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  1. Play ARK Survival Evolved these days.
  2. I too like maps with lots of crates in em!
  3. 1) Make some more maps for my TREND.wad (True Evil Never Dies), which is a coop/survival wad for ZDaemon. 2) Hopefully release v3 of Fragfest FFA wad, and give some more detailing to the earlier maps. 3) Upload a lot of videos featuring the various great megawads I've played this whole year. 4) Replay some of the epic wads from Thursday Night Survival (TNS 2017). 5) Learn some more mapping techniques and get better at it. 6) Try to improve my 1-on-1 dueling skills. 7) Give Zandronum a shot maybe, but... 8) Will stick to ZDaemon!! <3
  4. I really like Far Cry 4! Now waiting for FC5 to be released.
  5. Quality tends to look less nicer in lower resolution so kinda yeah.
  6. Love this franchise a LOT!! <3
  7. The PewDiePie headset ftw!
  8. Pokémon
  9. To me, it was a nice change from classic DooM when I first played it. But soon I realised that DooM was a much better alternative as Hexen was getting boring after a few hours in. So I never really played it after that. I have played more Heretic than Hexen in the past years.
  10. They'll be more than happy to get it for free I guess
  11. Really makes you feel like playing DooM in December:
  12. Not a big fan of RAGE, so not gonna bother downloading just because its free.