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  1. Whelp, time to kill demons with a toothbrush. Extreme! Alfonzone in Jazz Town
  2. Turbo Charged Arcade, now with extra adrenaline
  3. At 4:30 PM EST, I’m live-streaming Brutal Doom on Doom II Hell on Earth, and I’m doing it on Black Dragon Difficulty. May God have mercy on my soul… enjoy!
  4. The infamous Rampage Edition If you thought things were already bad, It Only Gets Worse
  5. Turbo Charged Arcade 2, I played the second first because I happened to see it in the Cacowards first.
  6. Orange you glad for such creative Doom themes? :P If Bioshock was Doom, Arcadia Demade
  7. The flying head with the missing eye on the top left is also from ROTT, that's probably his eye too.
  8. Well, it's like video footage of their games. You can say it violates copyright and it'd be hard to argue against it but most video game companies don't care enough to enforce it. One of the few I've seen enforce that kind of thing is Nintendo.
  9. This mod is pretty damn difficult, but then again, that's probably on me for not noticing the shotgun. Krazy Kate
  10. Though it technically violates copyright, id probably doesn't care too much. There are a myriad of Doom videos that show off the music in full that have yet to have any kind of copyright action taken against them. Probably because most games live or die based on their gameplay so the music is going to be very low priority.
  11. I intend to livestream the Quake Champions Edition Doom Mod at Noon EST today (02/10).
  12. Argent + No End in Sight Darkworld Doom II
  13. Stardate 20x7, I seem to have taken on a lot of purple. Doomzone + Doom 2 Hell on Earth
  14. Interestingly, it has a brutal difficulty setting where it's the maximum difficulty and your health doesn't regenerate. It's basically a Classic Mode.
  15. Bringandine, a fairly challenging slaughter map I had a blast with.