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  1. Freedoosh!
  2. YO! October 29, 1995. That makes me 12. (+ 10)
  3. I don't really dislike anything about doom. Not even the midis. I enjoy it all! :)
  4. ROFL Eris! xD
  5. That's indeed true! I just checked it by spawning a revenant in a big open area, and the projectile passed through it while following me.
  6. A radiation shielding suit can not only protect you from Toxic green liquids, BUT ALSO "LAVA"! Cuz why not? Pretty sturdy UAC equipments!
  7. I prefer "mouse (free) look"!
  8. Maybe the fact that Doom is a much better game than most other ones still, and so its members are also equally awesome! :P
  9. ZDaemon 4 life!
  10. I would've probably not played the heck out of it then.
  11. Metal Slug games
  12. Can be a nice addition, but not really important. Unless one wants to make an underwater base and let the player explore the surrounding ocean or water area for rewards. switches, or even keys to proceed further into the level. Swimmable water is kinda fun to have in maps imo. Opens up door to newer possibilities.
  13. My Doom 2 folder is 8.46 GB in size. Contains all the IWADs, Doom Builder 2, DeePsea, XWE, Slade, WhackEd4, ZDaemon, Zdoom, Skulltag, Hundreds of PWADs, many of my own test wads and stuff, Midis, Sprites, Soundtracks, Textures & Flats, other classic doom mods and stuff. Doom 3 folder is 4.65 GB. Contains D3 & ROE, and Doom Reborn mod that has D1 & D2 maps made in D3 engine. And then there's Doom 4, which takes quite a lot than I expected..
  14. This was quite a hilarious TNS :D