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    The 2022 Cacowards

    Congratulations to everyone! Amazing work to all the winners as well as the fine folks behind the Cacowards itself. And Deadwing, you are just Prime!

    The 2021 Cacowards

    Congratulations to all of you beautiful people!
  3. Would look kinda weird, imo, how the Vore fires its projectiles. Rapid fire headbanging throwing plasma balls.
  4. Well, the Vore is slow with a big hitbox... :P
  5. Vore is replacing the Mancubus (sprite set) and the Manc uses the Zombie Active sounds. Easily changed in ZDoom but this is for Boom, and I'm not smart enough to figure out how to have them not share it lol. Rocket Launcher should be using the Quake rocket sound... that's odd, must have been overlooked. Oops. And the Nailgun sfx are from Dimension of the Boomed, they were never changed from that.

    Pandemic: An Arcade-Style Shuffle Board

    That is super cool! Very prime :D

    Playable Zombieman

    And reduce the Player speed down to Zombieman level.
  8. This is a stellar idea, and my style of MIDI writing fits in almost perfectly. However, I'm very busy with music right now so I won't be participating, but I will say good luck with everyone and I'll be keeping an eye on this. :D

    Which iWAD map has the most unfitting music?

    To me that's a weird mix of fitting and unfitting. Fitting as the concept of an enormous entity covering hell's surface is the source of the demons is unsettling like the MIDI itself, but unfitting due to the hectic fight that starts building up as enemies continue to spawn. ---- For me, having grown up playing SNES Doom, I find the original use of E3M2 "Donna to the Rescue" is unfitting while the SNES version's usage of "Demons from Adrian's Pen" (E2M2) feels better to me. Gives this creepy outdoorsy map (that's also shaped like a hand) a darker vibe.

    Nobody Told Me About id Remixes

    I have one for ya...

    Bobby Prince or Mick Gordon

    Everything's already been said about the two amazing composers, but personally I have to choose Bobby Prince. He's the one who inspired me to write music in the first place and defined my MIDI style.