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  1. Hey, Cyber. I was wondering whether I could ask for your help with something? It's in relation to demo recording with ZDoom.

  2. MAP01 UV Max in 1:52
  3. Yeah, I'm quite epic. hehe should upload the demo though, regardless. It's always best to have all the runs out there.
  4. There's no reason not to upload the demo lol
  5. Hello there, message me on here or preferably on discord (Cyberdemon531#3251) and I can maybe (probably) help out in more ways than one. :)
  6. Never uploaded these lol
  7. MAP08 UV -Fast in 16:16
  8. E1M8 -Respawn in 1:50
  9. MAP05 Tyson in 22:32
  10. MAP01 Tyson in 10:49 MAP03 Tyson in 7:32 Multiple attachments in one post, neato!
  11. im officially declaring doomworld demo forum dead, upload demos to the discord, y'all!
  12. First of all, why was the site updated? Second of all, why can't I upload demos? Third of all, why is there an attachment limit? Fourth of all, why do all my existing attachments automatically get added to this new thing? Fifth of all, when will this be fixed?
  13. MAP04 UV Max in 3:18
  14. Hi y'all. I am Cyberdemon531, world renowned speedrunner extraordinaire (as you all are probably well aware). Let me cut to the chase, I want to put together a Doom speedrunning special, where we have live commentary over some demos that showcase how Doom speedrunning works, the history behind it, etc. I'd like to have some word from everyone here for ideas on what runs to show, who would like to do some commentary, and all the likes. The basic layout (as I think would work best, feel free to recommend literally anything here, this is just an idea at the moment, nothing more) is have demos play of some key runs throughout doom history, like maybe the UV Speed movies, some ILs, other neat stuff, have some runners talk about how tricks were found, how they were implemented into the runs, setups, risk, luck, factors like that. I'd also like to talk about the various categories and have a nice focus on individual levels, as I feel that's a major part of Doom speedrunning that's mostly left out of discussion 99% of the time. If anyone has good ideas as to what ILs to show, I think it'd be neat to show, like, 3 or 4 runs of an IL back to back that showcases progression in the strategies and routes and stuff, and have some explanation as to what's going on, probably some ILs with cool tricks in them would be best to showcase here. Also, PWADs are something I'd like to dedicate a nice chunk of time to, as with ILs, I feel like PWADs in the general sense aren't really looked at much. Whenever I see any attention outside of this subforum on a doom run, it's literally only on Zero-Master's Doom 2 UV Speed movies. I get it, everyone is familiar with Doom 2, but still, I think some great runs happen on other WADs, and I want to showcase a lot of the effort that people put into them. If anyone has any ideas for which runs may be good, or anyone who would like to provide commentary, or any information on things such as history and such, feel free to post in this thread with anything you find that would be relevant! I'd like to make this as high quality and informative, but also as entertaining as possible. As far as a total run-time, I think somewhere around 4 hours would be nice, give a lot of different things a lot of attention. Also, I'm working with Stream.Me, a new website that has a lot of really nice features, particularly no delay and extremely high streaming quality, and some other nice stuff. If this were to happen, I'd want to have it on this website, and I can have the website promote it on their end and get a lot more people involved perhaps on making this a fun special and showcase of the doom community and its efforts over the past 20+ years. It would also be pretty neat if we could get some article going about it on doomworld, and make a nice production out of it. I think a lot of people on the site would probably find something like this entertaining and interesting as well. Also, if this is something that literally no one is interested in, let me know anyway! :D Also also, if this goes well, we can do more of these, just let me know!
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