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  1. Killer5

    Stardate 20x7 [/idgames]

    There is a problem in prboom+ - if you are using that port - where if you save and reload all friction effects are removed in cl9. So if you are recording a demo and not saving etc then you will have to deal with the friction effects. So you will have to deal with the genies.
  2. Yeah I could never get it consistent either when I maxed it. There is a clip of my stream where I eat 3 max damage rev rockets in a row bfg’ing through revs and simply die. Just ended up face planting that fight until I won. iirc both of the other two max demos (not rayzik’s) use a different start to win by hiding behind the cybs. I didn’t like this one for aesthetic reasons so I never tried it myself. you can also vile jump behind the cybs before they appear to skip the fight (I think).
  3. Killer5

    Guide to new map makers,

    I would argue that if you are starting out you should avoid vanilla mapping unless you already understand all of the limits and how to properly test them. Tbh it is easiest to use udmf to just made some first maps if you have no idea what you are getting into but just want to make some stuff. Just avoid all of the features except what you really need to get started (draw lines, connecting rooms, doors, etc). Ditch 3D floors, portals, etc at first. Focus on gameplay/layout and nothing else. I ditched my first maps because I was trying to do too much. Keep it simple and make completed maps because you can’t build confidence without releasing stuff and getting community feedback. Avoid all suggestions about gameplay. People saying ‘don’t do x’ only limit your ideas. There is no right way to map. I feel like people know what kinds of maps they want to make starting out already. You only need to keep your targeted user base in mind - do I want to map towards the more traditional crowd or get into the challenge community (for example). If you want your maps to be more popular then look at more popular sets and ask why they are popular. Then eventually derive your own style after stealing good ideas and mixing them together as well as adding your own. Just get stuff completed and get feedback. There are community discords for this sort of thing. Use them.
  4. Killer5

    Sunder - Map19 Arrives.

    It gets tight in the large fight just after the bfg fight. Had to make sure I wasn’t wasting any bfg/rockets there (was killing the initial cyb in that area so that thing could probably save a lot if you positioned em well at the start of the fight). i remember ammo getting a tad tight in that looong breather section leading up to the bfg. Just needed to use more ssg in a couple areas. That is all which comes to mind from my play throughs.
  5. Killer5

    Demos for miscellaneous Ribbiks maps

    Stardate 20x6 map07 max in 19:45 st07-1945.zip
  6. Like them both. I find the marines especially hilarious. Want to make a wad with the marines someday.
  7. Killer5

    Demos for miscellaneous Ribbiks maps

    Swim With The Whales map03 max in 19:22 swtw03-1922.zip
  8. Killer5

    Who is good enough at Doom to finish Sunder?

    Any author can make changes to a wad they have created. Who cares why insane_gazebo left and came back? You don't get paid for this and there are no deadlines. Just passion projects I would guess. It is great that he is making new maps though (and for multiple projects).
  9. Killer5

    Who is good enough at Doom to finish Sunder?

    There is a whole page dedicated to demos of sunder here (including many nm-speed demos): https://www.dsdarchive.com/wads/sunder You likely wont see any demos of newer maps yet because sunder is still a work in progress (demo desync issues). There were demos created for the first 14 maps because I guess it was assumed that sunder would never be worked on again.
  10. Killer5

    Sunlust + Summer of '69 demos [-complevel 9]

    Map17 reality/max in 6:25 sl17-0625.zip
  11. Killer5

    Which difficulty do you usually play on?

    In general UV but it will depend on how the difficulties are implemented and how different the experiences are presented by each difficulty setting. The easiest example for me is my wad Dimensions. I play map03 on UV or on a lower difficulty depending on my mood because the implementations offer different experiences more than just a few monsters are removed or changed here or there. New weapon progression, new encounters, and midi changes await depending on the difficulty selected by the player in order to create a completely different experience in the map. Generally I will need something more than a slight nerf to switch to another difficulty setting. Something needs to change fundamentally in the map to make me want to play on a different difficulty. This means I am getting a different experience rather than simply an experience which is a string of the exact same events but with maybe a couple monsters removed. I have also ended up not being too much of a fan regarding just giving itytd as the easier version of a hard map. Another mapper I was talking to asked me if giving a player more hp and ammo would prevent the player from getting trapped by monsters in harder wad like sunder. This question really has me liking always implementing difficulties in something I make in the future. You can do lots of things with voodoo dolls to make a hard map easier outside of simply changing monster composition (I guess this doesn’t always apply in some cases but I use boom format).
  12. Killer5

    Sunlust + Summer of '69 demos [-complevel 9]

    Map28 max in 9:54 sl28-0954.zip
  13. Killer5

    Demos for miscellaneous Ribbiks maps

    I like the map the way it is tbh. After playing the wad a lot I have really enjoyed all of the maps on a map by map basis rather than all of them in a d2all or something (heh they make me salty thinking about doing all of them at once). I don't think I have it in me to write a text file that long =x
  14. Killer5

    Demos for miscellaneous Ribbiks maps

    stardate 20x6 map01 max in 4:50 st01-0450.zip
  15. Killer5

    Does Anyone Play at 35 fps?

    35 fps and software is it for me. Why? I tried it once while running maps at the beginning of 2016 and liked it. No other reason. Renderer is a different story but that is off topic.