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  1. http://www.moddb.com/groups/2017-mod-of-the-year-awards/features/editors-choice-mod-of-the-year-2017 Well this was a pleasant surprise.
  2. Pretty much officially retired from modding.



    1. R1ck


      At least give us a farewell present :( 


      Jk, all the best on whatever you are pursuing next dude..

    2. cyan0s1s


      Why are you banned on there?

    3. Ajora


      The page doesn't exist. What happened, if you don't mind my asking?

  3. It would be cool, if it was somewhere between X-Men and Spawn. Similar art-style and grittiness.
  4. S. 7 (I used to workout and lift, I need to start again! I used to be 8.) P. 1 (I have horrendous vision; I'm blind as a bat without my glasses. My friend was actually able to pick my pocket, and hand me my wallet without me noticing.) E. 5 (I'm about average, but could be better if I worked out.) C. 8 (I've managed to have some pretty hot girlfriends in the past. I have leadership qualities.) I. 8 (I'm educated, and I'm an autodidact for many complex subjects.) A. 2 (I smoke way too often.) L. 9 (I've managed not to get myself killed, or put in prison.)
  5. Did this in MS paint. It was supposed to be part of a sprite sheet, but it required way too much time to complete. Nevertheless, I really like how it came out. FYI, it looks better when you click on the image, to see the full resolution.
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    2. Kontra Kommando

      Kontra Kommando

      The admin is an asshole.

    3. Glaice


      Just another fringe Doom forum I'll never visit. Unfriendly admins equals a no-go.

    4. Csonicgo


      The hilarious part is that *that* forum was for the DWF posters who got banned for posting stupid, inflammatory garbage.

    5. Kontra Kommando

      Kontra Kommando



      I'm the admin



    6. Kontra Kommando

      Kontra Kommando



      look of the definition of inflammatory, and you will see the irony in your comment.


      (especially of speech or writing) arousing or intended to arouse angry or violent feelings.


      I didn't make this post to fight with anyone. So please just relax.

    7. Glaice


      Why would you ban yourself? lol

    8. bzzrak


      coz he's stupid lol

    9. Kontra Kommando

      Kontra Kommando

      It was a practical joke.

    10. Csonicgo


      Well, it sucked.

    11. Kontra Kommando

      Kontra Kommando

      Your attitude sucks.

  6. Probably smells like farts, because Hell has a lake of burning sulfur. Brimestone is an old word for sulfur. The demons would probably stink like that. Also, the corpses on the floor would have released their bowels after death.
  7. I remember meeting him, and the rest of the cast of the original Dawn of the Dead. RIP
  8. @TwinBeast That app is hilarious, I've been having a lot of fun putting it on people I know, and historical figures.
  9. lol yea a few people said that actually. Someone said it looks like an weathered-puppet.
  10. Here's my kindergarten class picture, with an Old Man filter on it.
  11. I hate the smell of garbage trucks in the morning!

    1. cyan0s1s


      Beep. Beep. Beep.

    2. bzzrak


      So you enjoy it in the evening?

  12. I just rely on the saves when I want to beat a map. But I think IDDQD is convenient for play-testing maps, to look at in-game architecture. Along with IDKFA, NOCLIP, NOTARGET, and FLY.
  13. I remember playing Hexen on playstation back in 1997, when I was 12. Honestly, I didn't know wtf to do, on the second level. It was only within the last few years, when I picked it up again, have I explored it more. My thoughts: Its a good game, and its more difficult than Doom.