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  1. Book reports from middle school when I first got a computer.
  2. Spooky videogames for me. I don't think I ever beat Doom II in one go. I also want to beat the first Alone in the Dark, as opposed to just watching it on Youtube.
  3. I found a patch for Castlevania II that retranslates all the weird nonsense into actual helpful clues. Even more, this patch adds a save function, an in-game map, and a bunch of other quality of life changes to make the game suck less.
  4. Hehe, I remember that game. It came with my first PC and was an enhanced version with music, real-sounding effects and even voice clips for a tutorial section. I loved listening to the first game track while playing, even if I am complete ass at it.
  5. I remember 7Up selling this T-shirt.
  6. I think my earliest computer game was SimAnt on the Macintosh. It was fun and pretty educational, but I always dreaded getting eaten by the spider and having its creepy multi-eyed jaw/fanged "face" pop up on the screen. Still, lots of good memories playing Mac games in the computer lab during 5th - 9th grade. The Incredible Machine as someone already posted, Kid Pix, Spectre, the Oregon Trail, Shufflepuck Cafe, Prince of Persia, Slime Invaders, Lunatic Fringe, Wolf3D for some bizarre reason... On PC proper, I think it was the shareware version of the first Descent. It was confusing at first and the minimap helped and hindered somewhat, but I got used to it. I never did beat the boss of the shareware, because he was in a donut-shaped room with a couple of the stronger enemies. He himself had a cloaking device, teleported around the room and used the stupidly OP Smart Missiles. God damn that yellow cyclopean bastard. Oh, I didn't know Sid Meier designed this. I remember playing a version of it on my janky NES. The periscope view only showed jumbled garbage, so I couldn't use the cannon or torpedoes with any accuracy.
  7. To smile whenever I pick up a new weapon (even if Wolfenstein did it first).
  8. I only played the first one on the PSX. It reminded me an awful lot of Goldeneye (mission objectives, location-based hit animations, no jumping, reloading, holding down a shoulder button to move the crosshair). I only got past the first set of levels because, for the life of me, I cannot play stealth and spy missions worth a damn. Fun fact: The team that developed MoH:AA went on to form Infinity Ward and we all know what they made.
  9. Haha, it isn't too far from the truth. For FPS, the wiimote + nunchuk were serviceable but took quite some setup and practice to be viable. It was mostly due to the unique way the pointer was used to control where you look. You set up a deadzone on the screen to determine how you look. Point the cursor outside of the deadzone to turn and look; the farther from the deadzone, the faster. The myriad settings for pointer controls was intimidating, so most of the difficulty came from finding that balance between crazy/twitchy and slow/clunky. The spoiler was a community guide for setting up pointer controls for Black Ops 2 on the Wii U. I just thought this was pretty neat, almost mouse-like.
  10. Forensic Files and Hoarders. There are some really fucked up people out there.
  11. I don't remember the guy's name, but he had a custom title that went "Reputation is a bubble that bursts when you blow it for yourself" or something along those lines. He was bragging about his GF and posted pics as proof. Someone else either figured out the pics were fake, altered or lifted from somewhere else and thus he had a custom title. Since then, I've always associated custom titles here with something bad.
  12. The DD44 from Goldeneye and its spiritual cousin, the Falcon 2 from Perfect Dark. Rapidly firing a pair of them and hearing their low-pitched bangs give me the tingles. Come to think of it, the unsuppressed PP7 had a similar, sharper sound that I liked. The Mark 23 from Action Quake 2. It was the only pistol in the mod, but it was an excellent starter weapon. It was damn accurate while crouching, and a headshot was a guaranteed kill at all but the longest ranges. The gunshot itself did sound wimpy, but the relative quietness only served to make the lovely ripe headshot sound all the more satisfying. The MK23 from Killing Floor 1. It was a community-made weapon that was officially incorporated into the game. Decent price in dosh, good capacity, great backup weapon when SHTF, especially if you had two. I hope the sequel will add it later down the line. The Enforcer from Unreal Tournament. All-around nasty SOB, gangsta-fire was lethal at close range, especially with a second one (I sense a theme here...) It looks like Anaconda on the barrel. :p I don't understand why he didn't keep the Desert Eagle as his sidearm in DNF. They're loud, flashy, obnoxious and not real practical in a lot of situations, but you can't deny their power.
  13. My keyboard is an old Microsoft one with dedicated internet buttons. It works as well as it did 17 years ago when I got it, just overdue for its yearly cleanup. My mouse is a Logitech G500. Basically like the MX518 I had before it, with a few more buttons, DPI buttons placed on the edge of the LMB instead of above and below the scrollwheel, and a slot for adding adjustable weights. It's an excellent mouse for me, but it has fallen victim to a dreaded problem with Logitech gaming mice of the past several years. The LMB double-clicks at random times and does not hold files for drag-n-drop. I've taken it apart twice to adjust the little metal bits inside the microswitch and I really don't want to break them with a third adjustment. I thought of getting the G500s but it seems to be afflicted with the same problem. My mousepad is a clothpad with Hershey's kisses on it, got it along with my MX518. It's got a small depression from my wrist laying on it because I don't want to move my whole arm with my mouse, RSI be damned.
  14. That's the TMP from Counter-Strike 1.6. About as effective on another player as the Klobb.