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  1. Links in mails from the wiki

    I've adjusted some server settings that will hopefully take care of that.
  2. New DoomWiki-based game: 6 degrees of fraggle howard

    @Xeriphas1994 I would consider use of the Monaco sidebar to be cheating for this kind of game, since the menu links do not imply any sort of topical relationship between articles.
  3. Interestingly if the game is using an East Asian language you get nice thick bold font-weight numbers, as evidenced by screenshots on the Steam community page. Dunno why that's not an option for everybody :P
  4. Calico

    See the release thread that's linked a couple posts up ;) In short it's not completely done but yes it's fully playable. Only things missing are the intermission music and netplay. I also have some pending changes in the git repo that add gamepad support. Hopefully I can scrounge in a release of that after we get Forsaken out the door.
  5. Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    Interestingly I've found that disabling Greasemonkey (just by clicking on the monkey's face on the toolbar and selecting disable) solves my FOUC both here and on DoomWiki/other MediaWiki sites. Maybe worth a shot to try disabling any script or CSS loading plugins you have installed just to see if it makes a difference. Firefox devs seem to be aware of multiple issues related to this.
  6. Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    This is an "awesome" little problem in Firefox. It is also affecting GitHub and any site using MediaWiki (including DoomWiki.org obviously). It starts rendering the page without waiting on stylesheets that are supposed to be synchronously loaded. Basically, breaking the web at a very fundamental level and making it impossible to avoid the "flash of unstyled content" problem.
  7. Hellscreen - Doom clone

    I like the backstory.
  8. WindowCaster: The Shadowcaster Source Port

    The Raven engine is pretty well-known in these parts (see https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Raven_engine ). Unfortunately one of its features is that the core engine is mostly just the renderer and resource management stuff, and nearly 100% of the game code for the games that utilize it is not shared. This means that outside the basics, the IPoG source isn't that much help with figuring out the specifics of Shadowcaster.
  9. PSX Support in development

  10. PSX Support in development

    Wherever you built the exe, you probably need to move the resource files so that the executable can find them. Everything is included here: https://github.com/haleyjd/psxwadgen/tree/master/res Everything I was doing with EE is presently on hold. I am a fulltime dev for Nightdive and I am in crunch on a project as we speak and writing this post is technically goofing off that I don't have time for :)
  11. Gimme a plain old rotisserie chicken over KFC's garbage any time. Much better for you and usually tastes better to boot.
  12. Is Doomwiki offline?

    The server went unresponsive again as it's had a tendency to do off and on for a while now. It WAS getting less frequent and now it's back to about once or twice a week again. We've tried everything there is to try at this point, short of ditching apache and going with nginx.
  13. (Poll) Your favorite Doom source port?

    It's getting pretty darn close now for Heretic thanks to Altazimuth's efforts with inventory and weapons.
  14. DOOM 2016: The Board Game

    If anybody that has it could grab some pics for the wiki of the game setup or in action, that would be cool (we're not just supposed to take ones from, ie, Amazon, as such photos are copyrighted).