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  1. MetroidJunkie

    Anyone else liked the original imp better?

    Sounds like you'll really love the Doom Eternal Imp, then. It's spiked up so it looks closer to its classic counterpart.
  2. MetroidJunkie

    How the Arch-Vile may work, even with temporary corpses

    Could make it an area of effect technique that revives all demons in a small area.
  3. MetroidJunkie

    How the Arch-Vile may work, even with temporary corpses

    Just gonna throw this out there, the GBA version of Doom II had the Archvile resurrecting demons with disappearing corpses. My best guess is an invisible marker is placed at the location of death that notes what type of demon it is. It shouldn't take any effort for the new engine to remember that, it's about as complex as the Original Doom's corpses so modern machines shouldn't even feel it. If the Archvile lands on a marker, it revives the demon from thin air. You could have some kind of the dust in the air gathering and forming the demon kinda thing so it makes logical sense.
  4. Doom Evil Unleashed is the Atari Jaguar port, it's a leftover because, in The Doom Bible, one of the episodes is Evil Unleashed.
  5. Could have at least added a subtitle to the end of it to distinguish it. At least this one has a unique name, and not just Doom II. DOOM: Nightmare Reborn
  6. MetroidJunkie

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    This is quite a good mod so far.