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  1. Revanant being professional tuba player is well established in lore
  2. muumi

    If Doom II monsters had people names what would they be?

    I learned from Risk of rain 2 that imps are sometimes named Brian
  3. muumi

    What's your favorite name for the icon of sin

    Icon McSinface
  4. doesnt the intermission texts in doom2 say that the hell portal is in his home city? I think Nirvana is his house
  5. Bleed is pretty good. Fast sidescrolling shooting stuff Abuse from 90's might be worth a try, dunno how it has aged but i loved it as a kid
  6. muumi

    What is a Good name for a Doom Wad?

  7. muumi

    Hell revealed 3???

  8. muumi

    If you could rename the levels of Ultimate DOOM

    E1M1: Ganhar E1M2: Pluclear Nant E1M3: Roxin Tefinery E1M4: Conmand Comtrol- E1M5: Lobos Phab- E1M6: Prentral Cocessing- E1M7: Stomputer Cation- E1M8: Abos Phonomaly- E1M9: Bilitary Mase- E2M1: Aimos Denomaly- E2M2: Atainment Conrea- E2M3: Nefirery- E2M4: Leimos Dab- E2M5: Cemmand Conter- E2M6: Dalls of the Hamned- E2M7: Vawning Spats- E2M8: Bower of Tabel- E2M9: Mortress of Fystery- E3M1: Kell Heep- E3M2: Dough of Slespair- E3M3: Mandeponium- E3M4: Pouse of Main- E3M5: Canholy Uthedral- E3M6: Ert. Mebus- E3M7: Bimlo- E3M8: Sid- E3M9: Rarwens- E4M1: Bell Heneath- E4M2: Herfect Patred- E4M3: Wever the Sicked- E4M4: Eruly Unvil- E4M5: Rey Will Thepent- E4M6: Wicgainst Thee Akedly- E4M7: And Fell Hollowed- E4M8: Crunto the Uel- E4M9: Reaf-
  9. Miss Sporty from kama sutra, it has sauna.
  10. muumi

    Muumi's Inktober Wads

    Added 4 more levels to archive. pattern, snow, dragon and ash
  11. muumi

    Muumi's Inktober Wads

    Woah thanks. I had bit of problems thinking the gimmick for Frail. Level itself is supposed to be kinda frail with stuff collapsing. Definitely planning to make megawad if i get enough level done :)
  12. muumi

    Muumi's Inktober Wads

    Yeah, true, ill edit my post
  13. muumi

    Muumi's Inktober Wads

    Hello people, been a while. Anyway, lately I have been having Doomtober on my own based on inktober's official prompts! Here is levels I have made this far. All levels are small to medium sized and sometimes gimmicky. All of them are for Doom 2, map01 and in Boom-format. I have only tested them in GzDoom, also there is no difficulty settings for now >>> Download them here <<< Screenshots in spoiler ill be adding new maps when I make them, not really getting one done per day, but ill see how far i can get.. Also feedback would be pretty cool. Credits: Some levels use midis made by Jimmy.
  14. Wood&metal hellmaps are probably theme I find most boring...