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  1. rdwpa

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    I don't think a lengthier lock-in would add anything to the cybruiser fight. The short one is perfect because it prevents bypassing the fight immediately, and most of the threat is around the moment of the reveal anyway. Here are two demos for V3, using RC2 as a resource wad. It's an FDA past the 1st zombieman popup (wasn't recording at first, but was hard to resist after that). In what I intended as a max, a secret manc doesn't warp in. None of the scroller conveyors loop, so a lot of stuff is susceptible to blocking, which I think is important to fix. The Entryway 'got me' by the way. I was pretty sure I loaded files wrong. Overall, it's a fun map, and all the transformations were great.
  2. rdwpa

    Liking posts

    Scypek if you click the blue numbered box, a window like this will appear. I give everyone soulspheres. Likes, as I use them, capture impulsive praise: the internet equivalent of a smile or laugh, an acknowledgement of strong content in place of '+1' or 'this!'. Passing more refined judgement doesn't fit within that model, so it isn't something I'm personally interested in. Other people doing it doesn't bug me too much, however.
  3. rdwpa

    Bridge Problem - You Help Please

    A monster might be stuck within the sector's bounding box. With vanilla mechanics, a sector's bounding box "spans the entire rectangular area around all parts of the sector" (credit to scifista42 for the phrasing), and things stuck inside can block movement. The implication of the first point: the bounding box could be enormous if your bridge is tethered to a distant dummy sector. If shifting around monsters or (if applicable) dummy sectors doesn't fix this, I would suggest posting the map.
  4. I'll request this within a month or so. I'll also extend the deadline to the end of the year, to allow more people to join and account for the move eventually bringing in new participants. Good idea. Added to OP.
  5. rdwpa

    Hard maps with low enemy counts?

    - Lots of Dobu's stuff (Saturnine Chapel, etc.) - Mayhem '16's later maps (especially m18 and m20) - The hardest of maps made by Obsidian (Ave Exitium, etc.) - Some of Ribbiks' stuff Going Down is quite spammy within the confines of its tiny maps. I wouldn't classify it among these. Nah, if you know what you are doing, it's easier to make challenging stuff by restricting the player's space a lot and skewing monster placements toward the more dangerous species. Anything with dozens of enemies necessitates more setup time and testing in principle. The 'rarity' is misleading. Even big slaughtermaps sometimes have occasional harsh fights with low numbers of monsters. The answer is actually just 'because most people who make and enjoy hard maps tend not to arbitrarily restrict themselves to using low monster counts as often as they just map what they feel like designing'. Because you are completely uninformed. None of these maps are like that.
  6. rdwpa

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    A casual playthrough for AD's map. may1807_rd_cpt.zip Favorite fights are the RK fight (pretty fun to weave through all the revs/missiles by shooting low-tiers), the drop-down fight right after that, and the cyb fight. The lead-up to these parts is good too. At that point, the map feels like it should either end soon (with the purple key being the exit door, and stuff after that cut), or for the existing progression, every fight after those closet fights being fleshed out a bit more. Because it feels like those are mostly there to justify the layout continuing past that point. One secret felt like a low number for a map (by 1 or 2) of this size. In the fight after the cyb fight, the pillars that raise up mostly get in the way of killing stuff (since it's easy to just retreat into the cyb area anyway). Maybe those could raise when the player hits the switch there.
  7. Yes. Assuming you are referring to posts like yours.
  8. I'll make a map, and one other poster that I know of has a WIP. I would not mind extending the deadline if needed for more activity, however.
  9. rdwpa

    Liking posts

    When a post gets a ribbon's worth of likes of a certain powerup, specific effects will happen. Soulsphere: Nothing special, other than the current banner. Megasphere: Automatically hidden from Memfis. Invul Sphere: Grants the poster 15 months of immunity to the 'all alerts sound like revenants waking up' days. Partial Invisibility: Attempting to quote this post will randomly quote a post nearby.
  10. rdwpa

    Which monster do you neglect when mapping?

    I've done a bit of experimenting with them, and in practice they are a bit less dangerous than shotgunners. They have higher HP and a rapid-fire attack (a repeated zombieman attack), but their low damage output per second generally makes it easy to avoid taking much damage -- usually you take a shot or two at worst (less than expected given how inaccurate the zombieman attack can be), and then either get to cover or kill them. The shotgunner, with its single burst, can really hit hard if it gets even a single shot off, especially up close. And the 67% greater HP makes a relatively small difference, as a SG blast kills them, and a CG stuns them, and SSG+ all obliterate both a shotgunner and Nazi.
  11. rdwpa

    My first map

    - The biggest improvement I see would come from treating texturing and architecture as implying 3D structures. There is a lot of 'wallpaper'-style design, with abrupt transitions between surfaces that don't make a lot of sense, and thus look ugly, or where what could be interpreted as a 'panel' or 'border' texture is misaligned anyway. Lots of misalignments and awkward cutoffs in general. Stuff like this is pretty rough looking. The curved door is nifty but generally speaking, good fundamentals are a lot more important than individual instances of 'detail'. - At least two areas could be plausibly marked as secrets: the cliffside cave behind the hidden door ultimately leading to the blue armor, and the imp nest near the exit. Secrets are marked by a sector effect rather than a linedef flag, if you are using an editor where that might have been misleading. - At the end, it will be interpreted as strange and buggy that the raised platforms are still damaging sectors. There is a 'S1 Floor Raise by 24 (changes texture and effect)' action that is a more appropriate version of the one you are using. - Some positives: There are attempts at creating a good atmosphere. Exploration is rewarded despite the map being pretty small (lots of incentive to look around for ammo, a decent amount of hidden content). The layout is structured decently, with a good amount of visual connection between areas, with visual establishment of objectives before they can be met (such as the exit, red key door, red key), and with efficient use of space, the player's path looping around through certain areas more than once, paired with some return fights where needed.
  12. rdwpa

    My first map

    This is nonsensical advice and you should stop perpetuating it. For a new mapper especially, pointing out which ports the wads were tested in is essential, not just optional, to minimize the likelihood of someone starting an FDA in prBoom+ only to find out that a supposed 'vanilla or Boom' wad only works in ZDoom or better, and wasting their time. Which is an actual problem I've run into several times over the years. Which could have happened here if the OP had misleadingly stated 'designed for limit-removing' ...
  13. rdwpa

    Which monster do you neglect when mapping?

    Cybers and archviles. I use these in almost all of my maps but I typically top out at pedestrian numbers of 'several cybs and 'a few dozen viles'. Zzul maps suggest that optimal values are closer to 'several dozen cybs' and 'a few hundred viles'.
  14. rdwpa

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    m18-sco-rd-8.zip Updated. Includes fixes from Worm318 and BioRenegat (thank you both), including a infinite-height specific logic gate that allows a fight to function properly if infinite height is turned off.
  15. rdwpa


    What's with all these necrobumps from new members?!