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212 files

  1. DMXGUS Gonna Give it to Ya

    This WAD contains a replacement DMXGUS lump which you should probably load if you're building a retro PC with a Gravis Ultrasound card (or if you're emulating one).

    It does two things: firstly, it has a workaround for the GUS instrument mappings bug present in Vanilla Doom's DMX sound library; secondly, it has an optimized instrument mapping table that is statistically tailored for Doom's music.

    I developed this for Freedoom but is useful on its own, so I decided to release it as a standalone WAD.


       (1 review)


  2. Doom with MIDI-Converted Sound Effects

    Surely this is an objective improvement to the soundscape, like someone wired the brain of Beethoven himself to a 386. Every sound has been carefully run through one of those infamously shitty online mp3-to-midi converters, recorded, and then converted back to Doom format. It's like that weird Vanilla Doom hack that plays the PC speaker sound effects as piano midis, only now you can use it anywhere and anytime at all, from Chocolate to Z.


       (14 reviews)


  3. Doom 3 Player Sounds

    This replaces the player sounds to their Doom 3 equivalent as well as the spark sound and the keyed door use attempt sound.

    There are two files, d3guy is the version what the sounds were set as and d3guy2 is one that puts sounds from the next/previous level of pain noises.


       (3 reviews)


  4. Doom: Earrape Edition

    The only thing this PK3 file changes is the fact that EVERY SINGLE sound file in vanilla doom 1 & 2 are edited to be EXTREMELY distorted and loud, hence the name. Can you play all the Doom 1 & 2 levels with this on? Prepare your ears, because this is gonna be loud...

    P.S. You can use this to prank people if you're a sadistic person.


       (17 reviews)


  5. ZDoom Secret Sound

    This is just an alternative "secret found" sound for ZDoom and derivative engines (Zandronum, GZDoom...).

    How to use: add -file DSecret.pk3 to the command line.

    You MAY use this in your own mod or map, given you credit Sidhe Priest and http://www.solarstudios.net/

    No commercial use is allowed.


       (3 reviews)


  6. Impressions Doom

    The wonders of the noises this games make: the monsters, they roar and snort and chortle and scream. The thingies, they go whoosh and stuff. Have you ever tried to make any of those noises? It's very difficult. But I have truly duly mastered it, yes.

    This wad replaces every sound in the game with my best impression of it. Load it on top of Burtal Doom or Sound Calking for extra bonus soundnoise content.

    This is the realest sound mod ever, because it uses hyperealistic real live person sound noises recorded ever.

    It's also Vanilla-compatible. Whoaaa...!


       (6 reviews)


  7. Greatest sound .wad ever

    (This was actually made at the end of July in 2014 but I was too lazy to actually upload it.)

    This is my sound .wad! It makes all sounds, well, sound *awesome*! Play! Play! Works with any Doom IWAD! Play!

    May have sounded better before but I had to convert it to Doom format for compatibilty with anything that's not ZDoom. :/


       (33 reviews)


  8. Sound Caulking PSX

    So, have you ever been annoyed how so many monsters reuse sound effects, and how a few of them have no sounds to call their own? Tired of Revenants making the same old "DEEU-EEUH" sounds when shot instead of a suitably skeletony shriek? How about that naughty Archvile, and his distinct lack of sounds in the PSX version's style?

    Well now you're in luck! With the magic of a little SNDINFO, Audacity, and some sounds I had lying around, anything is possible!

    (For PSX fans at least!)


       (7 reviews)


  9. Doom 3 sounds

    I present to you the Doom 3 sounds converted to work for Ultimate Doom, Doom II and Final Doom. Feel free to use my sound pack for any of your wads.


       (11 reviews)


  10. PC Speaker Sounds - Doom II

    Do you want to get back to the classic PC Speaker sound style of Doom II? All of this is possible with this WAD which replaces the Default Doom II sounds by the PC Speaker ones


       (14 reviews)



    A bunch of new sounds.


       (4 reviews)


  12. True Marines Full Version

    After submitting an awesome WAD to the idgames, my baby-mama got nothing but shit reviews and disrespect from the b-tards that roam the /idgames database. Well, let me tell you what: I wasn't going to take that lying down. So I decided not to sit around, I got up and took action. First and foremost, I'm pissed off at you b-tards. I just want to let you know that you need to show yourselves. Or you're going to be backtraced... and tracked down by cyber police! You terrorists! Anyway, in this latest edition of True Marines, all the sound effects of the game have been replaced. Now, the Dooming experience has gone as far as nature, life, the universe and everything in existence can offer. So ya better damn well see the professionalism in this!


       (31 reviews)


  13. True Marines

    For those of you who thought that the marine sound effexts found in Doom are kinda bland at this point, you'll love these brand spankin' new sound effects I've cooked up for you. Besides adding realism, this WAD also adds excitement to your otherwise boring Doom experiences. Realistic and exciting: I think that's pretty hard to do these days, so I can tell you that this one guarantees awesomeness! And for those of you who are wondering what's up with the WAD name, well play it and you'll find out!


       (14 reviews)


  14. PC Speaker simulation

    Sound effects that mimic PC speaker sounds.


       (6 reviews)


  15. Tubers Announcer

    An announcer which has a theme of a Cybernetic demon


       (14 reviews)


  16. Atari Sounds

    Some beepy, sexy sounds from some classic Atari games


       (11 reviews)


  17. Dungeon Keeper Sound Pack

    This wad has sounds from the RTS game Dungeon Keeper created by Bullfrog. Includes replacement sounds for monsters, weapons, pickups, and additional sounds compatible with ZDoom, GZDoom, and Skulltag thanks to Marcus Koller. These additional sounds are bullet ricochets, footsteps, and water splashes.


       (19 reviews)


  18. PC speaker sound effect format

    Finally the last piece in the puzzle of the Doom WAD format has been solved! While every other lump format contained in the Doom IWADs was long ago reverse engineered, one last mystery remained: the PC speaker sound effects. This is a technical description of the PC speaker file format, determined through reverse engineering the Vanilla Doom executables.

    Also included is some example code for generating and playing back PC speaker sound effects, and a WAD containing some replacement sound effects.


       (33 reviews)


  19. DOOM Sounds In Reverse

    Most of the DOOM sounds are in reverse except weapon sounds and sounds that wouldn't make sense in reverse.


       (11 reviews)


  20. Heretic/Hexen sounds

    cooler weapons pickups, cooler item pickups, cooler sounds. What can I cay?


       (8 reviews)


  21. EAWPATS GUS patches

    This is a collection of Gravis UltraSound patches for use with a GUS, or with "softsynth" midi players such as Cubic Player and TiMidity.


       (30 reviews)


  22. Ben's DOOM Sounds

    These are some sounds I recorded and editted to replace ALL the creatures' sounds. As well, the pistol fire sound has been replaced with a hollow sounding gun fire but it has a neat ending: the sound of bullet shells hitting the ground! I'm placing these sounds in a separate PWAD file instead of putting them into actual level PWAD files to allow users the option of including or not including the sounds (after all, you may get sick of the voices - I know I did! :).


       (6 reviews)


  23. Doom 3 sound replacement

    Doom 3 sounds for doom/doom2 for monsters and weapons appearing in all games


       (32 reviews)


  24. DarkJedi188's DOOM Sound Effects Patch

    A bunch of new sound effects. Feel free to run this together with other WADs :) (For a complete list of modified sounds please see the bottom of this file)


       (8 reviews)


  25. NES Sounds (version 2)

    Yet another "funny" sound-only wad for Doom or Doom II featuring 74 sounds from various NES video games.


       (3 reviews)


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  • File Reviews

    • By dj somemong · Posted
      some of the very best mapping i've seen, and under 30 minutes too! 10/10.
    • By MuratMikal · Posted
      Cabro's legacy is a big megawad comprising of a hub and 40 playable maps. While the design of maps isn't that great, the gameplay is balanced with lots of fun and there're at least 10 maps that have more than 500 enemies. I really enjoyed the whole megawad and will replay it in future.
    • By dj somemong · Posted
      Best terrywad, nothing else to say
    • By magicsofa · Posted
      Note: Originally written for /newstuff... figured I'd post it here...   You know how sometimes your memory completely fails you? I'm sure it's happened to me before but I can't recall... oh wait, it's all coming back to me now. I do remember looking at the sign-up thread for one of the Doomworld Mega Projects. For some reason, though, that memory was lost when I ventured to review DMP 2016. And so, I came at this with no predispositions, almost like a virgin Doomer who had never downloaded a PWAD before. It's a good thing I'm obsessed with reviewing this sludge pit of WADS in perfect chronological order, because otherwise my instincts would have turned me away. Which, come to think of it, isn't that good of a thing. But suffering is necessary, at least if you want to complain as much as I do.   So the first thing I found was a beautiful description of my near future. "A megawad with 50 maps." Oh yeah? I have so many questions already. 50 what maps? 50 maps why? Are they good maps, or notable maps, or cheesy maps, or maps of maps? Of course since the text file refuses to do anything other than pain me with knowledge of how dreadfully long this adventure will be, I have no choice but to fire it up and gaze at the equally beautiful titlepic. I was delighted to see something totally original: The regular doom II titlepic turned to grayscale, and then vandalized with sloppy red MSpaint text. Okay. I guess I still want to see what's inside, even though the box is literally smeared with feces.   I can't whine about the text file too much because it actually describes DMP 2016 in humorously accurate minimalism. This is a megawad, and it has 50 maps. And they are ALL the maps. Did you want an empty map that's too easy? It's in there (but it's not the first map). Did you want to get shredded by annoying hitscanners? It's in there. Did you want a nice-looking map with decent gameplay? It's in there. Did you want a gimmick map to jump in front of your car, causing you to crash and waste thousands of dollars on repair? It's in there. Did you want a severe waste of time? Well, obviously you did, since you chose to ignore the awful presentation right from the start. Censorship is not really my thing. I like that people can make joke WADS. The fact that we can map to our heart's content, with only the boundaries of the game engine and our own imagination to contend with, is part of the reason Doom is my favorite game ever. But to me, DMP 2016 is almost worse than a joke. A joke wad is meant to troll you, to get a quick laugh, and to offer a small respite from the other side of the spectrum - obsession over detail and perfection. But this isn't supposed to be a joke. I mean, the title pic is an insult to your senses, but you arrive there in confusion because of the description: A megawad with 50 maps. It doesn't say a jokewad with 50 maps including some actually good ones. It also doesn't say 50 good maps but some are actually not so good. It just says 50 maps. And that's what it is. This WAD is like a reflection of the /idgames database itself. Just hit "random file" and play whatever you get. Your experience will be almost indistinguishable from playing DMP.   Except wait, when you hit "random file" you usually get a sane description of whatever garbage you are about to force yourself to eat. That way your stomach enzymes can get ready for the torture. DMP offers no such preparation. When you start, you are given a hub map from which you can choose any of the 49 other "normal" levels. It even has cute little screenshots of each map with the author's name. But is there any description of the maps, or indication of quality, difficulty, style? Nope. It does say which compatibility those maps were made for, because why would a WAD be tailored for a single port? Fuck it, let's have vanilla and GZDoom all rolled together in a horrendous mapping burrito!   My favorite part of the hub is that it doesn't even indicate which levels have been completed. That's right folks - you get the honor of remembering which ones you have played already! Completing a map doesn't bring you to the next one...it just spits you back to the hub. Naturally I resorted to warping to each map instead, for want of saving my forehead and keyboard from destroying each other. There are some good maps in here, and since they cover almost all play styles imaginable, there's probably at least one that will appeal to you. I enjoyed "Teenage mutant ninja demons", "Bliss Toxin", "The Swarm", and "Ancient Base". If you scroll down the text file there is a description of each individual map, so if you feel like reading a book instead of actually playing the game, you can try to find out which maps you want to see beforehand. But I'm not here to review these maps as if they were released standalone. I'm supposed to review the WAD as a whole.   I said that I'm against censorship, and in the case of people deciding to throw together random compilations of maps with no theme, no quality standard, no organization, and no logic of any kind, I would say "Fine, go for it." And then as a player I would proceed to download something else, something that's actually worth my time. But as a reviewer I am submitting myself to even the worst quality maps, in order to hopefully help other players find WADS they like, and to give authors praise for well executed designs, as well as criticism in areas that could be improved. At least with  a map set created by a severe newbie, there's some amount of effort, some vision, some kernel of good Dooming to be found. The mistakes can be seen as necessary learning along the noble and never-ending path to Master Mapper. But this "Mega Project" is impossible to review in that light. Sure, some of the maps were good because they looked nice and played well, and some were fun because the gimmicks were a success. On the other hand, some were very amateur, very annoying, or just so different from their neighbors, that it spoils the entire thing. One bad apple ruins the barrel, they say. And this has more than one bad apple. One map is a repeating series of rooms each with a door, a cybie, and some soul spheres. It's kinda funny, but the fact that it's placed alongside serious maps makes it more insulting than amusing. I would be embarrassed if I actually created a nice map for this project. And if I was an aspiring mapper looking to join up with the community to improve my skills, I would have wasted my time, since nobody cared about the quality of submissions, and nobody will care to play it and focus on constructively criticizing it. If you really want to make a map just for the hell of it, and then throw it in the garbage, I won't stop you.  But if anyone thought this was anything more than a dumpster fire, I can't find much appreciation for your work. I've heard rumors that later installations of DMP have some sort of organization in terms of quality, so we shall see what that looks like. But as for the 2016 edition, you should only download it if you enjoy wading through sewage in real life.
    • By R1ck · Posted
      it's fine, I like it except for certain places. but it's enjoyable