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  1. Getting a head start on my birthday, heh. So yeah my birthday is today, and so apparently is joshy's. He said he's releasing speed of doom officially today, but I haven't seen many posts from him regarding fixes, so hopefully they got done.

    Anyway, I'm 21 now. I can drink legally in the US. Now I should find some alcoholic beverages I like, cause I've never gone out drinking - not that I'm particularly interested though. Though there is this girl at college ... heh. I'm kinda out of it because of spring break*, quite a few of my friends losing their jobs**, and from reading this rather tragedy-filled series***, but now watching this anime called durarara and it's got some pretty funny parts, with some cool action and paranormal stuff mixed in, so I'm doing better, but I think actually getting some sleep would help >.<

    So about newgothic, I'm getting there on map13, not really turning out how I envisioned it but it could be interesting anyway. Haven't really played what I've got so far but it's looking very survivalish in the beginning ... collecting weapons, staying alive while demons converge on you while you dodge between 'cars', etc. I'm definitely going to do some smaller, more standard maps after it. Going to be interesting making industrial slaughter maps, heh.

    And next, I want bioshock 2. I might get it, idk. That or mass effect 2, since I bought the first one ... but cause dragon age is taking up 15 GB on my poor ~100 GB HDD (2yo laptop) I can't dl it and play it while it's on there -.- Only got ~20-30 GB on my external too, so I've been putting off the data juggling I'm eventually going to have to do. My dad said something about 1TB HDD though ... that'd be nice.

    So finally, my family's going to take me somewhere out to eat (yeah, I live with my parents, going to college basically in town is nice :P my 3 younger sisters and mom bug me a lot though. That's life ...) and I was thinking outback steakhouse. We go sushi a lot for birthdays, but I really want a bloomin' burger ... Yeah that's about it. We'll see what happens.

    * yeah I know, it's supposed to be fun, but I don't really do anything -.- best thing so far was hanging out with a friend or two and playing a little warcraft 3 and working on this zombie-apocalypse scenario map for starcraft 2. Some of the stuff we've come up with is quite interesting though ;)

    ** at a subway cause it got bought by a new owner who's a douche who fired EVERYONE and replaced them with his own crew of apparently mexicans and a few indians who suck at making sandwiches and especially working the coldstone connected to the store, so he might actually go out of business since the regulars knew and liked the old crew. Sweet vengeance, heh.

    *** George R.R. Martin's sword of ice and fire series ... Basically you get to know characters in the first 2 books and then he kills half of them in really demented ways in the third book. Pretty good books if you get past that though.


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    2. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      Happy birthday dude, at 21 you're still on the up so enjoy yourself :)

      Everyone knows bourbon is the best, though I am also rather partial to Jack Daniels and Vanilla Coke.

      Edit: wtf why is this missing

    3. ArmouredBlood


      Heh, late thanks SJ, beyond a bit of wine I haven't had anything alcholic since a sam adams on my birthday. Just haven't been offered anything nor felt like going out of my way to pursue this new opportunity. And yay my first pbf birthday ;)

      Also, just finished bioshock 2, here's my thoughts ... (copied from a note I wrote on facebook to counter my other one)

      Finished bioshock 2. Despite starting off kinda rocky (see my other note), I got used to the controls and the hacking (sort of. Once I found out hacking the machine calling the bots turned off the alarm I just ignored everything until I hacked it. Usually lost maybe a first aid kit on average, usually just 9 bucks to refill), and the game turned out rather enjoyable, with the story becoming much more interesting in the last 2 areas versus the first four or so. The general decay of rapture was a bit sad though - I kept remembering parts of the original, and how I wanted to see an area that wasn't decayed. Kind of got that near the end, but it was an illusion, heh. Another big change was the general feel of gameplay - no more was it generally soft encounter between story; everything could kill you if you aren't careful, and there were a lot more enemies in some fights. This blend of intensity and corruption threw me off what the original felt like, which was a certain awe of what rapture had once been, but was fading. The second definitely got across the feeling of tragedy it intended.

      Anyway, I liked what I played after certain adjustments. For a sequel to this sequel though ... I think it's time to leave rapture, and join the post-plasmid world. Assuming there will be a sequel though; that's rather in the air ...

    4. DuckReconMajor


      Happy Birthday! Go somewhere fancy and drink some champagne.

      P.S. with gold flakes in it