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  1. Chow Yun Thin

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Just so I'm clear about this, did you mean transgender or transhuman? Did you want to become a cyborg or augmented human of some sort? Can you explain more about the thoughts that led up to this?
  2. Chow Yun Thin

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    Heh, I remember Entryway was pretty popular for the first game too. OMG, the Vosh 9mm! I don't even wanna know the odds of getting it now with all of the original weapons having Vault Precious skins, and those damn Vault pajamas and facepaints for each character.
  3. Chow Yun Thin

    Doom's 25th Birthday - What will you be doing?

    Definitely a playthrough of Episodes 1 through 3 sorta like the old days (auto-aim and no mouselook or jump). Dunno if I'll attempt 4.
  4. Chow Yun Thin

    Epic Games stops development of Unreal Tournament

    Yeah, it hurts just that bit more that the UT team created the battle royale mode for Fortnite at the time when its paid PvE mode wasn't doing very well.
  5. Chow Yun Thin

    How did you come up with your username?

    It's a take on the actor's name, but where I got it is from the first GTA. At some point your character is working for the Triads and they send you on yet another mission to kill someone. This time, instead of a solo effort you're assigned this guy to help you. So I took it as my online handle.
  6. Chow Yun Thin

    Who is your favorite character from any 90's FPS game?

    Unreal. I don't know if the player is told outright at the beginning or revealed Samus Aran-style.
  7. Chow Yun Thin

    Who is your favorite character from any 90's FPS game?

    Caleb silent? That's like calling Duke Nukem "lanky".
  8. Chow Yun Thin

    What were the first videos you watched on Youtube?

    I don't play Halo, so I don't know how I came across this video or why it stuck in my mind. Because 'tis the season, and seriously old. I don't remember the end being cut off, though.
  9. Chow Yun Thin

    Your biggest WTF moment(s) in gaming

    Playing through the first Bioshock and meeting up with Andrew Ryan.
  10. I'm looking at the Doom FAQ by Hank Leukart, uploaded on Doom's first birthday on gamefaqs, and it calls IDDQD God mode. Perhaps earlier versions of the FAQ called it that as well?
  11. Chow Yun Thin

    What is your favorite soda?

    I like a lot of different soda flavors. Coke and Pepsi, especially the cherry variety. Mountain Dew Code Red, though I haven't drank that for a long time. Fruit punch soda, especially Tahitian Treat. Sunkist. I'll drink Sprite/7-Up if nothing else is available. I used to enjoy grape soda, but now it just reminds me of Dimetapp. I hate ginger ale and don't care much for Dr Pepper. Club soda is for cleaning stains. I do try to reduce my soda drinking by not having any at home, or drinking a small cup when eating out.
  12. Chow Yun Thin

    What Video Game(s) are you Currently Ignoring?

    I know what you mean. There was an ad on Twitch for a Samsung phone that's using playing Fortnite on it as a selling point; nevermind that Android players had just recently be able to do that. It strongly reminds me of when Pokemon first hit the US. There was advertising for it everywhere and people were playing the Gameboy games and trading card game. I'm not a fan of turn-based RPG, so Pokemon was a no-go. I definitely remember getting shit for saying I didn't like Pokemon in general. Nowadays while Pokemon is still going strong, it isn't in-your-face so I don't mind it much. They do their thing and I do mine. You know what was the kicker for me? I was watching my cousin play it on a Switch and TV, and I happen to see posters of Jazz Jackrabbit and UT99 on a wall he was about to tear down for wood. I don't mind cartoony aesthetics; they still look good today (see TF2) and they don't have to live up to the increasingly finer detail that realistic games demand. It's funny how Fortnite started off as a wave-based fortress-building zombie survival game and was a paid game that wasn't doing very well. Then the whole battle royale thing blew up with PUBG, and Epic decide that after working with the people behind PUBG, they too want in on it. So they assign the UT team to create the BR mode and release it for free. Now they're raking in the bucks like crazy, and they've even put up 100 million of them as prize money for tournaments. Meanwhile, the paid-for PvE game hasn't received nearly as much attention as the free BR game, and apparently it will go free-to-play next year. As for the question at hand, I don't care much for any of the battle royale games, or PvP for that matter. I get too tense for something that's supposed to be fun.
  13. Chow Yun Thin


    I didn't see Ajora post about the Nightmare King (maybe it's not available where he's at or he takes his custom title seriously?) It's a burger with beef patty and cheese, chicken filet and bacon on a green bun. The green-ness was noticeable enough and wasn't the saturated green in the ad. With a small drink and fries, it came out to $10 where I went for lunch. Burger King has an ad campaign where they say eating the burger will increase the chances of having a nightmare by 3.5 times. Apparently they had 100 people volunteer to eat the burger and then be monitored at a sleep center. I think the real "nightmare" will be when I go to the toilet after this. I also wonder why Burger King decided to bring back the color gimmick from three years ago, when the bun was colored black and people were unaware of the food dye being so, ah, persistent. I wouldn't be surprised if some people are trying it just for that.
  14. Chow Yun Thin

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    Running in the 90s (even if SoF is 2000).
  15. Chow Yun Thin

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Been playing Castlevania SOTN lately after I saw a streamer go through it for the first time. After he got the bad ending, it was a joy to see him put two and two together and figure out how to get to the second half of the game. Then he managed to get a Crissagram (sp?) within five minutes of entering the inverted Library. That thing is broken beyond belief. I'm shooting for the 200.6% achievement, but WTF is up with the inverted Underground Caves? I keep gravity jumping and slamming Alucard's head into the water-covered ceilings, but the minimap doesn't show it's explored?