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  1. I made this mod from sprites I did for an abandoned project back in 2014. The T-800 replaces the Imp. The monster drops a new weapon after killing them, the Phased Plasma Rifle. Mod page: https://www.moddb.com/mods/terminator-phased-plasma-rifle-gameplay-mod Download it here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/terminator-phased-plasma-rifle-gameplay-mod/downloads/terminator-t-800-phased-plasma-rifle
  2. Kontra Kommando

    The Metal / Rock Music Fans

  3. Kontra Kommando

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I have a beautiful wife, and adorable child.
  4. Kontra Kommando

    ICARUSLIV3S: The Best DOOM Total Conversion Mods

    Three of these mods, Aliens: Eradication, Ashes: 2063, and Castlevania, come native to the suite of mods for Side Quest, the Doom VR app. They're a pretty cool way to play them imo.
  5. Kontra Kommando

    ICARUSLIV3S: The Best DOOM Total Conversion Mods

    Nice to Ashes 2063 there as well. That mod grew up along side Aliens: The Ultimate Doom / Eradication over at the zdoom forum.
  6. So proud to see Aliens: Eradication among them! Congratulations, to Payload4367 for this herculean TC!
  7. Kontra Kommando

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I was just trying to play Friday the 13th: The game for PC, but it has been completely ruined by hacker lobbies. Moreover, the developers don't give a shit about fixing the issue, it seems.
  8. Kontra Kommando

    Are you vaccinated against COVID 19?

    I had two doses of Pfizer since March.
  9. Kontra Kommando

    The Metal / Rock Music Fans

    Look out beware When the full moon's high n' bright In every way I'm there In every shadow in the night Evil in league with Satan Evil in league with Satan
  10. Kontra Kommando

    How do I get into metal?

    Ha, I've been waiting 20 years to say that! Back when I was a neophyte to metal, 20 years ago was the 1980s, and if you were into metal since then, you were definitely a legit metal head.
  11. Kontra Kommando

    How do I get into metal?

    The first ever metal album I bought was Vulgar Display of Power, by Pantera. I got into metal on my own, but discovered a lot of bands from hanging out with my friends 20 years ago, who also liked metal.
  12. Kontra Kommando

    Recommendations for VR

    I was able to procure an Oculus Quest 2 through my job, and I've been having a great time with it. Any recommendations for Doom mods that are particularly fun in VR?
  13. Kontra Kommando


    "Payload4367 has released an 8-map action survival game for use with Kontra Kommando’s Aliens Trilogy (Payload edition) mod on GZDoom. And, ironically, this fan-made Aliens game is more faithful – and a better retro-experience – than Aliens: Colonial Marines." https://www.dsogaming.com/news/aliens-eradication-is-an-8-map-action-survival-game-for-gzdoom-and-is-available-for-download/
  14. Kontra Kommando


    I'll be making a full playthrough, once my new laptop arrives. This should be 2020 Mod of the Year IMHO.