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  1. termrork

    ZDS #632 - DooM2 BETA!

    Dear Doomworld community, This Saturday we are going to play an unfinished version of DooM II! You heard right, beta versions of the maps we all love. Additionally, since the engine was not finished yet the monsters were different too. We tried to simulate this as best as we could so we will get the real DooM 2 experience this weekend. Furthermore, we will play it with Kill 'em all such that we can explore the full glory of the levels. So tell everybody who cares about DooM that this Saturday they have to keep the evening free! zdaemon post: https://forums.zdaemon.org/viewtopic.php?t=17461 Settings: Game Mode: Survival IWAD: doom2 PWADs: d2temp-cleansed.wad, zds_addon_91, kill_em_all14.wad Wad url: Maps: 01-30 + 31, 32 DMFlags: 207307812 / 823605760 / 0 extra settings: sv_acs_world_exit 1 Players: 16 + 16 spect slots Skill: 3 //Ultra Violence Vote: map and reset Date: Saturday 12th October 2019 Euro: 19:30 BST / 1:30 pm CDT US: 01:00 BST / 7:00 pm CDT
  2. termrork

    Play Doom in your browser!

    cool website! now it needs only let you choose the config. the standard one is bad. runs extremely smooth
  3. termrork

    ideas on making maps hard without slaughtering

    map such that arch-vile jumps and rocket jumps are needed : )
  4. termrork

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    to the 20th birthday of Henning Skogsto 1:33 record I tried to beat it. See a comparison video at: including a 1:27 demo which sadly missed a demo, so there is a lot of room for improvement. NS27-130.zip
  5. of course I have to say Doom 2 and Diablo 2. But apart from that I would also like to see: half life quake warcraft 2 (there is already a game) dungeon keeper 2 armageddon might and magic 6 heroes 2
  6. termrork

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    maybe we should make a complete wish list so ZM can work through it and there is no emtpy slot in the demo lists ;)! .... I am still waiting for someone to do a D2 ALL respawn run : ) nontas or tas
  7. termrork

    Doom - Diablo Crossover - Doomiablo

    ah yes, this is it and yes that is me, DoIIoM was never meant as a nickname but just the DooM 2 with the II resembling the 2 as in the logo. For years I had only 1 doom2 video on the channel and I forgot to change the nick to termrork or error xD. Thank you for the kind words!
  8. termrork

    Doom - Diablo Crossover - Doomiablo

    @NightFright : there hasnt been anything released yet, so you must have played a different game/mod. @TheNoob_gamer: I am more of a lurker, I do post mostly in the demos section though. the progress of the mod might seem slow that is why one can think that there was none at all and it got revived, but no, there was no stop since I started it.
  9. A Diablo 2 Mod which is a Doom - Diablo crossover. Hope you like the idea. Currently heavily under development. I will post updates and videos about this project in this thread. If you have any questions or ideas what you would like to see to be implemented, feel free to write it here. The 2 most current videos are these:
  10. termrork

    Best Vanilla Deathmatch Maps

    doom2 all maps. seriously, they are all good, you just have to adjust the frag limit. e.g. map15 5 frags, map01 50 frags.
  11. termrork

    Things about Doom you just found out

    finally I can post something here: in doom2 map22 is the only map with exit switch in episode 3 instead of teleport exit. a few weeks ago I played the doom2 beta levels and found out that map22 was originally on the slot 04. they must have changed it into map22 a few weeks before release and forgot to change the exit type. comparing the beta levels and the official release wad one can clearly see that the type of exits was important for them (e.g. a lot of the first few levels had tele exits instead of switch exits)
  12. oh wow awesome demo! surpassing looper is a joy only a few people receive :), congratulations! it takes a long time... but it is fun! just played the map yesterday trying to get a <30 min time in uv speed. actually till now this wad and especially this map is the only thing I ever created which is for me a lot of fun playing it, so I play the hell out of it :). even about 10 years after creating it. I called it for a reason 'masterpiece', because I could not imagine to create a doom level which surpasses this one and till now this is true. (back then I also thought as a student that I will never have so much free time to ever create such a big map ever again xD (which is also true till now))
  13. termrork

    Give me your wads to record.

    nice to see someone new doing doom videos! sadly I cannot really help you by giving you my maps since it is only avj.wad which is by no means something for everybody, but you can try if you want: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/megawads/avj you can play it with any ports. it is a megawad though, but for beginners only the first few maps are ok. only rule: do not jump
  14. termrork

    Would it be cheating if i..

    why is it of any relevance in a single player game? (serious question)
  15. if you want to see all beta maps of doom2, here is a complete walkthrough played with v1.5 instead of v1.6 as in the video: