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  1. Of course if you follow that rabbit hole deeply enough you are looking at the Ship of Theseus paradox, which is something philosophers can still hold heated arguments about to this day despite it having been formulated in ancient Greece. Safe to say nobody's settling that debate any time soon. That's why it's better to, as I mentioned before, just accept community terminology with its assigned value than to endlessly lawyer over its details.
  2. Not only that but it could even trivially allow pointers in any frame, since Windows executables don't have a relocation table like DOS ones do. Though, if the DeHackEd author would've had access to Watcom documentation back in the day, he probably could have figured out the relocation table format like we did much later and allowed that under DOS as well. When you get down to it, 1997 is the arbitrary cut-off point of development on things that applied to the DOS exe which determines what is or is not accepted as "vanilla" in some cases.
  3. Part of being a member of a community is accepting its lingo. While you can always challenge the dogma of any association you're part of, you need a compelling reason to do so if you expect anybody to care. I don't see one here, past argument for its own sake. It's more practical to accept the way thousands of people use the term "vanilla" than to demand they all change because they're "wrong".
  4. Quasar

    Quake Remastered

    Some of the craziest hardest-to-debug shit we've ever seen happen in our games so far >_>
  5. Quasar

    Freshly built 3.29 Dev Beta 5 Joel-2 (DOS, COD10SRC-based)

    I mean, technically the story was complete. You started at the TTRF, met Roland Trague, he sends you into the portal to try to fix the timeline. You start jumping all through random parts of time, even coming back to the TTRF in an alternate timeline to find Trague dead, but eventually end up in a place called the Halcyon in a timeline where medieval magic-using humans fought the demons to a pyrrhic victory in which both sides suffered tremendous loss. Humans are nearly extinct but a dwarf named Halif Swordsmythe who had a special divine pact that makes him immortal (he will always be resurrected shortly after any blow that would kill him - sparing him none of the pain, which is kinda metal to think about it) continues his fight. Etcetc you eventually go further back in time to the Halcyon's glory days, but they think you're a demon and arrest you and sentence you to death. You prove yourself by defeating the grand templar in ritual battle though, fulfilling their prophecy of a savior figure. You go on to drive the demons out of all parts of the Halcyon and join a celebration at the City of Hope, but there the Archdemons reveal themselves and you have to track them down. At the end it was ambiguous, with you making one last time jump and hoping it would take you back to something resembling the future you left originally. Gotta leave room for a sequel, ya know. If I were doing it now I'd definitely change some things, like stripping out any references to mainstream religion in the Halcyon's lore.
  6. With Eternal I'd be more worried about the stress factor. Sheesh.
  7. Quasar

    Should I get Doom 2016 or Doom Eternal?

    This is why I wrote the ending to The Lost Levels in a very non-committal way, which some people were unhappy with-
  8. Quasar

    It's new name is..

    Wow that's quite a burn on the Greek letter o.
  9. Quasar

    Earliest Doom memories and impressions?

    My HS friend and I were at his gf's house and he was running around in various levels throwing cheat codes left and right and he warped to E2M8 and was like "check it out, it's the cyberdemon!". I was standing about 5 feet back and of course everything was in 320x200 boulderpixel vision and moving very fast, so somehow I came away with the idea that the cyberdemon was like a really tall Doomguy, and had a Doomguy helmet on just like the one on the title screen. Needless to say I was instantly enthralled.
  10. Quasar

    Freshly built 3.29 Dev Beta 5 Joel-2 (DOS, COD10SRC-based)

    "Fully operational" might be a stretch as I had intended for there to be capability to have Strife-like options (I didn't even know Strife existed at the time I wrote this stuff). But yeah you appear to have figured out how to work what was there to its full extent at least :)
  11. Quasar

    John Carmack's biggest mistakes?

  12. Quasar

    [Plot hole?] Did Earth get invaded twice...?

    This is where Eternal went off the rails with explaining too much about Hell. We didn't need to know with all certainty where demons come from or who really runs the place or why they have technology or if it's the traditional Abrahamic Hell exactly or something more expansive. It just needed to remain a deep, disturbing, chaotic enigma. They ruined that aspect of Doom entirely with some bad fanfic. They can fix this in the future by telling us it wasn't the whole story after all, but that's just a fix in retrospect and doesn't excuse Eternal's mess.
  13. Quasar

    Best way to play Hexen in 2021?

    It was conceived by Romero as a trilogy - Heretic, Hexen, Hecatomb. One game for each of the three Serpent Riders. Once Romero was out at id and no longer the producer for the series, they abandoned that plan and made Hexen II instead, and then eventually a Heretic II also.
  14. Quasar

    [Plot hole?] Did Earth get invaded twice...?

    Especially after Doom '16 referenced it explicitly in kind: It's 100% obvious what this was meant to imply by its artist. That we didn't get any followthrough on this (and the other Doom 3 references, like the Soul Cube that keeps turning up) is one of the things that made me dissatisfied with Eternal and with Hugo's "just winging it" BS. It's not even difficult to work things like this in but he didn't bother. I really hope he will get a real writer next time and stick to game design because that part is pretty good overall despite my occasional difficulty-related complaints.
  15. Quasar

    Limit removing problem in Boom

    Just a matter of how fixed point works. For example 8192 * 4 is already 32768, which is too large to fit in a fixed_t number (32767 is the max positive value).