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  1. Espi

    Project announcement: Scythe X

    Good to see you active and mapping again.
  2. Espi

    id Doom map oddities

    I always liked the secret gray area at the end of the slime tunnels for some reason.
  3. Espi

    Espi's Doom Sketches

    Well then, I have succeeded, because he is supposed to look tired. =p He's in the process of being possessed, and his mind is almost gone.
  4. Espi

    Espi's Doom Sketches

    Figured I'd give a go at drawing the Doom monster cast to work on improving my left hand. Dunno if I'll ever do them all, but here's a start: Former Human Shotgun Guy Lost Soul
  5. Espi

    Doom Builder 2 Released

    Any chance of setting up a donation scheme on your site? Because fuck, I'd pay for this program.
  6. Espi

    Let's Discuss Geology!!

    They're both huge, sure, but not similar in size. Chicxulub is much larger.
  7. Espi

    Hows about some embarrasment

    http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=10749 , apparently.
  8. Espi

    Made a map

    Well that was amusing. It's doable, if you just utilize the doors that the monsters can't open for infighting. The cyberdemon was quite problematic though, I had to skip killing him and just exit, 'cause his splash damage kept winging my health off.
  9. Espi

    Germany to ban paintball & laser tag

    Well, the people in the article, naturally.
  10. Espi

    Germany to ban paintball & laser tag

    How about banning useless emotional knee-jerk reactions by hysterical people instead?
  11. All this talk about the chaingun reminds me that it's one thing that has annoyed me from the start: it does not have the firepower of a fricking chaingun, not to mention that it isn't even a chaingun, but a gatling gun. And definitely not a fancy modern one, but an ass-old hand-crank operated one. Screw the palette, I'll go with replacing the "chaingun" with something that actually matches the effectiveness of that weapon slot.
  12. Espi

    Making "Emoticons"

  13. I've had varying headache for about 3 weeks now, along with problems with vision.

    Had my head scanned finally today, they found something that does not belong at the back of my head.

    Can't say what it is exactly yet from the pictures, but it's most likely metastasis of the sarcoma that ran off with my arm last year. Bugger doesn't want to give up that easily it seems, and is back with a vengeance.

    Going to Helsinki sometime next week, and they're probably going to operate on it right away. At least I hope so.

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    2. Negostrike


      Thanks a lot for Suspended in Dusk.
      Rest in peace.

    3. [name_withheld]


      :[ How did I not see all this, as much as I lurk here? Anyway, rest in peace. I never knew you, or talked to you for that matter, but you were a gifted mapper, and I admire how much you fought.

    4. darknation


      oh man.

      wish I had known about this earlier. seems little point in singing his praises now he can't read them but meh, gotta be done.

      He really was such a nice guy, always took time to comment on the crap I was writing and drawing and actually providing useful advice and criticism. that shit's pretty rare. So thanks and RIP mang, it sucks that you are gone and the internet is going to suck a little more for your absence.


  14. Espi

    uhhhhh.... [Game terminates at startup]

    Try updating your video card drivers?