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  1. My avatar is actually a picture of me.
  2. The first time in guard house section of Resident Evil, I genuinely felt a sense of terror. Though rarely have I that feeling from many games. Playing Alien: Isolation with the Occulus was really terrifying. Though I couldn't see the interface well at all. That's a game that does its job too good. It really saps you of energy, after playing for an hour or two. Because of how scared you are from the impending doom of getting caught.
  3. I love to hear this song, because it reminds me of that cool helicopter scene from Predator.
  4. I am 187.96 cm tall (6 foot 2 inches).
  5. I have a lot of my friend's books. He gave for me to hold on to, as he as moving. However, he died in between that time, and I now have a whole library of books from him now. Most of them are classics, like the crucible, the prince, Plato's republic. Also there were some history books, fairtales and books about occult topics, like magic and satanism. He was a metalhead; he even had Lords of Chaos, which I read back in 2003. As a matter of fact, he's been dead for 10 years now. He died in 2007, on my birthday.
  6. I was just playing the shareware version of the first episode with the default key-layout:
  7. Every Doom-fan should beat the classic games at least once with using the mouse-look IMO. That way, they can experience the original maps the way they were intended, by their design. Personally, I use free-look all the time.
  8. I don't think it should matter. Because then you're not really judging them on their work, but for something totally unrelated. Nevertheless, sometimes its hard to remove the stigma attached to people. Dave Chappelle sort of talks about this on one of his latest comedy specials, in regards to Bill Cosby.
  9. This gives me an idea: Make a fast-food restaurant that prints out hamburgers to look like giant butt-cheeks, and call the place "Assburgers".
  10. I'm thinking about getting Lasik eye surgery, to correct my vision. However, I'm a little apprehensive, in going through the procedure.

    1. Fonze


      I hear it is much safer nowadays than it used to be, but I have to agree lasers and eyes don't seem like nice matches. Still, I notice that I am more social without "glasses to be hidden behind," if that makes sense, which is one reason I like wearing contacts. But I will note that I would be worried about getting lasik, having great vision for a year or two, then finding that I need glasses or another round with the laser all over again. Granted my eyesight hasn't changed/gotten worse in a long time, but as we get older our eyes naturally deteriorate to some degree...


      Best of luck with what you choose.

    2. 40oz


      I know a guy who got it very recently and he says its definitely worth it. Its like a 15 minute procedure, not painful at all.

    3. R1ck


      is that the one that removing the "white stuff" on your cornea?

    4. GarrettChan


      I had my eye surgery 10 years ago. I was like left -3.50 -1.00; right -3.25 -1.00 at the moment. My eyes are totally fine now. To be honest, I have to admit that I treat my eyes not that well these 10 years, but it seems nothing happened.


      In my opinion, the technology may be developed even more than 10 years ago, and it should be better. Back then it was pretty good already. For example, I moved slightly during the procedure, but the machine can automatically stop in order to protect your eyes. For convenience sake, it feels good not having to worry about glasses.

    5. Phade102


      @R1ck Lasik Eye surgery is used to correct refaction areas, such as nearsightedness and such.


      @Kontra Kommando Its very safe these days, you rarely hear any sort of complications that arise from it. I do understand your concerns though, I am very paranoid about the state of my eyes, so the thought of having a laser taken to them is a concern.

    6. Nevander


      I've had to wear glasses my entire life and I had considered getting the surgery, but now I don't think I'd ever want to. Without my glasses I'd be someone else, not myself. I feel like wearing glasses is both my curse and my blessing, and with them I'd be lost.

  11. I really enjoy cool cloudy days like today. I prefer them over humidity, heat, and threatening sunshine.

    1. 40oz


      Me too! I'm watching movies all day today. It just feels right.

    2. Kontra Kommando

      Kontra Kommando

      Everything feels calm on these days. I feel like humidity makes people angry, especially on the road.

    3. Memfis


      Cloudy is so much more atmospheric!

  12. Here's a thought in relation to something I said earlier:
  13. What difference does it make that it was found by Nazis in Greece, in 1944? The tests were done in 2017 by a Canadian University. Nazis were the first to discover smoking causes cancer. Does that mean that it doesn't? All they did was find the jawbone while digging. This discovery of its significance and age was made 73 years later by people totally unconnected to the Nazis.