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  1. I had this written shortly after the thread was started but hadn't gotten around to posting it: - Revenants: Can be tactically interesting to fight in small numbers and in large numbers. On their lonesome or complementing other species. Fight them with the shotgun or the BFG or anything in between. As part of light challenges or more strenuous ones. They are skinny with a pass-through head, and that compact hitbox allows them to maneuver freely around other monsters and fit into tight spaces. - Spider mastermind: The environment really needs to be tailor made for masterminds, a lot more so than every other monster. Huge hitboxes; clumsy interplay with other monsters, whether maneuvering or with infighting. That is a pretty specific case. Imps and revenants are both pretty versatile, but the revenant has a wider variety of uses when you want to design challenging scenarios.
  2. - More fun larger mapsets with SoD-Sunlust difficulty and gameplay. - More Boom/MBF mapsets that use Dehacked in a very complex and thematically consistent way, such as in Maskim Xul. - More texture resources. - Community projects along the lines of CCx, JPCP, the French compilations. - Cloning Jimmy/Stewboy a few times so that we have even more awesome music. - More people pestering me to finally start a mapset.
  3. I'd read a Cacowards that is novel-length if Demon of the Well the committee were so inclined.
  4. Constructive feedback: format your post in a reasonable way. All I see is a messy block of text and then a link. Check out other release threads for examples. Also don't name your files things like map01.wad or untitled.wad.
  5. They are the same wad. ESP is the initialism of Eternal Slumber Party.
  6. Orange you glad a release candidate is finally out?!
  7. The best spawner map is clearly Experiencing Nirvana's.
  8. At least 64. 32 can be fine in a lot of spots, but in general it's at best 'tolerable', and often just annoying. Mine is related but different: I hate having to shimmy around or air hump an item to hit a switch or cross a walkover trigger without picking that item up. A binary of an item being either flat-out impossible to skip or easy to skip is what I prefer. In runs, it's always possible to plan/route around unskippables, so whatever, but having to inch around them is an undesirable type of challenge.
  9. Anc streaming :o https://www.twitch.tv/ancaalagon
  10. Map 17 UV-Max in 4:40 Ending was almost a disaster thanks to a collaboration between revenants and an infinitely tall cacodemon far overhead. Luckily some great infighting up top salvaged the seconds recovering from that (usually a number of mid-tiers are still roaming freely everywhere and have to be tracked down). Honestly blows my mind that sub-5 is possible, because back when I played this in 2016, it felt like one of the larger AA maps. aa17-440.zip
  11. 24: None More Merciless 28: A Lightbridge Too Far
  12. Check out the wads on this list you don't recognize, plenty of great stuff there.
  13. Any plans for episode maxes? e2 in particular seems like it'd be fun.
  14. It's the manc's stomach hitting the ground.
  15. - The ubiquity of 32-wide switches. A lot of modern arcadey mapsets favor these, but they are detrimental to fast-paced action, because they can be annoying to press while running past at full speed or while jostling around in a room cluttered with monsters or projectiles trying to release the next wave of monsters, i.e. gameplay that is actually "fast-paced". Was speaking for myself and those similarly inclined -- I'd much rather just one-shot those long ones. Ime, saving even every 20 mins undercuts a ton of tension. It's sometimes a necessity for ultra-long levels in stuff like FDAs, but I'd personally prefer a "leave and come back another day" approach upon a late death