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  1. muumi

    PUSS X: THE SUMMER OF SLAUGHTER - [BETA Release out now!]

    Godhood Cathedral - hard Everything else - easy
  2. Map name: Machine for Squares Author: Muumi Music: kickbuta from duke nukem 2 Sky: sfall1 Format: Boom Difficulty settings: no Gimmicks: Squares! Ufo somewhere shotgunnerception Build time: hour and some minutes for fixing bugs Comments: uoh oh, second 5g update put me down for couple days but time for some puss-ing. Today doomguy is inside some weird computer box thingy looking for ufo he lost couple events ago. machine_for_squares.zip Map name: Of Cybers and Barrels Author: Muumi Music: Mend from theme hospital Sky: no sky Format: Boom Difficulty settings: no Gimmicks: Boss battle! Comical amount of barrels Its also kinda square if that counts. Build time: hour Comments: After Rudy destroyed the Singular Barrel, it was widely thought to be gone from this universe. But looks like some of its energy has reincarnated into a cyberdemon with barrel related powers! Be careful, he don't play fair. of_cybers_and_barrels.zip Map Name: Minor Impconvenience Author: Muumi Music: kingduka from duke nukem 2 Sky: SKY1 from cc4 Format: Boom Difficulty Settings: No (Monster count : 9543) Gimmicks Used: - An opening fight with a metric shit ton of imps - A building that falls when you walk on top of it Build Time: hour and some extra for bugs and adding resources to make this miracle of doom mapping at least somewhat beatable Comments: Good news from Sandy's City! Nukage has lured enormous hordes of imps there. They have drank all of it and city has been drained from sludge! On other news, city is now filled with metric shit ton of sludge drunk imps. It seems its time for a professional to clean this mess for once for all. Don't worry about briefing, there is arrows pointing to everything important, its called level design. minor_impconvenience.zip
  3. muumi

    PUSS X: THE SUMMER OF SLAUGHTER - [BETA Release out now!]

    Map Name: The Library of Babel Author: Muumi Music: The Collector by Jimmy Sky: lots of black Format: Boom Difficulty Settings: no Build Time: 12 hours Monsters: 3240 Par Time: 20 Minutes Jumping Crouching: No Comments: Features huge slaughter fights, precise platforming and precise platforming under pressure. Somewhere in this library must be book that explains why. the_library_of_babel.zip
  4. crippling vestiphobia v3 -fixed some misalignment and slimetrails -small visual polish -moved trigger lines to reopen final arena doors to exit area thanks FranscisT218 for testing map in twitch! crippling_vestiphobia_v3.zip
  5. @SCF looks like nodebuilder error, check that both vertexes (and other vertexes around it) are aligned in to 2x2 grid and it should disappear.
  6. crippling vestiphobia v2 - lots of minor visual fixes and polish - exit area has more detailing and updated sky - backtrack route from final arena is now different to avoid awkwardness with infinite tall enemies - some gameplay balance, penultimate arena is tiny bit easier. - av in yellow key section now don't wake up until leaving room so you can admire doomcute in peace crippling_vestiphobia_v2.zip (cc4-tex still required)
  7. Thanks for video and feedback! You figured out strategy on final arena eventually, I think the fight works quite well. - Cyberdemon is tired of watching other demons and turned his throne. Its just to add some creepiness and make you look what's behind it :) - Good find with returning from exit arena. I did not think about situation where player escapes penultimate arena early and then returns from exit area. I need to think something here. - Good point, that switch could be more visible for sure. - To the fix list
  8. if it still does not work correctly, try with just cc4 texture pack https://www.wad-archive.com/wad/195ea6c6a1a0b0f70d066bb3125dd1c342858d99,
  9. no problem, looking forward for video of actual level :)
  10. @TheNoob_Gamer o_O i think you played wrong level
  11. @MFG38 Thanks for feedback. Good to hear you liked the visuals and details, I like to think that I have improved with both. Yeah, I agree, penultimate fight might have went bit overboard. Ill see if I should make some space there. AV in final fight comes at the very end when everything should be pretty dead, I added him as bit of troll :)