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  1. I havent updated this yet. But still, if anyone wants to test / get some episode 1 experience on 10th december, then the download is still here. ;)
  2. Damn, I was unaware of that. I guess I have a few places I need to fix. :) Never noticed it really.
  3. Hi Zahid. Thanks for testing it out. I am in process of watching your two demos. I can see I didnt solve all the issues with E1M4. It is a PrBoom error. :( Also I noticed there was a tutti frutti error in E1M3. I am happy to hear you liked it. :) Edit: both nice demos. I think the problem in e1m4 is the monsters triggering the lifts, so you cant activate them or something like that. :/
  4. I try to post in the correct thread now. As I wrote in the other thread, I was unaware that was a scythe inspired megawad in the works. :) I am looking forward to see the finished project. Looks like you have spent quite a while on this project. The original was made like in roughly 1 month. ;)
  5. Hehe, I was unaware that people were working on a scythe styled megawad. I guess good luck with it, I am curious to see how it ends up. :) Edit: I see I posted in the wrong thread. :(
  6. This looks like some classic Ultimate Doom fun. ;) I need to give it a spin at some point soon.
  7. I am looking forward to this. :)
  8. I actually resized e2m2 a bit and changed it around. My plan however is to include original e2m2 in a kind of special episode. I also have one of Erik's maps planned as first map in that episode.
  9. Download link: fb_ep1.zip And of course tell me, if you find any bugs. :) Thanks for playing this.
  10. ;) I hope you will enjoy Hmm, thats strange, I am not sure if there is any difference. But fbdemo2 was kinda broken anyway. :/ I am going to remake E3M3 and E3m4. And I will. ;) Enjoy. ;)
  11. I am sorry to say, but I am afaid, you might get disappointed. After Espi passed away, I guess I lost faith and passion in the project. This year I finally had an inspiration to get going with maps. Finished up an Episode 2 map (e2m5) and made some changes to e2m2. As well started on most of the episode 3 maps. :) That I felt bad about the project not being done. I feel, this could be a cool wad, when it was / is done. Also I owe Espi to finish it. :) I will included a notes text in the release. Thanks for your support. :D
  12. Dont worry. ;) Thanks. Thanks, just pure oldschool ep1 fun with a touch. ;) In my opinion, I feel it is quite fun to play, but I will let you judge about that.
  13. Hi RjY. Oh I am happy to hear that. Hopefully the full release will be next year around this time. I have had quite a mapping session the last half year. :)
  14. Flashback will be a full 4 episodes Ultimate Doom megawad. It was started a long time ago (2003). This is the "shareware" episode with maps by Espi and Torn. fbdemo1: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom/d-f/fbdemo fbdemo2 (contains errors): https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom/d-f/fbdemo2 The screenshots are taken by Chocolate Doom. The episode release will be available in a few days. :) fb_ep1.zip