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  1. rdwpa

    Infernew, a Community Project

    Are you using this resource wad?
  2. rdwpa

    Doom 2 The Way id Did demos [-complevel 2]

    Map 25 UV-Max in 3:58 id25-358.zip Heh I was running this (very) on and off for the past year or so, short sessions every couple of months to relax. Finally got a sub-4:00 with no missing monsters (>95% of exits had something left behind somewhere). Thanks for all the fills NeilK, I was hoping someone would do these. :)
  3. rdwpa


    First off, the feat of putting together a cohesive, competent solo megawad gets a lot of respect from me -- it takes a lot of dedication, and as a mapper I can appreciate that. But it's debatably this insistence in filling all 32 slots that holds Estranged back from being all that great. It is a set painted in broad strokes with solid, workmanlike ideas -- the visuals and gameplay are consistently acceptable, sometimes even good -- but design that is truly creative, while it does exist, is dispersed loosely among the mediocrity, and little can be described as amazing. Locales are varied, but certain texture groupings carry a lot of the load, contributing to the overall impression that Estranged would be a lot stronger and more focused at about 50-60% of its current length. But if you are looking for a solid offering with traditional stock assets and visuals, and you don't mind occasional armor stinginess (early) or higher monster counts (late), this will appeal to you. I feel compelled to point out that, while later maps indeed lean 'slaughtery', the difficulty at its peak is in the same tier as conventional wads such as Ancient Aliens, a far cry from SF2012 or Sunlust or the like. I would not feel bad having my grandma try to play these maps on UV -- they can put up some resistance, but nothing is too insane. The design is nearly always suitable for prBoom+ (complevel 9), but ZDoom users will have a *much* smoother ride in one map where infinitely tall fliers in narrow chasms are involved. 3/5 for me, although it can easily be higher (or lower) for you.
  4. rdwpa

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    The beauty of Doom is that it's accommodating of people with diverse tastes -- whatever you like, you might find something to enjoy. For example, some people like playing slaughtermaps. On the other hand, some people like arguing on the internet about slaughtermaps.
  5. rdwpa

    Infernew, a Community Project

    Here is one for v3 (all kills, no secrets). I checked, just for curiosity's sake, if it's possible to grab those weapons at the end. Also, items aren't included in traditional maxes anyway. pathlordv3_uvpt_rd.zip I think the map could be better in some ways, so I'll record a demo for v4 if you want, as it's not too strenuous. - Would suggest trimming down the amount of combat that is fighting stuff in front of you in hallways (a notable exception is the two HKs later on in the RL/PR path, which are pretty good thanks to the close quarters). - It feels like there should be something warping behind the player at some point in the SPHOT room (the room containing those two PEs). It's pretty easy to camp the hallway where you enter. - The five 'normal secrets' in the map are a lot less interesting than the optional content, all being Wolfenstein-esque pushwalls to small cubbies. I'd suggest entirely removing at least two of the pushwall secrets, devising an alternate way of getting at least one, and then the rest could be pushwalls I suppose. - The optional content on the other hand is a lot more compelling in that respect. In fact in my very 1st playthrough I entirely missed the YK wing, since I never had a reason to walk up that particular set of stairs that opens it (rather than any other set of stairs). I think the YK could be marked secret, and the berserk area at the beginning as well, with the player start changed to face the main door instead so that it's less obvious that one should go back there (even as it is now, it's not entirely obvious).
  6. rdwpa

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I had no idea what you were referring to at first. It looks totally fine. The scene is well balanced around the switches anyway: door to the left, panel center, panel right, all taking up a similar amount of space, horizontally and vertically. (edit: also off-center rather than asymmetrical is a clearer way to describe it.)
  7. rdwpa

    Happy birthday Fonze

    Now that is a good thumbnail. Especially upper-left.
  8. Alright let me check my box of speedmapping themes. - BFG vs. cyberdemons - Platforming - Ultra-narrow catwalks - Mandatory archvile jumps - Mandatory blursphere vs. projectile monsters - Timed obstacle course (think Scythe m28) - No health in the whole map - Voodoo dolls in the active playspace (example: JQ2.wad m04)
  9. rdwpa


    I'd be willing to help.
  10. rdwpa

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Guys slaughtermaps are the best smelling maps in all of Doom*. What do you think all of those copy/pasted pillars are for?! *A notable exception is "Toilet of the Gods".
  11. rdwpa

    Suggestion to the Doom Speedrunning community

    You might not want to use that emote like that. Unless you're actually putting 'it' out there...
  12. rdwpa

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Hmm I wonder why.
  13. rdwpa

    Random Image Thread

    A giant @Ajora
  14. rdwpa

    What are you playing now?

    All of these maps.* Not only do those wads predate Complex Doom, it's not a mapper's responsibility to balance for gameplay mods and the vast majority don't give it any thought. :P