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  1. Indeed, Vanilla Doom didn't have dedicated music tracks for episode 4 and recycled other tracks instead. This means there were no corresponding slots in the S_music[] array. I added support for dedicated E4Mx music tracks to Crispy Doom, but apparently forgot to adjust the IDMUS cheat for the case they were not provided. We can add similar support to Woof, sure, but should make sure to get it all right this time. ;)
  2. Sure, I have nothing against it. But, doesn't it collide with the "highlight on target" and the "color by player health" features?
  3. fabian

    Nugget Doom 1.11.0 (Nov 9th, '22)

    No. It says on the first page that this is Woof with some additions, and Woof is a pure Doom port.
  4. fabian

    Chocolate Doom

    Crispy has fixed flat distortion at the screen boundaries, for example, because it became more apparent with the increased resolution.
  5. Honestly, I wouldn't understand this distinction. If armor is impossible to change, paint it gray.
  6. Sure, I can add this. No big deal.
  7. Ah, we are talking about the explosion sounds! Sorry, I must have overread this. Will investigate later.
  8. You may safely delete them. They aren't used anymore, but don't do harm either. So, just see them a comments from the past. ;) Regarding your original issue, I still cannot reproduce it. Could you please bring it up on github with as much detail as possible?
  9. The window setting has gone, we are not considering a gametic window anymore. The new default value is 3, as in Odamex, where the new implementation has got its inspiration from. I have only tested with IWAD assets so far, but never experienced an issue with this value so far.
  10. > parallel_sfx_limit 2 Could you increase this to 3, please?
  11. Same setup, no issues. Could you try without it?
  12. fabian

    Chocolate Doom

    Well, there are enough forks that do this, but no fork that does *only* this.
  13. In the latest snapshot you can at least type 'COMP09' to fix that in-game.
  14. fabian

    GZDoom/Woof: How do you separate saves?

    Per-IWAD savegame directories are at least on the agenda for Woof, though we would need a migration path first.