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  1. Your download link is basically to a malware site; it tries to pose as a Microsoft IE or Edge error message and then tries to get you to disable your adblocker.
  2. Do we consider this when enumerating the colored SNES carts? :P The Doom Wiki currently mentions Doom on SNES as being one of the only two red-colored carts for the system. But this long-after-market limited edition officially sanctioned not-original-parts-but-really-authentic-looking stuff is confusing in terms of where you gotta place it in the grand vintage scheme.
  3. Since Bethesda has no preorder system and no apparent limits on items per customer, it's pretty much impossible to get their stuff. I've been waiting on the fully-articulated Doom Marine action figure to become available for months now and the first batch was entirely bought up by Taiwanese scalpers before anybody else even had a chance.
  4. Sad, but not at all surprising.
  5. 52:54, as stated in my post.
  6. At least those don't get bought up entirely by scalpers to be sold on eBay for 3x retail.
  7. This one's for collectors, especially ones with any of the various Doom strategy guide books. There's a book by Jonathan Mendoza called "The Warrior's Guide to Doom II: Hell on Earth" of which there are no copies available online, nor even any pictures. If you happen to own this, we'd love to get some pics of it for the wiki.
  8. Sounds like the credit screen from Doom 64 EX.
  9. "The revenant wears pants."
  10. While I can't fully explain how or why I know, I do know first-hand they consider it a full-fledged part of the series :)
  11. It'd be cool to have the unauthorized Hungarian novels (A pokol kapui and Tisztítótűz‎) translated into English, to see if they're good or bad.
  12. Extremely long overdue followup. Relevant bit is at 52:54.
  13. You understand the connection is based on more than the classic Doomguy skin, right? The primary bit that currently links the two together is Daisy's rabbit foot being stated as belonging to the Doom Slayer, which is the name of the 2016 protagonist. It clearly states that his pet rabbit was killed during the demonic invasion of Earth. That's the story of Doom and Doom II; there's no invasion of Earth in the 2016 game.
  14. Of course not but does it make sense to have actual lightning in your room? You'd die pretty fast :P
  15. Hell *wasn't* officially acknowledged. It was just another "dimension". It was many of the people who went through the portal or saw the effects on the ones who did who came to their own conclusions that it was in fact Hell - Ian McCormick says as much in his audio log above, and furthermore says "we were stupid for not shutting it down as soon as we realized what was on the other side." But, the official denial from the higher ups, most importantly Betruger who knew exactly what he was getting into, kept it running despite those peoples' growing reservations. Note in the Lost Mission, Richard Meyers does go so far as to try to get EnPro staff to conspire with him to blow up the Exis teleporter with a massive energy surge. So he'd clearly had enough and was ready to take action into his own hands.