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    google is your master
  2. I won mine in a contest thread that lüt was doing. Where you had to guess what map a screenshot was from. I still have 2 changes left from that night. :P plus when some guy askes a question, it is much easier to do this. <-
  3. Make the oldschool doom games freeware and I am deadly serious...
  4. It has been a while since I fooled around with decorate. A quick look on zdoom's wiki would given you an answer too...
  5. Heh, I find it funny how many people in this thread is younger than the game itself. ;)
  6. Did you just ignore most of the posts people posted in here. Instead of thinking of making "MASSIVE RESOURCE PROJECT", maybe you should focus on just one map you improve on, then get feedback.
  7. Hey. First of all, I never managed to run the wad. But I fail to see the point for this wad. Your maps are just generated oblige wads that everyone can generate. I don't know what to say about the other things, but I can hardly see the point. Please improve your mapping instead of just uploading generated wads, because if people want to play oblige wads they would generate themselves.
  8. My resp to your image.
  9. First the normal one: Then the weird ones ;) Infact my natural hair.
  10. But that is not really a glitch. That is named a speedrunner trick. For examples like this, check Compet-n's demos for ultimate doom e4m6, where you can grab the bfg.
  11. I plan to get a "iddqd" tatto sometime on my arm when I someday can afford to get one ;)
  12. count me in. :) I have a backup map, if I don't make anything new for this.
  13. The first years online I went by TorntheDark (althrough I still use that some places). It was madeup from a guy, who was not that good at english around that time. :| In danish torn is the word for thorn and I thought it was the same thing in english, so basicly the black thorn. After some time on here I asked linguica to change my name to Torn. It is also what people will be after a direct hit by a bfg ball in deathmatch. ;)
  14. Man, I miss 2002 DW. Who are all you. :| Heh.
  15. Quoted for truth. (actually I didn't finished doom until 96 ;) )