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  1. download Name: Nice Base Mapper: Muumi Music: "Frost Man (Ice Stage)" - Mega Man 8 from xmas-new Category: nice Gimmicks used: 11 santas, bun bun Mapping time: about 1h 30 minutes Difficulty settings: no Co-op starts: yes Comments: Its a very nice tech base map.
  2. download Name: Frozen Grave of Father Christmas Mapper: Muumi Music: "Star Light Zone" - Sonic 1 from XMASMUS-new Category: Naughty as heck Gimmicks used: all naughty Mapping time: about 1h 50 minutes Difficulty settings: no Co-op starts: yes Comments: Something rotten in Korvatunturi
  3. muumi

    Post your Doom textures!

    tekwalls and flesh textures merged together using marble textures as masks
  4. muumi

    Post your Doom textures!

    smol set of pretty red marble textures
  5. MAP17 Pacifist in 1:30 pina17p130.zip https://youtu.be/5047G7W-p18 MAP18 Pacifist in 1:04 pina18p104.zip https://youtu.be/2P3QbrMLDcY MAP19 Pacifist in 1:38 pina19p138.zip https://youtu.be/HmOti8SHv38 MAP21 Pacifist in 0:53 pina21p53.zip https://youtu.be/r28_GS6xSNE
  6. MAP12 Pacifist in 1:31 pc12p131.zip https://youtu.be/lkg4wERjrQM MAP13 Pacifist in 1:29 pc13p129.zip https://youtu.be/NJvLEaRcoDE MAP14 Pacifist in 2:30 pc14p230.zip https://youtu.be/A-6dbKwL4SM MAP15 Pacifist in 1:42 pc15p142.zip https://youtu.be/EN_84E1Kdds
  7. MAP09 Pacifist in 2:02 pc09p202.zip https://youtu.be/5B7nvir7DS4 MAP10 Pacifist in 4:52 pc10p452.zip https://youtu.be/_5tY2VJ_T2s MAP11 Pacifist in 2:22 pc11p222.zip https://youtu.be/_vi10hmvWLk
  8. MAP08 Pacifist in 0:05 pc08p05.zip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ik2w2DhDoUY
  9. DSDA page // idgames aka pinacola // pinacola.wad "Pina Colada is a set of 24 maps for the Doom 2 IWAD in Boom format by a small team of mappers from the Pineapple Under The Sea discord server. It starts out pretty easy but will wring you by the neck and toss you around like a ragdoll by the end." MAP01 Pacifist in 1:06 pc01p106.zip https://youtu.be/9r1SiE7rYxs MAP03 Pacifist in 1:56 pc03p156.zip https://youtu.be/AXXUCZG6Aws MAP04 Pacifist in 1:39 pc04p139.zip https://youtu.be/T7XNzytiX08 MAP06 Pacifist in 0:46 pc06p46.zip https://youtu.be/igdKYxsSycM MAP07 Pacifist in 3:24 pc07p324.zip https://youtu.be/KQSgtgpbXuw
  10. Download Map Name: Launch Base Author: Muumi Music: Monolithic Creatures by Velvetic Sky: from resource Difficulty Settings: Yes Co-op Starts: Yes Build Time: ~about 5.5 hours Comments: Towering alien base. They are preparing something big here.
  11. Map Name: Beef Impact Author: Muumi Music: Paleblood Waltz by AD_79 Sky: mship from resource Difficulty Settings: yes Build Time: around ~4 hours Comments: spooky farmhouse with lots of terrifying cows Download
  12. download collab map with pineappleman Map Name: Dismas in Late September Authors: Muumi & BluePineapple72 Music: Delta main theme Build time: 30 minutes per mapper. I spent an additional 11 minutes finishing it. Co-Op starts: [Y] Difficulty Settings: [N] Gimmicks: Cheese Me, Daddy! - XXX - Chew on Dis! - Quarreling Again
  13. Map Name: Slay & Watch: Beyond The Ice Palace Author: Muumi Music: Joy of Winter by Tristan Clark Sky: AURSK 0-31 by Muumi (please give it tic rate of 1 when compiled) Format: boom cl9 Build Time: 50 minutes Co-op Starts: yes Difficulty Settings: no Gimmicks: Beach, bone closet, arena, snowman Comments: Slaywatch is back in a winter episode! Frozen beaches are still beaches. download
  14. Map Name: Slaywatch: Tokyo Drift: Do androids dream of electric cheese? Author: Muumi Music: Dukin' It Out from Duke Nukem 2 Format: boom cl9 Build Time: hour +5-10 minutes to fix issues Co-op Starts: yes Difficulty Settings: no Gimmicks: Beach, cheese, 5 archviles Comments: Is making epic scale cyberpunk city maybe out of scope of a one hour speedmap? of course not. slaywatch_tokyo_drift_do_androids_dream_of_electric_cheese.zip