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[LeD]Jake Crusher

Old versions of FreeDoom, anyone?

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Does anyone have old versions of FreeDoom IWAD's, like 0.1 and everything that followed since then? I am in need of them to trace the development of the project because I'm thinking of writing the article (or something like that) about FreeDoom's progress from one release to the other, until it's final version... if it will happen :)

So, anyone can share it with me/us, please?

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Some of them aren't available anymore due to some asshat throwing in copyrighted music. I'm sure someone has a copy of the problematic releases, but I don't.

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There are some old versions that you can find. Make a Google search for "Freedoom 0.6.3" or older, and tell it to search specifically for Freedoom, not Freedom, and you'll get them.

Versions from 0.6.4 and later are on the official site.

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If anyone are interested in some really old (late 2001/early 2002) Freedoom PWADs, I found some here: https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://freedoom.despayre.org:81/deutex/wads/*

This site links to some of the earliest Freedoom files, though the files themself doesn't seem to be backed up: https://web.archive.org/web/20010804162225/http://fraggle.despayre.org/freedoom/deutex/

I can recommend looking around in those old websites I mentioned that are now frozen in time at The Internet Archive to see if there's anything more of interest.

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