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  1. I played one a few times at an arcade. Single-player was going through the first episode with only 3 lives and multi-player was fighting off bots inside of a version of Quake 2's The Edge map. It used a trackball on the left hand for looking and a thumb button for shooting. Movement was with four buttons for the right hand, a thumb button for jumping and a pinky button for switching weapons. It was a little uncomfortable to play, but I put up with it since I didn't have a computer strong enough to play it at the time.
  2. Some Sega ads from the UK made me go WTF (forgive me for the Kotaku article).
  3. Interesting choice of phrase for the title.
  4. I remember watching a bit of Dragonball when eating breakfast before going to junior high. I think I got to when Goku was exposed to a full moon and transformed into a giant ape monster. I also saw Ronin Warriors during a summer break, that shit was awesome. My sister was into Sailor Moon, though. I didn't care much for it because "Ewww, girly shit!" I did have a chuckle when Google had the main character as the third result for "lazy underachieving 14-year-old crybaby". In the context of this forum, it reminds me of one guy who had a serious hard-on for one of the characters (Jupiter, I think) and would somehow steer a conversation into how he wanted her as a waifu. Pokemon doesn't show up on my radar, not even the mobile game from a year ago. But when it first came stateside, I hated how overexposed it was. It was everywhere, especially in high school. I didn't care much for the games (or turn-based RPGs in general), but I always cringed at how the anime mimicked the games by having the trainers call out the attacks. Full Metal Alchemist was the only anime I ever completed. I caught a few episodes of it on Toonami around 2004-ish, when Ed and Al first encounter Scar. It was compelling to watch, but I didn't keep up with it until a few years later. I was visiting my sister and brother-in-law for about a week and I happened to notice about a dozen volumes of the translated manga on the bookshelf among the Xbox 360 games. I plowed through the volumes within a few days and eventually the whole series, as well as the Brotherhood adaptation. I don't think I ever watched the first one as I heard it diverged significantly from the manga while it was still being written. Man, all this reflection has made me realize how weeaboo-ish my brother-in-law is. He listens to the soundtrack from Cowboy Bebop when studying, his car's license plate refers to a Gundam type, he plays weekly matches of Yu-gi-Oh with his friend, all of his online handles have Gundam in it, even has a goddamn mall ninja katana on his bookshelf and a copy of that giant sword from FF7 next to it.
  5. I just remembered a computer screwup I dealt with in my teens. I was trying to install a demo of Alien Breed Tower Assault, but the computer didn't have enough memory to start the game. I don't know how, but I had configured it to start up as soon as I turned on the computer. I played it and had my fun, but then I freaked out when I didn't know how to exit the game from the title screen. There wasn't an option to exit, and Esc didn't work at all, and restarting the computer only started the game back up. In my panicked state I reinstalled Windows 3.1 and just about broke down in tears because I thought I had wiped out all of the stuff on the computer. A little later, I found out that if I started up the computer, exited the reinstalled copy of Windows, and started it up from the DOS prompt it would go back to the previous copy of Windows before I fucked up. About a year after that fuckup, my family bought a new computer from Circuit City and all was well for about a week. I was looking through floppy disks from the old computer when the computer's McAfee program found a virus on a Wolfenstein 3D floppy that a friend gave to me. I didn't have it remove the virus because I thought it would delete the game as well. I went about my business and forgot about the disk in the floppy drive. You can guess what happened, and I had to lie through my teeth to my parents and the Circuit City employee that the computer just failed to work when pressing the power button. We got a new one, and I promptly got rid of all the virus-infected floppies. A few months after that, I started college and I asked my uncle to help me build a new computer (mostly because Counter-Strike was the hot rage then and I wanted to play it with my dorm mates). At first the computer was doing fine, but after a few months the computer would start freezing CS with a looping sound about 5-15 minutes into a game. I brought it back to the computer shop where my uncle had it built, and their guys thought it was the video card overheating so they installed a fan onto the heatsink. It seemed to work while it was in the shop (and they even had a copy of Unreal Tournament running to prove it), but the damn thing still kept freezing up when I used it. It got so bad that I couldn't even play Solitaire without getting graphical glitches (and it certainly didn't help that my uncle convinced to use Windows ME). After a few more weeks of that, I just put my malfunctioning computer into the closet, resigned in defeat and took over the family computer from the previous paragraph. A few years pass. I was getting into building my own computer and was reading up on the basics. Now that I felt more comfortable with working on computers, my mind went back to the malfunctioning computer in my closet. I brought it back out and tested all the parts to see if any of them were still good. I finally discovered that the PSU was the primary issue for all the malfunctions and so much goddamn grief for no good reason. That POS was even worse than the one inside of the Circuit City computer and just didn't output the wattage needed for games. I replaced the PSU and bam! It worked like it was supposed to, regardless of Windows ME. That taught me the important lesson of not being cheap when it comes to the PSU. Any hardware setup absolutely needs a reliable PSU that outputs the needed wattage and then some. For emphasis: DO NOT SKIMP ON THE PSU! Recently, I was watching my younger cousin play Minecraft and he brings up the debug screen to see coordinates in the game world and figure out where to mine diamonds. I notice that, despite playing on a gaming laptop his brother bought him, the game was being played on integrated graphics. I convince my cousin to let me figure out how to get Minecraft to play better on the dedicated GPU and he relents with a half-hearted shrug. I get to the Nvidia Control Panel and try to switch the 3D settings to use the graphics card, but it says I need administrator rights to do so. "Run as Administrator" didn't work at all, so I figured maybe a restart would clear things up. What I didn't know was, my cousin always put the laptop on Standby mode when he was done using it. No Windows updates were ever applied since he got it. When I restarted the laptop, all of the then-current updates were applied, including one that made the hard drive unreadable to the BIOS. I panicked at first, then I went digging for a solution to "operating system loader signature is invalid". Eventually, I burned a copy of Windows 10 and had it go to System Restore and restore it to a save point before that day. Nothing of value was lost since he stored his stuff on Google Drive, but as he went back to play some more Minecraft, I thought to myself, "The laptop is back to where it was before, malware and non-use of the GPU included. It's still a restart away from being fucked up. Even if I clean out the malware, apply the Windows updates without that FUBAR, and get Windows to make use of the GPU, he's not going to notice or even care. This whole thing was just a waste of time and effort."
  6. The Killing Floor games are another recommendation for a co-op horde game.
  7. Book reports from middle school when I first got a computer.
  8. Spooky videogames for me. I don't think I ever beat Doom II in one go. I also want to beat the first Alone in the Dark, as opposed to just watching it on Youtube.
  9. I found a patch for Castlevania II that retranslates all the weird nonsense into actual helpful clues. Even more, this patch adds a save function, an in-game map, and a bunch of other quality of life changes to make the game suck less.
  10. Hehe, I remember that game. It came with my first PC and was an enhanced version with music, real-sounding effects and even voice clips for a tutorial section. I loved listening to the first game track while playing, even if I am complete ass at it.
  11. I remember 7Up selling this T-shirt.
  12. I think my earliest computer game was SimAnt on the Macintosh. It was fun and pretty educational, but I always dreaded getting eaten by the spider and having its creepy multi-eyed jaw/fanged "face" pop up on the screen. Still, lots of good memories playing Mac games in the computer lab during 5th - 9th grade. The Incredible Machine as someone already posted, Kid Pix, Spectre, the Oregon Trail, Shufflepuck Cafe, Prince of Persia, Slime Invaders, Lunatic Fringe, Wolf3D for some bizarre reason... On PC proper, I think it was the shareware version of the first Descent. It was confusing at first and the minimap helped and hindered somewhat, but I got used to it. I never did beat the boss of the shareware, because he was in a donut-shaped room with a couple of the stronger enemies. He himself had a cloaking device, teleported around the room and used the stupidly OP Smart Missiles. God damn that yellow cyclopean bastard. Oh, I didn't know Sid Meier designed this. I remember playing a version of it on my janky NES. The periscope view only showed jumbled garbage, so I couldn't use the cannon or torpedoes with any accuracy.
  13. To smile whenever I pick up a new weapon (even if Wolfenstein did it first).
  14. I only played the first one on the PSX. It reminded me an awful lot of Goldeneye (mission objectives, location-based hit animations, no jumping, reloading, holding down a shoulder button to move the crosshair). I only got past the first set of levels because, for the life of me, I cannot play stealth and spy missions worth a damn. Fun fact: The team that developed MoH:AA went on to form Infinity Ward and we all know what they made.