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  1. I... forgot about this. I concede my "plasma & BFG" slot
  2. rouge_means_red

    how to add things ??

    You can download an object from realm667 and see how they do it https://www.realm667.com/en/repository-18489/prop-stop-mainmenu-163-64831/technical-mainmenu-164-44115
  3. Map Name: Return to Castle Cacoenstein cp_pussXXXQuickNDirty_rouge_v2.zip Author: 7Soul [@rouge_means_red] Midi: "Diamonds" by James Paddock Format: "Boom: Doom 2" Build time: 1h + some combat balancing and texture fixes Play time: 4:00 Coop: Yes Difficulty settings: Yes Gimmicks: Castle map, Cheese, Pirate ship Screenshots Map sketch: Map at 1 hour mark: cp_pussXXXQuickNDirty_rouge_otherfiles.zip
  4. I couldn't pick one so I just used a random number generator to pick for me and it is... Plasma Gun & BFG And if I don't figure it out in a week I'll concede the slot
  5. rouge_means_red

    QYARIA [a wip GZDoom game]

    You make this amazing trailer, but then format it as a vertica video? xD It looks incredible though, this will be a poster child for what GZDoom is capable of
  6. rouge_means_red

    [Community Project] VANITY

    (looks at new texture pack) I stand corrected :P
  7. rouge_means_red

    [Community Project] VANITY

    Welp, might as well make the map and worry about the custom textures later, there aren't that many of them anyway Can I get map 15? And does it need a secret exit?
  8. rouge_means_red

    [Community Project] VANITY

    Yeah I tried all of that already. It opens normally in Slade too so it's not corrupted or anything
  9. rouge_means_red

    [Community Project] VANITY

    I'm so confused, every other texture pack loads normally, except this one
  10. rouge_means_red

    [Community Project] VANITY

    Sorry it was in Boom format at first I was just checking if it worked on vanilla. I did unzip it (I'm not a beginner, I've made plenty of maps for CPs)
  11. rouge_means_red

    [Community Project] VANITY

    I tried loading up the textures but they don't show up for some reason?
  12. rouge_means_red

    (GZDoom) "ROLLSPRITE" flag has no affect in-game.

    hmm it works for me, so I think there might be some option you need to change. Try using my gzdoom.ini: Also make sure your GZDoom is up to date
  13. rouge_means_red

    Your Favorite City Maps

    All the city maps in Lost Civilization
  14. rouge_means_red

    Doom Builder 2 Vs Slade 3

    It's also a 9 year old discussion. DB2 hasn't been updated in 11 years
  15. I figured it out, it's because I was using Doom 2 map format instead of Boom