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  1. For being a Call of Duty styled take on Wolfenstein 3D, Blade of Agony is really fun! Probably helps that it takes a more classical approach when it comes to health management and overall level design, encouraging exploration to some degree.
  2. An extensive mod that utilizes functions from several different developmental versions of Doom, and a dancing baby! What's not to love!? Let's Play of Delta Doom through Shores of Hell.
  3. From Davy Jones’ Locker, I sail the Seven Seas in search of booty! Also, treasure I guess. New let’s play of Pirate Doom.
  4. Doom 1 Reloaded: Resurrected Nightmare let's play (Sorry about the ins and outs, my computer was having severe crashing fits at the time and I got paranoid)
  5. Let's Playing a rather interesting mod based on Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey
  6. Doing a let's play of ZBlood, a surprisingly good ZDoom imitation of Blood.
  7. Part 2 of Smooth Doom The Way id Did It
  8. Enjoy my let's play of the lovably chaotic Reelism!
  9. Part 2 of Blade of Agony. When the odds are against me, I fight a tank using a frikkin' knife! BJ is hardcore!
  10. It's High Noon, demons are roaming the street, and I got my lucky six-shooter. I just have one question. You feeling lucky? Well, do ya puck?
  11. Playing through Doom The Way id Did It but, of course, it's not quite a Vanilla run. Smooth Doom is also being stacked over it, and I'm quite pleased with the results! It's a very good visual enhancing mod.
  12. Someone made a very interesting mod called Final Doomer, it provides weapons unique to TNT Evilution and Plutonia. Since I recently played Plutonia with another mod, I thought I'd give TNT a spin. I might do Plutonia's set if it's requested.
  13. Well, id announced that they intend to get it onto the Switch. If they're smart, they'll slash at the polygon counts and texture quality, on a mobile device you don't really notice those things as much. As long as they don't overdo it.
  14. Take Doom, make the levels super complex versions of the original Knee Deep in the Dead, throw in an RPG system on top of it, and you have a deliciously creamy blend of depth! Let's Play of Knee Deep in ZDoom combined with Nameless Lite RPG System.
  15. Let's play of Blade of Agony, a pretty awesome Doom mod styled after Wolfenstein 3D but with some impressive aesthetics packed into it.