clear how these "carry" scrollers should work, and GZDoom is following the specification fine it seems. But PrBoom (and I presume BOOM itself) is not following its own spec, the code in T_Scroll is just adding a vector to the thing's momentum, a lazy way of moving a thing since it leaves it to P_XYMovement to actually do the move, and that function applies FRICTION, and since the movement rate is quite low (less than 1.0) the friction is dominating and the things are moving much slower than they should be. So yeah, Boom is bugged here.
  14. andrewj

    Teleport Traps without Joined Sectors?

    A single sector need not be contiguous, you can have two or more pieces with void or other sectors in between. Sound propagation does not "know" that a sector has separate pieces, you could say that a sound which enters any piece is really entering all pieces at the same time.