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  1. "There's splotches of other colors" do people just selectively ignore parts of my posts? :D
  2. You'll notice the qualifying word I used, "almost".
  3. You really shouldn't use one example to paint such a broad brush, this is where you're coming up short. This cop is a blatant murderer, no question about it except apparently in the legal system for some reason, but many cops are falsely accused because they defended themselves against an aggressive suspect. Of course, location has a lot to do with it. Cops where I live are chill.
  4. Or you're just an alarmist using the cherry-picked examples as an indictment against cops on the whole. Have you ever actually talked to cops in your local area? I promise you they're human just like you are. Most of these news reports of cops shooting someone down felt threatened for their lives, whether or not it's justified is up for debate but very few cops kill someone because they're having some kind of power trip. Stay where you are, keep your hands where they can see them, and don't make any sudden movements. Being polite helps, too.
  5. I picked the only in extreme circumstances answer. Only if the person is repeatedly ignoring warnings and given every last chance in the world to change while showing no desire to do so. Perhaps an escalation of temporary bans until they reach a certain threshold. Of course, if they're repeatedly doing the same thing they were warned for, that's different.
  6. Instead of a Mockaward, how about just an award for best comedy? It doesn't have to be WADs that are intentionally suckish, just ones that have a comedic tone. One great example, although it wasn't made this year, is Mayhem Mansion.
  7. I'm partial to the Arachnotron. Probably because of the distinct crashing sound, really gives some weight behind its death.
  8. Odds are, complying will keep you alive. Even power hungry cops aren't typically stupid enough to kill someone who isn't resisting or showing any signs of aggression. If it happens to you, you're incredibly unlucky.
  9. Comply with the cop's demands. If you feel the cop used obsessive force or you were arrested without proper cause, sue the city. Getting rich is a lot better than being beaten.
  10. A screenshot comparing Call of Duty to real-life, with Call of Duty looking like an almost black & white version of the real life shot. Meanwhile... While it obviously can't entirely replicate real life in terms of detail, Crysis at least does justice to the color saturation.
  11. Seems I posted in the wrong thread, sorry about that.
  12. Pentecostal, Assembly of God.
  13. Playing through Knee Deep in the Dead with DragonDoom Z
  14. 720p, same as OpenGL. Mostly because of recording.
  15. Duke Nukem Zero Hour took it a step further and made it legitimately rewarding to save them, complete with one-liners. Kinda makes me wish they'd stuck with that instead of trying to be edgy in Forever. Seems more heroic having the ladies talk about how they'll reward you rather than begging for death.