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  1. I highly encourage this. It ensures that all your work in understanding this stuff is not lost and can be built upon by others - and there can be many good reasons why that can be useful.
  2. Quasar

    The Quake Awards

    *insert animated graphic of a cacodemon mutating into the Quake logo*
  3. Quasar

    I hope i'm not the only one noticed this

    God I hope not, that would be totally lame.
  4. Quasar

    Why Eternity

    Wut? :P
  5. This was a particularly busy month given the announcement of Doom Eternal, continued activity surrounding the upcoming film, and lots of community business to document. We also had a somewhat successful photo drive that added pics of many merchandise items to articles that were in need. Classic Doom Bad seg angle Dynamic light The Official Doom FAQ (Original text) - we were granted permission to directly host this under the CC BY-SA by Hank Leukart. Big thanks due to him. Doom (2016) Lateral thrusters Tesla rocket Threat sensor Doom Collector's Edition Doom Eternal Doom Eternal Revenant Cacodemon Imp Baron of Hell Arachnotron Arch-vile - Huge thanks to Mark Diaz for permission to host his photo of the E3 statue. Pain elemental Super shotgun Merchandise GameStop Doom demon cards - Special thanks to Man of Doom for pictures of the collector's ed exclusives Collector's Edition revenant statue Cacodemon coin bank - Thanks to Linguica for the photo Tricks of the Game-Programming Gurus Demon Destroyer Gunn People Mark Diaz - programmer for id Software Emerson Tung - concept artist for id Software Devon West (Darkfyre) Tristan Clark (Eris Falling) Robert Babor (Fusion) Revved - this was the "most wanted" page on the wiki, with 87 red links Lainos Mods 3 heures d'agonie 2 3 heures d'agonie 3 L'agonie Finale MAYhem 2012 MAYhem 2013 Squid Squid 2 Doomworld Mega Project 2017 Doom 3: Mr. Smiley Head's Safari Plus literally hundreds of map articles (mostly for the aforementioned mods) Previous Issue
  6. According to the Jag Doom instruction manual, it was American McGee who did all the work converting the levels over to fit the console version limitations. It has this line in the credits: Levels Converted For Jaguar: American McGee Just felt this deserved sharing on the forums since it's been a semi-open question for a long time.
  7. Quasar

    Doom Eternal at Quake Con.

    It was definitely pretty shitty that they announced it would be shown at QuakeCon, and then almost immediately "clarified" that it would be exclusive to attendees. As if they couldn't have said that from the get-go. That would've generated a lot less backlash.
  8. OK that is a new development that I hadn't heard made it in; I knew that the relevant interests were trying to make sure it happened but never heard that they succeeded. And indeed it's still awful on the whole, but at least we would have less to worry about given this.
  9. You're just assuming that no one will implement the requirements; this isn't true for large platforms. YouTube already has the exact kind of filtering this law is demanding that everything adopt, so, it's just not affected at all. Places with forums as a secondary function might just choose to remove the forum feature, or place filtering of some sort on it. Please don't get hysterical. It's sites like GitHub, Wikipedia. and yes, Doom Wiki, that have the most to worry about: Any sort of filtering would break the basic content model In the latter cases, the software required to implement it cannot be afforded anyways It is a complete abridgement of the freedom of expression afforded by these platforms currently In the latter cases, it may become an unacceptable liability to do something so basic as use a news website as a source. There are hundreds of links to news articles on the Doom Wiki alone.
  10. While arguments can be made about enforceability, from a liability POV and from the likelihood that the EU will interpret the law as applying to any site that is made available to EU citizens (aka, any site on the internet, period), US sites will have to either comply when used by such citizens, or will have to stop offering their services to them.
  11. It was nice knowing you European internet users. If this stuff sticks, I expect there will soon be a "Great Firewall" between the US and the EU. Please do everything in your power to make it known that it's not acceptable.
  12. Quasar

    Doom Wiki photo hunt

    We've got those, but thanks for the consideration.