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  1. Fucking yes. I've been looking for this remix for ages
    Turns out it wasn't Lorcan, like I thought it was.

    1. 188DarkRevived


      Out of all the DOOM-themed remixes which I ever heard on Overclocked, my #1 favourite is definitely this:

      ...and my #2 favourite is definitely this:

      ...and my #3 is this:

    2. Devalaous



      When I linked Clairvoyant Elegy to you, Eris, I sort of mentioned Memoriam in a way. I couldn't remember its name. Nice to see you like it! The remix of Sign of Evil (E1M8), iirc titled Doomed, is another good one. Doomed, Memoriam and Clairvoyant Elegy are all amazing in the feelings they manage to convey.

      As for DSoP and DQD, my favourite tracks on those are Ghosts of Mars and Silent Healer.

      Funny how it was Memoriam all this time though, I have that on my old computer's harddrive :p

    3. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      Whenever I hear the start of Clairvoyant Elegy, I always expect a badass bass to come in after a few seconds :P They're both in G too!

      I'm not a massive fan of DSoP or DQD. Hangarmageddon is the best remix of E1M1, and Leaning Tower of Babel is the only good E2M8 remix.
      I like Industrial Strength, but I don't feel it should carry the E1M2 label. They have similarities, but it's barely recognisable.

      Now..Doomed (E1M8). That's pretty damn good. I especially like the lead instrument, and how it changes the bass slightly from the original.
      Doesn't top the Light Delta version though for me.

      I've started a collection of my favourite Doom remixes yet actually. Trying to get one amazing one for each track, though there's only so many out there. Here's my list so far

      I've also got a Jimmytrack called Untilted, from BTSX. I keep it separate from the IWAD folder though, just to keep things organised :P

      EDIT: After some playing around, I worked out the best graphic equaliser for listening to music was this one. Nice and bassy. I didn't like any of the other presets anyway