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  1. I didn't know spoilers existed lol
  2. MAP01 UV -Fast in 1:22 Note: I am posting my .txt files here because I figure people might not want to download the demo and/or read the file so I find it to be more convenient, feel free to tell me to stop if you think it's annoying. Note: I am doing demos again so table-filler status is officially re-engaged.
  3. MAP02 Tyson in 2:37
  4. MAP01 Tyson in 4:29
  5. MAP02 NM-Speed in 51 seconds
  6. MAP01 Nightmare Speed in 46 seconds.
  7. blah blah blah the only speedruns that matter are zero-master's blah blah blah :^)
  8. Good stuff
  9. That was absolutely epic, good job, yo.
  10. momma mia
  11. keep it up keep it up plans on 28?
  12. Sunlust UV Max RTA - First Attempt
  13. Final Doom - TNT: Evilution UV -Fast RTA Speedrun (PB: 5h01m22s)
  14. Memento Mori UV -Fast Speedrun
  15. Ancient Aliens Full UV Max run, followed by Doom 2 and Flashback to Hell.