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  1. The habit of not standing around waiting for a typical five-second lift to raise back up, and sparing the few seconds to hump a wall over here, or look over there, or grab a few shells -- or even time things so that I hit the lift shortly before a skirmish ends, put the finishing shot on a monster, and then run back to the lift -- is so ingrained that I end up "missing" those rarer Boom one-second lifts a bunch of times in every map they are in, even when I know they are there, since auto-pilot me refuses to stand on them when they are going back up. :P Apart from that I can't think of much. Here are some habits I'd rather see everyone who has them drop, because their existence annoys me a bit: - 20-30 bullets to your name, don't kill (or worse, attempt to but fail to kill) that random cacodemon drifting around until you are down to a fist. Find where ammo is first (which you're about to do anyway). You might need those bullets to kill or stun a more important monster that poses a threat en route to that ammo. - Tracing crazy zigzags around rooms while fighting monsters. This is how to scatter and then eat lots of incidental projectiles in more slaughtery stuff. - Vile in the back, imps/pinkies in front or on flanks. Don't ignore and then ensconce self in imps/pinkies while desperately trying to kill vile -- at least shoot at some non-vile stuff to keep it out of your face.
  2. Here's a casual "max" playthrough of WH's section. The map is certainly too long for me to max the whole thing at this time of night, heh, so I just did a demo of that. My favorite fight from a design standpoint is the two-radsuit showdown in the horned area with viles coming in at the end. That one was fun to solve for a strategy* that is both aggressive and 90%+ consistent for me. There are some red herring strategies that are "near-misses" in that regard, which come down to the fact that there are only two radsuits and you still have to kill the cyber at the end if it's left alive -- an ingenious bit of design here is that the closest piece of safe ground is too far away from the cyb for auto-aim, so you can't really use the two radsuits to just clear everything but the cyb. That is probably also the most exciting fight for me too. Second would be the final fight with the cyb, close-quarters and fun. *Btw most prior sections were played largely in an improvisatory way, without much strategy, as should be obvious. :) 3habonus_rd_wh.zip
  3. It was already the 11th day for map11 in Europe and further East. map12 of UAC Ultra is a pure outro/credits map with no gameplay, so giving it a dedicated day was an oversight that isn't consistent with how DWMC treats maps of that sort. Edit: @Capellan Heh you're right -- I could have sworn it was the 19th yesterday.
  4. Awesome. This is really cool. Love the concept.
  5. Nice. It was the line in the BFG-rev reveal btw, although I think I was misinterpreting where it is, tbh, since I hadn't looked at the map in the editor.
  6. There's a chance you are playfully referring to Jiffy Bag, but in case not, it exists.
  7. I copy/pasted in the editor view.
  8. ^ 05 max in 4:41, not for DSDA. 2nd exit (ugly, I think under an hour total of work). Didn't want to post anything but I keep getting tempted to run the map, so I guess I need to, to get it off my plate mentally. I like a lot of this map but the starting hitscanfest + the linedef skip at the BFG make running it really aggravating. mp1705-441.zip
  9. Monster composition itself is not harsh in itself with a full RL + megasphere, but the combination of the layout being mostly stairs (which make maneuvering inconsistent) and the auto-switch to CG early that prevents holing up in a cubby make it much more dangerous. Died a couple of times quickly to both of those things ^ . Generally I'd prefer this particularly difficulty range achieved with harsher monster use and resources but more forgiving "geometry", if that makes any sense. The CG autoswitch is probably actually a good idea, since otherwise holing up in the first CG'er-only cubby would have been an easy win. Exit timer could be a bit shorter, as it's possible to kill everything off before it becomes accessible (which would set a floor on the fastest possible max time). 3rd attempt (underestimated how short the map would be, when I stopped recording the FDA quickly): gridlocked_rd_cmax.zip
  10. lol I just noticed the text near those archviles now. Quick FDA before bed. Totally functional in prB+ (edit: except maybe the sky, not sure if that's supposed to be that way). These textures are awesome, and I need to make a (non-speed)map with them. aorta_rd_fda.zip
  11. Punching barrels <3. Enticing description but turned out to be a trap because it almost got me killed at the start, heh. That single lost soul reveal was hilarious. Two monsters didn't appear (or I missed them somewhere). abysped34eris_rd_fda.zip
  12. Torches are 32x32, even though they look like they are 16x16. This is a mapping mistake I see often. Torches like these all jut into the playspace and shouldn't be used like this.
  13. I find weapon switches to unwanted weapons 90% as annoying when they are during quiet moments as when they are during inconvenient mid-fight moments. I don't want to switch to a SG or CG at all, ever, past the spawn, if it doesn't make sense to actually use those weapons in the vicinity of when they are picked up or in the level altogether. Ideal placement for such weapons: right under the spawn spot, or not too far away, before any fighting happens. Pick it up once, pick up a better weapon right afterwards, forget the SG or CG exists for rest of the map. No "I'm spamming the BFG now, I killed everything but I have to run over zombie corpses to get to the next area, switch to SG, switch back to BFG" awkwardness. It's not so much that that is the worst thing in the world, but that putting the weapon at the spawn is such a ridiculously effortlesss solution. Surprised this image still sees uses. (Calculator being powered by shotgun shells was a bit of an oversight, heh.)
  14. Map 15 UV-Max in 2:18 gd15-218.zip
  15. DL link for DMP2017.