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  1. chronological: doom2 map30 tyson, creating AVJ.WAD, demos for AVJ (especially map32) and Doomiablo since all of these are so significantly different I do not want to chose only 1
  2. I am glad you like it, if you have any suggestions for improvement please tell me!
  3. wanted to participate so badly but sadly I do not like slaughter maps :(. map design is nice.
  4. isnt the questioin whether 200 200 is better than i.e. 400 0 as max. actually I do not know what is better for a good game experience.
  5. thanks a lot for your ideas, very interesting!
  6. 1 left 2 10 4 1 20 3 6 if fist is not a weapon 4 green 5 no idea, have not saved for over a century now xD really nice idea! would like to see a quiz every week :).
  7. Hello crazy speedrunning community, a question which is wandering around in my head currently is the following: from what I can see almost nobody is using vanilla doom anymore for speedrunning but (new?) ports called CNDoom and crispy doom (at least for movie runs). My question is can you compare records made with these modern ports to records with vanilla? If I might guess I think in terms of gameplay they are more or less the same (also demo playback with vanilla possible?), but the input might not be the same which maybe has the effect that for example gliding is easier with newer ports.
  8. congratulations to both of you guys! this is incredible!!
  9. how I favor colors: green > blue > yellow > orange > red > violet > black > white > brown > pink of course there can be a nice red I prefer compared to a ugly green, but taking the average of the sub colors this is the order of the main colors (and I know black is not a color in a physical sense)
  10. thank you! I already did that but sadly he does not have the code anymore...
  11. wow, congratulations! these tricks are awesome! I go for Zero switch to give you all the credit you deserve for this. I guess you might not be the first TRYING to pull of these tricks, but all these guys seemed to give up before they managed to do it and thought it is not possible. I mean, come on, 23 years later and there is no demo about these tricks? you sir deserve that credit!
  12. thank you for your answers, my original idea was also using slade and make a screenshot in 3D mode. the problem here is that this will result into a perspective projection and not like in the image above a orthographic projection (what I need). additionally since I want to do this with a lot of maps this procedure would take ages.
  13. ah yes you are right, thank you!