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  1. Died trying to punch cybs. I had fun with most of the wad. Map06 was demoralizing though. Category 1. Demo: Vod:
  2. @Altazimuth Sick. Ty for the files!
  3. @Edward850 Thanks for pointing out the give up pursuit command. However the sound fx volume is still linked to the midi volume slider when I add 'midiproc.exe' to my eternity folder. Eternity-3.42.03a-272-g0d2197c.7z Feb 10 2018 03:12:232,674,779 Folder looks like this
  4. Hello. I have started using Eternity because I really like whatever the software renderer is doing (not privy to the technical stuff :P), I like that it is supporting more advanced mapping features, and I like that there aren't tas commands with which someone could modify demos (to my knowledge). I am using the following dev build: Eternity-x64-3.42.03a-271-gbb07591.7z Feb 07 2018 03:12:40 2,937,912 After using it for a bit here are some observations I have made: 1.) Red screen from pain palette carries over to main menu - If I die I generally go back to the main menu and reload my game. If I die from something like a cyb rocket my screen is red from the pain palette.. if I press escape to go back to the main menu to reload a save the main menu is also red from the pain palette which prevents me from navigating the main menu. Can it be/is it possible to stop the pain palette from appearing when you are at the main menu? 2.) Addition of a 'restart map' button - prboom+ has a restart map and a skip map button. These functions are incredibly convenient to have assigned to a hotkey. 3.) Sound fx and midi are linked. If I reduce midi volume the sound fx get quieter. Is it possible to have these two sliders act separately from one another? 4.) It sounds like monsters are falling back asleep and waking up again like in vanilla cl2 (I hear boss monsters waking up constantly if they cannot see me). Is it possible to prevent this behavior from happening?
  5. @Edward850@Spectre01 cool cool ty. Forward demo compatibility seems fine for me.. and I think I got eternity behaving the way I want. Cool beans ty!
  6. Hi. I am trying to configure the eternity compatibility settings to change infighting behavior to be like prboom+ cl9. Sorry if this is in the incorrect thread. I am using the following dev build (mouse skips around like mad using the default links in op): Eternity-x64-3.42.03a-271-gbb07591.7z Feb 07 2018 03:12:40 2,937,912 Can you point me to documentation which explains exactly what the following flags do (I looked at wiki but couldn't really find exactly what I was looking for)? 1.) options -> game options -> compatibility -> monster ai -> monsters give up pursuit 2.) options -> game options -> enemies -> monster options -> monsters remember target 3.) options -> game options -> enemies -> monster options -> monsters back out Edit: If I was to record demos using eternity: 1.) are the demos able to be played back with any version of eternity? 2.) are my compatibility settings carried over in the demo file so other people don't experience desyncs (curious if I need to document this when sending demo files)? Thanks. Sorry for the edit.
  7. Cyberdemon I guess.. That way I can never shoot rockets while Doomguy is waiting to 2 shot me in a tight space in order to make things as awkward as possible.. and when I start infighting I can make sure to walk around corners and do nothing except pace back and forth because I'm stuck while Doomguy watches in agony.
  8. I like all the monsters. I have no answer for this question.
  9. I have no issue with someone giving me reasons for disliking something. But your generalized comment in that youtube video annoys me. Barrels 'o Fun was a pretty funny map for me.
  10. 'cake-o-demon' is apparently incorrect so that is the nickname I use for cacodemons :P
  11. Crash course in different gameplay types. I don't know what kind of players the people will be which I am recommending wads to.. but I would want to make sure I find something that generally would appeal to many different types of players. I thought original Doom was pretty boring and would hardly play it at all outside of occasionally playing Brutal Doom through Episode 1 because I was given Momento Mori as a first pwad to play from a friend before he was like.. hmmm you might like something like Sunder. Voila it clicked and I started practicing and enjoying myself. I'd be like.. hey Doom has some good straightforward gameplay: BTSX: E1 map04 Scythe 2 episodes 1 and 3 Hey you want something that is larger and has more than one pace in the map but not too hard by most wad's standards? Counter Attack Altitude Hey you want something that is really fun without being too hard? Rush Hey you want something that will bash your brains in? Sunder Slaughterfest 2012 Sunlust Hey you want to see something completely from left field? The Given I don't think difficulty is good to go off of. It is too hard to tell how someone will react when seeing something for the first time. Give them a bunch of content and a few good maps from each one to play and let the person make up their own mind.
  12. At the moment thin mints.
  13. Both. Prefer keyboard + moouse but sometimes I like to eat while playing so I made a scheme where I can play keyboard only with 1 hand.
  14. @Archi Reality/Max for the map. Great map :D.