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John E Death 5 (DOOM2)

   (4 reviews)
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About This File

This one is based on a layout started by Mickey... Good for death- match. A few good surprises...

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Walter confetti


Not a bad map, maybe a little more bland from the previous level in the series, but is still a cool map.

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Bad King John

Playable, no bugs, but not very exciting. Looks old. Brightly lit, high, bland rooms too large for the monsters plus a few dark passages. Some poor texture matches (even a mix of LAVA2 and RROCK5) in the same lava pool!). Took me 25 minutes single player at UV. Probably better for DM.

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This is an old map and it shows. It's not the worst one out there, but it still lacks a lot in regards to room structure and visuals. There's some useless backtracking too. I'd skip it.

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Meh at best.

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  • File Reviews

    • By GarrettChan · Posted
      UV pistol starts without saves Port: DSDA-Doom v0.10.0 -complevel 9 Total IGT: 1:35:53 Personal Difficulty Evaluation: 0.9 (1 = Plutonia) Personal Rating: 7.6 (out of 10)   Died quite a few times on Map11 because it's how it's designed. Then later I skipped a lot of things to save time, so the total IGT should be expected longer. Other maps, maybe just died once or twice.   It's kind of weird that I personally feel MTrop's shorter maps are pretty great, but as I also played some MTrop's longer maps recently... I don't like the longer ones. Coffee Break is a set of shorter maps from MTrop and the whole gameplay is pretty classic and great. My personal favorite map is the last map. It's pretty intense.
    • By roadworx · Posted
      very, VERY fun wad. the levels are short but hard and unrelenting (at least for me, but i kinda suck at the game lol), and densely packed with enemies, but not enough to be a slaughtermap. there's heavy usage of hitscanners throughout all the levels - not to say that that's a bad thing. the design of the levels is pretty good as well, unless you have adhd like i do then you're not gonna get lost.
    • By roadworx · Posted
      it's alright, but nothing amazing. the architecture n shit is gorgeous, and the hell levels are absolutely incredible, but it's unfortunately plagued with symmetry and repetition. it can get to the point where some sections feel like a chore to get through. that's not to say that it's a bad megawad - it's not - but it's far from flawless. despite those issues, it's still fun to play through, other than the aforementioned parts
    • By Argenteo · Posted
      Awesome lame plotline, 7 medium-size maps, simple colours, fun use of vertical space, tough and challenging gameplay (balanced for pistol-start). Solid episode. 
    • By Argenteo · Posted
      Some maps are fun, others have some weird switch combinations to put pressure in the player, I didn't have a good time with these maps. Just read vdgg review.