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  1. Valiant Full Playthrough in One Sitting
  2. TNT: Revilution first playthrough (one-sitting)
  3. 29 max 629
  4. just now seeing this, absolutely brilliant
  5. Hey, Cyber. I was wondering whether I could ask for your help with something? It's in relation to demo recording with ZDoom.

    1. Cyberdemon531


      hey bud, had no idea this was a site feature, but glad I could help! :D :D

  6. MAP01 UV Max in 1:52
  7. Yeah, I'm quite epic. hehe should upload the demo though, regardless. It's always best to have all the runs out there.
  8. There's no reason not to upload the demo lol
  9. Hello there, message me on here or preferably on discord (Cyberdemon531#3251) and I can maybe (probably) help out in more ways than one. :)
  10. Never uploaded these lol
  11. MAP08 UV -Fast in 16:16
  12. E1M8 -Respawn in 1:50
  13. MAP05 Tyson in 22:32
  14. MAP01 Tyson in 10:49 MAP03 Tyson in 7:32 Multiple attachments in one post, neato!
  15. im officially declaring doomworld demo forum dead, upload demos to the discord, y'all!