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  1. I'll make a map for this session.
  2. Fighting pain elementals without a rocket launcher.
  3. My time is precious and it can't be wasted getting angry at a videogame because I keep dying due to circumstances that I am seemingly unable to control or influence. What's the deal? Are there saner ways to approach this way of playing, and to set down par times for my maps, ones that don't involve my blood curdling? Depends on what your goals are. Par times are par times. My view on par times is basically a baseline to beat the map with foreknowledge. Since you made the map you know everything about it. Beat the map the way it was intended to be played and add a bit of time to it. People probably wont beat this time blind. Then you have an effective par time (at least in my opinion). This has been my approach on a couple maps I have released for uv-max par times.
  4. @Grain of Salt Yeah well you wanted to rid me of my group of cybs. So I steal the ideas to spite you :P
  5. A Dannebubinga of pain elementals.
  6. Oh shit..
  7. Inescapable pits, platforming, pain elementals, revs, viles, fisting, long maps, short maps, green maps, purple maps, blue maps, red maps.. Doom.
  8. Yo, how long does it take you on average to zerk a cybie with 200/200? I get some very weird outcomes at times that range from 1:20 to 2:30. So I just wondered if there was a trick to it that I might have missed.

  9. Here are some demos for maps 06 and 07: Map06: Was pretty cool. I really liked the vile guarding the exit that could see you while you are fighting the imps in the rk area. Also the secret that allowed you to take out the pinkys in their closet was fun too. Nothing else to say. Fun map. Map07 (dnf): So this demo is my second run on this map. I ran out of ammo once I ran into the barons/manc right next to the start the first try and decided I did something wrong. I setup an infight at the start and just kinda sat around for a bit.. after that it was pretty easy to deal with stuff at the start. I found all sorts of cell ammo but never actually grabbed the plasma gun.. so that made the map much more interesting.. ESPECIALLY when I found the fight with the spiders/imps/revs/av. For whatever reason I couldnt escape that area. So here is a dnf demo. Map is interesting I think. Unfortunately you can pacifist cheese the fight where I couldnt escape pretty easily.
  10. Since frankFRAG once told me during a stream that (s)he (dunno heh :P) made maps other than Swift Death I figured I would start playing this wad. Here are some FDAs for the first 5 maps (unfortunately I overwrote the demo for map01 with map02's demo so it isnt blind). I really enjoyed all of the maps. Something I noted was: Map05: - This map is a lot of fun. However when playing I was really wishing that there were some area denial viles behind some block lines in the imp closets after you get the rl. I found it was pretty easy just to sit in one of the imp closets and kill everything. Viles in these closets would force the player to either ignore the imps for a bit or force the player to stay in the middle of the area. Nothing else to note really. Enjoyed all of the maps so far! Demos:
  11. Correct me if there are innaccuracies in my post because I really want to start using eternity more if I can. My reason for not using udmf is probably different than most: - I once started using eternity for a bit (I actually really liked the eternity engine for a while). I noticed that there are behavioral differences in cyberdemon infight behavior. I was streaming stardate 20x7 map02 using eternity and noticed in the purple key fight the cyberdemon focused on me exclusively even though it was getting hit by all the other demons. I was told later that mbf format changes monster behavior (cybs in particular). So I no longer use it for this reason since I prefer the cyb behavior when I play using cl9 in prboom+. If there is a way that already exists to make eternity behave like prboom+ cl9 I'll probably switch to eternity tbh. - The fps issues in gzdoom are a huge deal for me. Especially when there are some projects in the works that completely tank in zdoom based ports (these maps are nothing like nuts). My stance on demo recording has changed since I started making maps. I like making things I enjoy playing rather than making things targeted for demo recording. If people make demos then it is a bonus.. but I can't be bothered either way. I'm weird in this aspect though that I still like recording demos for wads that are already designed for cl9. I think there are a lot of really fun setups to be made with portals and 3d floors. I haven't really decided that I need those features yet however to make maps I find fun. But I think about them a lot. I have been playing around with taking boom bridges to extremes in order to get some interesting puzzles working which occur above parts of my maps but I would gladly supplement 3d floors in these instances instead of boom bridges in order to realize my designs (they would look much better imo and give me more creative freedoms). So yeah. I guess my preference of the way monsters behave in prboom+ cl9 is preventing me from using udmf and the eternity engine. Since I still want to make demos for cl9 wads it also doesn't make sense for me to switch to a source port that doesn't support that functionality either.
  12. Stardate 20x7 Map 02 UV Max in 18:03
  13. @galileo31dos01 Yeah.
  14. I really like the chaingun for all the wrong reasons. I like it because, just like the shotgun, you can prolong encounters vs more annoying monsters such as viles and revs. A while back I had made an experimental encounter with 1 chaingunner, some imps, viles that were released on timers, and finally a cyb to clean everything up at the end. There was no ammo anywhere except for the initial chaingun you get when you start the map. So you have to manipulate the viles to get ammo (farm chaingunner) in order to prevent getting trapped by imps/killing viles while also surviving long enough for the cyb to be released. Chaingun is also good for sniping AVs for long range vile jumps. When I think of gameplay with the weaker weapons this kind of stuff is generally my first thought.
  15. Don't forget the itytd difficulty if something is too hard and doesn't have difficulty settings. The 2x ammo and 1/2 damage taken mods can be helpful.