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  1. termrork

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    as always incredibly mindblowing!!! cannot await caco!
  2. termrork

    What wads are underrated?

  3. termrork

    $100 for >=100% - Doom 2 demo challenge

    as pointed out before this was an awesome and interesting event! sadly I saw it just now otherwise I would have given it my try without looking at other demos first simply to see what everybody comes up with. I do not want to comment on fishy things that might have happened or not have happened but I want to point out something this event seemed to be looking for: if this event wanted to attract or at least put a spot light on speedrunning why shouldn't we add this contest as a new category in speedrunning? over 100% endscore? as soon as it will be accepted I would go through all doom2.wad maps (obviously) and look for the best routes I could think of. Imagine being again in the position to think through new routes in our beloved (original) maps? thank you linguica for this! P.S.: now that I think of it I will record demos with >100% endscore no matter they will be accepted or not, I simply do not want to miss that fun and will scratch that dust off my doom2.exe!
  4. has anyone ever managed to improve any doom weapon?
  5. although I agree I want to mention half-life's shotgun
  6. termrork

    2018 Goals

    heh.... I am not sure what I am closer to :D
  7. termrork

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    awesome work ZM! once I manipulated the RNG to let the first 3 monsters to be AVs and it was a pain... very astonishing accomplishment! I wanted the first ones to be AVs such that I can shoot rockets to romero after double arch vile jumps until I figured out that one can do this faster with pain elementals which was too difficult for me to create... maybe it would be a challenge for you? let the first monsters be pain elementals such that you shoot at their ghosts with an angle directly to romero. what crushed me back then was that I wanted to do it with 2 rockets... all in all this would be way faster than the usual route, if anyone is interested, I still have the demo somewhere around of my attempt (if I remember it correctly I even posted it somewhere here too). edit: @rodster found the thread (a demo is in my first comment):
  8. termrork

    Doomiablo 0.2.0 - Diablo & DooM Crossover

    @The-Heretic-Assassin it is a for diablo 2. yes it automatically extract the needed recources of an iwad and therefore you need an official iwad or freedoom (everything will look like freedoom then though) @ArcheKruz glad you like it! :)
  9. termrork

    Looking for your old WADs for Doom Diablo project

    @Marlamir awesome! looking forward to see what you will create! there is no need to rush, doomiablo will not be finished soon ;). I am quite positive that I will still be working on doomiablo for at least another year (want to release a version sooner in which not everything is done yet but still playable) the do's and dont's which come in my head are the following: - the wad has to be a vanilla wad, no DIHF or pk3 - custom textures and sprites are OK - what works best are very open areas (indoor or outdoor), more specifically: i.e. in the middle of the map a tower would be quite bad because players and monsters can hide behind it. what works better in that case are pillars as things or as walls. - walls in general are ok but usually only suited indoors. outdoors walls work better if you can see through them or are small enough such that you can see over them or even shoot over them - the diablo 2 world is build like this: very open outdoor areas which are quite randomly generated. some unique outdoor areas like the UAC space station in the video and the evil outpost. random dungeons like the dungeons in the video and unique dungeons like the duel map shown in the video (which is actually a FFA map). a doom map converted to a diablo 2 map makes only sense for unique outdoor and unique dungeons. therefore such a doom map should for the most cases do not have a transition between outdoor and indoor, either entirely indoor or outdoor. - decoration things are ok, monster things are irrelevant since in diablo 2 the monsters are quite randomly placed except of special boss monsters. if one wants to map a dungeon with a boss monster one can indicate this with a cyberdemon - however one can decide which kind of monsters and to what percentage they should appear in each specific dungeon or outdoor area (i.e. 20% shotgun guys, 65% imps and 15% cacos) - since the map will be in a isometric view one can simply go to such a view in a doom editor and see what looks good or not - height differences are difficult to deal with since diablo 2 maps are flat and one has to mimic them by not being able to move forward in that direction but somewhere else with stairs. - teleporters and doors work, but not floor changing effects - if you or anyone else wants to create a map suitable for diablo 2, feel free to send me the map in an early stage so I can see whether it works or not @Fonze >I hope better mappers than me will drop some links for you to play with, but until then I'll do just that. not sure if this is meant sarcastic or not, if not I can only say what I experienced is on the contrary. I really enjoyed your maps, they have a unique style what I really like. awesome work! Funked Up, Phrygia, Quester's Fest, Toom of Domb, Wekless Endangerment: sadly too small areas : / HTDM4hStripped: the cave looks awesome and it looks suitable, I will try to convert it! >Any other maps I've made or will make you can feel free to use for this project, as I like what you've got going on and am happy to support it thank you a lot! >but with the lack of Doom's effects in Diablo it seems like one would need a fairly static map it depends, doors work, teleporters work but not stuff like floor raising or lowering >I'll prolly link you my current WIP when it's done if you are sti´╗┐ll looking for stuff whenever that happens again, there is no need to rush at all, I am quite positive that I will still be working on doomiablo for at least another year (want to release a version sooner in which not everything is done yet but still playable) thank you all a lot for your support! one big reason why doom is the greatest game for me is that it has the greatest community!!
  10. termrork

    Looking for your old WADs for Doom Diablo project

    @joepallai thank you a lot! entryway looks very promising. crossfire and gate are sadly too small structured. overall interesting mapping style! @Marlamir oh wow thank you. it is very tempting to take your offer, especially because I like you mapping style a lot (also your idea unreal like intro for you wad background you posted a few days ago looks awesome!), but I am afraid I cannot take it... because of the following reason: - what I encountered through mapping for doomiablo is that there are a lot of do's and dont's and that whatever comes out is usually not a typical map one wants to play in doom. i.e. the uac mars station one can see in the beginning of the video took a long time to map but is barely usable for a doom map. this is the very same reason why it is so difficult to find maps that are usable for doomiablo. what might be a better idea is the following: you are creating a map for doom while having some of the do's and dont's for doomiablo map creating in your mind and I will modify it until it is suited for doomiablo. of course you could send me some early stages of your map such that I can give you feedback (i.e. after the rough layout is set). I would be extremely happy if you want to do this, but please think it through whether you want to do this (of course you could quit at any stage).
  11. termrork

    Looking for your old WADs for Doom Diablo project

    thank you a lot memfis! I will let you know when I use a map.
  12. termrork

    Looking for your old WADs for Doom Diablo project

    doomdoom should fit the requirements, nice map :). is it ok for you if I use it for doomiablo? (I have seen that you do not care in the txt file, but I only want to use wads from people who actively say yes)
  13. Hello Doomworld community, for my Doom Diablo crossover project I managed to "convert" Doom maps to Diablo 2 maps. How this looks like you can see in the current video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqWWeb5nitc Since I would like to include way more maps and mapping takes a huge amount of time for me (and there is another megawad my mapping time goes into), I am looking for existing maps from the community I could use for Doomiablo. So if you would like to support this project by allowing me to take some of your existing maps please write the wad names you allow me to use for said purpose. Please notice: - the wad has to be a vanilla wad, no DIHF or pk3 - the map/part of the map will be edited and included in a wad which includes all maps used for this project - custom textures and sprites are OK - if you think of a specific map or part of a map which you might think is really suited for this project please notice this in your comment - if you do not say differently I will use the author in the txt file of the zip file of your wad to credit you - I cannot guarantee that I can use your maps since a lot of maps doom maps are not very well suited, what works best are very open areas (indoor or outdoor) If you have any question please do not hesitate and simply ask in this thread. Thank you for reading so far!
  14. termrork

    I need the vanilla list of DOOM sounds

    with what are you creating your mod then? a potato?
  15. termrork

    Recommendations for a good, balanced megawad

    have you already tried doom2, doom, plutonia, av, pl2?