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  1. More like they think it's a competition with Chrome to see who can have the biggest number after their name. Gotta cater to that crowd that's dumb enough to think the better browser has the bigger number.
  2. If I had to guess, the stock maps are probably done by the original MP team while the DLC maps are id in-house.
  3. fraggle has become the Internet's top source for mind power memes :P
  4. I've recently caught it using up to 3 GB of RAM on my computer, and frequently capping out at 100% CPU usage on all four cores. It's just stupid at this point.
  5. That one's from Doom 3. The one from Lost Mission is by Dr. Richard Meyers.
  6. This is not a problem for EE as far as I'm aware. The native default strings are stored in the EXE. DeHackEd applies after EDF (which defines almost everything else that DeHackEd can edit) at startup, and DeHackEd can even be processed at runtime.
  7. Hell Revealed? According to Doom Wiki, its MAP20 uses "Message for the Archvile" from Doom II.
  8. Part of the current regime's "burn it all to the ground" strategy. Which, frankly, I must say I won't be the least bit surprised if Pai pushes on with this anyways. He's nothing more than an industry plant/shill specifically put into office to accomplish this stuff for his benefactors.
  9. Remember when SOPA and PIPA became law? Oh right they didn't, because of a massive protest that proved they were politically untenable.
  10. Doom Wiki has had the interstitial popup all day today. It appears once per viewer (per web browser obviously, since it's cookie based).
  11. The sun wasn't originally meant to be fatal to vampires, they were just weaker in the daytime and unable to access most of their powers. See for example Bram Stoker's Dracula, where the titular character cavorts about London in the daytime freely, and only feeds by night.
  12. If that's how ZDoom implemented it, it's not actually being Strife compatible. Strife sector type 15 does a finite 999 damage per tic, and it will indeed cause gibbing to occur.
  13. Also fixed in Veteran Edition. If you manage to do that, a special event will be triggered that is new to SVE.
  14. I had believed @printz and @Altazimuth were going to handle this stuff. I'm really busy given that I'm now a full-time dev for Nightdive so I've been avoiding these threads until they shifted from debate to a functional implementation. I'll have to talk to the other team members and make sure we're all on the same page.
  15. It's actually a terminal, not a PDA, and it appears in Delta Labs after you return from Hell, right before the exit to Central Processing. The terminal itself is corrupted and displays a red background with a pentagram and says evil things on it instead of the usual UAC interface. The message will be downloaded to your PDA as an email when you interact with the terminal.