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  1. Quasar

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    You guys do know that a movie's soundtrack is inserted in post-production and not blasted over loud speakers on set, right?
  2. Yes it is. It relates in that if you've for some reason still been using the old site and liked Monobook, we still have it and will always have it. Otherwise there's no relationship; I am just posting about what is going on over there. It's relevant historically speaking since the availability of Monobook at wikia was a major arguing point of those not in favor of forking back then - "Monobook is still available and there is no sign that it will go away" was the general attitude at that time with regard to those dissatisfied with the then-new Oasis skin.
  3. http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Thread:1456214 For those not in the know, Monobook is the old default MediaWiki skin that debuted on Wikipedia originally. It has been the sole remaining alternative (configurable in registered users' preferences) to the hideous ad delivery vehicle they call "Oasis" or "Wikia" at the wikia site since 2011 (the same time DoomWiki.org separated from the beast). Somehow, despite the fact that Oasis is built ground-up to track users with thousands of external references to almost every ad provider that exists on the Internet, and the fact that looking at their source repo on GitHub does not reveal a whole, separate system of ad delivery for MonoBook, they're trying to get away with claiming this as a reason to kill off that skin finally. Being SEO-grubbing, ad-pushing bastards is one thing, but having the gall to straight up lie about it to a sea of people without the technical knowledge to distinguish the truth is another entirely. Dear hold outs, MonoBook will remain available and fully supported indefinitely at DoomWiki.org :) https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Entryway?useskin=monobook
  4. Quasar

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    Also the aformentioned "suit" is a solid fiberglass mannequin, not a wearable piece of armor that would flex around an actor's body while they do kung fu moves. Definitely two different things there. Unless we're talking about the suit that made for the live-action trailer; I have no idea what became of that.
  5. Quasar

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    For one thing, you could probably blow the whole film's effects budget on a Praetor suit and an Icon of Sin alone.
  6. Quasar

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    Tony Giglio's response to someone on Twitter who asked "Why are there chainsaws on Mars again?" was "They were in the game. They're in the movie." Nice approach ;)
  7. Not to be tooting my own horn, but... https://doomwiki.org/wiki/James_Haley_(Quasar)
  8. Quasar

    What should Doom 5?'s Final Boss be?

    if that's been "confirmed" please quote me the canonical sources that confirmed it, as that would be very important information. I've read *all* of the lore in the game. Some of it is self-inconsistent. Some of it is deliberately written from the POV of unreliable narrators. Some of it is UAC speculation that self-admits they don't have a clue. And quite a bit of it is being popularly misconstrued into something it is not, as well (particularly the bits about the "betrayer;" apparently people can't read over a grade school level if they think the betrayer's son and the Icon of Sin are being referred to as the same entity by the passage in question, let alone that it ever implies that the betrayer is the Doom Slayer - never says such a thing once, and it would be extremely contradictory if true). What you mean is that you don't personally like an interpretation that includes prior games into the Doomguy's history, even though they'd explain otherwise unexplainable things like the fact he reads and understands English, is proficient with technology and guns, has corporation manufacturing markings all over his suit, and doesn't look anything like the Night Sentinels at all despite associating with them. Well ok that's your prerogative but stop acting like the rest of us are idiots for noticing these things.
  9. Quasar

    What should Doom 5?'s Final Boss be?

    Depends entirely on your head canon. Mine includes Final Doom. Especially since Williams just finished a conversion of it before starting on Doom 64 :P
  10. Quasar

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    Too much jumping to conclusions. I mean, here's what we know for sure: The movie has UAC barrels that seem inspired with details from the original instruction book (UAC ran a toxic waste disposal facility on the surface of Mars) There are on-site shooting locations that could pass for Mars or for Hell The space marines (actually being called that) wear black uniforms, like the Z-Sec did in Doom 3 (probably where the original movie got the aesthetic from also) This doesn't automatically equate to "it's a sequel". It doesn't even tell us a whole lot about the plot, other than that it does clearly make some original classic Doom references. We should only hope to have even a little bit of fan service in there after what happened with the last movie...
  11. I always thought the Doom 3 shotgun sounded like puffs of confetti should be coming out of it rather than buckshot. Given the damage it does at anything other that point blank, that wouldn't be out of line.
  12. Quasar

    Television Commercials You Hate to Love

    Why it's good: that song. Why it's bad: that song and how it makes me sing about $#@!ing cottage cheese for the rest of the day/night/weekend.
  13. This is going to be a quick review of the new stuff that hit the wiki during April (and the first couple days of May). If this is reasonably popular, I might do it regularly. Core Articles Core content saw additions to classic Doom, Doom 2016, and a significant number of expanded universe and merchandise articles: Doom II monster exclusion bug Doom Slayer life-size figure (special thanks to Buckshot for donating the pic) Doom: The Board Game (covering the 2016 release) Bethesda Pinball Gaming Heads Doomguy collectible - covering the brand-new toy release... Doomguy collectible - ...and the in-game item it was based on. Abraham Peters - the protagonist of Doom VFR People A few people articles were created, including two of the modern id devs: Emil Brundage (NaturalTvventy) Nicolas Monti Marty Stratton Hugo Martin Mods Thanks to a few of our regulars, including especially Xymph (Frans P. de Vries) of /idgames fame, we get a large number of new mod and level articles every month; April was no exception. A large number of Kaiser's works were documented, in particular, amongst others: Shrine of the Warriors Not Another E1 Wad Not Another E3 Wad Internal Reaches 2 Internal Reaches 4 Kaiser 3 Kaiser 16 Their Selfish Realms Nickel Electroplate Facility Rage Doom Blockrocking Beats The Green Machine NJ Doom The Community is falling!! Oh No!!! Crusader Palladium Electroplate Facility The Attraction to All Things Uncertain Halo Of Wonders Chainmill ToxicHole The Cursed Generation Supernaught CrossFire Boom Edit Example Wad (aka BOOMEDIT.WAD)
  14. Quasar

    Simon Garlick. What happened to him?

    I've sometimes wondered if he was the guy who stumbled out of the portal in Delta just in time to have a Hell Knight toss him into the wall. That would seem like the kind of sick irony id likes to throw into their Doom games. "Congratulations, you win. Everybody died. The End" is literally the ending to several of their games, for example Doom Resurrection on mobile.
  15. Perhaps; I do entertain the possibility that that's all there is to him. I just can't help the feeling that he might secretly be much worse than he seems on the surface. You assume he isn't affected by Hell, but, what if he is, and he's just better at hiding it than Olivia? He does still have an organic brain after all. Interesting idea about the Soul Cube by the way. If that were true, it would seem to imply that the Argent Fracture is somehow connected (transdimensional nonsense, maybe?) to the Hell Hole that was sealed in Doom 3. I like it. That's true, but it doesn't explain to me why Olivia would be after the Crucible - that detail feels like it was invented by Hayden as justification for why the Doom Slayer should go get that particular item, bringing it conveniently within his reach. I don't see that she would have any personal use for it, unless Hell intended to establish another Well in the dimension of which this Mars is a part.