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  1. termrork

    Doom II NM-Speed in 21:14 - 30nm2114

    Congratulations to the run! I also like your failed attempts videos. In this video you had a failed run due to an arch-vile in map30. next time an AV spawns you could try to make a arch-vile jump to the hole and shoot 1 time BFG to finish the map.
  2. termrork

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    someone might be familiar with this
  3. termrork

    2018 Goals

    - releasing Doomiablo - new avj.wad map32 records
  4. termrork

    Jumping lines

    thank you a lot kbl! I could not find it anywhere... I will let you know whether it worked.
  5. termrork

    Underated Wads.

    one of the most underrated wads of all time: doom2.wad
  6. not sure if it is too much work but a scale with the years would be awesome, since I am very unaware but interested on how old all the source ports are
  7. termrork

    Jumping lines

    I used your method for mochadoom, a java port. it worked perfectly. though for the exact purpose I need it for it seems to make no change. namely: lines still seems to wiggle when they are long and very far away. for some reason I thought this might be the same reason for the map01 stairs texture wiggle. you mentioned that Linguica made a long wall fix. maybe this is the effect I have to fix. sadly I cannot find it, how is it called exactly?
  8. termrork

    Jumping lines

    thank you guys, I am going to try out your wiggle fix and see what it can do for my purposes :)!
  9. termrork

    Jumping lines

    ahh wiggle... of course. thank you a lot linguica!
  10. termrork

    Jumping lines

    Since I could not find this issue I guess I simply did not know how it is called. Namely the effect which has been occurring in a lot of source ports (it seems a lot of them fixed it by now): when you are close to a line and you are looking at the texture of the line it jumps. as an example: in map01, when you cross the lines of the steps the textures jump just before you cross that line. it seems the effect can be seen better when the lines are longer. if I could not describe it enough I will make screenshots to explain it more. my question: how is this called? what causes the engine to do this? I am thankful for any information!
  11. termrork

    Best status bar

    of course this is not objective but I like the hud I made 7 years ago (AVJ.wad):
  12. termrork

    Longest maps ever?

    avj.wad map32 was the first map in which I realized that in vanilla doom no time is displayed anymore if you need over an hour (the game simply shows "you suck"). have not played any other map for over an hour in vanilla.
  13. termrork

    Doom Streams

    @Looper congratulations to that run! very entertaining although I could not follow you due to the language ;). what was it with map24? did you loose concentration there?
  14. termrork

    Do you have a favorite personal work?

    chronological: doom2 map30 tyson, creating AVJ.WAD, demos for AVJ (especially map32) and Doomiablo since all of these are so significantly different I do not want to chose only 1
  15. I am glad you like it, if you have any suggestions for improvement please tell me!