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  1. A while back some reference art that was used to inspire the sculpturing for the Spiderdemon and for Doom II stuff was posted up but with a ton of bad watermarks and text plastered all over it. I cleaned them up: Original revenant concept Marine armor and HUD concepts Spiderdemon
  2. What the friend was thinking of was the accidental co-op mode of Turok 2 on the N64. It was possible to break out of the multiplayer sandbox so to speak and end up spawning in the single-player levels with two players active, subject to some severe bugs. This was unintentional and was even patched out of the v1.1 ROM release (the somewhat rare Turok 2 gray carts).
  3. Ah makes sense.
  4. I don't see anything here implying that? https://doomwiki.org/wiki/EDGE
  5. The HUD numbers are actually straight from PlayStation Doom, albeit recolored white rather than red. I found a few higher-res versions of the shots elsewhere and some of the weapon sprites appear to be higher resolution than they were in the final game. I'll have to put these pics up somewhere as the host they're on sucks and won't let people see all the images without registering. IGN also happens to have these (or at least some of them) in their archive, since they evidently bought out N64.com at some point. http://www.ign.com/images/games/doom-n64-503
  6. Tripped over this just now: https://web.archive.org/web/19961221021818/http://www.n64.com:80/previews/3.html Pretty huge! Tons of beta screenshots that show significant and sometimes bizarre/mysterious differences, plus interesting historical statements such as confirmation of id's oversight of Midway in print form (already confirmed to me previously in email by John Romero), plus a statement that the game was slated to have four-player MP.
  7. Me personally, nothing at all, and like the above post(s) mentioned I'm sure there are some great people there. But what I've seen the most of are: * People being followed around to other forums for the aforementioned bullying and * Really negative over-the-top reactions toward a friend of mine's Blood engine recreation project.
  8. Hugo Martin is a big Doom 64 fan, take that as you will. The mappers for Doom 2016 were listening to the Doom 64 soundtrack while working. Some parts of Kadingir Sanctum are even lifted from Watch Your Step. They know about the game, they like the game, they consider it part of the canon. id Software just tweeted about it being more than 20 years old now a few days ago to celebrate their return to a Nintendo console with the upcoming Switch release of the new game.
  9. The Blood community. Its toxicity follows it around like a deadly trail to other forums and sites.
  10. It's also quite informative to go back in history to before Doom was covered by the GPL and see what the situation was like. We had: * Doom Legacy hiding its source code, only giving access to people who begged for it, and then accusing DOS Doom of "stealing ideas" when they implemented the same features on their own * The source code for GLDoom being lost in a hard drive crash and setting back hardware acceleration in source ports by months at least * Mistrust between some developers and ZDoom, starting as early as Lee Killough with MBF All these kinds of nasty issues are just totally avoided when everybody's on the same licensing page and has to release their code. It creates a fair playing field for everybody in the community.
  11. I've brought up that possibility before. It definitely makes the Doom 3 series make more sense if it's in a different timeline or universe than the rest of the games which, nevertheless, interacts with them through the connection that is Hell. There was even some stuff destined to be in the 2016 Doom that seems to have been cut before release, like the statement that they were moving toward "pandimensionality", like, on a quest to connect all universes or something...
  12. Might be an excess unit?
  13. Keep in mind we moved from there so our article is based on that one up until any changes made since 2011.
  14. Please use the real Doom Wiki: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Minor_characters_in_Doom_3#C._Rodgers
  15. Problem being an increasing number of people do these things on their phones and not in a browser, and many many many apps are being found - including ones explicitly for banking - that are leaking sensitive information into unencrypted channels - hardcoded http:// links inside the app with plaintext POST parameters being one such sin observed widely in the wild now, and other out-of-band issues with the same apps that don't even require attacking the app itself - just the phone it runs on. Several apps were found to expose any sensitive information that was on screen at the time they suffer a crash by dumping the entire displayed page of HTML into the crash log, form fields and all, with no obfuscation or encryption. So I'd say you cannot be too safe either way. You might think you're being secure when you're actually not.