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  1. The iron lich is really the only monster that has an interesting attack. No real equivalent of Doom's mancs, revs, viles, PEs, and hitscanners to subvert effortless damage avoidance by minimizing changes of direction, no real twists on straight-line attacks like the cyb's high damage + splash. Nitrogolems home too weakly, and disciples spread isn't wide enough. Monsters do too little damage and have too much HP.
  2. Forevermore UV-Max in 14:15 frvrmore-1415.zip
  3. This is quite a bit better than the first version. Plays a lot more dynamically now. :) Asking about removing the blue armor the right idea -- giving both is too much. The ammo distribution is definitely stronger: feels like 'comfortably enough' rather than 'way too much'. Maybe move the backpack into one of the prison cells? The player having the backpack earlier won't hurt anything if you are going to give it anyway, and it'd also be a reward for exploring those cells (there currently isn't much). The red key fight has potential. Threats from two vectors, thumbs up. These are a bit imbalanced, currently. The stuff up top is stronger, but if the player flees it's pretty harmless through those narrow openings. Meanwhile, the closet below is quite weak. I don't want to suggest any big overhauls, so I'd say that moving one hell knight from above to the closet below is the bare minimum of what I'd do. (The shell box here can also be a bullet box.) If you are still looking for ways to strengthen the gameplay, you can probably have something (imps, etc.) warp into the yard, near the entrance, at some point, either after the player goes in a certain distance or at the same time the archvile is revealed. At the very end, the archvile-manc fight as it currently is works as a denouement, but if you want to give it more teeth, you can have both mancubi teleport to opposite points of the room with W1 monster teleport lines (one close to the player, one on the ledge on the other side of the room), the vile staying put. Here's a playthrough. (Foreknowledge allows me to defang certain things, like the rev trio at the end, but I thought that in particular was good, a nice surprise in my first go.)
  4. Map 12 UV-Max in 2:21 es12-221.zip
  5. Doors are far from mandatory. They often get in the way of flow. The deaf flag, movement-restricting geometry (e.g. turrets, ledges, etc.), and indirect reveals (such as warp-ins) can all be used to avoid monsters pathing towards you immediately. Valiant and skillsaw's maps in general tend not to use too many doors.
  6. Improvements for sure. - Two medkits in front of the lift that is in the area with the key doors could be moved to the side. The map is generous enough with health that objectively it doesn't matter too much, but seeing unavoidable medkits in front of you when you have something like 95% health is generally a bit annoying - There's still a secret tag in that inaccessible area, preventing a max. - You could remove about 2-3 shellboxes throughout the map, particularly at the halfway point and onward. Same with bullet boxes. The idea behind doing that isn't really to make ammo tightness a part of the gameplay. It's more to avoid the appearance of 'way too generous ammo', and move it closer to just 'generous ammo'. I think I was at 100 shells midway through with almost no realistic chance of ever needing them, and earlier I was encountering lots of shellboxes while at 40+ shells. This type of thing in this sort of mid-density map tends to feel like a misbalance, rather than 'player empowerment'. - I noticed that in the small area with three imps that triggers the trap with lost souls, shotgunners, and a big cluster of imps, if you wake those imps up and don't quickly drop down, they can block you through the narrow entrance thanks to infinite height. I'd make those imps rise out of the floor or something. - Don't be afraid to dial up the difficulty a bit at the red key (and in more places too). This trap is still quite a bit less 'aggressive' than the shotgunner - lost soul setup, and it's a really good spot for a slight spike in the action, given the lulls both before and after it. - With the chaingunners outside I meant behind the structure, as in so you can't see them while you are peeking out of the door. In general I'm just charging in no matter what, but I'd try to avoid encouraging anyone from doing any camping, because it's the one truly open area in the map and would work as a good change of pace from the tighter spaces of the rest of the map.
  7. - Texture alignment here is ugly, ceiling with incorrect flat. - Blue armor secret is flagged as two secrets, both the door and the room. - Killing all the lone imps in prison cells is tedious, I don't think every cell needs to be occupied. - Early gameplay is crying out for a rocket launcher and about 3-4 total rockets. Particularly stuff like that imp cluster early on. Imo, don't ever allow a desire for 'typical progression' hold you back from maximizing fun. - Red key closet trap has three former humans and two imps. Even by the standards of the map, that is tame. - Right after the red key door, that L-shaped hallway should have maybe a quarter of the monsters it currently has. It's just meat. - All the chaingunners in the open yard make me want to camp that area. Maybe move a couple of them behind the blue key structure and put imps in their place. They'd also be better placed to be resurrected by the vile. - Mancubi area leading up to the blue key are just hallway meat. Makes sense to replace two of them with small clusters of low-tiers. - The imp reveal is the strongest part of the map imo. Nice idea there. - The secret in the last area (which also counts as two secrets for no particular reason): apparently there is a sector tagged 20 with a teleport destination, but no teleporter leading to that. Should be possible to vile jump in, but I wouldn't want to do that due to the narrow margins (Doomguy is 56-units tall, the opening is 64) and any rewards are useless at that point anyway.
  8. Looks okay. It has a decent shape going for it, which is important. It looks far from arid to me, however. I wouldn't be thinking of the aridity or literal substances in-game, but if I did those would look quite fertile to me, like blocks of topsoil with newly planted grass. (Which also happen to be arranged in cliffs because Doom logic.) Water would complement it quite well, adding a new color and breaking up some of the uninterrupted shapes (big flat regions of grass with pools of water, bare rock faces intersected by waterfalls). Without water, I'd be tempted to interrupt the largest grass sector with a big, shallow, neatly contoured pit of dirt or two, and add some TANROCK insets or outcroppings at well chosen intervals to the largest rock faces. At least this is easy to address during thing placement.
  9. The SSGreload-plasmastuff-automap-HOM texture is criminally underused.
  10. MAP32: Progress Towards (Literally Or Otherwise) The General Location Of The Object Or Other Entity Which Has Been Left Unspecified
  11. Could use more masterminds.
  12. Will make a map if I can use these.
  13. map31 Got busy, but couldn't resist playing map31 after reading 'close-quarters 2-shots' *drools*. I just don't understand the logic though behind all that garbage up high, particularly those barons. Like, 'hey let's put one of the least threatening monsters in one of the most obnoxious spots. Did a casual max. Sloppy ending *blushes*. Has the current record beat (3:39). :)